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    This was an experiment in HQ speed painting using thinned, semi-opaque paint over zenithal priming. In all it took about 8 hours including the base (damn chipped vase already!). Pretty happy with the results, and now onto the other 30 big monsters...
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    BF and I are rearranging the craft area. The D&D shelf has been unloaded to bring upstairs where D&D is actually played. The stack of books is almost to my waist. This is D&D 3.5, a few of our parent's AD&D books, a single Shakespeare book, and a few physics textbooks. The majority of the D&D books are already upstairs. New paint table in background. Enough books? Noooooo
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    Congrats on getting a full group! Quite the eclectic group it is, too. Ahh, so they're bringing me more ammo. Good! I do! The M240B was my baby in the Navy. I'm an ok shot with long arms, but put me on a ship with rolling decks, an M240, and some ammo, and I will put holes in whatever you want me to. It's kinda funny, I don't really know how I got to be good with one, it's not like I got to shoot 1000's of rounds through it or anything. We got one 100 round belt of ammo to 'qualify' with (really just get a feel for how the gun works) and that was it. When I destroyed the target with my first 9 rounds, the CO was kinda impressed. The weapons guys were all like 'psh, beginner's luck' , so then everyone started telling me to 'shoot this' or 'shoot that'. After I went through my remaining rounds hitting everything that was indicated, everyone got real quiet. And that is how I ended up being the dude toting a machine gun on VBSS missions.
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    Hello all, so here are two figures I just finished recently from Ral Partha. The first one is from the Larry Elmore set Bones of the Past, I think sculpted by Jeff Grace, which was based off a painting Larry Elmore did I think perhaps for a book cover. I tried to actually use the same color scheme on my mini as showed up in the painting, but I ended up changing up the belt because in the painting it was red and she already had red details and pants. I did the other figure a wile back ago, the gal with the purse, loincloth and little else. Here's the link to that one: I think, that linked up okay. Then here is another figure I did, Jee-Anna the armored warrior priest (ess) a figure sculpted by Jim Johnson quite a while back ago. I really like this figure and wanted to give her just dark, blacks and greys, so hopefully with this color scheme I ended up getting what I wanted. With the base, I ended up sculpting some more stones because it was one of those stone floor bases. Anyway, hope you enjoy them!
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    The collective noun for Stirges (since we're being all 19th century upper-class silly people now) is clearly "suck".
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    Oh gosh. I have *another* way to mess with my friend who is playing the Necrobard. Based off this phrase.... "you can't spell necromancer without romance". My female necromancer shall be his undoing. *mad cackling from the dungeon* Melody Creek will draw him into all the bad blood magics *bwahahahaha*
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    Well I am slowly getting back into Mini painting after a long time, dabbled a little with it last year but life happened and didn't do much, but before that hadn't painted anything sense around 1999. Now trying to get some practice when i can so that I'm ready for when my Bones 4 comes in, (I know that's a long time but I tend to put things off :D ). Any way broke out the paints and painted these Skeleton Guardians that I had but I wanted to try some different color combinations and washes to see how they looked. With the exceptions of the washes and different colored loin cloths the rest of the skeletons were panted with the same colors. The Blue Skeleton was done with a wash of Reapers Stone Grey The Red Skeleton was done with a wash of Reapers Harvest Brown The Green Skeleton was done with a wash of Reapers Pure Black For still being a bit rusty I think they turned out alright, but i'm still on the fence about which wash I like better so if anyone want to chime in on that it would be appreciated and any other C&C are appreciated as well
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    It looks like my hair is the same color as my sable brushes ...
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    Hi, I painted "Eric, the Paladin initiate" as a random mini from Bones 2. I like his contemplative look and pose... So I decided to make a little vignette/diorama by adding one of the graveyard statue from Bones3. I call it "Time to Reflect". The base is an Orange juice cap, and the tree is from Woodland Scenic. C&C Welcome
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    I read that as..Experiencing dinosaurs..I might need coffee. A Scourge of Stirges ! You have beautiful brushes... I'm just glad that my brushes have hair, if they looked like my head, I would be fingerpainting.. Here in Europe they showed Irma projected over our continent. It is the size of France Also... it seems that Jose is following Irma, and it is now a Tropical Storm, might be turning into another Hurricane. Will reach St. Maarten Saturday. Also Katia..Tropical storm close to Miami? Stay safe everyone!!!
