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    For every backer that hates Chibi, there's another backer that will support the project expressly for those models. The great thing about the way we run our projects is that nobody is ever required to get anything, even the Core Sets we offer up piecemeal, and if you feel a set or grouping isn't worth the value when it includes a few pieces you don't like, then you can pass on that set. Most of the time we figure the sets are a great value, even if there's a few pieces inside that aren't your cup of tea. There's Chibi. There's Chronoscope. There's Dragons. There's demons. These are all things people have yelled at us and begged us to not include any more of across the previous projects. And there's a couple hundred other things, too. So hopefully you find something in the offering that suits your fancy.
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    The elf ranger from my Dragons Don't Share 2 group of adventurers. I wanted my adventuring party to be diverse in skin tones so I tried my hand at a Drow. I like how his skin came out although maybe a bit dark. He wasn't my favorite adventurer and you can tell with my painting as I rushed him to get him finished. In hindsight, I didn't like the colors I chose but I didn't feel like starting over on him so he is what he is. He has a cloth tied around his scabbard. I envisioned this as a memento from his lover as he left on his journey, perhaps her scarf. That is why it is a completely different color than anything himself or the rest of the party is wearing. The little bit of white at the bottom of his base is where he was stuck down with sticky tack. I have touched that up. C&C welcome!
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    Here is the warrior/paladin guy from my Dragons Don't Share 2 set. He came without his shield so I used one of the new ones from Bones 3. I realized after I super glued it that I stuck it on wrong. Too bad because my super glue works tremendously well! It's not that big of a deal to me so I went ahead and painted him up. I really like how he turned out and I hope you guys do too! C&C always welcome.
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    The last of the adventurers painted for my Dragon's Don't Share 2 set is the rogue. I wanted her to be wearing dark clothing and armor but not necessarily black. Cue Nightshade Purple! All of her clothes have Nightshade Purple either as the base or mixed in with other colors. Even her blades have a little NP mixed into the shadows and glazed over. I also gave her a bottle of poison which she has coated the tip of her dagger with. I didn't notice the squashed skeleton on her base until I started painting it. Fun little detail! C&C welcome!
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    Here is another figure from Imperial Assault Core Game, by Fantasy Flight Games. Darth Vader. At once simple but difficult. Trying to achieve dull black and shiny black on the same figure was not easy. I followed Sorastro's guides, but with Reaper Paint. I think this was the first figure I broke out my then newly acquired Citadel shades for the OSL. The black was Black with varying amounts of Snow Shadow for highlights, and then a small dab of a Reaper Sample that is somewhere between ghost white and snow shadow. The camera flash definitely grayed it up, but when I took the pics with just the light box, it was too dark. It has some gloss varnish on the helmet and shoulder armor. Let me know what you think. Thanks for looking.
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    Day 13: Time to work on some skeletons! I count the Scarecrow as a Skellie Boss because of the amount of Bone showing. Painting the shield of the one on the far right was fun too. Day 14: Mummies! I've modded these in minor ways, by cutting/twisting/regluing the arms and heads. Day 15: More Skellies! I understand why people warned me about burn-out, which is why I saved Skellies and scenery for the half way mark. So far I've killed 2 brushes, a bottle of brown liner, and I'm only half way! But a new bottle of brown liner arrived, so I can start prepping more human figures.
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    Here is the mage/wizard/sorceress in my Dragons Don't Share 2 adventuring party. She was fun to paint. I wanted a diverse group so I gave her more of a Mediterranean skin tone and ombre hair. I am still trying to decide if I want to give her a spell effect in her giant hand. It doesn't bother me as much now that it is painted so not sure if I will go ahead with a spell effect or leave her as is. I tried a little freehand on her scarf/cape thing. They aren't quite even but I was relatively happy with the design so am leaving it alone. I am getting a dvd so hopefully my freehand will improve. C&C welcome!
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    This is the dwarf cleric from my Dragons Don't Share 2 adventuring party. He turned out to be my favorite in the group! He is mostly painted with Reaper paints that I picked up at Wintercon and I love Peacock Green and my new favorite is Nightshade Purple! Seriously, 4 out of 5 of the adventurers has Nightshade purple as either a dominant color or mixed with another color or used as a shadow. What a versatile color! Anyway, this guy was so much fun to paint. He is being so sneaky or cautious, I can't tell which! C&C welcome!
