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    pirate gnolls the captain has an albatross
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    I can speak to this a bit. One reason has to do with getting a piece of clay or pixels to be read as "female" vs. "male". It is a psychological thing with people that we tend to see big emotions as male traits and subtle ones as female. Bobby covered this in depth in his sculpting faces tutorial, with a lot of practical examples. If you sculpt a female face and then add something as simple as a large smile, it instantly stops reading as female. If you look at art and advertising, you will see that this is a feature we see every day, every where. I'm sure it's roots are very sexist, but it is a part of western human psyche. If you look at action figures of women, you will note that their screaming faces look very male, and without hair and breasts it wouldn't read female at all. When you get down to mini size, there really are not a lot of cues one can use to proclaim gender, the scale and differences are too slight. Thus, the more active you make a figure, the more male it reads. As such, sculptors known for making really attractive ladies (Klockenbooty?) are likely loathe to make really active female sculpts because their bread and butter is in making really attractive ladies with a lot of feminine characteristics. I'm not saying that this is the only reason or even a good one. But it is a thing.
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    Well, I don't have much skill in 2D media, but this fell out of my pencil: And then I realized it was missing something... Top hats are a lot harder to draw than I'd anticipated. EDIT - Oh, I just read that you wanted a dire platypus. Uh...just pretend it's like 50% bigger and has all sorts of unnecessary spikes. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    With this port, I have officially passed the 1000 post threshold. I would like to echo @Gargs sentiment in saying how awesome everyone on this forum has is. I've only been a member of the forum for just over a year (joined July 4, 2016), and has been the longest period that I have ever contributed to an online community. Member have been nothing but accepting and helpful, and that only encourages me in improving my skill in the hobby. Thank you everyone. Here's to great things yet to come! /David
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    I recently finished the Dagon Statue terrain pieces from Bones 3. Nothing fancy, but a series of drybrushed layers. Step by step can be found here: http://allbonesabout.blogspot.com/2017/08/dagon-statue-bones-3-terrain.html
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    Wow! I mention something about a "reveal" and I get naked female statues. I must learn to control and channel my powers for the benefit of all society! Let's see: "Just. One. More. Pledge. Until. Next. Unlock!" [Gets Reaper Bones Key Chain] Uhm. "Just. One. More. Pledge. Until. Next. Goal!" [Gets Hockey Goalie Sophie!] Thanks. I think? "Just. One. More. Pledge. Until. Next. Fire. Breathing. Flying. Reptile!" [Gets chibi gecko with aviator goggles and bottle of hot sauce] ...This is way harder than one would imagine. [Reads KS comment section] Society has formed an angry mob and wants to slap me very hard for my suggestions.
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    For energy shields, are you guys thinking something like this, but in Bones and possibly textured? This is an acrylic display dome I've been using...
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    I once interviewed a dragon on this very topic. Her answer:
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    *flops limply into the thread* Bleurgh. I... I did paint a big dragon, right? That wasn't a dream? It just...all feels so very unreal. Except the ouchy, that's real enough I suppose. I haven't even gone to look at my painting desk yet. Hugs, likes and sympathy as appropriate to all. I will catch up on what I missed here someday...but today is not that day. Apropos of nothing, I went to scratch my ear and poked myself in the eye instead. This makes me feel like I'm competent individual who is winning at life. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Got my Official Entry in 30 seconds before my clock ticked over to 2:24pm. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/76081-maal-drakar-7-day-challenge-official-entries-no-chatter/&do=findComment&comment=1595584 I needed to iron my backdrop (which was all kinds of fun the state I'm in), arrange it, try and figure out how to make the wings STAY PUT (they kept either seating poorly or falling out even after I superglued them; I think the Loctite I grabbed may be old), then take the pics, upload, post. They aren't the best pics, but they aren't the worst. I tried to implement as many things as Doug suggested as I could, but I simply had neither the time nor the brain power to figure out ISO or exposure on my phone, and no time to crop them either. These will have to do. I'm happiest with the close-ups, and the shot of the backs of the wings turned out even better than I'd expected. Thank you all so very very much for all of your likes and comments and kind support. Words can't express how much your pulling for me helped get me through this challenge; I'm not exaggerating when I say I really wouldn't have finished otherwise (even so, it was a close thing!). Well, I've been awake for over 24 hours now, and painting pretty much nonstop for the last 12 of that, so I think it's high time I took my "everything is ouchie" self off to bed at last. I'll do a more proper summary/reflection post when I can see straight again. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Sculpted by Klock so you know it has all the pirate belts and buckles.
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    Well done! Senpai has noticed you! Senpai must now go notice anyone else who finished, and will Soon(tm) make you a fancy badge!
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    Oh good. That's a comforting thought. It's also seriously weird; after having planned and dreamed and anticipated doing it, it's just so strange to think it's finally done. Yes, I am awake, though I'd really rather still be asleep. Only being able to sleep in 4 hour chunks the first couple days after a challenge is SOP for me, though, so I'm unsurprised. I might go in search of strawberry shortcake soon. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Added the Supporter Badge @Pezler the Polychromatic requested along with the rest over in the Information thread. Here's all of the available options, so far:
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    Yanno, I read the terms of service when I sign up on websites and I still can't keep up with this thread and the KS comments.
