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    Finished painting my Fade a while back, thought I'd share her here. She took a long time to finish, but taught me much about how to do skin. Reaper skin triads are the friggin' best! She isn't nude, but if the mods find her to be too NSFW, I'd be happy to hide the images behind links.
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    I do believe I have a bit of a woodwind problem.
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    That may have been the most Philadelphia thing I've ever eaten. It was a soft pretzel, fresh, stuffed with cheddar-like flavored fake cheese. It was very... um... It tasted like food?
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    Well, sorta. Close though. I'm surrounded by my boxes full of minis and hobby stuff. Some of the boxes are pretty big.
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    I picture @Darsc Zacal just chilling in a box in his living room after work.
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    Maelee is almost done, just need to finishe the wrench and goggles and do the metallics.
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    I am sorry to hear of your difficulties. I hope you may come to a more amiable place. This, pretty much. You showed patience and kindness to the confused and sometimes rude people on the Bones III Kickstarter comments. Your book reviews have always been thoughtful and well grounded. Forgive me for the impertinence of the observation, but it has for some time seemed to me that there is some deep well of compassion and understanding behind your difficult and misanthropic façade. Life is complicated and unpredictable; may yours get better.
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    Also, not in coffee according to @ub3r_n3rd. He turned funny that one day.
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    Not only did I get my "minis" today my miniature palette came. I has a happy.
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    Howdy all, Dmagamus here. Sat down yesterday and painted this lovely lady up in one long sitting. If you'll allow me a moment to gush, I wrapped up a campaign last night that has spanned from level 1 to 20 and lasted nearly 3 years. I need a giant spellcaster for the final fight, and I wanted it to look pretty good, so I put a pretty fair amount of time into it. I think it came out pretty well.
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    My cat likes to sleep in my discarded pants. I decided that I would tuck him into my discarded pants using my discarded shirt. He likes the idea. Now I'm going to try to finish watching Suicide Squad. I'm 45 minutes in, and it's not that great.
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    If they're animating and dancing about while playing charming melodies, that's probably OK. If they're also carrying torches, you might want to ease out of the room.
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    Chaotic Good - Sometimes you need to break a few eggs to make an omelette... Shipping hubs... Shipping a package is like traveling through a wormhole - the quickest route from one place to another is not necessarily a straight line. Your package was sent from the shop to their local hub, which sent it to the regional center. Every shipping service has it's own particular set of routes to get from one place to another, so in order to get to the start of the most direct shipping route to your address, your package was shipped from your regional center to the company's regional center in Baltimore, and then a local hub (probably very close to a major airport) where it will begin a more direct journey across the country to your regional center, which will then send it to your local hub, which will send it to your post office, which will deliver it to your address. Basically, every shipping service has only a handful of major airports they fly their huge cargo planes out of to go across the country, so anything that can't get delivered more quickly by truck goes bouncing around the country until it gets to one of those major airports, flies to another major airport, and then gets booted back through the various layers until the local place hands it off to the local US Postal Service, who delivers it to you. Fixing those holes in the wall shouldn't be that hard - in a pinch, you can do it with some corrugated cardboard, newspaper and flour... All you need to do is come up with something to wedge into the hole well enough to stay there and provide a base for whatever you're going to use to fill the holes in with. I usually use a piece of a cardboard box cut to the appropriate size and shape. If you want to get fancy and do more than just wedge it in and glue it with regular white glue, you can place a piece of duct tape larger than the hole size on the back side, then poke some holes through it around the circumference of the piece so that you can stick a piece of stiff wire bent into an "L" shape into them. You push the piece in far enough that the duct tape is now inside the wall and then use the bent wire to press it against the back side of the wall so that it holds the cardboard in place while you glue it in there from the front. After mounting your structural piece in the hole, you fill it with whatever you have on hand - more layers of cardboard work