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    On this day, July 26th, in 1948, President Harry S. Truman issued Executive Order 9981, abolishing racial segregation in the U.S. Armed Forces. Kudos to him.
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    Nope! Dislike, majority. You don't call someone, not even family, then hobby shame them and try to guilt them into doing chores... *angry hamster chitters
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    Goodness, I have got to muster up some energy somehow. ;A; I'm thinking about drawing character portraits for some side income while I job hunt, I'm wondering if I should learn digital. No shipping costs, I already have a drawing program, and I won't need to buy more physical drawing materials.... Hummmm. I guess what's stopping me is that there are already so many digital artists that are CRAZY GOOD. But traditional is kind of a hassle at the moment.... And I gotta keep sculpting, but it's so tough!! Raaaargh!
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    Speaking of superglue... Tonight I managed to get some on my shirt and then I got some accelerator on my finger and superglue shortly after which felt like a very hard pinch like when when you pinch your finger with pliers or something. The dangers of painting and hobbying!
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    Oh, so you think that because I didn't immediately hop to and complete your request that then re-sending the request 20 minutes later and CCing your manager was somehow going to make me drop everything I'm doing because you need it done to "complete some tasks I have scheduled for today." Sorry, but your elfhattedness has triggered my stubborn core and I will MAYBE get to your request, which will only take me about 30 seconds to do, sometime after lunch. Of course your alternative would be to call IT and put in an actual ticket and they'll MAYBE have it completed in the next 24 hours or so. Your choice. Because shockingly, everyone else is also trying to "complete some tasks I have scheduled for today" and your request is way lower on the priority list than just about everything else on my to do list.
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    Thanks, I tried to explain to her that there was a big difference in what my body went through painting for two hours (usually broken into two or three sessions to avoid pain) and what it went through in two hours of hauling around large boxes, sorting through them, and coughing and sometimes throwing up from the dust. I need the fun time. Since I've started taking time to paint each day I'm sleeping a lot better. Thinking of doing 'A month of Mythos' and finishing the Mythos Expansion for Bones III in a month. After a short break from my 5 bones a day.
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    Clearly, @TaleSpinner is hinting that he's working on a new, large Eye Beast for Bones IV. "Myopic" = "Beholder", right?
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    So this is on Facebook: or was this already known here and I'm late to the party as usual?
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    (tiptoes through the thread so as not to awaken the dozing forumites) Sleep for the Sleep God!
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    Here is another upload of what I have been working on for the last 18 months: Imperial Assault Core Game. Here is Diala Passil, the Padawan Light Saber wielder of the core 6 heroes in the game. My color scheme follows the character art and Sorastro guide, but with Reaper and Vallejo Game Color paints. The camera makes the cloak look a lot more bright red than it really is. It ended up a sort of brick red in-hand. Overall, the saber blade was my least favorite part of this mini. Colors are under spoiler
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    I wish I could draw better - I would totally make this for you. But while fun, my stupid pictures generally use too much of other people's work to put on a t-shirt. Fine for silly collages to make people laugh on the internet, totally not ok to put on a product.
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    what i like most is that burning itch to go look at the KS page every 2 minutes to see if they've hit another goal or posted another update. Each one is like winning the superbowl or something.
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    Co-worker that fell off the stairs for 3 meters did NOT break his neck after all. He does have a broken wrist. Also blood has clotted in his skull, this may have to be removed through operation. They keep him asleep for now.
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    I was in a Taco Bell recently, and could see straight through the kitchen to the rear door, which had a big yellow sign on it with gigantic red letters saying (paraphrase) "DO NOT OPEN THIS DOOR AFTER DARK. YOUR LIFE MAY DEPEND ON IT." ... which did not reduce the zombie-apocalypse feeling of the day.
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    Adding context, I believe. That one has a STÄFF logo on the front, with a repeat of Silverthorne's art inside a nuke symbol. Felt it worked.