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    I painted these just a little while ago to match a client’s RPG party. They are all 3D prints from Heroforge, where you can choose from a wide array of options for characters. 3d printed minis present a bit of a challenge for painters, as the grain is often visible in a few spots. There are a variety of ways to overcome this, including sanding and gloss, but ultimately you just need to be very careful with your shading. For each of these, I got some pretty specific instructions on their color scheme. Here they are:
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    i' okay with that, as long as they're elderly ladies and not nubile 20 year olds i need some old lady mages darn it
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    Here's my attempt at Narthrax in a Smaug inspired color-scheme. She's defending her kill which is hidden at the back of the base. The base is a 10cm MDF board with some 3D printed rocks attached to create a cross-section effect on the edge of the base. I coated the 3D printed parts in plaster filler to add texture and used some cork, gravel and sand to finish the base. The horse parts are removable to make a less scary version. They're made from some old citadel horse and skeletal horse models. The horse head has a small metal pin on the side that inserts into a hole in Narthrax's hand. The ponies in the last shot are from Impact Miniatures Chibi Pony set.
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    I know I did the right thing from a practicality standpoint. It just wasn't want I wanted to do. Alternatively: waaaaah adulting
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    I want to use the tree as a base for a cat dragon.
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    Traditionally, we do not split up the expansion sets for individual item purchase until Retail. Traditionally, we only split the Core set into subsets based on grouping of how they were added. I have no insight on how anything may be split for this project other than there is a future plan for the Core to be split in the Pledge Manager.
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    Out of context quote from MrBoot: *happily* "I'm going to fight some space amoebas!" Me: Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    This barbarian is very sad... one of the people at our table lost his job a while back and has been searching for a few months to find something here in LV. He has been unable to find something in his field and let us know today that he is moving back home to California. It sucks when you lose a good player and better person from your gaming group. I don't know if we'll find another person as cool, nice, laid back, and fun as Zack. *takes a shot of triple espresso in honor of his departing gaming companion*
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    DRAGON wolf. That is all. If you are going to misquote me, do it correctly. But yes, I have (now) read the link you put in your comment. I like many of the misquotes better.
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    I used Tamiya Clear Smoke as a base coat, then highlighted the edges with Misty Gray. A couple of Clear Red dots for eyes,some basic grass-plus-flowers on the medium one, and then sealed with Crystal Clear and glued 'em to their bases. Quick, easy, ready for the tabletop.
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    Hi everyone. It's been awhile since I posted anything, but here's what I worked on today. I ended up choosing this one today because I got some new paint and wanted to try out the flesh tones which I'm really happy about it how it turned out.
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    Toys are fun. Having a place to live in and electricity to run your lights turns out to be useful for playing with your toys. Do life first, then do toys.
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    I wrote my bachelor's thesis on how to find aliens. I got stories. Most of it was sighing at vague data, looking at possible models, swearing at 'goldilocks zone' oversimplifications (Earth is NOT in the Sun's 'goldilocks zone by temperature! Venus is!), and realizing most people are really unimaginative when it comes to what might support life.
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    Reading about skill points got me to thinking about what my stats/skills would be in real life. Not sure about assigning numbers on a scale and then there's a difference in what's average in different times. Here's a rough copy almost like a resume. Strength slightly above average. I have a physical job and work out a little. Endurance. Above average because I'm stubborn but decreasing due to age. Intelligence. Above average. I can occasionally count past 20 with my pants still on. Agility. Average or slightly below. I was always a bit clumsy but training has helped some. Speed. Low. Despite my height and long legs I was never a great runner. Add in knee and ankle injuries and at times the best I do is a high speed waddle. More exercise has helped this year so may be average at tops. Toughness. High. I live with pain and bleed on an almost daily basis. I've had serious injuries that I had to deal with on my own and walked away from. Vision. With glasses normal to above normal. Without almost blind but not so bad I walk into walls. Skills Animal trainer, large. Good. I've worked with cows and horses all my life. Animal trainer small. Average. Until recently always had pets but never really tried to make them do special things. Vehicle operator small. Good. Been driving cars and trucks since I was 12 and only a couple of minor accidents. Vehicle operator large. Average. I've got thousands of hours on various grain trucks and pickups with trailers and can drive a semi although I'm not licensed and would hate to do it in heavy traffic. Mechanics. Above Average. I live with junk and can repair most of that junk. Newer vehicles are getting beyond me though. Construction. Above average. As above, junk all around. I can fix many things from plumbing to electrical but not certified and not at an advanced level. Gunsmithing. I'm a certified gunsmith but the course was a bit of a joke. Basically I can swap out parts, identify and fix minor problems and make a stock from a blank. Rifles. Good. As a teenager my main entertainment was hunting everything from gophers to elk. I used to consider myself an excellent shot but I'm out of practice with anything except a paintball gun now. Pistols. Average. Never owned one but have shot ones my friends have lots. Out of practice