best, with the spaces filled in with plaster, wood putty, Milliput or whatever else you happen to have on hand. If you happen to have Greenstuff or Milliput, it makes a good top layer since you can blend it well with the edges of the hole, and it will take primer really well. Milliput is probably a better choice, though, since you can get a lot of it for cheap at Hobby Lobby or other craft stores. Air-dry polymer clay is another choice, although you need to watch for shrinking. Matching the exact shine of the paint is often harder to do using your hobby paints than matching the exact color... As for the studs... While you still have the holes in the walls, untwist two wire hangers and twist them back together into one long wire. Put a bend in it to make an "L" shape, feed the long part into the hole and rotate it in a circle until you hit a stud. Knowing how long the wire is, you can extrapolate the circle it would trace while rotating and thus figure out where the stud is. Even just using a single coat hanger you should be able to find a stud on either side of a single hole (unless your town has some very archaic building codes), but having two separate holes should allow you find at least one stud near each of them and try to extrapolate the distance between studs from that data. Once you've found a stud and determined the distance between the studs, you can then measure off and mark all the rest of them. The only caveat is that sometimes you run into issues with pipes or electrical wires being in the way. This was the "practical" excuse for why most of us kids, when we got too old to be running around in costumes, continued the T'n'T'ing by wearing six or seven different layers of sweatshirts, flannel shirts and sweatpants over our regular clothes, and a mask over our makeup - but the real reason was, after we made the rounds, we'd all switch around various bits of clothing so that we looked completely different, switch up into different groups, and go back around two or three more times, lol... Oh sure, blame me for it... That's just how it works, isn't it? I'll get all the blame, unless it turns out to be something awesome, and then I'll get none of the credit... That's my avatar without my trademark hat on it - it's a just-slightly-smaller-than-lifesize resin skull that my brother gave me for my birthday one year... That avatar pic is a slightly cropped version of a pic that I took years ago. Here's a few other angles of the skull... pic 1 pic 2 pic 3
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    The Thing. Last seen on an Antarctic research station…At least that is what this makes me think of. So naturally, I painted it in fleshy tones to make is as horrid as can be. Strange plant life around here… Now, start rolling those Sanity Checks. 77521 Gravewailer Reaper miniatures Bones 3 KS Mythos Expansion Rigid PVC / Bonesium 40mm base
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    I was stuck on another project, so I took a break and painted some other minis. This one looks better in real life... Color correction seems to be destroying the image :-/ Yendrensovith is an NPC in my currently-paused campaign; a drow of spectacular violence and a complicated past. For the curious, more information is available here.
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    Overheard from the kitchen, where PingosHusband is teaching high schooler to make pound cake: PingosHusband: You appear to be waltzing. High Schooler: Fox Trot, actually.
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    Accidental quote refuses to let me delete it, so, um, hi Grayfax! *waves* This. So much this. I really, really should have failed more assignments / classes than I did. Unfortunately, I still have this problem, and so I continue to do some of my best work when I'm about to run face-first into a hard deadline. It is...not an ideal way to live. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Anniversary Lysette needs to be made into a cowgirl with a rifle. She's nearly perfect for rayguns & robots, but broccoli, that's not what I'm playing right now.
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    To be fair, at the time Germany was headed by possibly the dumbest (and that’s saying something) and certainly the most confident and belligerent of the uncomfortably interrelated royal family of Europe.* Between the ludicrous tangle of militaristic alliances, the assurance and unshakeable confidence in the might of modern military tech, jingoistic self-aggrandizing propaganda, an unwillingness to consider real-world logistics, and the imperial ambitions of a small inbred group of well-pampered cousins, the dominoes of catastrophic European war were arranged to topple with the slightest perturbation. Germany would be involved no matter the initiating event. It is only a pity that the assassinations that finally triggered the thing were of perhaps the nicest two members of that whole bloody clan. *There was almost a joke about how King George of England, Tsar Nicholas of Russia, and Kaiser Willie of Germany, all first cousins and all grandsons of Queen Victoria, looked nearly identical when they met for big military parades. None of them were known for their brains, but Wilhelm, it was was painfully obvious, thought he was very clever and was forever trying to urge his cousins to do stupid things that he could take advantage of.
