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    How would Medusa feel if she couldn't help turning everyone she met to stone? Julie Guthrie sculpted this Sad Medusa figure. It was a special giveaway at the Hall of Fame dinner at ReaperCon in 2015 (...or was it 2014?). I painted the figure earlier this year, and she was my entry in the Painters category at the ReaperCon painting contest (Master Series Open). I think it was the first resin figure I've painted. Julie sculpted a rattle at the end of the snake tail, so I looked up the colors of diamondback rattlesnakes and took my inspiration from them. I glazed and stippled a lot of colors into the stone areas. They kept looking too much like skin or simply too dull. I hope the snakes are placed strategically enough to let this pic stay here.... Enjoy, Derek
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    I've been on a painting tear since ReaperCon. Here's one from last week. Pathfinder's "Iron Gods" Adventure Path crosses over into science fiction, including robots and androids, such as the android priestess Meyanda. Wayne Reynolds painted the cover of the Adventure Path where Meyanda appears: click for link. Bobby Jackson sculpted the character. I like what he did with this delicate sculpt. I decided to give her a sci-fi-styled base, not my usual rock/grass/leaf palette. I started with a piece of plasticard shaped like square floor-tiles, gouged out some scratches, and added some debris (a robotic "piston" of two brass rods, a "cable" of brass wire, and a few chunks of rubble that I carved from the plasticard). Enjoy, Derek
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    I've been on a painting tear since ReaperCon. Here's another, from last week. Pathfinder's "Wrath of the Righteous" Adventure Path features some especially nasty villains, including Xanthir Vang, a wizard who used to be human but is now a colony of worms with a hive-mind (a "worm-that-walks"). Wayne Reynolds painted the cover of the Adventure Path where Xanthir Vang appears: click for link. I sculpted the figure last year. This more active pose shows off his magical ability as a "blackfire adept". Among my favorite parts of the figure are his wriggling worm fingers. The fire effect has a few rough-draft layers under this one -- darker, drabber, more purple, stronger green, etc. Truly black/gray fire just wasn't interesting on the miniature. I sculpted a few worms on the stock figure, crawling out of the sleeves and through holes in the back, and I sculpted a few more on the base for this version. Here's a close-up of the extra worms on the front. Enjoy, Derek
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    My youngest decided she wanted a Learn to Paint kit while at ReaperCon, and finally got around to working on the skeleton this weekend. She was initially pleases, but asked me this morning if/how it can be repainted. As a mentor, I haven't quite decided whether to have her keep it as a reminder of her starting point, or to give it a simple green bath. She obviously needs to learn brush control and paint consistency, but it's really not that bad. Enjoy
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    Alright, so I needed to do the crystal. First I lined the inside of the bones that hold the crystal with Blue Liner. I SHOULD HAVE done the outer portions at that point with Brown Liner, but I didn't and I was kicking myself later for not having done so. I also basecoated the crystal with the Moth Green and Blue Liner mix that I used earlier. Now I have no idea how to paint a crystal other than there should be dark points and light points and you line the edges with white. Now, you may have noticed that when I don't really know what I'm doing and/or there are no clear step by step pictures to take, I just mess around with things and we wind up with a done picture. Sorry about that, but yeah, I just messed with it until it looked crystal-like. Also, someone convinced me that I should do OSL with the crystal as well, so I glazed in some Moth Green in the highlights of her hair on the side that the crystal's on. Then I Brown Linered the whole staff, again, totally kicking myself for not doing so before I painted the crystal. Then I proceeded with the same steps I used to paint the bone parts of her armour. So NMM Gold Shadow. Then I added some Graveyard Bone. A little more Graveyard Bone. A little more Graveyard Bone. Then Graveyard Bone with white added. I also glazed in Moth Green to the bits closest to the crystal. And with that, Thanis is DONE!
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    I'm SUPER EXCITED! So, my BF has been unemployed for the last 6 months...yuck. But he accepted a job offer today! And, since I've been paying all the bills while he was unemployed, he says he's going to pay all of them for the next 6 months to make up for it (well most of them)! *begins eyeing all the minis and paints and videos*
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    Since I started this thread, then it falls on me to do the after-action report. For ease of comparison, I have joined both of our finished pictures together: Very different results! This illustrates my favourite part about miniature painting and why I think painting your own is better than prepaints. Prepaints might be quicker (obviously), but every painted miniature is a unique one-of-a-kind original. There may be many Thanis figures, but only one of each of these in the entire world. Guindyloo did a smashing job on hers and it looks gorgeous! There's so much going on that mine looks a bit plain by comparison, but it makes for a very good illustration of the difference taking your time can make on a piece. Both pieces were done using essentially the same basic methods with layering thinned paint to make shades and highlights, so the major difference mostly comes down to time and effort. So a lingering question might be: if taking your time looks so much better, why wouldn't you just do that? I actually agree - if you have the time to spend then you absolutely should, it will pay off and you'll have a much better result. But this best case isn't necessarily applicable to every person in the hobby, and some people - for a variety of reasons - either cannot or do not want to spend swaths of time on each figure. This may apply to people who need figures for use in games, people who want to hobby but their daily life limits their time, or people who have an enormous hoard of figures they want to paint before they die. I'm in that latter category. I have a genuinely ridiculous amount of miniatures, I'm not even sure how many. I got real busy buying things this year, so I'd say a fair estimate might be 700-900 metal figures alone. Add in Bones to that and it's 1300-1500. And this collection may be small compared to some! If we estimate an average time of 1 week, painting every day, for each figure then that's 1500 weeks (or slightly under 30 years). That's a long time to wait to play D&D! So my goal has been to paint as good as I can as fast as I can. I don't think fast means it has to look crummy, but it does require using shortcuts and making compromises. For the bulk of my figures this is fine, but I have a smallish number of Special Figures or various sorts, and on those I would prefer to spend more time so I can do a quality job (Reaper's 25th Anniversary figures fall into this category). Speed is not on a per-figure basis, as Thanis took me 3 days. My Princess of Hell gobbled up six whole days, because she's greedy. Takhisis took 12. This will happen, so you can make up time if you have to do low-level bulk monsters (kobolds, orcs, goblins). Your speed will come from an average rate of production. As an example, in the time it took Guindyloo to do her very nice Thanis, I did these less-fancy but servicable minis: Which breaks down to three days for Thanis, two for Lanah the Barbarian, 1 for Marbrezuk, and 1 for the 3 Skeletons. 