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    i might have to get a few of the new griffins once they're revealed i have a secret soft spot for parrot griffins, and a bit of converting would give me some cute tropical griffins these are templates i did ages ago using different parrot / big cat combos
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    And here we are - after 36 hours of building time and another 18 hours of drying, the owl mage is finally done. Check here for the WIP Thread ->Let's Make a Present! Owl Mage<-
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    This is Miss Ogre 2017. Steve Harvey realized he made a mistake and that she actually came in second but when he tried to rectify the mistake, she ate him. I had such a good time painting her. I kept having Shrek flashbacks. First, "Get outta me swamp!" The Scottish accent made me want to attempt painting plaid. Then realizing that she is wearing two skirts because.....Ogres have layers! I considered giving her a tramp stamp, a beauty mark (her tusks are in the way), and platinum blonde hair. Maybe I will have to get another and do that on the next one. The little guy has pretty soft features and I couldn't see any mouth or anything on him so I gave him a suggestion of a mouth. I may go back and tweak it a little more. Not 100% sure what the things are hanging from the front of her belt. I almost painted them to be lizard heads! Also, not sure about her dagger looking rusty realistically but it's not bad. Plus, she is appearing in this weekend's game! I can't wait! Anyway, here she is. I present Miss Ogre 2017!
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    Sabretooth pug... I WILL MAKE USE OF THIS EVERY SINGLE GAME! [Random stranger] What if you're playing checkers? [Me] EVERY GAME!
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    Okay, the bases are done. The process was simple, if a bit long (mostly drying). So the third wash was Bradley Shade, and once that dried sufficiently I drybrushed another light coat of pro paint dove grey to help blend it all together. Then I did a light drybrush of pro paint dragon white, trying to mostly just hit edges. After this, I took my fourth magic shade, Manstein Shade (this one is pretty much black) and carefully put it into crevices, between bricks, and between raised relief to help restore some definition. And the end result of all of that... was this:
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    Day 1 Infobits Summary! These are important and/or interesting bits of information from the Reaper team, posted in the KS comments. There will be a lot of stuff these first few days. Will continue in another post. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    *wanders in smelling of lime and cilantro* I declare dinner was... Huge success! I need to mess with the seasoning types and amounts quite a bit (the chicken didn't have a great deal of flavor), but overall they were pretty tasty for my first attempt. :) Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Alright, ReaperCon is just around the corner and I really need to get cracking on my entires. I already have a thread up for my planned Painter's entries and I will be doing separate ones for my Open and Diorama entries. So first off here is my Open entry, the Bones version of Anirion: Oh, wait that's not right ... Much better This conversion came to be due to one of the critiques I received last year and that was to up the difficulty of my conversions. So first thing I did was scan Reaper's site and pick out minis that would be a good base for conversions. I got a pretty good list but I really got stuck on Anirion and turning him into a Jedi. This is the result. Here is the conversion break down: -Reshaped hood and sleeves -Smoothed out cloak to remove border -Removed staff and bag? -Repositioned arms -Added light saber out of styrene and metal piece Now on to paint and basing. Here are some side by side comparisons.
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    Amazingly, this only took me two weeks to finish ! I think the major challenge to this Miniature is the paint choices, and figuring out how you are going to base it. Lots of thought went into those two factors. I selected regulation heraldic colors and stuck to the rules of using them. I had fun playing with application, and layering on of the colors. While it looks simple, just for the record "It Ain't" ! So here is the Otter Knight with Sword and Shield by DSM. Hope you enjoyed my efforts, and drop me a note. Love to read what you have to say all the time. Thanks. Jasonator
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    Day 1 Infobits Summary (last one for Day 1): Note for future self: at this point, Ron joined the comments. That wraps it up for Day 1, whew! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    There are a lot of good models, but the only one I really love is 16 (Dragonman!! we need more dragonmen and women) and 19 (Although I have no idea why that one speaks to me) Is it just me or is it as if the greybeards where having a pointy hat competition? 47: "I am a wizard" 48: "I'm a better wizard, just look at my pointy hat" 45: "Mine is pointier, ergo I am a better wizard" 46: "No hat is pointier than mine!!" 47: "that's just a dunce cap"
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    So yeah... I've had co workers give me a hard time about my reaper bones addiction. Here's my response. Yes, I'm going to spend probably $500 in the next 30 days on bones miniatures. How much do you spend on your hobbies? Oh you just bought a $17,000 razor you will drive 2 times a year? Yes, I've done this twice before and have hundreds of still unpainted miniatures. They don't have to be painted. but when I do paint them they look AWESOME. Yes, I may never use these in a game. But if I want to or need to.... They are there. Yes, I'm going to wait nearly 2 years to get these figures. I'm not a millennial and can demonstrate a measure of patience.....I think. Yes, I'm a D&D nerd. ROLL INITIATIVE it's about to go down!
