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    Got my notices. Should be here tomorrow.
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    Good morning! Always love to see a Kickstarter email when I wake up.
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    I think this is my favorite thing that I've drawn recently - this slump hit me hard but I'm coming back!! I only did a single color since my monitor colors are all wonky (this looks navy blue on the drawing monitor). It's not just the monitor settings, it's just wrong. And colorimeters are $$$$.
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    Dear Future Me: You did it! You overcame the impossible and got caught up. Only 170 pages and 15 days worth of posting from when present-me (that's past-me to you) wrote this. Sure, two weeks ago you were only one week behind, but it's not your fault the fan on your laptop died. Keep going, you can get caught up...eventually.
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    I want a roc! (Roc!) I want a roc! (Roc!) I want a roc! (Roc!) I want a roc! (Roc!) Paint that orc you say But all I got to say to you is time and time again I say, "no!" No! No, no, no, no, no! Tell me not to pray Well, all I got to say to when you tell me not to pray I say, "no!" No! No, no, no, no, no! So, if you ask me what I'm praying for this KS There's only one thing I can say to you I want a roc! (Roc!) I want a roc! (Roc!) I want a roc! (Roc!) I want a roc! (Roc!) There's a feelin' that I get from nothin' else and there ain't nothin' in the world that makes me go! Go! Go, go, go, go, go! Turn the pledging up I've waited for so long so I could see my favorite sculpt so, let's go! Go! Go, go, go, go, go! When it's like this I feel the fire shootin' through me There's nothin' else that I would rather paint I want a roc! (Roc!) I want a roc! (Roc!) I want a roc! (Roc!) I want a roc! (Roc!) I want a roc! (Roc!) roc! (Roc!) roc! (Roc!) I want a roc! (Roc!) roc! (Roc!) roc! (Roc!) I want a roc! (Roc!) roc! (Roc!) roc! (Roc!) I want a roc! (Roc!) roc! (Roc!) roc! (Roc!) I want a roc!
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    I've seen photos of this but I've never tried it. A leafy tree or bush will cast countless little pinhole shadows. Each of those tiny pinhole shadows will cast an eclipse shadow.
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    WE GOT A ROC This makes me so incredibly happy!
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    For the hill giants especially, i'd like to see a female that mataches them. Which means probably not our standard of 'beauty' the reason being, i dislike it when a female of a species might as well a completely new species instead of a female of that actual species. So if the hill giants are lanky, large, muscles, and vaguely 'cave man' in facial appearance, i don't want some amazonian beautiful woman for their female version. It'd be like world of warcraft and the drastic, severe difference in gender between, say, the Troll male and the Troll female, where one looks like a monstrous humanoid and the other looks like a lovely human woman with blue skin and long canine teeth. I want female giants that match the theme of the males. If the giants are relatively human like (like the storm or fire), then sure, the female can be just as lovely. But the hill giants are NOT lovely by our standards, and i don't want to see some gorgeous beauty for a hill giant female...i want to see something that looks like she belongs in the hill giant species
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    Aww yeah! Lady giants charging at you all like... ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ The party fighter trying to pretend she ain't intimidated looking all... ʕ( *ˊᗜˋ)つ¤=[]:::::> Would be sweet.
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    Correction: Gene requested to do the roc. Step 1 to getting your wishlist made in bones is learning to sculpt or draw. Step 2 is pointing at the other people who want it made
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    Suddenly, a roc appears. Ain't no cat dragon, but okay. Bed time!
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    Here are some Spelljammer-esque minis that I have been working on. They've been in my collection for many years, so I don't really remember, but I think a few of them are Reaper. Githyanki Rogue Cleric Oriental Sorcerer
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    Oh, I should make a post to bump this to the top so people can find it. Um... Today I acquired a chocolate cake! Also, ice cream for being a volunteer at the State fair. Also, the Shade 14 welding lenses I ordered for eclipse viewing arrived yesterday. Super excited! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Possible Solution: GET TWO. No need to decide. ... if you want to paint one as Thunderbird..... get three. >.>
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    what about a flaming Roc? Paint it in rust and red colors, with gold highlights, and it could pass as either depending on your needs?
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    Lots of paint happened. Mostly finished up the hands, claws, and fur, touched up everything, and darklined it. Then I attached it to the big base and filled it with washers and putty, painting that dark. I'm having some camera issues, where close up the pictures are a bit grainy. I'll get that figured out before posting final pictures in Showoff. All I have left is to base it. Have a great night, Andy
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    I don't think this whole issue with the female giants would even have occurred to me a few years ago. Now I have a five-year-old daughter who is getting interested in minis and gaming. I have no problem with her wanting to be/play a princess, I just want her to know and believe girls can kick butt too.
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    Buffed combat-posed female giants of any type would be most welcome.
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    Gene is supposedly adding an elephant skull to the base. It's a nice little call-out...
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    Poor Gene Van Horne got suckered into doing that beautiful feathered monstrosity. Thank you Gene!
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    I went to practice today. I swung a stick at people's heads. I didn't do super-duper terrible at it either. I was told I was being more aggressive today than I've been in a long time, so I think I'm finally getting over the mental block that breaking my arm caused a couple years ago. I think my vacation, where I really tried to test myself in combat and put myself in some situations that I wasn't fully confident in, helped massively. I mean, I fought a duke, who is easily one of the best fighters in our kingdom, and while I lost all 3 rounds I came very, very close to killing him once. Like, maybe two inches away, with him struggling to stop me from closing the gap. Of course, he was exhausted then, but I wasn't at 100% either so... We also discussed some things relating to the heat treating of metal, electroplating, and things like that at practice. One of the guys is a materials engineer, so he does that sort of stuff for his job and is incredibly knowledgeable. He's going to help me and another guy both build ourselves some heat treating kilns since he's got a source for controllers and their associated parts. If we do it right, we'll be able to do things like flood the kiln with nitrogen to prevent scaling and oxidation during the hardening process too. I'm gonna have to start buying fire brick and refractory cement so that I can get working on the main structure. I also need to get some 4130 chromoly steel so that I can start working on the armor bits that I'll be heat treating...