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    "But I thought you LIKED to paint miniatures." "I like to cook, too, but that doesn't mean I feel like catering your wedding reception."
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    Sticking a fork in this guy. It's sometimes disheartening how very much I still have to learn.
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    I've got a friend that's a musician, and that's essentially a more kind version of what he tells people who ask him to play a gig with "exposure" being the payment. It's even better if he knows the person is a tradesman of some sort, because he'll turn it around and ask for them to ply their trade for him in exchange for "exposure." They get really mad at that one.
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    I'd be afraid the exposure offer was a sting and I'd get tackled by the rozzers before my trenchcoat even hit the floor.
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    The leader of the white council, the jealous, the prideful, the fallen from grace, the one, the only Saruman!
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    I don't mind if you want me to paint your WH40K army. I approve of painted armies. I don't mind if you don't want to pay or compensate me to paint them. If that's the case, I will paint whatever figures interest me, within my own time frame. This time frame may equal "now" or "never," and I may not be interested in ANY of the figures. I don't mind if you want to haggle. I can negotiate. Doesn't HAVE to be cash. I don't mind if you wish to negotiate compensation, and the negotiations break down. No harm, no foul. Your time isn't cheap. Neither is mine. What I do mind is -- *you become upset at the very idea of compensating me for many hours of labor. *you become upset at the amount of compensation I ask. You CAN say no at any time, you know. *you demand that I lower the price, angrily or loudly. Does this work for you in grocery stores or your electric bill? *you become upset at the time frame. What, you want a 5000 point army ready by the weekend? I do require sleep every few days, don't you? It amazes me that I somehow consistently encounter people who seem to think that because I like to paint minis, I will cheerfully put my life on hold for however long it takes to do a job for THEM... for free. And then become upset because they were mistaken, as if I'm some sort of public service or utility. I have therefore developed a list of comparative similes to assist the thinking impaired. "I like to cook, too, but I don't want to cater your wedding reception." "You enjoy gardening? Good. Come over tomorrow and mow my lawn. Front and back. For free. Bring your own lawnmower. Is the comparison appropriate?" "I enjoy travel, too, but I'm not going to buy your plane tickets." "I like to have sex, too, but I notice you have not yet removed your clothes." I will admit, I tend to save that last one for when it's clear the person isn't going to see reason. It's sent at least one guy from "angry" to "apprehensive and edging towards the door."
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    With the level of art talent on this board? No question.
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    There is at least a 40% chance that I will wind up spending my whole evening working on a website for a fake band tonight. Part of me is also considering a nuclear-krill ribbon for ReaperCon. Maybe as a prize for anybody who beings a krill-related entry to the paint competition. Edit: We also need t-shirts Edit on edit: @OneBoot: What have you done!?
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    Krilling me softly with his song Krilling my whole world With his song Krilling me softly... with his song
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    @Mad Jack Sympathy like. I've done similar to what you described, only it was my thumb, and at work (I was working at Subway at the time). They keep the bread-cutting knives sharp. It went right through my thumbnail like it was nothing. Somewhere I got the idea to glue a fake nail on over my real nail to protect the injury, and it actually worked astonishingly well as a sort of bandage. Okay, I REALLY want this to be a thing now. I'll bet the lyrics to some of these 'songs' would be just hilarious. Especially if NUCLEAR KRILL plays it totally straight while singing seriously about how 'you krilled me with your love' and 'it's a kriller night'. I really hope your consultation and study give you some answers, and hopefully a little robot buddy who will help you breathe better at night, and will never threaten to stab you, or speak. You have bees? That's super cool! :D Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Hair pictures! Can't figure out how to do a spoiler on mobile. I remembered I can just edit on my computer. It's basically shaved in the back but I couldn't get a clear picture of it. ETA: It is in no way styled and I plan on dying it today or tomorrow.
