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    That's not too bad. Whenever I see the mold lines of my water cooler, I'm always tempted to take my seam scraper to it.
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    I was watching the lego batman movie with my husband and I saw a mold line modeled into the characters hair, I was both impressed by their dedication to reality and a had a complusion to remove it.
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    So I was feeling a bit nostalgic, alongside of the affection I already hold for old school miniatures, so I've decided to begin "repainting" some old figures I'd done way back when, I'm going to say in 1983 or before/after. I graduated high school in 1986 and after that totally forgot about miniatures until maybe around 2004. Anyhow, I've repainted Frito the Thief, a Grenadier model I had when I was young. With the new version, I did have to resculpt the nose because it was flattened by time. My other issue was whether I wanted to keep the same color scheme or do something different. Ultimately I stayed very similiarly with the clothing color scheme, but ended up changing the skin tone and hair color. I kept an orange turban, but ended up muting the color a tad. So here's the modern version: and now the original version, painted sometime in the eighties: and then a few side by side comparisons: So what do you think, any progress over the last thirty- odd years? I've got a bunch of these that I think I'm going to do as time permits. They really are some very fun miniatures to paint. The proportions aren't perfect, but they really do have lots of personality!
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    Just ordered the following lovelies... Really need to wrap up some of my current WIPs that have been whimpering in their corner for the past couple months.
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    The biggest laugh I ever inspired in a game was in college. We were a large, diverse group. One of the players, who I will call Hob (as no one in our games has ever had that name), was into the Ninja Turtles, sardonic humor, and My Little Ponies and furries two decades before they hit the mainstream. We were a somewhat self-important and academic bunch of undergraduates, and at this time "anal retentive" had become one of Hob's favorite descriptive terms. Certain types of game play were "anal retentive." Fussy elves were "anal retentive." Continuity cops were "anal retentive." I found the terminology a bit off-putting, but Hob was a fun player to be around. One afternoon we were a large group in the midst of a game session (I can't remember which system). Hob let loose with one of his comments about something being "anal retentive." In the contemplative silence after I mildly said: "No, Hob. It's not 'anal retentive', it's 'pedantic.'" There was a perfect three beat pause, and then the table exploded. It was the best laugh I've ever provoked.
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    The long national nightmare is over. I have finally completed the purchase of a new (used) car. Not too painful, really, just tedious. And expensive. But it didn't take as long as Bones IV.
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    I think I got this and a couple of other Warmachine minis at garage sales. This one had seen a little abuse (some by me), but I always figured it'd make a good creepy dragon or horror creature someday, if I could figure out what its ecology was like. I painted this one to take a break from another mini that was kind of stalled. The dude is about 60% base, because he's metal and the wings are quite heavy. His original base was pretty small, so I wanted to put something wider and heavier (read: more stable) underneath him. I'm really happy with the output!
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    Changing picture forums. And since I am enjoying the KS bones 3 alot! And backing Bones 4... Reaper is the logical choice, so i would like to share some miniature painting, some old and new, of mine her. Thx for your C&C. Big fan of the work from Tabletop world....
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    ... I just spent many minutes hunting and eliminating mold lines from a plastic statue that /isn't/ a gaming miniature. Or really intended for gaming. I might be just a /bit/ obsessive. Or maybe I just think the xenomorph Queen deserves better than being all over mold lines. I'unno.
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    I didn't have time to take better photos of this, too much going on recently to break out the DSLR, so I just used my phone camera. Not entirely enthused about the pics, but the mini itself was a BLAST to paint - probably my favorite non-dragon/large monster I've painted up so far! Once I got the color scheme thought through, I actually painted it up rather quickly. Tried a few new techniques on the stones on the base to make them seem a little more polished, which in person really stands out well :) Critiques?
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    That's a survival skill around these here parts...
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    Many years ago when I was in college, I was running a Runequest second edition game (set in Glorantha, the only place for Runequest). During this time period many games had brutal combat fumble charts. The PCs were approaching a forest in which lying in ambush were 4 Elven master archers and a Dryad (in Glorantha elves and dryads are plants). Master means having a 90% or higher skill. So this was a well set up ambush. I proceeded to roll the most absurd set of fumbles ever in which the four elves proceeded to kill each other and the dryad with bad dice rolling. The rest of the adventure was a bit of a walk for the PCs owing to a demoarlized GM.
