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    When our Ms. Boot arrived at ReaperCon, she was greeted by a little birthday present from me, delivered to ReaperCon by none other than Dilvish... the Deliverer, lol... I found this little plastic toy (the top of its head is about the same height as the top of Sir Forscale's helmet) at the Goodwill Store and It immediately reminded me of a certain someone's forum avatar. At the time, it was white with black spots and yellow eyes, but I knew I had to pick it up and throw some paint on it at some point for her. Fast-forward a couple weeks to me seeing the Happy Birthday, OneBoot! thread and going "Oh, <bleep>!"... Then I realized that not only was it just recently her birthday, but that she was going to be at ReaperCon a few days later and I could have her birthday present handed to her directly... So I slapped paint on this as fast as I could (thus the "Made In Taiwan"-level paint-job, lol) over the course of about five hours or so (there is a lot of fur and I vowed not to just drybrush it) and dropped it off at Dilvish's doorstep the night before he left for the con. Now that she's seen it, I can post the handful of crappy pics I quickly snapped just before I packed it up and ran like hell for the door to drop it off. So... The Many Moods of OneBoot:
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    @OneBoot turning in her Metal Ma’al for the Open!
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    One amazing balloon sculpt and one photo of Buglips with his first Taco Bell acquisition!
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    ReaperCon Acquisitions! Special thanks to @TaleSpinner for the canteen on very right of sculpted leaves and the snake on the basing stuff to the left. Special thanks to @Grayfax for the awesome skull mug, and special thanks to @knarthex for the BIG RED BUTTON!
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    Julie Guthrie has given me a balloon mouse
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    Took a break from other things to get back to basics, and also try a few things out. Here’s Feiya: This was a quick and simple job, an attempt to work on picking out details as well as experimenting with various paints. I decided to go with assorted primary colors mostly (as I don’t really have much else). You can’t really see the highlights in these pics, mostly because I hardly did any. I started with a wash of Brown Liner, which turned out surprisingly well. Leaf Green was used for the cape and Blood Red on her leathers. I think she’s holding a fireball but I went with Sapphire Blue, so now it’s more of a Faberge egg. The wrappings on her staff are Sun Yellow with some whites, and boots and head jewelry were done with metallics. Her socks are Linen White, but white cloth is apparently something I need more work on. Finally, the base was given a layer of Ginger Cookie over the liner. It isn’t the prettiest work ever, but it turned out better than I’d expected. Most importantly, it gave me an idea of what to work on and which colors I’ll need to think about acquiring in the future.
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    Everybody paint while touching @pcktlnt!
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    I just got my hair did. By a professional, no less. This guy has been doing hair since he was born! The use of teeth was a bit concerning, though...
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    This is Ebonwrath as painted for the Random Rainbow Dragon challenge as presented here; I rolled up; Primary Colour: Olive Green Secondary colour: Lemon Yellow Teriary Colour: Terran Khaki I went for the 3 star challenge. The colours reminded me of summer in the Australian bush around my parents farm and the Blue Mountains near where I now live, so I went with a base that tried to create that impression. Here he is; If you are interested the WIP thread is here; Please feel free to leave your comments, constructive critisims, ideas or questions here. I hope you enjoy looking at this model as I did painting it.
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    That's not the proper way to drink tea you silly Brit.
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    Can you identify this person?
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    She's the best sculptor in the business AND she can paint? Man, that Julie Guthrie can do anything.
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    Princes and princesses among us all. Gentlemen, scholars, and salt of the earth! Both con mouselings are available in the Reaper merch. Need to get a hotfoot today...
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    And thus it was entered into the Holy Book of the SpacePope, blessed be his Tokyo-crushing feet: " And lo, as My eyes fell upon he who has been blessed by My stanky shoe upside his head, I saw that he had made the arduous journey all the way here just to bask in the glory of My presence, and thus had earned a divine boon. And so I, in My infinite benevolence, fell upon strangers and tore the sacred idol from their clutches, and Buglips received from Mine own hand the glory of the Golden Taco. And I bade him to feast upon the divine manna, and to go forth to emanate the holy stench that would come from him forthwith."
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    Buglips is doing a very fine impression of a human being. I wonder what other goblin he’s standing on the shoulders of inside that suit.
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    Just so we know... because it looks like it could be either.
