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    Finally got time to finish this guy, hope yiu guys like it, and sorry for the delay
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    I'm beyond happy with how this one turned out. Once I'd settled on the look I wanted, it was mostly meant as a chance to experiment with some techniques that I hadn't used before (painting with an ink wash as the main color for an area, doing a gemstone effect, and doing some drybrushing), but the end result was pretty great. As before, more pictures and details of how I worked through it are on my blog: link Since this was mostly about experimenting, I didn't take the time to do any extremely fine details like painting the buckles and the fingers. Highlighting on the right thigh and the near corner of the shield (in the front view) could've been neater, highlighting on the cloak is a bit too bright/sharp, and I probably shouldn't have gone all the way up to silver for the filigree on the bottom half of the shield, but overall, I love how it all turned out. The gems are definitely my favorite part of it, particularly how I think I did a good job of lining up their lighting to match with a light source above the head (lack of lighting on the gem at the back of the sword was intention, since it should be on a shadowed face...missing touching it with gloss varnish was an accident, on the other hand ).
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    Girl and me got a good talk. We are determined to set boundaries so our jobs won't stress us out so much. At least try to keep it affecting our personal lives to a minimum. Can't wait to go on our little vacation, just a few more weeks. Things might be difficult sometimes but I do know I got the most amazing girl ever.. Pains me to see her struggle, more so, since I struggle too and that makes her sad... Knowing that, hurts. Thx for the encouragements people. In the end we will get through this. I just wished certain things would get resolved already, I have been waiting for the outcome of my job prospects for months now. As Dutch military we have to re-apply for our jobs every few years ( 3 to 5 depending) eventhough I know I'm doing my job right and my superiour Officer tells me he wants to keep me, I will be at ease when it is all written and confirmed. I have seen things happen before.. Depending on circumstances I will either know in a few weeks or before end of the year.. I fear the latter, hoping for the first. It will take a lot of stress away on my part. On a sidenote..( North) Korean Tea? Is that when you put regular tea in a microwave and nuke it??
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    So there has been no word from my current employer if they will be able to offer me a position beyond my current 1 year term. (Now they may not be in a position where they can talk about it due to rules about seemingly giving people an advantage or breaking a verbal contract.) However, it's less than one month before my job ends, and a job in hand is better than 2 in the bush... or something like that. I finished up my CV and applied to 10-12 positions last night. (Really, I would rather be painting something for ReaperCon.) But I'm happy to report I've been contacted about 2 of them, (One of them is the one of my top picks.) Also had two recruiters call me today to discuss 'job opportunities'. No where near as bad as I thought it was going to be. I thought my phone would be ringing off the hook. (The purple text isn't exactly sarcasm.. since I was legitimately surprised at how few calls I got. Last time I accidentally put my cellphone number on a job search site, I got 6 calls the very next day. The purple text is for my 1st world problem, humble brag. I remember all too clearly the time when I would apply to 100 jobs, with personalized cover letters done after doing some creeping in order to tailor the letter, and I'd be lucky if I got one phone interview. So the purple text is making fun of myself, and reminding myself that it could be worse, FAR worse. )
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    My family learned years ago, when my sister had a potentially fatal bout of mono, that when it comes to things like blood draws or setting an IV, if they can't get it even after switching out nurses, demand a NICU nurse. Those people can find a vein anywhere, and generally get it without hassle. My sister was so dehydrated that they couldn't get an IV in her, and after literally 20 pokes my mom had had enough so she called a friend of hers who is a NICU nurse at that hospital and had her come do it. First try and it was done. From what I can gather, their ability to find a vein the first time is a point of pride in the NICU staff. I've never been so lucky as to have a few small purchases before the big ones. Every time I've been hit, it's been for purchases of $80 and up. And I monitor my credit cards and bank account on an almost daily basis. I've caught fraudulent purchases less than an hour after they've been made before. Really surprised the guy at my credit card company when I wanted to protest a pending transaction that was less than half an hour old.
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    We were never formally introduced, but my then-four-year-old once careened into his arms whilst charging heedlessly down a hall at a science fiction convention. I recall he was quite kind about it, possibly owing to my advanced state of pregnancy.
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    It would appear that my efforts to make students recognize the toxic minerals in the cabinets is working to at least some extent. Many of them got those minerals correct, and if they didn't, they mixed them up for something reasonably similar in appearance. At least that says the majority knew what they were looking for. Last year this quiz had people mixing up things for any random name. Happened a little here, but certainly not the majority. *big sigh of relief*
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    Tent. And I'm happy to report that the Bingo cards are ready for the printer. My eyes might uncross soon, and paint might get applied to a figure tomorrow.