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    Oh, I don't doubt it being inconclusive. Thus the whole "foul smelling placebo". But, if a placebo works for me, then... is it? Anyway, @Sylverthorne's submission of Nuclear Krill artwork has made it onto a tee. This one is G rated, so it should be visible (once they've approved it) to anybody rather than just those who logged in to Zazzle. I'll try to figure out a non-link way of posting them. Store's name is nuclearkrillmerch. Think you can just paste that on the end of zazzle's basic website. Sleepy now. Sleep now.
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    Wife just got off work here about 10-15 mins ago, so we are going to a late dinner. At least I got a bunch of hobby time in tonight - worked on my Reapercon Open project (Snake/Sea monster), I'm prepping a couple of busts to tinker around with soon(tm) and prepped the final figure for my D&D group, will paint up a female dark elf rogue this week.
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    I have stood before the fatigue wall... I am helpless before it and even though I have sympathy, I really don't understand it completely. I see it's effects and I know where the wall goes to and how it ends. Maybe someday I'll find a way to move the wall... until then, I'll keep standing watch over the fallen at that wall. *** salutes ***
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    *Wonders* Did I take that second dose of indomethacin? I seriously can't remember..... Anyways stayed home today because I ran out of spoons getting ready to leave. Had some of the worst pain yesterday then I've had in awhile. Woke up feeling fine, but like I said, hit the fatigue wall pretty quickly. (I think you guys may have noticed me being around a bit more today.) Anyways, nsaids are the answer.... so did I take that second dose of indomethacin or not.... grrrr.... I hate not remembering. Maybe I'll go look to see if the cup has wetness in it. Couldn't have taken the pill without water... sometimes I have to get creative to circumvent my brain.
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    Finished my five minis for today and got them posted! Now to bed early.
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    Art directors. I gave you what you asked for. I gave you what you changed your mind to. Both of those look pretty good, at least according to everyone else that has looked at them. Then I gave you my opinion about what you are thinking about changing your mind to. And what your boss wants, which is completely incompatible. Make a decision. At this point I don't even necessarily care which decision, but until I have a decision, I can't start. And until I start, I'm not getting any closer to that deadline that you say is important. Just sayin'.
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    Hobby time, aka mental health time is an absolute necessity. No matter what your hobby is. (Usual caveats for safety, consent, etc.)
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    This. And all the forms of writing, music, and art that I like/don't like and other people don't like/like as well. If sparkly vampire my little ponies being ridden by Jar Jar Binks and Q playing polo make you happy, I'm glad you're happy. (Just don't try to make me watch that. ) Though a T-shirt ....
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    We've added this to the front page
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    I've been doing pen and ink this morning. Yanno, I am not that much into sports, and I sometimes get annoyed when sports events mess up local traffic. And every hobby looks a little weird from the outside. But I'm not all that interested in sneering at people who enjoy playing or watching sports. Dumping on someone else's hobby is rude and cheap laffs. I wish ESPN would return the favor.
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    That's good news, right? Lor', I hope he will recover.
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    Love, support, and friendship to all my military friends, whatever gender you were assigned at birth and whether it was correct or not. There are many of us who appreciate the calling and sacrifices of all who serve.
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    In the homebrew world and system I used to play in, air sharks were a thing; a horrible and terrifying thing. Until we figured out that the gas bladders they used to fly were full of flammable gasses. Then they were just target practice for the wizards.
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    It's because he travelled for so many years with the hobbits. Once one gets used to Elevensies it's hard to give up.
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    I've been a bit myopic lately.
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    I kept looking at the numbers and they didn't add up. Tracker was too high, data exports much lower. With all the things going wrong, I needed to understand why there was a mysterious 250 unfilled orders in the tracker. It took me a while to beat it out of the data, I'm more of a hammer than a glove. It is nice to have it resolved and not hanging over us.
