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    Greetings! I kind of finished this diorama a few years ago but have recently finished it for good with some newly aquired basing materials. I originally bought Isabella Von Carstien just to paint up as a single miniature but as her pose seemed to infer a commanding stance, I decided to expand things into a diorama by giving her an elite skeleton guard to command using a pack of GW skeletons that I had. For the actual terrain, I was inspired by a favourite old Ray Harryhausen film of mine, "The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad" where Sinbad swordfights a skeleton on a spiral staircase (which, famously, doesn't go anywhere!). It's a great scene & I wanted to create a spooky ruined spiral stone staircase for Isabella to lead from. The stonework is made from air-drying clay. I made the staircase by cutting out rolled flat wet clay "cookies" using the plastic cap off a deoderant can to create circles. I then scored lines into each wet "cookie" to create quarters & when dry, I snapped the clay into 4 quarters & tidied them up. I then glued each quarter on top of the last one leaving a eighth of the previous step showing, I repeated this until I got to the required height - I'm very pleased with how this worked out! . I then filled in all gaps between the steps to make them look like they were carved out of the stone & added some sand for texture here & there, I also pencilled in then scored some fish-scale tiles into the base. C & C are always welcome - Thanks for looking!
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    All done! Also. For all those who have not yet completed this mousling or started...paint BEFORE assembly. Don't make my mistake. C&C appreciated!
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    I chose to paint Kyphryxes (still can't spell it). Rolled the colors mint green, olive green, and fire red. Replaced mint green with alien goo. So this was painted only with the following five colors (and red and green liner): Alien Goo Olive Green Fire Red Solid Black Pure White and here are the results: WIP is here. Kinda petered out at the end. and yes, it is pretty bright in person. Hope my next foray into random colors is a little less stimulating.
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    I have been threatening to finish Zoe The Golden Retriever sometime this week. Last nights sixteen degrees F provided the impetus ! I was too cold to sleep well. So Here is ZOE. This is a beautiful, soul full piece to work on. Capturing the emotion in that small face, getting everything painted and mounted proved quite the challenge to me. In the end Zoe was a real treat to do. Not that often I really get into a feeling level while painting a miniature. Mr. Summers must have had a beautiful and loving companion in Zoe, it came through the Sculpt ! Hope I did it Justice. Let me know what you think of my efforts on this mini please ! Jay
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    So, on the bright side...I painted to take my mind off my thesis... Mouse's mouslings are underway!
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    I've been collecting minis for almost 30 years and finally getting around to doing what I've been wanting to do which is actually paint them. Started a couple months ago with a few Dark Sword Critter Kingdom minis and an old Grenadier dragon. And now this, which is my first Reaper mini and an attempt at NMM. C&C welcome.
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    Elf it. I want a break from grading. Bright side thus far: some students are rockin' it. Down side: some students are derp faces.
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    Ok, so next up I started painting the cloth on the skeletons. I want the cloth to be dark and dingy and not pull too much attention, so I basecoated one with MSP Mahogany Brown and one with about a half and half mix of MSP Ritterlich Blue and Blue Liner. Next I started working on the stones. I wanted to pre-line these so, I made a wash with Blue Liner. I'm going to end up deciding that's not dark enough and re-do it, so this was kind of a wasted step. Btw, I really like when you find the sculptor's initials and I like to leave them visible and will paint them up just like they're any other part of the sculpt. Next I basecoated the dirt areas with Brown Liner. I don't know why I didn't crop that picture, but I don't feel like going back and doing it now. Next I basecoated the stones with MSP Shadowed Stone. That's when I realized that the lining had not been dark enough, so I went back over the stones with more Blue Liner wash and then re-basecoated the stones with the Shadowed Stone. Next I made a lighter grey mix by adding some MSP Wolf Grey to the Shadowed Stone. straight Wolf Grey at the top, straight Shadowed Stone to the left and the mix to the right. Whoops, that's awfully blurry. Then I added a little more of the Wolf Grey. Also very blurry. Good job, Guindy. I started to do just straight Wolf Grey after that, but it wasn't much of a colour difference, so instead I went up to straight MSP Rainy Grey. Next I wanted to highlight the dirt areas. Now the dirt parts are flat, but have a good amount of texture sculpted in, so the most effective technique for something like that is going to be drybrushing. Obviously the dirt parts are in between a lot of finished areas, so I wanted to be very careful about it. I used the size 0 crappy brush that I'd primed with. You can see how much priming with it shredded the bristles, but that makes it perfect for some light drybrushing in small areas. So I took MSP Brown Sand and drybrushed very carefully. Then I drybrushed carefully with MSP Green Ochre.