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    I'm glad you've already heard back from a couple of them! What you described in the quote box is EXACTLY what my poor husband has been dealing with the past year and a half. At least he's had a job while he's also been looking, which is a great relief. Oh, I just remembered I never answered your question about that; just recently he had his contract renewed for another year and a half (which is half a year more than we were expecting), with the plan that it will be renewed for another year after that, followed by hopefully a permanent position. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    because I know what I did using azura's star in those games, and I don't want to see what they have planned?
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    It's probably off having lunch with 'most of my day.' It wandered off shortly after I woke up, hand in hand with 'unexpected brain weasels' and 'outside my apartment is randomly super scary for no reason at all.' I shoulda known my happy relaxed brain state of the past week wouldn't last. Ah well. At least my husband has been a stalwart defender against the brain weasels since after he got home, so they've been frightened off for the time being. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    ... I just saw something crazy. there is a hotel in turkey called "azura deluxe" it has giant statues of the daedric prince Azura from elder scrolls all over the facade. why would anyone want to stay in a dark elf hotel?
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    squints in suspicion You look different somehow Talespinner...kinda green...you feeling all right? But in all seriousness, I picture brain weasels wearing hospital scrubs and armed with ice cream scoops.
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    I think I need someone to model a pack of brain weasel miniatures for use in gaming. Oh @TaleSpinner...
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    @Chaoswolf box has arrived! I went thru the entire box and picked out quite a few different things. Then I put in moar than I took out with a variety of figures! Picture evidence: Arrival- Opening- Greyhawking of the slain box- The box is now securely repacked in a new box and I am getting ready to print the shipping label to send to @SamuraiJack tomorrow! 1-day turnaround! Sorry I didn’t slap any paint on the group paint this time. I’m way too busy with my diorama to worry about doing that kinda this with how fast reapercon is coming up.
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    Hah! That was last year's students - and it was the other TA's who were doing that! I successfully got everyone to wash their hands and not pick their noses after the quiz
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    Box has arrived. Upon opening!!! Woohoo! Wheeee! What do you mean there are other things in the box? <__<
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    YET ANOTHER strange Mushroom Creature has been seen lurking in The Spooky Woods, the dread Devil's Cup: The Devil's Cup is based loosely on an Elf Cup Mushroom: Until more strange things emerge.
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    The first two flew by, mudcroak was more annoying to paint. why does a frog have shells and starfish decorations. can frogs even live in the ocean? Wiki says - Fejervarya cancrivora come the closest. they live in mangrove swamps and don't just die if put in seawater. I guess I could have used them as a pattern. ah well. Anyway this just about covers my Bones2 goal for the month.
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    Well, if all else fails, I have one Mouseling done. Will be working on the base tomorrow.
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    That's a decent idea. I don't need to thoroughly guilt trip them for this though; I need to push them to get the next little step to correct identification. If they're this far, with a little nudge, they'll get it next time.
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    Pretty sure that they toss all of the incompetent stickers at the MEPS stations. My guy took 3 or 4 sticks to get my draw done. Told me that my veins rolled, and to warn any future people of that so they could take precautions. First time I told a Red Cross phlebotomist that my veins rolled they laughed. I evidently have veins like tree trunks; no one should be able to miss mine. Awesome Wife is a former phleb and IV Nurse, and every now and then I'll see her looking at my veins wistfully. She has yet to stick me.
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    Yup. Clearly not enough organic peanut butter.
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    If you are having a problem with ear infections you need to switch to the industrial grade disposable foam earplugs. I use the Flents brand Quiet Time which have a NRR of 33 db. Bulk packs are available at Wally World Pharmacy. I get the 10 pack, which usually serves my needs for from 2 weeks to a month, for about $4 a box. I know all about the headphone pressure, which is why I really like my Sennheisers. Very big ear cups [which with my large ears is a major comfort factor] so they fit completely over the ear and all the pressure is on the skull. Of course, after about 6 hours straight even they start to feel like a carpenters clamp has been screwed to my head. Still, they are the best balance of comfort, noise canceling, and durability [all metal for the headband and hinge pieces] I have found in 10+ years of them being a necessary survival tool. As to the fire alarm problem, can you maybe barbecue someplace that is guaranteed to set off the alarm? I know it's a pain but if it happens frequently enough and they can't figure out what's triggering it when the ~other people~ complain they may decide to tone down the noise. Also, you might have a talk with your landlord and let them know that these unannounced fire drills are affecting your health and that you would appreciate some advance notice, say two weeks for starters. If they start to object remind them about the Americans With Disabilities Act and that it encompasses a lot more than just wheelchair accessibility.