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    I once removed the mold lines from a tin whistle. @Aryanun was on hangouts with me at the time and can testify. Ruffian! You've been listening at doors, you have!
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    Ispired-O-bot has been spying on this thread:
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    I'm subscribed to this thing where they send me recipes plus all the ingredients needed, it's pretty handy because my local grocery store has a rather poor selection of practically everything. I was signed up to one a few years ago, but they didn't let you choose the recipes and I kept getting stuff I didn't really like. This new one gives you a selection to pick from, my first box was:- Chicken Schnitzels with a Potato and Apple Salad, the Chicken Poutine, Pork Belly Ramen and Asian Chicken Burgers (I like chicken).
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    What? Why!? Why would you hurt the cute little turtle!? They are so cute! Is is there a hunting season for everything? Unrelated, when is it douche-face hunting season?
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    After nearly three decades of gaming, there are so many of them. Giant masterwork haggis. Int 7 character calling yellow musk creeper zombies "hippies" Attacking the demon with a catapult, by literally dropping a catapult on the demon. Creating a "Yes" golem. Simply a construct that nods its head in agreement with the user. Using running water to extinguish the fire on the boat. i.e. drill a hole in the bottom of the boat. Random encounter while climbing down a cliff side: A falling cow. Playing golf with exploding rubies. KOing myself twice in the same combat (stupid critical fumble table). A halfling riding a dog, riding a mammoth. Three halfling cousins, running around naked in town. The spaceship captain who was half man, half chicken. Scout repeatedly tries to hide in shadows. Mr. Sunshine keeps finding him. Can't find a hiding spot from the patrol. So I flex my muscles to intimidate them! Puns. Soooo many puns.
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    @Crowley I dislike extremely people like that. I hope you can get rid of the property without too much more trouble. It turns out out we aren't getting the himilayan kitteh. Which is fine, because we already have two kittehs, which is one more than our apartments allow. Another lady at hubby's work has the hearts for himilayan kittehs, so she's taking him. So he's getting a good, which is why we were gonna take him. Taller than a gnome, shorter than a dwarf, and yet they eat more than both. Ahh, hobbits, bless Tolkien for inventing them! I discovered that mold lines on everything bug me now. Which is problematic for collecting dolls. Their mold lines are hellacious!
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    My week so far: vandals, sheriff's deputies, hospitals, septic tanks, smelly dogs, big bites, runaway dogs, lawnmowers. *cough* God keep you all.
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    Yes. My periodontist specifically recommended ice cream. (Quoted in the possibly vain hope that I will go back and catch up on intervening posts.)
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    So, when I got together with my hubby, he was taking care of his ex's kid (hubby was the only real dad this kid ever has). Well, one day hubby is drinking pure cranberry juice because he has a UTI. Kid asks if he can have some, know knowing the Truth About Cranberries. I'll just say that his face was hilarious, both for the pure, utter disgust, and the betrayal afterwards. The kid sat in the back seat refusing to say much, with a look that said he appreciated the joke, just not that it was on him
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    I took a peek at Tomb of Annihilation, the newest D&D 5e adventure, and it brought one of my favorite D&D monsters to 5e! The vegepygmies are back, baby! Such an insidious foe, just waiting to be dropped onto an unsuspecting low-level party! Of course, the 5e variant isn't as insidious as older ones, but it still brings me joy. I can always just add their old reproductive methods to their new form myself. I mean, that's what makes tabletop RPGs so great.
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    well, I am not done, but I had to get of hangouts as my tablet was dying, so I decided to snap a couple shots on my phone, and take a couple minute break. I am at the point where I am going cross eyed looking for something I don't have paint on, or that needs a fix, or too often where I rubbed paint off, because this thing is a brute and heavy and hard to move around. I also do not have a space to actually put it when I am done
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    Not much, honestly. My grandmother instituted the ' no thank-you ' helping. It was a very small serving of whatever it was that I didn't want to eat. If I ate it and honestly didn't like it, fine. Due to that, there's really not a whole lot that I don't like, and I'm usually always game to try something new. And there's that, too. RE: dining hall eggs---something else i learned in the Navy is that condiments (any and all within reach) can be your friend.