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    Earlier this year I stumbled on the IKEA Kasseby mini monter, and realised that with a bit of work it would be suitable for showing off miniatures... so I bought 2. (One for home and one for the office) These are almost exactly 50mm deep, and the inside is about 10mm wider and taller than the glass in the door. So I grabbed a couple of sheets of 5mm Foamboard and hacked them into pieces. First a few that was 50mm wide and as long as the width of the cabinet inside, and some pieces that was 45 x 50mm. Then a few that was 63mm wide and the same length. And finally a single really wide piece. And matching 45mm wide pieces to go with them. That ended up being nearly 3 x A3 sheets of board. Now to put it all together... One piece in the back first, then pieces at the sides. You can use thinner board in the back, or even skip it completely if you want, but the gray foam looks so tacky... (If you use thinner foam you will need to adjust the size of the pieces on the side from 45mm to whatever fits your boards) Then add a piece on top, another in the back, pieces on the side and so on. Note that I use 50mm wide pieces both as shelves and as backing for the lower levels. I also don't bother adding a bottom layer. Some might want to add that. Keep on building till you reach the top... Please note that there's absolutely NO GLUE used in this construction. I actually didn't cut the board for the back and sides on the top until after all the other shelves were in place, to get a resonably snug fit. Now you just close the door, hang it on a wall and start loading it up with minis... This cabinet can also be hung in landscape mode. Then you'll need longer pieces, of course, and you will need the back pieces as they help carry the weight of the minis. I picked 50mm spacing between the lower shelves because it was also the depth of the shelves, and I'm a sucker for anything that makes the design easier.... If you have a lot of large Bones, or lots of 15mm armies, you just might want to pick other numbers.... Finally if you have many small minis that fit on tiny bases (20mm square bases, maybe) just cut a strip of 5 or 10mm thick foamboard about 22mm wide, and lay on top of the shelves, in against the back plate to stagger them.
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    I should really be keeping statistics on nuclear-krill.com. If this thread is any indication, it has already gotten more single-day traffic than any other website I have ever registered.
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    Well lookie there: nuclearkrill.com is available. *contemplates fake band web page* *contemplates logos and graphic design* *lights the @Mad Jack beacon* Let the madness commence!
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    Subtle and quick, that's my trick. Also liberally smearing myself with butter so I'm hard to get hold of. "The more you tighten your grip, the more I will squish bonelessly through you fingers!"
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    We all know how practiced you are at exposing yourself, gobbo. You'd have that trenchcoat on the floor before anyone even knew exactly what was happening.
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    Next time someone's in your space, just scream hysterically at the top of your lungs, then come charging out of your office and grab one of them, screaming,"Run! RUN! It's coming! IT'S COMING!!! It's almost here - I'll hold it off while you RUN!!!!" and then hurl them down the corridor in the opposite direction of where you want to go. Just continue to act as though she's still gone. If she says anything, just slowly turn to look at her like she's a ghost and say, in a somewhat dreamy voice, "You went away. You're gone, so you're not really here... Once they leave, they're gone, and they never come back..." and then just drift past her while staring off into the distance... The Middle of Nowhere Diner is a passably nice little greasy spoon in Rhode Island... Bring a rubber duck and flip-flops... Then ask, "Wait... It's not that kind of pool?"
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    'Ouch, aaargggh, gah! Vicious little buzzing bastards!' Is what I thought as I was stung four times on my face and neck this evening by my honey bees. I made a stupid decision and carried out an inspection in my old suit which has a broken neck seal, through which a number of my bees decided to join me in the suit. An alarming experience for bees and beekeeper. In other news, I finally started watching The Walking Dead, about 10 years after everyone else.
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    Oh, it's cute! No, thanks. It's my civic duty. I'm dressing neutral-tidy and bringing a great big book to read.
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    You guys are so ridiculous. I love you Let me know when you have that fake Facebook page up so I can like it
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    Natural Born Krillaz Journey with me Into the mind of a planktonac Doomed to be a Krilla Since I came out a whale snack I'm in a turbulant sea-state With a wave full of terror I see a prawn in the mirror
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    I wonder if we could convince people to buy concert t-shirts for a band that doesn't exist?