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    I'm transferring tub paints to dropper bottles, which is both interesting and deadly dull. There's some nice stuff in the old bottles, but making labels and decanting the tubs is quite tedious. It was kind of annoying to find SKUs for Ral Partha Turquoise and Ancient Purple (the bottles didn't have SKUs on them). This was exacerbated by the fact that Ral Partha recycled the SKUs for different colors of paint later. ** Never recycle SKUs for incompatible product. It can create serious inventory problems and it's not like there's a limited variety of numbers1. ** 1 If you're a goblin2, this might not be precisely correct, but you'll never know, so you can ignore it. 2@buglips*the*goblin, this means you.
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    I was sitting in an annual meeting for a company I worked for just out of college. It was poorly paid, but I had had trouble getting or keeping other jobs, with poor grades and little work experience my BA was doing nothing useful. It was an auditorium full of people, and management was trying to kill us with powerpoints. On the screen was a picture of a red truck, some words and numbers, and no matter how hard I tried I could not understand what they were talking about. It was like my brain was fighting me, refusing to concentrate or pay any attention to what I wanted. I'm a smart guy, I graduated 11th in my HS class and had scholarships that paid for my education, but it fell apart in college. I realized that this struggle was beyond what everyone else was facing. I had started taking Ritlin for ADD in 4th grade, and I went from remedial classes in 3rd to advanced everything in Jr High. At the time the theory was that you grew out of ADD. so I stopped taking medicine in college when it was inconvenient. I had not "grown out" of it. Lots of little memories and problems came into focus. I had learned some coping skills but not enough to get good grades in college or pay attention in boring meetings. I haven't always used it since. There are some jobs where it is unnecessary (construction, parenting, what ever parts of a job that I love) but even as an adult there are times I need to keep using it. In grad school I graduated with a 3.8. Everything fell into place trying to understand a red truck on a power point slide.
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    Really all the Houses are full of nice, wonderful people so you should just pick the one that speaks to you. Or has the prettiest House sigil, that’s a perfectly valid way to choose as well. Now that the obligatory board boosterism has been put forth, allow me to point out that Frogwarts House Master is so awesome that he has ‘the Great’ in his name! And we have a jackalope on our house sigil!
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    Here's an effort I made at painting this orc. I've only been painting three weeks so I am open to help/comments. I added some Welsh slate to the base. Took some inspiration from an artist called slashhamster. Thanks
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    Painting my orcs and thought I'd do a fun comparison. Gondorian soldier is one of the first models I painted. The orc is currrently being painted.
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    Also.... 130 more paints?! *drools* Paid less than $1.50 each including shipping so it was a big whack but no where near as much as full pop. My bid limit was based on $1.50 per bottle max for each lot. Means I will have to delay my next "contribution" to my Bones IV pledge by a couple of weeks. I am beginning to suspect that Reaper is another form of legal addiction, especially appealing to gamers who have an overactive completest compulsion. Now I have to come up with suitable accessible storage for all the new paints. I'd like something that allows paints to be organized in triads. I may hold off until I can build it for myself using the combo 3-d printer/scanner with laser attatchment I'm supposed to be getting from a Kickstarter Campaign. GEM
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    Occasionally I will fall down a rabbit hole of unusual reading material. I used to regularly frequent a salvage store that would get book store inventories in on a regular basis. This is how it came to pass that I have read ~20 fairly in depth histories and treatises on The Troubles in Northern Ireland. Which I made a point of purchasing with cash. I'm (probably) on enough watch lists without adding that. Similarly after stumbling on a reprint of Jane's Fighting Aircraft of World War I, I hunted down and read extensively on WWI aviation from every perspective I could. I read about the pilots, the campaigns, the planes, and the aerodromes. From one particularly dry and insanely detailed study of the production records of all sides, I learned what was produced in what numbers and what technology each side stole from the other. As an aside, the planes in the movie The Blue Max are gorgeous. The main thing I learned is that you had to have insane courage to be a pilot in WWI, especially in the early war. If you own a riding lawnmower I guarantee it has more horsepower than most early war fighters. Seriously, those engines had about 40 - 60 horsepower. But perhaps the most dogged quest for a book was after I saw the movie Cross of Iron and decided I wanted to read the original book by Willi Heinrich. The movie reminded me quite a bit of All's Quiet on the Western Front for the sense of war's futility and knowing that Cross of Iron was written by Willi Heinrich based on his experiences on the Russian Front made me want to see what the movie got right and wrong. The only problem was that I could not find a copy of the book anywhere. This was in the days before internets (yes children, I am from the before time) and apparently at a point where the book wasn't in wide circulation. I finally had to resort to mailing the publisher a check and waiting about a month for my very own hardback copy to arrive. Totally worth the wait. As intense as the movie was for me, reading about the Russian Front from someone who was there (and whose division suffered casualties 12 times greater than their original strength between 1941 and 1945) was mind boggling. Still have that book to this day.
