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    Because I need Baba-Yaga's Treehouse of Woe
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    The first miniature I have painted after opening Bones 3 box that arrived one week ago. Also, my first reaper miniature I would like to share. I must admit that I made a very poor job on the mould lines though and the paint job isn't as neat as I would like to... More pictures: http://zgielk.blogspot.com/2017/08/na-bezrybiu-i-smok-ryba.html
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    So, here are two miniatures I just got done painting and basing last night. I ended up painting these two as well as another figure (front with a link for nudity) at the same time because I was starting out with the same skin colors, beginning with Tanned Skin. One thing I did with the female pirate's sword and metal was I used Ashen Blue as my base color, then used deeper blues, then dark elf skin and shadow, then black, and worked upwards with lighter greys and finally white. With the bases, which I also do very simply, I did the pirate bases starting with a base of blonde hair, then terran khaki. The thought was to make sand, but who knows how well that worked out. Here is the link to the third miniature: http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:02-806_flute8.JPG And here is the photo this figure came from: And a question, one of the doubts I had was about the female pirate, should I have lightened her eyebrows?
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    Apparently my light box set up creates some specular reflections because these boys are not so shiny in normal lights. Anyhow, I really like these old school, Bob Olley ogres. I hope you do too.
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    Struggling to paint these... my first thought had been to wash them lightly to pop the details, but I've had a lot of trouble getting the wash to stick. I like the result in this instance, but I can't help but feel like they're messy. They also seem a challenge to photograph! I guess the side-effect of making them seem unreal is that the unreality may also confuse image processors :-)
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    A friend who had not painted anything in a while came to visit for a week. While the wives an kids were off entertaining themselves, I offered a mini from the bones 2 core grab-bag to try his hand. He picked one that reminded him of the Old D&D cartoon, and got as far as base-coating. His paints had long since dried out, so he left it here. As I "Must Paint All the Things!" I finished it up, the shield came out as one of my best freehand designs. I also took an indirect suggestion from a poster in the paint my bones facebook group, and added another highlight to the shield.
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    My daughter has stolen and will steal any pony, unicorn, pegasus, alicorn, lady minis with wings that I have for her own painting desire. This is despite owning 8 million My Little Pony minis already. She even uses my Reaper paints to mod her duplicate ponies to make them into her own creations.
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    You know, that caged victim would look, awfully good hanging from the Tree of Despair....
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    I kept telling myself that there was no way I would need the new paints. And then I saw them. *sigh* I'm pretty sure that Anne has reached the point in her alchemy career that the only thing left is to create a Snozzberry RMS triad that actually tastes like snozzberries. . . .
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    Baba Yaga's Treehouse of Woe would be a horrible show for children. Or maybe awesome. I'm undecided now that I think about it.
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    George, You can beat this!, Maybe not alone, get help if it lasts. no shame in that. We're here for you too, but we're not professionals. I advice you to talk to someone. We need you around buddy! as for now.
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    I got a story commission! Now I can pay for that core set I pledged for
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    Shhh.... No no... Shhh... Just don't. How about them minis?!? Hua??? So looking forward to the next reveal. I could really use something especially non-political and fun right now.
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    as long as you all let me go see my movie tomorrow, I don't care. But tomorrow night 7c to ~9c, I am GOING to see Rifftrax Live! The Five Doctors and if I have to miss it to update, I swear by my pretty floral bonnet... wait, wrong fandom.
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    Having painted several giant minis, one will be more than sufficient. :) Those paint bottles are each like a tiny Tardis! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    UPS man just delivered 3 more acrylic nail polish racks. And the wall hanging ones are much bigger than I thought. Coincidence?
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    I like stats and I haven't shared my tracking of the Bones x 4 in a while. Here is an update after yesterday's numbers. The first two are the real comparisons and the other two are stretching the timescale of all 4 bones to be the same. Bones 1-Yellow, Bones 2-Green, Bones 3-Red, Bones 4-Blue
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    When I look away from the forums for a few hours ... So. Much. Happens. Okay, I just figured out (after a search) that this is the MST3K guys. Darn you!! Darn you all to heck with a ball of pink yarn for adding this temptation to my procrastination muscle! Good Omens was my introduction to Pratchett, and still the best. Yes! Dig it up! (You know, after you're feeling better, of course.) For no good reason, I now imagine you as a mashup superhero of Logan and Professor X. Did you ever know you're my hero? (I apologise if that brings on a Whitney Houston earworm.) I believe in you! And your regenerative powers. And, your psychic abilities. You're only under psychic attack, because you're otherwise unbeatable. Shake it off! On a more serious note, I highly recommend mindfulness meditation as preventive medicine for helping tame brain weasels and their various ilk. Also, if it lasts, see someone professional. That flavor of broccoli is not good to ignore. Ah! Your cabbages!! Definitely, though, I agree with eating at regular intervals. So, so much better. Ineffable genius. Recommend to anyone who hasn't read it. And, also, to everyone who has. Yay for scary sibling victory! Do tell! Yay!!
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    The package arrived somewhat battered but everything inside was intact. So happy ending! I have emailed Reaper to let them know.
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    My sympathies to you both. Think I'll go kiss Awesome Wife on the forehead. Nah. That'd wake her up and then she'd be, well, in a not awesome mood.