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    To show how big Irma was, they overlaid the entire state of Florida over Irma. And she still had room to spare. Yes, I'm glad the storm surge and the worst winds won't be effecting my friends on the west coast, but there will still be wind and rain so I'm hoping the best for everyone in Florida... And though it's current track puts it on a direct path for Savannah, My thoughts still will be with Froggy and anyone else who lives in that area.
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    Irma is bad... I'm on Florida's West coast, if it stays on the east coast I should be safe. It won't be parallel us until Sunday Night/Monday morning. But this is our first hurricane in our new house, so I admit to being nervous.
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    Um, Pingo... That's because you just dipped your hair in your paint.
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    Do you chew on it? My nickname when I was still active as a gunner was the "Co Ax Kid" because I was regularly able to take out the targets on tank qualification ranges with A 3 ROUND BURST! (we would count the rounds when we turned in the un-expended ammo.... Stabilizers helped....) I still think that they need to toss those POS M60 lmgs and replace them with 240s.... Soo much simpler to clean and maintain.....
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    Mine looks like a 3/0 that I dry brushed with. Not so much there any more and what there is sticks out everywhere.
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    Late night working for mrs. n3rd, she's on her way home and it's nearly 8pm here. I haven't eaten dinner yet as I got caught up hobbying and usually we like to dine together anyhow. I think I'm done for the night though, it was productive.
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    For those unable to view the videos, here's a brief summary of the important points from each video: Julie Guthrie and Bob Ridolfi: Blacksting the wyvern's base was sculpted so that it can slot into the Dragons Don't Share base. You can use it to make an extension of the staircase. The Skeletal Dragon add-on was sculpted such that it can be removed from its base and stand by itself on the table. Bob sculpted the base parts for the translucent Ghost Pirates in the core set, and Julie sculpted the ghosts themselves, using the elements Bob included on each base as inspiration. The Skeletal Monsters add-on will come with a sprue of extra heads, and all of the heads are intended to be interchangeable between the different skeletons. Gene Van Horne and Michael Proctor: From the Fantasy Scenics add-on: the well, gazebo and astrolab all fit onto the round platform, and the doorway piece fits onto the side. The Zombie Dragon add-on also fits nicely onto the round platform. The elf warrior (number 9?) in the Core Set is Michael's player character in D&D. His name is Adaran (my best guess on spelling) Jason Wiebe and Bobby Jackson: After a model is sculpted digitally, the sculptor sends it to Reaper. Reaper requests corrections, then when it is to where Reaper wants it, they print out a master sculpt on their 3D printer. In traditional sculpting, the master is the green that's handed in; with digital, Reaper prints out the master. Mossbeard Treeman was Wiebe's own design, no concept art; Blacktooth Terror was more of a back-and-forth between Wiebe and Ron. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Close. An M249 is a squad support weapon that fires the 5.56 mm round. The M240 is also a squad support weapon, but it fires the bigger and heavier 7.62mm round. It is also commonly mounted on vehicles. That's why we had 'em in the Navy.
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    Here are links to the three videos where several Reaper sculptors were interviewed by Ron Hawkins (during the Bones 4 countdown party): Julie Guthrie and Bob Ridolfi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhcRzfpj7hc&feature=youtu.be Gene Van Horne and Michael Proctor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyM8wQH5Yjw&feature=youtu.be Jason Wiebe and Bobby Jackson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVwk9SSFLWg Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Woohoo first real lab of the semester taught. I have a good bunch of students. Do wish I had an assistant for the Wednesday class though; more students there makes it crowded with little hands on time in each group.
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    Now that I've received confirmation that Kazmania7 has received this, I can post it:
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    I hope our Florida friends stay safe Irma looks like it's turning into a real monster. Don't drown @Argentee!
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    Some information quoted from the Bones 4 Enthusiasm thread: Huzzah! --OneBoot :D