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    You might want to avoid using your modifying skills on actual people. That's what we have Thes and Corporea for.
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    One of the minis that first got me into gaming was the old Lord of Change. This was a good while back- in those days, a Lord of Change was mounted on a square 40mm base, and wasn’t much larger than the ogres of the day and they fit into a blister pack. The new Lord of Change may very well be the best mini Games Workshop has in its lineup. A very fine piece indeed, and I’m happy that I’ve gotten to paint it a few times now. Here are two of them (for the same force).
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    While pawing through boxes of old minis for @Mad Jack I found some of the first minis I painted several ages ago. Seeing as how there are often people on here posting their first minis somewhat shyly and looking as good as most of what I do after 30 years of practice I thought I'd show what poor painting was. These are old Grenadier models. I was 13 and using the Testors paints that so many of us used in the 80s. The last two were painted a couple of years later when we'd switched to the first Citadel paints which are still made by Coat d'arms now.
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    I thought it had been too long since I painted a fantasy figure, so I reached into my Big Bag O' Monsters and this was the one that came out. (Full multi-angle image linked due to excessive boobies): https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-rmDg_Rk9xkw/WYFH353IOlI/AAAAAAAAIps/cuqeA94FFScu0brueXZlQcGYawXQthsuwCLcBGAs/s1600/20170802ReaperHarpy.jpg It's 77041 Harpy by Julie Guthrie. As usual for me these days, it's one of the plastic Bones miniatures, and if you want one it will cost you the princely sum of about three of those Yankee dollars.
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    I've been to a party like that once. They told me its BYOD and I was a little confused at first. Why would they want me to bring my own Duck? But I was like, whatever. But it when I get there, it's crazy, cause like, *I'm* the only one with a duck. But it was cool, cause everyone else was so high and wasted that they all thought the duck was like the coolest thing ever. I never figured out what the D was supposed to mean though. Maybe that's what happened with the wizard?
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    I haven't got any photos of things I painted when I first got into the hobby, but I stopped trying for about fifteen years, until the first Bones kickstarter launched. I've got some... disadvantages... when it comes to painting. My eyesight is about as bad as it can get while still existing. I don't have anywhere near the time I'd like to paint as often as I'd like to for practice and growth, so I often find I am re-learning things every time I don't get to try for a month or more. But that Bones kickstarter, and Bones in general, provided minis that are inexpensive enough that I didn't feel like I was ruining them by trying. It's made a monumental difference in ability. I'm probably never going to be able to paint things as well as some of the folks here- the talent, creativity, and dedication of some of the Reaper forum regulars is amazing, but I'm not embarrassed to put something I painted on a table anymore. Which I tend to regard as a really great thing, not everyone will be good at this, but everyone can be better than they are when they start. I'm always impressed by those of you who can paint something that's professional quality... but there's a lot of room for satisfaction for everyone who may never get there, too. These aren't my first minis... or my last... but last year I grabbed a couple Bones models so I could re-paint a couple of them from the first Kickstarter, for comparison. To take a look at my progress against something other than the front page of cool mini or not's entrants.
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    Reaper has not stated at any point that they will be producing a cat dragon. What you've been hearing is people requesting such a thing. :) I'm fairly in favor of boots, yeah. Yes? Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Home from work, dogs fed,chickens fed - ready to go. I think. I have the next 3 days off work so hoping to get lots of time to paint.
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    The fresh dill from the store came with roots on. I only needed half of it for cooking, so I'm going out this morning to see if I can set up a dill patch in the front garden.
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    Please go. If you get all locked up, who would unlock the new thread?
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    Day 1 Infobits Summary, still continued: Continued in another post. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Day 1 Infobits Summary, continued: Continued in another post. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    So you then went to urgent care and got a tetanus booster, right? @glitterwolf - recommendation is for tetanus shot after almost every wound (unless it was clean and minor and the pt had a shot within the last 10 years). Stepping on stuff that dropped from a tool chest last year in a garage gets a shot. It hits some of my biggest tetanus risk factors; nails/puncture wounds, metal, outside (and bites, but that one doesn't apply here.)