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    And after much consideration, I have removed these items from the Pcktlnt box: I agonized over the dragon... but it was necessary to remove it to make room for all the OTHER stuff I had to put IN there to make up for the pulls.... And, ghod help us, it was Mirliton... A variety of items have been added, notably a great many blisters and some loose figures. Durned if I could find much in the way of Bones I wanted to part with, but I have metal left over from the dawn of time...
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    Here is the CAV Lion II anti-grav tank from the upcoming kickstarter. This resin master turned out great; the final will be in the grey Bones used by CAV! Scheme is from the 5th Dornheim Brigade, "Marienburg Dragoons." Their tanks are painted a dark grey while the CAVs wear the light blue and black.
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    Here's a Ritterlich Cataphract attack CAV painted in the 5th Dornheim Brigade's scheme. The Cataphract is available for sale and this is one of the grey bones miniatures from the first kickstarter!
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    Upped to add the paint. I absolutely love the desaturated colors. Like a lot of people here, I'm not sure where I'm going to put them. Already ran out of room on all 3 paint racks. The addiction is real folks.
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    Baba! And the classic mortar+pestle flying representation too. Ooh, more new paints. Glowing insubstantial ones even.
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    Probably from a creating a "set" standpoint it would have made more sense, but from a business sense it was a pretty smart move for the reason trappleton mentions above. Also the reverse; people only buying the hut add-ons will now want to get the Core Set.
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    Uh, those colors are pretty. And Baba Yaga looks great. This is not going to end well for me and my wallet.
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    Baba Yaga would have been here sooner, but someone dropped a tray of spoons, and she had to count them.
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    Also more paint. Don't think I have a purpose for Baba Yaga, and she's rather situational being in the Mortar/Pestle, but one more mini to give away to someone or practice painting on never hurts
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    You fool! That's just what they do to lure you in! ... Just kidding. Awww.
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    In Pathfinder's adventures, she's a level 20 witch/level 10 archmage. Str 17, Dex 20, Con 26, Int 46, Wis 24, Cha 32 She's smarter than you, wiser than you, tougher than you. And with that charisma score, probably has a hot bod under those raggedy clothes. How else would you explain all those kids of hers?
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    Actually, a "Caged Victims: Living and Skeletal" set would be pretty useful! Especially if you could design them so figures could be inserted and removed.
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    One hour left before we leave for vacation destination. Have fun all! Don't burn the place down or start a glitterwar without me. And just for fun
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    This might be my favorite mini so far! Thanks for pointing it out!
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    I'd love to see a few more characters like Vatanis someday. This guy kinda rocks. It would be nice to get a small group add-on of Tieflings, Tobaxi or any other hard to find player races. I'm not really into villager minis but this guy definitely helps the Dreadmere set look appealing.
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    You need somebody to help your boyfriend eat all your cheese? I'm sorry, but I'm not that kind of guy.
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    And now I want chicken strips. I'm not sure if I should hate you guys or love you more for this.... I've always found the lack of comprehension for 'model arrives in pieces' models to be kind of .. um.. well, inexplicable. I was momentarily baffled when I got Abysilonia, because she's a million or so tiny pieces. Then I shrugged and got out the glue and went to work, because .. what /else/ are you going to do? It's in pieces, you assemble it. But, as I must frequently remind myself, am weird. A thing is in pieces? Must be a puzzle! is my standard reaction to a freshly purchased thing does not have obviously broken parts.
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    Hey all! Here is a resin master of the new upcoming Cheetah attack CAV! I've painted it in the scheme of the 5th Dornheim Brigade, "Marienburg Dragoons." The forthcoming model will be in the CAV grey bones which also paint up pretty nice!
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    Stonehaven's mounted characters are great. The small mounts are all a common size, so you can put any character on any mount. But they're also the right size for another kind of mount... edit: and looking at these pictures now, I see a few mistakes that I need to go fix. Sigh.
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    My version of Lem from Pathfinder. Quick paint to a tabletop standard for my Adventurer's League character Grinly Wardfield.
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    Alright, some nice news! We have a bit more rain and thunder! This weather has been great for diminishing forest fire risk. Our dry seasons can be miserable!
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    ^This. I can't tell you how many times someone has come to about wanting to take a poor performing sailor to Captain's Mast. The first thing that is asked is where is the documentation? Filling out the paperwork is a pain in the elf so most people just "give them a talking to". But for it to go further, there needs to have been documentation to the incident. So my advice is to submit all grievances in writing (keeping a copy; if you suspect that people have been ignoring it, get who ever receives it to sign saying that they received it) so that a paper trail is created. Additionally, if it moves beyond the realms of comments into contact or assault (varies depending on local) file a police report in the appropriate jurisdiction. It sounds like you are on a college campus, so filing one with the municipal precict rather than campus can make it harder for the issue to be ignored. Again, IANAL, but I do have experience dealing with monolithic bureaucracies, as well as the process of dealing with some serious issues from my training as a Sexual Assault Victim Advocate.
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    I need a cheese defender. A Guardian of the Cheese.
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    That right there is almost worth getting two of each. In other news, the little figures I'd pick out piece-meal from the core set at retail has finally achieved an amount at greater than the core set price. In for the core now. I should really start painting the first core set. *sigh* I need a lot more motivation and time.
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    It chases after fleeing heroes and runs away if Baba Yaga thinks she might lose. Now we need Baba Yaga's fence made of bones with the posts topped with skulls.