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    After two months of work, he is done! I give you ... Narthrax the White. If that's not enough for you, there are a hundred and forty eight more pictures in the WIP thread, documenting his development in excruciating detail. On a side note, as I made the final adjustments and took the photos, I finished watching the climactic episode of Critical Role. And it was awesome.
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    Pix? Well I removed the lace, added more feathers. Debating if I should add more feathers or maybe a tiny patent medicine bottle.
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    Goggles on top hats don’t actually make sense. The reason to have goggles up there is so you can put them on quickly and push them up out of the way when you’re done. Goggles over brimless aviator’s helmets or swimming caps make sense. Goggles over anything with a brim do not. This has been a bit of a of m8ne. Mine too. I -wear- my goggles, I don't perch them on my hat where I can't get them down quickly. And given that my husband's persona is a mad scientist eccentric engineer, getting them on quickly is a MUST.
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    I'm making a steampunk themed fascinator for my top-hat. FTFY Myself, of course. I'm no longer allowed to glue things on to random people.
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    I was reading Smokestack's wip on his assembly of the HMS Hermione pirate ship from the Renaissance Miniatures Pirates Kickstarter. This inspired me to build mine and it seemed like a good filler project as I could do a lot of the work in the living room while watching/playing with my kid....but hobby ADD kicked in. On top of the laser cut wood ships was a giant pile of laser cut lumber from the Renaissance Miniatures Castles and Siege Engine Kickstarters...so I built another castle The walls went pretty quick and then the KruleBear cub saw what I was doing and he requisitioned things as I built them and moved his LEGO minifigures into the castle. i finished 95% of it in the two day weekend. I really like the modularity of the system, but they leave a little too much connecting tab in the sprue. I went through 4 x-acto blades just cutting the pieces out. I also have three more sets of hoardings to build, but they are on hold as they are not as modular as the rest of the castle and really should be glued in place which I don't plan on doing. I will either buil a clip system for them, magnetize, or not use them at all. The one on the tower and wall in the picture are held in place with rubber bands. So what do you think? Should be cool for gaming with, but not detailed enough to waste time painting up any nicer. ....now where do I store all this terrain I am making
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    This is the recovery piece from Narthrax. After the excruciatingly long process of building the base and painting that huge model, I wanted something short, sweet, and simple. This figure, which I acquired as part of the Freeport Kickstarter, fit the bill nicely. The hardest part was attaching his arms, after which I did a base coat (Jungle Camo for the upper half, Blond Hair the the belly), a couple of washes, and some minimal highlighting. The base -- which is from Micro Arts Studio -- I had already painted earlier, back when I was working on Nyrissa. So all I had to do on that part was attach him.
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    I make hair bows too... Your wife's sound a lot cuter....
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    There’s a WIP going right now, corseted flat figure with goggles on the hat. @Chaoswolf Wife makes hair bows and decorative onesies. The bows are characters she makes from ribbons. Disney princesses, animals, and other such things.
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    ^this is what I read at first. ^...also what I read at first. I even went to bed at a reasonable hour last night.
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    Because Victorian's women's hats weren't... um... subtle. I probably will stop for now, and make a different one with some very over the top feathers another day. Then again, my Steampunk persona is a very -eccentric- woman, a Crypto-Botanist. I need to make a fascinator with blue roses some day... and another with eldritch looking plants... maybe based off Venus Flytraps...
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    I used to be really bad at meeting new people, or people I already knew for that matter. Basically people were exhausting and strange. Combination of being a massive introvert and having social anxiety. Turns out that the real me doesn't have much social anxiety after all and is a definite extrovert (in situations where I'm not terribly worried about being attacked or shunned or whatever, anyway). It's still rather confusing for people who thought they knew me for the past 10-15 years. Good morning all! I decided to give up on catching up. Again. Now I'm going to go dig out some minotaurs, then get to work. Sadly, working doesn't mean painting... I have to put in extra time each weekend to offset the extra days I take off to go visit my girlfriend. Not much fun to work almost every weekend, but going to visit her is super fun, so...
