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    Here is my first mini I've ever done. 32mm metal Fiama from Enigma. Learned a lot from painting it. Still need to learn to enhance the contrasts and work on washes, etc. Any advice is welcome.
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    I like to think of him as Mr. Bones in his early 20s. While he was a college student doing his summer job offering guided boat tours. It's also where he met Mrs. Bones.
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    A while back I figured that no collection was really complete without a Sir Forscale and I thought I'd paint him in the colors of Figmentius. Eventually I'll do one for all the houses. I was pleasantly surprised how well the freehand on the Unicorn turned out. Tonight is also the first time using my new camera, and the photos turned out quite well after I figured out what a Macro was.
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    I don' t know,....sounds like an idea that would eventually just come back and bite you in the butt. ...I'll get my coat.....
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    Well here are the major portions of the graveyard expansion "terrain" that I did up.
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    A commission for a forum member. I've been affectionately calling him "Skittles"
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    I've started working in earnest on my diorama entry for ReaperCon... Nothing like waiting till the last minute... First I figured out placement, then carved out the wall. And now I'm working on actually painting it up. I have no idea if I'm going to be able to pull off the OSL effect or not.
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    Finished up my Marsh Troll that I totally didn't leave sitting on my shelf half painted for two years because I was procrastinating and painting everything else. That random severed head definitely surprised me.
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    Awesome. During the days I was sick at home a friend asked me to repair an old Matchbox Lesney car that has been in his family since the sixties or so (at least that's what he said). They had redone it several times and repainted it and stuff and as it was a very dear piece to his father, he now wanted to have it completely refurbished. Sure. No problem, I said. What he gave me was this: It really took me weeks to clean it entirely and fill up some of the broken areas. I couldn't repair everything, as the car is really old and therefore quite stable in specific areas, so I was afraid I would break it trying to flatten some of the bulges. Repainted it according to his wishes ... that is what the original looks like: Original Austin Metropolitan Taxi And my version: Also made a small show case for it out of a stamp set case and a blister sponge. When I gave it to him he was so happy and impressed that he - though I didn't want any money for it - gave me 35 Euros (approx. 41 dollars) and a set of different pieces of chocolate. I am a bit stunned. Didn't know I'd be able to make someone that happy. Well, i guess - mission accomplished.
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    Nothing that couldn't be cleaned up with a rake or a towel.
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    Ain't that the truth. I've got a friend who was having issues because she was too big, and any time a doctor told her that she would immediately call them a quack and go somewhere else. At one point her husband told me they'd been to 4 or 5 different specialists, who all said the same thing, and she was wanting to go two states away to another one in hopes of getting a different opinion. I don't even try to tell my doctor that she's wrong when she tells me I need to lose weight and eat better. I know I do. I'm just lazy. Hence the need to lose weight and eat better. I call my biannual visits to her office "my 6 month scolding" because it's always the same. Though it was different at the last one, because the new job was already making an impact at just a few weeks in. I think the next one will be even better, because I've actually started to shed a few pounds now along with having lost size.
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    I've had someone say to me "You gotta fix my breathing, it's getting horrible. It's like I can never catch my breath, even sitting down doing nothing." When smoking cessation is mentioned I am told : "Smoking isn't causing it, look I've cut down to a pack a day, I used to smoke, whew... who knows how many, so I'm telling you it's not that. What about those chem trails, from the airplanes overhead? I heard on the radio that the government is putting chemicals into the air, I think it's that. Have you thought of looking into that? Cause you gotta help me breathe better."
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    Oh man, new Rauthuros?! I think he'll have to be added to my PM, oh yes precious. And there's Charon, huzzah! I was hoping he'd appear at some point. MrBoot, upon my reading him the update, said "Oh, that's why they showed up late. The souls were lost!" Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    It is now bright and sunny and while I can't speak for downtown Charleston my area is unflooded and seems ok.
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    Well, during my vacation I got a message about work and my position. So I had a few days spoiled with thinking about it. Things look good, but I will know for sure in November.. That's one thing.. I got a few minor things going on ( see post above) I need to learn to let go more.. Basically I stress myself out about minor things I can't control anyway. And a few bigger issues, those look to turn out good, but the uncertainty ( no confirmation yet) nags me... I really need to find a way to let go...I know that. Exercise might help me feel better and more relaxed. And indeed, too much coffee might be wrong for me. I normally drink tea and have one or two espresso a day. Lately I have been drinking like 3 espresso, 2 mocchas and 2 coffee a day aside from some tea. Might be too much.. Also and this might be THE thing, I just realize it now while we "chat", I have more trouble than I used too, to get back into the normal way of life. I just want more free time, and less work related stuff. My girl is also busy, home care ( is that the right word?) She visits elderly and disabled people and helps them shower, taking medicine etc etc. She also needs to plan the shifts for her team, is very busy with that. And I don't like seeing her work so hard in her own time for so little compensation. So I worry a bit about that too. All pretty basic and normal stuff, most of us go through, I guess. I think it is a good thing we're taking a week off together in October.
