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    One amazing balloon sculpt and one photo of Buglips with his first Taco Bell acquisition!
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    ReaperCon Acquisitions! Special thanks to @TaleSpinner for the canteen on very right of sculpted leaves and the snake on the basing stuff to the left. Special thanks to @Grayfax for the awesome skull mug, and special thanks to @knarthex for the BIG RED BUTTON!
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    Julie Guthrie has given me a balloon mouse
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    Everybody paint while touching @pcktlnt!
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    I just got my hair did. By a professional, no less. This guy has been doing hair since he was born! The use of teeth was a bit concerning, though...
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    Can you identify this person?
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    She's the best sculptor in the business AND she can paint? Man, that Julie Guthrie can do anything.
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    Just so we know... because it looks like it could be either.
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    Cat dragon by Juli Guthrie
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    So uploading from my phone from the Con since I am actually working on this guy in the afternoons here he is after he was built in my first class on thursday he is the Frogemoth without tentacles and tiny wings attached instead Here he is being painted in True Blue and Imperial Purple
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    You now have a skull mug like mine!
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    I don’t think I’ve seen a happier little boy!
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    I had a really good time with this kit, and I feel like I learned a lot from it, too. Win-win! This is probably my best paint job to date, and it was pretty cool to see those highlights and shades build up layer by layer. Similar to the skeleton in the first kit, this one was quite fun to work on despite being a fairly simple model. If the wizard was the best paint job, this one was the most fun. Sadly, something about the posture just confounded me when it came to trying to take good pictures of it. Also, those lips I was a bit sloppy with this one, probably because I wanted to just finish with the kits and get on to doing my own minis again. Nevertheless, it was a neat challenge to try doing so many layers of colors for this one, and if nothing else, that left eye is probably the best eye I've painted (right one's a bit of a mess ). On the whole, I'm very grateful for all of the people who suggested getting the LTP kits. Definitely a great couple of learning tools. Many thanks!
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    I also went on the factory tour, and touched everything in Bryan's office. Everything.
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    Isn't the @Morihalda bust awesome? You need her and Patrick Keith to autograph the box! Glorious! That is one happy goblin.
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    Well, damn, if I'd known that was going to be on the schedule this year, I might have tried harder to get there...
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    I should invest in tights. And coloured fishnets. I rather like your style. Sorry, can't like that. I wish your friend luck. I wish you luck when you need to go get her out of there. That depends very much on the frog. If it's our Froggy, I have great confidence that he could find a way to make himself into a plague in short order, and with spectacular artistic effect. I have yet to encounter a topic on Randomness that surprises me. Random nerding out about all sorts of esoteric topics is a thing that happens here. It's one of the things I love about this place. (There's a long list.) Howdy all! I caught up! Now I'm running away again. I should paint. Don't know if I will, but I should.
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    Neb, It is adorable that you think you are going insane. You're here. You're surrounded by people, like you, who are obsessed with tiny objects and making tiny objects colorful. You've been insane for a while now.
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    One of seven Forumite tables that I personally know, post Tex-Mex food. Well, for most of us. Still have a line behind us.
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    Maple syrup is a glorious thing. Real maple syrup, that is.
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    Look. Balloons! Muhahahahaha!