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    "I don't give a damn" is a shortening/corruption of the phrase "I don't give even a tinkers dam". With a tinkers dam being a mold made for casting metal for a quick repair made by scratching the shape to be cast in the dirt. The mold being ignored, stepped on, or kicked out of the way once used.
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    It turned out ok......didn't spend allot of time on it. Think I could do better in the future if I pick another one up.
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    I thought and evil wizard was involved because I read it as “Llama Bears”...
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    I haven't posted in a couple of days because I was fighting (and losing) against the pink head. Teal is not a good shade colour for pink, FYI. So now here's where it stands: And maybe someone might find seeing what my palette looks like after all that useful.
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    I think it's the bimodal distribution of has foxes and does not have foxes.
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    Dug some of the stuff out of the garden on the farm yesterday. Probably the worst we've ever had mainly because of me. I didn't get it worked up on time and when I dig my disk didn't go very deep. Then extra hot summer and pump/electrical problems. The wife's belly interfered with her weeding and I was busy trying to do field work. Eventually got everything going but still. Kind of surprised we're getting anything. Here's an example of our carrots. Trying to decide if I should be worried or not.
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    Your points are totally valid (Pingo's too) but that doesn't stop everyone else from putting goggles on pretty much everything they can.
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    Well, yes, but ... You know what? I suspect the phrase got changed way late. Like, “I don’t give a fig” dates to maybe 1400 and means I don’t care even a tiny worthless thing worth of caring. ”I don’t give a damn” dates to about 1700 and makes no sense at all. What if, at some point, someone swapped in the classic cussword for “fig”in the old phrase to spice it up a bit? It makes no more sense than “I don’t give a damn” but carries more emotional wallop. And people got used to it. Even though it makes no sense. And now people are putting in a euphemism again, the recent “fox.” Edit: BTW, I am in no way arguing against the neologism. It’s fascinating to see the way people play with language as it evolves.
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    Went through the box and selected my items: Grenadier - Dwarven Flamethrower Halfling Militia - Chicken Riders (I missed out on the kickstarter. Score.) Reaper Miniatures - Morty Reaper Miniatures - Malena the Sorceress (I gifted mine away. Now I have one again. ^.^ ) Confrontation - Door Tales of War - Gladiator A variety of loose figures (The tilted Flumppppph! Oops, I have it straightened in this picture) I could not locate the following in the notebook to cross off: 1) Fighter in two pieces 2) Lady with clapping hair (Japan commercial for clapping hair reference: Youtube Link) 3) Bird-Head guard 4) Corpse Traveling Monk (Apologies for the photos, I don't have a place for miniature photography). Arc did a wonderful job with the base sculpting. Great job on the painting to all those applied paint. If anyone notices a place to touch up on the figure, let me know.
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    Gosh I'm getting tired of being stymied in my attempts to get things done. Apparently, I need to have my number called by 90 minutes before closing, not just arrive prior to then. Soooo I'm going to be visiting the DMV again some time during the week. Imma make sure to be there 5 hours ahead of time. :P On my way to my next errand, I was getting more and more grumpy, and then I realized I was actually hangry. So I pulled into a nearby Subway, which only had one hassled but still cheerful employee there by herself, trying to both serve customers and deal with a flooding drink machine with the phone ringing incessantly in the back. This rather put things in perspective; my day could really be going a LOT worse. We swapped Subway horror stories while she made my sandwich, and I left her a nice tip, cuz I been there. *fist bump of solidarity* Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    As long as they don't scream when you pull them out of the ground, everything should be ok... if they do, it's already too late.
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    We used to backyard garden when I was a kid. Carrots always looked like they were going to walk out of the fridge and steal your soul. I remember one got incorporated into a modern art project for my mother's art degree. Alien carrot with pigtails is normal.