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    Dain was easier to paint than I expected, so acted as a counter balance to Harsk. One thing I like about the Reaper Dwarves is the addition of packs and bedrolls.
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    Tuesday. I have a little problem. Since we got back from our vacation I can't help feeling rushed. Stressed. And I do not know what causes it. Most issues I had at work or personal life are resolved or being resolved. I'm happy overall, but still feel so rushed that I sometimes can't enjoy all. Not that I'm not enjoying anything, mind you. I just wished I could relax more inside. Maybe I should drink less coffee...exercise more again... Right now I wished I could take another vacation... No can do right now. Maybe Octobre.. Anyway..I joined the D20 Rainbow Dragon Challenge. What a fun idea! I will be painting Ebonwrath. When I bought him he was part of a group of minis and I didn't care that much for him. He is maybe my least favorite Dragon. Something about the position of his wings feels a little off. So for this challenge I chose him, because what if I rolled an obnoxious colour? I wouldn't want to ruin a favorite Dragon! So I rolled Marine Teal, Mint Green and Violet Red. Not too bad. And Now I find myself looking at Ebonwrath and thinking..he is not bad at all!! Why didn't I see that before? Ideas are forming and I think I'm going to have fun painting him. I hope you all have a great day! Stay safe! Beware of Hurricanes/Floods/Traffic/Crime/Disease and other bad stuff!
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    Druid Vow has a nice ring to it. How about "Antler Friend"? Something about druid or antlers should get the point across without seeming pretentious. EDIT: Oh that reminds me, I need to order my ribbons! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    those pirates are always sneakin' off Rummin' and Groggin' and Wenchin'! I've hunted them down and put them back to work Representin'!
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    Around Easter I was working on some WizKids Dwarves for Elven Coworker, and the idea of Dwarves that venerated coffee instead of beer came about. The pose of one of them looked as if someone had committed the crime of substituting his regular for decaf. And since I've tormented many a coworker with the dictates of Our Coffee God Agamenthar, this all came together. I think it was on the first Acquisitions thread that someone mentioned Confefe Mountain and hence an idea was born that the Dwarves would inhabit a mountain made from a Mr. Coffee. I'm waiting until after I move to start that project, but here is the throng thus far. For the time being I'm working on the followers of Maxwell House. I'm thinking that Chaos Dwarves would work for the Tribe of Folgers as it would provide stylistic differences that would set them apart more than just different color schemes, while keeping to the idea of overcaffinated grudge bearing axe wielders.
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    This is the second time I've painted her (the first was gifted out to a coworker). After I finished her I realized the Maxwell House color scheme of orange and blue fit the Chicago Bears as well.
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    Just got a meeting notice in my inbox for an internal job interview. The laughable part of that is it for a job that the system says that I'm no longer being considered for. Either the system messed up, or they are lowering their standards! Lower standards was how I got my first job. The likelihood of getting the position isn't high. Not enough years of experience for the particular task, not enough leadership experience, and it would be a promotion to boot. But still, would be nice to say I've got parts littering the landscape on Mars!
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    Thx! Fried was what was I thinking off, but to me Fried sounds like this While my results are like this
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    BURN THE HURRICANE DOWN. This is Tennessee, Irma, go home, you're drunk.
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    This is the very first fig that I ever bought, 8 or 9 years ago. It was for my first D&D session with some close friends, and I fell in love with the game on the spot. This character has gone through a lot: demonic armor possession, lost both of his eyes, had a hole punched through his chest, died 3 times, came back as a zombie, body taken over by a lich, and currently resurrected in the body of a half-ogre. I have a new fig for the character and his new body, but this one will always have a special place in my heart. I finally got around to painting him over the weekend. His eyes are a little googly, and the attempt at highlighting didn't turn out as well as I had hoped, but I'm glad he turned out OK. Tips on highlighting would be most appreciated, as that's what I was trying out on this one. Thanks as always!
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    Did you not get rain at the end of last week? It rained on Friday and Saturday here. Just a little, but it was lovely! Washed some of the ash away Yay! I'm helping! If I get some antlers, can I have one even though I'm not going to reapercon? My my toe is feeling better. The doctor gave me some anitbotics and some stuff to do to bring down the swelling. Oddly, she seemed as adverse to chopping it off as my hubby.
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    Hello everybody! The last WIP I attempted is on hiatus due to um...losing the figure while packing away things to clean the carpet. Dragon selected: Krupixis (spelling) Challenge level: * * * Paints Primary: Palomino Gold Secondary: Olive Green Tertiary: Blush Pink Extras: Pure White and Pure Black "Let's rock this joint!"