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    Yes. And tours. And they're quite close to the Leanin' Tree factory (greeting cards), which has a decent free art museum. Oh, and there's a game store within a few blocks. (I used to work in that area.)
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    Do they have a factory Outlet Store? GEM I may have done something "foolish". Won two lots of Reaper Paints, totaling 130 more to add to my paint collection. So using Forum Mathematics that makes - 20, am I right? GEM
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    Unless you're much more confident about a 45 y.o. vehicle (built, please recall, in the depths of the '70s) surviving a drive of 1000 miles or more, I'd recommend bringing a flatbed truck get it home. And even if you are much more confident, 13 mpg or so is going to be expensive. But hey, maybe it will be an "adventure". Which will give you more stories. About some poor schmo having a tough time a thousand miles from home.
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    If you could explain this to Games Workshop and make it stick I would nominate you for some kind of award. They recycle SKUs constantly and it gives me fits at the store.
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    Know all about the head/brain hurt. Take what ever will reduce the head pain and focus on painting. I know its an effort to start, but in a little while the focusing on your painting will help to reduce your perception of head pain. Getting over that initial hump is difficult but the rewards are well worth it. GEM I have a hunch that the boredom precedes the drinking and that the drinking has become your default response to being bored. Need to change that pattern and the boredom problem will begin to resolve itself. Just some life experience based advice from a concerned friend. We are friends, aren't we? GEM
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    @Aryanun, Agent J requests that you direct your attention to the light he is holding...
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    The problem with Jackalope is I haven't found a good recipe for cooking them. Every one I've tried to cook ends up full of some sort of stuff that looks, and tastes, like the interior of a pillow. GEM
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    In '93 I was leaving the city after my first year of university. I'd applied for a bunch of summer jobs but didn't get any of them so was going back to the farm to help my parents. Never really wanted to be a farmer and was looking to try something else out. An hour or so before I left I got a call offering me a job. Only had a few minutes to think about it but turned it down. I went back for a couple more years after that but that one snap decision is what made me choose farm life over the city. Went through hell supporting my dad after that and fought hard to keep the farm for him and now for myself. Hard to say if it was the right or wrong decision but it is what made me who I am. Another one was in 2002. An acquaintance offered to hook me up with a girl she knew in her home town and her parents would help me with a vacation there. I sent a letter to the girl explaining I was going to be in her city for a few weeks and would she like to meet me. The girl wasn't interested but her mother was. She forced the girl to reply and she reluctantly agreed to meet up with me. We hit it off instantly. The weeks with her were some of the best in my life. I went back for another visit 6 months later for a month. 6 months after that we were married and we've been together for almost 15 years now. We've had a few ups and downs but who ever said life was easy?
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    Mine is sort of a three parter. Two months before I turned 18, I went to my parents, told them I had decided to join the Navy, and asked for them to sign the waiver so I could go on delayed enlistment at the age of 17, and leave after I graduated high school. They said "No." I was mad for two months, and I spent my 18th birthday at the Military Entrance Processing Station enlisting in the Navy. But that's not the mundane moment. That came later, in three parts First part - while I was on delayed enlistment, before I graduated from high school, a broccoli head manager at the movie theater I worked at told me, and a fellow co-worker who was joining the army that "the military was for losers" and that we were both too wimpy to make it. Second part - during boot camp, about 3-4 weeks in, I was miserable, and ready to give up when two thoughts came to mind . One - it was solely MY "fault" that I was there, my parents didn't even give me permission or want me there. And Two - there was no damn way I was going to give that broccoli head manager at the movie theater the satisfaction of being right. Third part - Shortly after bootcamp, during a brief break in my Navy electronics training, I went home on leave. While home, I went to the high school graduation of a friend, and guess who I ran into there? The broccoli head manager. He was no longer a manager at the theater, but scraping by working part time jobs as an usher for concerts (and high school graduations). He recognized me first from behind, and started to give me crap, making the assumption that since I was home just a few months after leaving, that I had washed out. I stood up and took off my jacket, at which point he got to see me while I was in the best shape of my life (to give you an idea, I lost 4 inches around my waist and gained 30 pounds of muscle in boot camp.) I eventually ended the conversation and made him blanch when I told him to shut up or I would kick his butt. It was at that moment that I realized I had turned a corner in my life. I wound up graduating 2nd in my ET class, and making E6 in almost minimum time possible before getting out.
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    Have been at a science fiction convention* all day. ’Sup? * original mistyping: vonventi9n I don’t think much of the way the new ipad OS changes what key it thinks you typed if your finger moves down fast enough to “read” as a downswipe