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    D&D today! Going to toss the characters up against the Hydra I painted this week. This weekend, I’ll try to also get a lot of painting done
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    *does a cave drawing* Haha! Looks at sundial...
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    Goggles on top hats don’t actually make sense. The reason to have goggles up there is so you can put them on quickly and push them up out of the way when you’re done. Goggles over brimless aviator’s helmets or swimming caps make sense. Goggles over anything with a brim do not. This has been a bit of a of m8ne.
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    Okay. Got the maps and the schedule, little bit of breakfast (need to bring a little more). I think I'm almost ready to head to the Japanese cultural festival thingy with oldest daughter. She's supposed to be meeting her friends there, should be a fun time for all of them in her Japanese language class. I really miss when weekend mornings involved sleeping in.
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    Oh, it’s gorgeous! From what I have seen, people wore their most over-the-top hats for formal portraits and showed them in fashion illustrations, but when you look at photos of street scenes in normal daily life women’s hats really are more subdued, especially in the 1880s. This one would fit in just fine.
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    I like my method better, it involves axes and skullz! Which brings me to my next point, do you wanna borrow my axe?
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    After painting the dragon for the Paint Your Dragon Contest, I needed a "palette cleanser" before starting on the Jedi children minis for my grandkids' Christmas ornaments. They are even tinier than the dwarf so it was good for me to practice on a little mini again. Her eyes, especially her right one gave me fits. Other than that eye, I am pretty happy with her and she is just for play anyway. I tried to really push my highlights on her. I think I am usually too conservative. This time, I may have overdone it but I like her and she was for practice so she'll stay this way most likely. I did a wash on her hair but it really knocked the highlights down so I re=highlighted. Also, I realize once I saw the photos, she has a tiny bit of flock stuck to the front of her. I have tweezed that off but did not retake the photos as it didn't make that big of difference. Any C&C is appreciated.
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    I've been testing out the new WizKids ready to paints. It was just the simple beasts for now, but I wasn't too impressed with the PC sculpts. I'm hoping they improve the QC for the next wave, there's some cool designs coming. The pack: The Displacer Beast: The Blink Dog:
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    Do not like! I am really sorry that happened to you. There are, unfortunately, certain cons where such nonsense is tolerated. But there are also ones which have strong no-harassment policies that they actually enforce. I like to hope that more awareness will mean less of that sort of thing happening.
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    So, earlier today I tossed some soaked beans and sausage in the crockpot... added chicken broth, dried onion & garlic, cooked until beans were done and added can of diced tomatoes. Needed something... a little Worcestershire sauce and honey... ok, tastes good... cook some more... taste it again... ... ... I just accidentally re-invented BBQ beans.
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    Thank you! My mom's told me a few times, "You were always such a happy, smiling child, and then that just stopped. I always wondered what happened. And now I have you back!" I love it...
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    To be pulled up to the face or to surround the bosom? To enhance and multipl... er... yeah... I got nothing... productive... to say here, pretend this accidental quote never happened. Paging Dr. @TaleSpinner!
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    Needs a sketch to depict how it is supposed to be worn.
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    Now with marshmallow white wings, yellow halos, blue stars, and red Buddha’s! A heavenly part of a complete breakfast.
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    13 hour day at work tomorrow... Packed a bag with minis, paints, brushes, wet pallet and minis oh, and OTTlites.... plus 3 hours of commute time.... On the other hand, its overtime..... Sorry... My ex wife, sure.... My tooth brush, Maybe.... My SNORKLE? NO ELFIN WAY!!!!!
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    There is a board game for The Thing (John Carpenter movie) coming out. I may have to own this. And us Random people are grateful for that.
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    I have a folding table that I put on my bed on the occasion that I don't feel like getting out of bed but still want to paint. It works quite well actually. Hope she's safe! In other news: Well off to paint, make a WIP, and maybe have a nap. ETA: WIP made.