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    And a Facebook page and a Twitter account, both documenting the band's "tour", which involves crossing the US and Canada in a 1976 Ford Econoline van and crashing as many music festivals as possible.
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    Day 2 in the office and the kobolds have been merciful thus far. The coffee machine growled at me however, and I fear it might be to late.
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    I think all artists get hit with this at some point. I sure have, and the illustration community is full of horror stories. There's a saying in the visual arts community: "People die from exposure."
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    Uncle update for those who are following.
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    I am happy to have caused this nonsense
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    Fair enough, but a stop at Stanislaus State University in the Turkey Capital of the World has a certain I don't know what it is*. * "je ne sais quois" You realize, I hope, that pointing to a website for evidence in a sub-thread about fake websites might not be the most convincing of possible evidence.
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    Kriller Queen. Highway To Krill. Edit to add; also, I'm putting Nuclear Krill in any modern stories I write from here on out. At least a casual reference as someone's favorite/least favorite band.
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    So that's another Bond song permanently ruined
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    I... uh... don't really want to tighten my grip. You can go about your business. I'll stay back here, thanks. I'm glad you're able to perform your civic duty, and fulfill your jury obligations. I still hope it doesn't take 1001 nights.
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    It's just poltergrinds, mine is haunted too. The best part of waking up is howling spirits of the restless dead in your cup.
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    nuclear-krill.com ETA: 500 Quatloos to anybody who can figure out a way to inappropriately umlaut the "i" in "Krill" in that font (or something similar)
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    When a coworker when to Europe for a few weeks last April, this happened to his cube: When the main instigator from that incident went on vacation a few weeks later, this happened to her cube: There may or may not have been dry oatmeal added to a few of the balloons.
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    Fire proof honey! It will give you super powers!
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    Oh, I know it's dangerous and there's always the chance, but it's just been my experience that it's never happened. Heck, at my grandparents' house there was an abandoned house on part of their property where the entire southern exterior wall got turned into a giant honey bee hive for about a decade, and even when we started tearing the place down the bees didn't get all that riled up. That was actually the colony(or colonies since we're talking a 20x30 wall full of them) that mothered all of the swarms my cousin caught, and I was sad to see it have to go. But the building was falling in on itself and had become a safety hazard, so after it swarmed one spring they tore it down... Never could have eaten any of that honey though. Those walls were full of asbestos and all sorts of other wonderful goodness from 1940's construction...
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    See, this is why I posted the house thing here. Y'all understand, and offer up your experience. If you crazy folks can do the most adultiest of adult things, I'm sure I can. Hubby and I talked about it more today, and we've decided to move to a new apartment first, then work on the house thing. If the management at our complex wasn't turning into major elfs, we'd just stay put and save the money, but that woman straight up told my husband that they wouldn't be fixing anything in our apartment until we moved out. Yet another illegal thing to fall out of her idiot mouth.
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    When I worked at the game store we sold swords for two reasons: One, the store owner held a black belt in iaido. He sold steel practice katanas to get people interested in his dojo and because it's cool. Two, for our protection. We were all told that if we had to, the swords were there for our defense. I had to once. Only once. All I had to do was pull it from the display, begin the unsheathe and "sir, I'll have to ask you to leave". Never underestimate a tiny rakshasa with a deep booming voice and a sword.
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    It must include Fresno. All fake tours must include Fresno.
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    I only started watching it a year or two ago myself, now my niece and her parents have recently started watching and enjoying it. If you do end up liking it, I'd recommend giving Mantics "The Walking Dead" game a look. Its based on the comics not the tv show, so there are differences. I think it's Mantics best rule set yet. Some of their best minis too. Might even say it's the bees knees.
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    Probably the weather. With all those clouds, I suspect they're afflicted with SAD.
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