now. Knife. Average. I hunt, I butcher and I've had some training on fighting with and defending against them. Sword. Low. Some training and I have a couple cheap and ornamental ones. Been way to long since I used anything except the machete to clear weeds and brush. Archery. Poor. Know how to but very, very out of practice. Martial arts. Above average. Years of training in karate and dabbled in boxing, wrestling and judo. Leg injuries and flexibility are slowing me down now. Small unit tactics. Average. Unlike some I don't think my gaming has made me the equal to Napoleon. But between it, my knowledge of history and paintball I've got a basic grasp on how not to die in the first minute of combat. Literacy, english. High. I always read way above my age level and think I've got a good grasp on understanding things although I hated literature classes where we dissected what we read. Literacy, russian. Low. I can read at the same level as a 10-12 year old and have about 80% understanding when talking. Trading. Low. I hate to haggle. I'm a take it or leave it kind of guy that generally asks for the lowest I can afford when selling and often pays a bit too much for things when buying. Leadership. Low. I'm not good at talking people into things and hate bossing them around. I'm neither a leader or a follower. I'm the guy off to the side doing his own thing. Charisma. Average. Most people that know me get along with me but I don't have or try to have much influence on the people around me. Tolerance for BS. Very low. Goofing around and having fun is fine. But when things need to get done you do it as quickly and efficiently as possible. No tolerance at all for whiners and trouble causers. Persuasion. Very low. I ask somebody to do something, they say no, I say ok and move on. Artistic, mini painter. Above average. Ok maybe not compaired to some here but in general I think I'm good. Oohkay. I started this as a couple quick ideas and it turned into a novel of complete self examination. I was killing time waiting for a neighbour I owed money to to come over so I could pay him. He came and left. Then it was lunch time so I made and ate it while typing. Remember when I said I was that quiet guy that wouldn't shut up once he got comfortable. Here's proof. So in conclusion (I must of had a point for doing this) when the tsunamis, global warming floods, killer bees, zombies or whatever else happens you can depend on me. I'm loyal, honest, hard working, easy to get along with and own enough guns to equip an under strength platoon. As I live on high land in the center of the continent there is little risk of flooding but drought is often an issue. I'm far from the nearest cities so the zombies should be less of a problem. I raise enough food to support about 100 people a year. I still know how to survive without electricity. If you need to shelter here I only ask that you bring your best painted minis, favourite rule sets/games, any firearms, non electric hand tools (knives, axes, etc) and all the ammunition that you can carry. I'm not a survivalist so I don't have years of food and water stashed somewhere. But I do know a couple of people that are so with guns and ammo that's not a problem. Time to actually do some work.
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    Platypus Dragon! If we can have duck billed dinosaurs in real life, then duck billed dragons aren't that much of a stretch. Roc Lobster! This is why giant female warriors are an interesting compromise. They'd be large enough to get discernible feminine features, yet still look like they can seriously smash things. Right now we have Fire/Ice queens/shamans, but no female giant swinging a two-headed hammer. Or something along the lines of Kaya the Reaper. Knowing we'll eventually get Baba Yaga's hut. Baba Yaga herself would be a logical add-on. Though maybe we'll get a "not so hag-like" selection of elderly ladies that aren't villagers or Chronoscope (i.e. Sister Maria).
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    I noticed it. I wish people would just buy what they liked and didn't what they hated instead of trying to make a political issue out of it. And just to stir things up..Reaper should now produce a naked old wrinkled granny waving her cane shouting..get off my lawn!!!
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    Depending on the price it might be worth getting it for the vultures and victims alone. I can see one of those victims hanging from the wall of a Vampire Lord's Castle for example.
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    Oooooh Tree of Despair in the latest update's preview video, cool. Evil trees are a somewhat frequent feature of campaigns of mine...
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    *sigh* Ah well... traffic cones will be the tardis or the Shipping container of this kickstarter. The thing I add to every reaper order for a year or so to hit free shipping, until I have enough.
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    My wife finds grocery shopping with me is sometimes a bizarre experience...
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    If it wasn't for this forum I would have died from boredom today... So ehh. thank you all for saving my life I guess...
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    Dude I would love a chibi gecko with aviator goggles and a bottle of hot sauce.
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    Started this guy quite awhile ago. Didn't have the paints I needed to get the colour I wanted. Now I've got a lot more paints and I came up a scheme I really liked. I have two more of them and I'm thinking I might paint them up while I remember what I did. Still need to do the base and seal him but that'll be fast.
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    I'm imagining some dude in the 16th century looking up at the Sistine Chapel ceiling and thinking "Wow, the Virgin Mary was built."
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    I choked on spittle. I've been alive for 33 years and I still can't breathe or swallow correctly? -_____-
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    He says "Yes. They are starship-sized space amoebas." Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    You deserve Strawberry Tallcake, but that is harder to find.
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    That is correct. I believe he mentioned LadyStorm and Reaper Ron as the pie-flingers... ETA---Dragon WOLF!
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    I remember someone asked for this... I don't recall whom, but feel free to use!