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    A while ago, Sodapop Miniatures released the Deeproot Scout- a character I think we can all agree had some inspiration in Nintendo's favorite elf. Naturally, my favorite incarnation of the Hero of Time to base him on (Link to the Past) as seen here The hair is red (even pink) because I was working from the pixel art rather than the art in the book. More recently, Sodapop released a resculpt of the character- so I decided that the best thing to do would be to level him up a bit. So here is my Deeproot Scout painted up as Link with Blue Male, the reforged Master Sword, red shield and boomerang.
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    Finished Sorcerer Originally, I had thought the Brawler would be my favorite, but once I got this one done, it took that spot. Fun fact 1: Its bracers are made out of Savage Chaos Toad skin. Fun fact 2: Hanging from its belt is the shrunken head of another chaos toad (Izzy's design). Group Shot I think Duke Gerard is in a bit of trouble here, or maybe he has made a pact with the powers of chaos?
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    They are removable, so that they can be used for games. Other than fighting the urge to fiddle around....I think this project is done!
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    I stopped by my FLGS to get a bottle of paint. Instead, I picked up 3 figures and a scenic base with which to make a diorama. For ReaperCon. Somebody find my sanity and slap me with it. Please. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    @knarthex Yeah, I came to the same conclusion. It'll probably be fine, probably. Progress! I finished the wings, and sealed them with brush-on sealer. I rather wanted to use Dull Cote, but it's been super-humid the last few days -- 90-100%, with rain -- and I don't like spraying unless it's 40% or lower. I don't have any place inside my apartment with sufficient ventilation. So brush-on it is. The bottle is getting quite empty after all this. Here's a dry-fitting. Sans head, because I haven't done that yet. The feet need attention -- some paint has rubbed off with handling, and I still need to paint the claws. Also, the back foot doesn't fit well. I may need to trim a bit off the bottom of the peg in his foot to make it sit flush against the stones. In other news, snow! I've never done snow. I got some Woodland Scenics snow, as mentioned. So here's an experiment on a bottle lid. On the right, we have PVA glue sprinkled with the stuff. On the left, we have a mixture of Realistic Water and the snow powder. I'm going to let those dry for a day or so and see which I like better, because I think it may be easier to put the snow on before attaching the dragon. If anybody has suggestions for snow, I'm all ears.
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    Ooo, candy corn, my favorite! I've loved playing cards since I was in elementary school; I actually collect decks from everywhere I've been (yes, I even have a Sophie deck from I think Zazzle to commemorate my first ReaperCon). I still have my lucky deck which saw many, many, many hours of solitaire (alone and group) all the years I was in K-12 education. It's super buttery soft to shuffle, to the point that I need to be a little cautious lest I accidentally bend one (which has yet to happen, thank goodness!) Nothing quite like shuffling a good, used deck of cards, for sure. *nods* Fair enough, though this actually happened to my father-in-law. He finally got around to selling the large BOX of cards he used when he was in college (he had, I believe, at least one black lotus, along with some unopened packs). This gave him enough to put a down payment on a used car for my sister-in-law. True story. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Some new stuff in Previews.
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    Going to try and be back more. Been super busy on top of Stupid Brain Stuff.
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    @Pegazus Actually, if you haven't already made the cards, can I change the picture you'll be using? I think this one would work better since I'll be wearing it most of the con. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Day 02: 30 min got a basecoat on the basilisk's belly. I decided I want to stick with only two color families, so I will skew the red toward orange and make the belly a lighter orange. Not much here other than a new basecoat on the belly and some dark green where I reclaaimed the basecoat on the leg scales. Finari didn't get much, just a little bit in her hair. Day 02 Bonus: 45 min Due to some bus schedule weirdness, I stayed late at the office and got some more painting in. Highlights on the green, bringing the legs up to the level of the dorsal ridge, glazed in the orange on the dark stripe, and started highlighting the belly. Most of the time was on the greens. The leg scales aren't quite as light as the dorsal ridge, but I think I like that and will reclaim the darker green on the insides of the dorsal scales. The orange belly will need to shade down to the red, but I want the stripe to be the darkest part, if I can. I'll take some greyscale pictures tomorrow to really check on that. Any thoughts?
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    what this growing on the back of my miniature? some kind of mold or pile of garbage? I think ill cut off a bunch and make it a lower surf, rather than crashing wave. I am happy with the way the rest of this is going.
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    excelent. I don't suppose I could hire you to once again reprise your role of purple kitty ninja?
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    If I know the person likes military fiction or tanks in general, the Hammer's Slammers books would be top of the list.
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    Chaosscorpion I think this looks better
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    I used to play with a beat-up old Beta edition Sol Ring in my deck, just so people would pause to look at it, and ask the inevitable question... And then realize that I'd been playing almost a decade longer than they had, and probably invented most of the combos they were using... (Actually, the Sol Ring was calculated psychological warfare: I started with Revised, a couple years after it had come out - when I was working at the mall rolling pretzels in the late '90's, five or six years after I started playing, a local Navy guy I knew handed me a deck box of cards he'd found that somebody had left behind at the base when they rotated out. The Sol Ring was one of them. It was kinda beat up when I got it, so I put it in my deck rather than go buy another one, lol.)
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    Quick painted this guy for a friend to use in our Pathfinder campaign tomorrow night. The first Dwarf I've ever painted, had a lot of fun painting this one.
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    Looks at Wolf playing with rubberduck in inflatable pool. You're just jealous! Time to burn the midnight oil! You only need about 4 hours of sleep a day to survive... Bummer! I hope you're feeling better. Sounds like some of the officers I've known... Yay!!
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    Yes there are raffle tickets, the food vouchers etc only good at con...
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    Finished Brawler Here are shots of the finished Brawler: And its parts as I sent them to Reaper (they have not requested any changes to this): I really want to paint it!
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    If you can deal with the feel of plastic playing cards or if you're weight or space constrained (traveling or hiking, for instance), they're really nice. I prefer the feel of playing card stock, though. I recently bought a dozen decks of Bee cards (which are quite good), for less than $2.50 each, which I was happy with.
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    I use an old beat up deck when I read tarot. It increases the likelihood of tips and of being taken seriously.