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    https://www.google.com/search?q=giant+cats+in+boxes&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwimr5HZ6-fWAhXMMSYKHcnXAwgQ_AUICigB&biw=1121&bih=632 I offer, for your perusal, proof that all cats love boxes, no matter how big the cat.
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    Uhhm, I think Mad Jack may have given something (move that snorkel, knarthex!) when I saw him on Sunday. I now appear to be building an entire CAV force to take part in CAV Con. I have 7 days, a partially read rule book and the contents of the box from the first CAV-starter (all unpainted). This will either be oh so glorious, or a flaming train wreck.... place your bets
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    I... am going to attempt my mother's meatloaf recipe tonight. If it goes well, we'll have sandwiches for... okay, two people can demolish 3 pounds of good meatloaf in like an hour. So, an hour. If it goes badly, I'll have sad sandwiches for a week. Because somebody has to eat my failures.
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    Well, I do my best. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Not to mention that the students I did see in my office hours were the ONLY ONES that didn't really need me to help them. They mostly asked me to verify things. Why do Freshmen* not realize that office hours are literally the best thing ever? It's free private tutoring with the person who is in charge of your grade, in one way or another. *I guess undergrads in general do not seem to get this.
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    *sigh* a few hours from when a lab is due, and I'm getting emails of "I lost the paper, can you send me a new one so I can fill it out?" and "I don't like the mineral I was assigned, and I can't get the information. Can I get a new mineral?" The guides for dealing with the obscure ones are in the lab, and the student would know if 1) they read the lab, and 2) actually stuck around in the lab to get help instead of ditching early.
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    Do you at least get a chance to pack, or will they give you an underwear stipend. (also does this mean you have less time to prepare for Reapercon?)
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    You stay away from my coffee... It's all the beans. Just keep a window open and a fan blowing and no one will notice.
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    I like the rainbow-colored space marine armor. Also: “It is Genghis Khan bathed in sherbet ice cream.”
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    Breaded or no? Steak was initially unbreaded. I guess once the sandwich has been constructed it becomes breaded. But no, light fire, put grill over fire, cook steak on grill, eat with hands, juice runs all down the elbow. In my experience this method of eating can include biting into gristle, pulling at the steak, maybe even growling as you rip it apart with your teeth... And yet there's never been a cardiac diagnosis of any kind on that side of the family
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    Well of course we exist. Erm. I mean of course they exist.
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    And now for something completely creepy: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/22/science/praying-mantis-eating-birds.html?action=click&contentCollection=Science&module=RelatedCoverage&region=Marginalia&pgtype=article This is about Praying Mantises, who are feeding on birds [preferably birds brains], making for a whole 'nother level of creepy crawlies for your wilderness encounters. GEM Sleep well after you read this. And Corgi's. Posses of grinning, bouncing, Corgi's GEM
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    Might I recommend jumping down the rabbit hole of looking at cute cat videos? It is a wholesome and enjoyable activity, I promise.
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    Maybe your motivation met up with mine and they ran off to join the circus.
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    Well... miniature market now has one Kaladrax left. It’s not my fault! It was on sale!
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    The base is totally worth it even if you just throw Kaladrax in the bits bin. Wut? I'm helping. You're pretty alright yourself. I summon the power of @ub3r_n3rd!
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    Ok, but then you get right up. And stop calling me Mommy. It's a little creepy.
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    Charging you money for something you're giving to them for free? It's entirely too early to comprehend that nonsense. How about a glorious flaming train wreck? Yes, she did, but another one appeared in the box a round or two later. There are much worse problems to have... Michael's can be dangerous like that.
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    I prefer the Mantis Shrimp, or as I like to refer to it, the Shrimp of Doom. http://theoatmeal.com/comics/mantis_shrimp
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