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    Cat dragon by Juli Guthrie
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    So uploading from my phone from the Con since I am actually working on this guy in the afternoons here he is after he was built in my first class on thursday he is the Frogemoth without tentacles and tiny wings attached instead Here he is being painted in True Blue and Imperial Purple
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    Pictures from Michael proctor's desk and Jason wiebe's desk
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    Nakos? I think? It all happened very fast. I mistook... was it Terminalmancer? for somebody else (Knarthex pointed me at somebody in a green shirt, and I wasn't close enough to get more info than 'green shirt, on phone', or unencumbered enough to run them down at the time), and I now can't recall exactly who I mistook him for, but I got him, Colonel Kane and Nakos in more or less the same jumble of being tossed out of the space. ^^; *eyes card* ... holy pants. I have double bingo; Terminalmancer made up the last square of the vertical line. o.O Note that I'm still hunting! But! Bingo. ^^;
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    I got conscripted into survival speed paint. @OneBoot, @Sirithiliel, @Dilvish the Deliverer, @Chaoswolf, @odinsgrandson, @Keianna, @Leopardpixie, (and I know I'm missing some) were all in there as well. @pcktlnt was one of the hecklers. @Pegazus was the judge. I did not win. I don't think the guy who won is on the forums. (Please correct me if I'm wrong.) Im sure there will be photos. But I threw my survival speed paint into the BoGW. Can't remember if @Sirithiliel or @OneBoot said it was disgusting. But it was. it will be there for whomever wants to claim it. THE is painted on the bottom cause I ran out of room for the 'S'. Who was the last one you bagged? --- Just before Survival speed paint, I had almost convinced @hungerfan that I was @Glitterwolf. And then a loud "Thes!" Rang it across the hall and my head instantly snapped around and I shouted "What?!" Giving away my ruse.
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    I decided a few years back, when I realized that it would cost me $12 for a bulky, scratchy pair of long underwear or $30 for some of that high-tech hiking stuff, that it would be easier, cheaper, and more comfortable to just go buy a pair of $4 leggings at Wallyworld that would keep me just as warm when worn under my jeans... Plus, they make my butt look really nice.
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    You now have a skull mug like mine!
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    I don’t think I’ve seen a happier little boy!
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    I had a really good time with this kit, and I feel like I learned a lot from it, too. Win-win! This is probably my best paint job to date, and it was pretty cool to see those highlights and shades build up layer by layer. Similar to the skeleton in the first kit, this one was quite fun to work on despite being a fairly simple model. If the wizard was the best paint job, this one was the most fun. Sadly, something about the posture just confounded me when it came to trying to take good pictures of it. Also, those lips I was a bit sloppy with this one, probably because I wanted to just finish with the kits and get on to doing my own minis again. Nevertheless, it was a neat challenge to try doing so many layers of colors for this one, and if nothing else, that left eye is probably the best eye I've painted (right one's a bit of a mess ). On the whole, I'm very grateful for all of the people who suggested getting the LTP kits. Definitely a great couple of learning tools. Many thanks!
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    My funny faces just look like normal faces. This hooman disguiz is busted!
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    He totally did. He also has strategically and methodically mapped out every inch of it. He made particular note of the most convenient air duct located near Bryan's desk: Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    They failed to feed Kally before shipping. Shame.
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    I also went on the factory tour, and touched everything in Bryan's office. Everything.
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    Hello!!! I just wanted to have say a BIG hello!!!!
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    The infamous fire pit The daylight Drow I forgot something at the hotel... a Drow at the prayer meeting... The limo ride to con.... new found sacrifice...
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    @Jeepnewbie Come find me, I have a resin werewolf for you. I will be the lady dressed up as Sophie (long black dress and wings). If you can't find me, I'm in class. I will at least be at the dinner if we don't find each other before then. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    You got pretty mad about it the last time it happened.
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    Hey, he chose to weaponize me with Taco Bell.
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    Received today: I am building my collection to eventually do all the Goblin challenges. Two purchases down.
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    Today is the anniversary of my natal day and I was just gifted this by the family And Brownies. A whole cake pan of brownies. GEM
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    Isn't the @Morihalda bust awesome? You need her and Patrick Keith to autograph the box! Glorious! That is one happy goblin.
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    Well, damn, if I'd known that was going to be on the schedule this year, I might have tried harder to get there...
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    I should invest in tights. And coloured fishnets. I rather like your style. Sorry, can't like that. I wish your friend luck. I wish you luck when you need to go get her out of there. That depends very much on the frog. If it's our Froggy, I have great confidence that he could find a way to make himself into a plague in short order, and with spectacular artistic effect. I have yet to encounter a topic on Randomness that surprises me. Random nerding out about all sorts of esoteric topics is a thing that happens here. It's one of the things I love about this place. (There's a long list.) Howdy all! I caught up! Now I'm running away again. I should paint. Don't know if I will, but I should.
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    Neb, It is adorable that you think you are going insane. You're here. You're surrounded by people, like you, who are obsessed with tiny objects and making tiny objects colorful. You've been insane for a while now.
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    One of seven Forumite tables that I personally know, post Tex-Mex food. Well, for most of us. Still have a line behind us.
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    Maple syrup is a glorious thing. Real maple syrup, that is.
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    Look. Balloons! Muhahahahaha!
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    Did a little bit of shopping... Reapercon Swag bag, Reapercon Sophie, and some Clockenbooty(Casiatta, not the Bones Cassiatta, 2001 Christmas Sophie, Dancing Girls, Dwarf Forge Mistress), and a couple of Anirion (both Bones and Metal, because the one in my LTPK... could use a bit of support of his peers... ) Happy 25th Anniversary! Your order has received 2x Lysette Happy Halloween! Your order has received a Ghoulie Bag! It also got me free worldwide shipping.