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    There was an episode of Futurama, one of the Comedy Central episodes, where Bender does that with folk songs. If you like that, try to get your hands on a bottle of Hakushu 12 year single malt. It's a not-Scotch(can't call it Scotch because it's not made in Scotland), and it's AMAZING! My favorite whisky by far, though it's hard to find because it's so popular. It's also a Suntory product. Roughly $100 a bottle, depending on alcohol taxes in your area, but because of its popularity and resulting scarcity I've seen it going for $2-300. Especially if you're buying it online, though every time I've found it in a physical liquor store it's been at regular price. They also own a few Scottish distilleries(among them is Laphroaig, whose Quarter Cask I love, but all their other stuff I've tried has been too heavy on the iodine taste for me), and Courvoisier brandy. Honestly, Suntory owns so many different distilleries that it's hard to keep track. I've been hearing for years that the Japanese are out-Scotching the Scots, winning more and more awards every year for their Scotch-style whiskies. And they've been doing it with bourbon-style whiskies too. Just like with electronics before, the Japanese have surged toward the competition and are making a big name for themselves in booze. In other news, almost got ran over at work today. Lady either didn't check her mirrors when backing out of her parking space or otherwise saw the parking authority uniform and decided to run me down. Not so much as a tap of the brakes as she just decided to shoot out of the space. Good thing I was paying attention when she wasn't because I was able to quickly move out of the way, but if she does that often she's gonna really hurt someone. Especially if she does it there, because it was right outside a public park. I did find out that a shop in town carries Citadel paints and GW figures though. And the shop just opened a few months ago, so their paint stock should be relatively fresh and dried pots on the shelf should be unlikely. I like Citadel paints, but man do I hate those pots they come in. If a shop doesn't have good paint turnover, you're likely to find dead paint that's still factory sealed.
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    Managed to complete July goals and several more besides. 31 minis this month so far 91 for the year! Now to get the Snoopy dancing done so I can make dinner.
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    @LittleBluberry Oh I need to use a pill sorter. Otherwise I'll have no idea if I've taken my meds or not. I haven't decided if I am going to take this as a scheduled medication for a few days or not. Depends on how I feel tomorrow. If I do, I'll add it to the pill box. Sorry that you are able to relate to the fatigue. People often say "I can see how the pain bothers you." and actually I don't really mind the pain as much, it's the fatigue that gets me. The pain is annoying, the fatigue is life limiting. So in my view that's the worst.
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    This is why with antibiotics I count the pills daily. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well, but I really relate to the fatigue. Hot weather really doesn't help. I got the tiniest amount of hobbying done. Sculpted the finger and thumb that got cut off the hand when I did a weapon swap. Hopefully this means I can actually start painting my mounted paladin.
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    You can pledge for as many or as few items as you want without having to "qualify" for certain rewards by having gotten other rewards. It's like going to the grocery store. You can get peanut butter without buying bread, or bread without peanut butter, or both, or neither and get a different thing entirely. We do that.
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    Well, I just give up with it: my phone's camera is not good enough. It doesn't matter if I improve the light or background, it just can't take proper focused close up photos. I will buy another one soonish. Meanwhile sorry for the quality. Here we have Rivani, Iconic psychic from Reaper Pathfinder. In contrast with another of my works this week, Estra (who is much older looking) I went with a colorful palette, inspired partially in Cyr's work with a Fairy. Following your advice, I tried blue to highlight her black hair. I think it's the first time it worked; I used a deep blue, and a the same with the smallest drop of a light grey for the main highlights. Her clothing I think works, combines fine, but it reminds me of a basket of vegetables, a carrot particularly. My main objectives here were first, try a colorful palette. Second, practice with soft highlights and blending. And third, try the blue haighlighting for blacks.
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    No! Bad! Don't do that! If you start spreading misinformation they'll stop giving us the precious hintses. Where's the mummified cat when you need it?
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    Hahhhhhh, thanks! So far my favorite, thlugh tedious part is paintinf these scales. I'm making great progress and started blending the other wing. And because I'm a massive dope. I wasn't keeping a painting journal and am not sure which colors i used. I know which were involved though. I decided to use true metalics for the metal parts of him so I get to fail at TMM now. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. OSL was my mountain, now its OSL on top of TMM. *Encore: "yayyyyyyyyyyyy" Awwwww yeah. I'm liking this from the side. I can't wait to see him fully painted this way. The other side. I havent painted the horns or nose yet, as I still have to paint the jaw and water effects in his mouth. I'm giving it an extra day to cure so I dont ruin it again. One of these wings is not like the other. Mrs.M forgot what shades she used. @_@ the one on the right is the finished one buuuuuut I can't lie that the one on the left doesn't look so bad either.
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    I'm an organic chemist (by education anyway). We're all about the white powders. It's really boring.