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    Really like this and wish it was in bones so I could pick up more.
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    I did not spend allot of time on this.....Don't know if it shows or not.
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    No! I'm being honest! They were in a hiring crunch at the time. I call it getting in under Operation Bootstrap (Simpsons joke; how Homer was hired). Luckily, I can say my marriage was done with the highest of standards. MIL culled a lot of competitors.
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    Logrim was the first of the Coffee Dwarves of Agamenthar to see completion. Largely because he didn't have much skin showing. His rainment, like the rest of the Dwarves is in the traditional colors of Mawell House. His pose also speaks of one who is highly caffeinated and ready to slice Monday off at the kneecaps.
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    Sunny days on my day off. But no car to travel. Guess I'll be spending the day cleaning the house instead. Adult life seemed so different when I was a child.
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    Hot pan with butter could be sauteed, fried, or seared. Sautee tends to be lower heat. Fry tends to be moderate to high heat. Searing uses really high heat that often marks the outside of the meat. It is often done on steaks and tuna quite often, sometimes in conjunction with another method (like searing the outside of the meat to get a crust, then roasting in the oven). With tuna often the outside is cooked and inside left raw or near raw.
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    Was supposed to start raining at 2am. So I didn't water the plants last night except a little bit to the ones obviously suffering. Guess what. No rain yet, and the mass of water went else where. Cone on Irma, pour a little sugar on me!
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    You can't give up eating, but you can reduce it. What we tend to think of as hunger is actually closer to withdrawal symptoms as our bodies crave sugar and resist burning stored energy.
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    The grey isn't harder plastic, it is simply colorant. TPTB have decided all Chronoscope models will be produced in that color so there were items in B4 that will be grey. This change is well over a year old, closer to two. It just takes time to work through stock on hand.
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    Sounds like it it would make a great TV show in the vein of The Love Boat! Every week it could have a different set of dead celebrities playing the passengers...
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    Harsk was a bit more difficult than I expected due to the fact I couldn't quite tell in some areas where the cloth ended and armor began. (I also thought the post holding his leg up was some kind of peg leg, and I almost kept it as such.)
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    I was tempted to remove his sword and replace it with a dollhouse coffee mug, but I've only got one of those left and I'm saving it to make molds from. Also it's a very nice sword. The flesh wash puddled a bit more than I was expecting, but I decided to leave it as combined with the grey beard, it adds to the grizzled veteran look.
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    I've never smoked and still can't give up eating. It's kind of required. For a long while my weight was holding steady, but every time I get sick or injured more pounds go on. <sigh> I just keep focusing on not getting sick. It's something.
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    Holy crap. I just ordered the two most absolutely ridiculous shirts every created. They're so embarrassing they're amazing.
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    I'm really excited because this means they are adding more stuff to the pledge manager! Us poor unfortunate souls!
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    That's about what I said about Minecraft when it first came out. I believe my exact words were "Eh, it seems kinda fun, I guess. I can't see myself becoming addicted to this, it's just building stuff." Aha. Ahahahaha. Yeah.... Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    If you like logistics, then my job is fascinating. If you don't, then I am possibly the most boring person ever.
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    Seriously, the non-native English speakers who dwell on the forums have really solid writing. After grading science papers and homework from native-speakers, this is easy reading. I wouldn't have known unless you mention it. Science kids need more writing classes.
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    And I just had my mind blown on the Reaper Facebook page... Am I the only one who didn't know that Mr Bones started his career as the Ghost of Christmas Future!? Christmas Sophie Set
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    Ok, I'm really not feeling this whole 'work' thing today; can I go back home now?
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    Problem is, no one can give up eating. Fun fact: going without food increases mortality. Weird right? No is actually easier than maybe. Why I have much easier time maintaining no sugar diets than "I'll just cut back." --- @Glitterwolf exercise likely will help. Also, do you think it might be related to your vacation time running out, and not doing as many things as you wanted on vacation? Edit; oh yeah, meditation and yoga.
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    Thank you @Chaoswolf !!! First action is taken, I reduced my coffee intake for today and substituted it for more tea. Second action, I will hit the gym tomorrow. Third action, I'm taking a week off end October. Maybe my girl and me will go somewhere or we will stick around the house, we'll see. But vacation anyway. Now to kill the last Brainweasels and try to relax. There are some things going on which I do not have much control over, but they are important. I need to learn to let go of stuff I can't control myself.. Not always easy for a Megalomaniac ... Just a few more hours and I can go home again. I like my job, it's just that I like being home better!!!! WOOF is preparing an airstrike. Just a few targets locked in. Feel free to ponder who will be the targets. You'll know if you're one of them when you get hit.
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