5 for the week, not terrible. I got a bunch of orcs from the melt table at Reapercon, so doing some of them this week might get me 10 or more and make up for the 5-figure week. And that's how you get your speed while still being decent. But remember that how you paint is up to you, and there's nothing that locks you in one way or the other. You can switch back and forth at any time, and much of the practical experience can carry over from one to the other. The only real secret to painting minis isn't a secret at all: Paint Em! Remember this simple bit of wisdom: Any mini good enough to buy is one good enough to paint, and any mini worth painting you're good enough to paint. You are. Even if you don't believe, I believe it. You can paint that Object Source Lighting (OSL). You can paint that Non-Metallic Metal (NMM). You can paint those tiny eyes and fiddly details. But only if you try, you can't learn it any other way. You don't have to paint this stuff, but if you want to then remember that you definitely can. So do it! You might mess it up the first few times, but it'll come together. You are already good enough, you only have to show yourself. As a final word, my special thanks to Guindyloo for her wonderful contirbution to this thread. My special thanks to you for reading all the way through it! My special thanks to Reaper and the artists who have given us 25 years of excellent miniatures to play with. And most of all, my very special thanks to you, the beginner, who just joined our hobby. You are what keeps it all going year after year. Welcome, friend! Pull up a chair and grab a brush! A whole new world awaits you!
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    I speed painted Aglanda while helping my son's girlfriend paint her first mini.
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    Howdy, For my twelfth day of International Mini Painting Month I present Ungorth, Cthon Summoner - Reaper Con 2016 exclusive... Kev!
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    This makes me unreasonably happy... Also, on various tangents, lol...
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    My rainbow fairy figure is now living with my best friend. The investigator figure successfully got to my friend in Minneapolis. Yay for tiny gifting
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    Ok, so in order to try to recapture the translucency of the glowing areas so that they look more like light is being thrown on them, I took MSP Ritterlich Blue and thinned it down to a glaze and lightened up some of the areas of the cloth on the skeleton. Then I took MSP Dirt Brown, also thinned to a glaze and went over the dirt areas. Then I thinned MSP Shadowed Stone to a glaze and went over the stones and thinned MSP Rosy Skin to a glaze and went back over the skin. And for better or worse, that's where I'm going to leave the OSL. I could work on this for the rest of my life, but sometimes you have to reach a point where you call something good enough and move on, armed with the knowledge that it's something that you need to keep working on for future figures.
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    but empty the bottle and save it for your own paint mix!!!! masking tape and sharpie with ratios for the win! and I am off from WORK!
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    My bed has me grappled. Nothing I can do about it, strength is my dump stat and it totally rolled a 20, I swear. Send help. Or maybe Chinese food. Pizza would not be amiss either. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    The two things that smash my suspension of disbelief like a hammer - lack of trigger discipline and not understanding how DNA works.
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    I agree with what you are actually saying in this post, but you got a sad emoji from me for the implication that Tremors is bad enough to not watch. Tremors is legit awesome, yo.
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    *grabs one of Ub3r's loaner axes* think I'm gonna need this all week.
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    There is a terrible, terrible movie titled Tremors... where everybody in the movie is running around practicing proper gun safety. Bad as the movie was, that one thing impressed the heck out of me - because you never see that! The Auld Grump
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    The neighborhood dogs are beginning to sing the Chorus of their People, and mine are itching to join in.
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    I'm pretty sure a platypus is already a xenomorph. Or possibly a particularly incompetent attempt to create a spy that will blend in on this planet.
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    The farthest we can trace the Thomsons back is to my great grandfather. We know about most of his descendants. He spelled it without the 'P' but I've seen official documents with it spelled the other way too. Supposedly there are relatives with the 'P' but we take great pride in never having 'Peed' ourselves.
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    So the OSL wasn't sitting well with me because the skeletons weren't bright enough to be a light source. This is because I didn't plan for OSL from the start. To really sell OSL, you need a lot of contrast, so things need to be darker to really make the light show. Since I didn't do that from the start, it was never going to work fully. So you have 2 choices when OSL goes awry. You can either repaint all of the areas to get rid of the OSL attempt, or you can keep fussing with it to try to make it work more. I chose to fuss with it. So I started out by taking MSP Moth Green and adding some MSP Green Liner to make a duller version of Moth Green. I went into all the rocks and whatnot that I'd painted to show the glow to try to knock that back some. I decided that wasn't dark enough so I added some more Green Liner. And knocked back the glow a little more. Then I needed to make the skeletons brighter, so I took MSP Maggot White, thinned, and went over the highlighting. Then I took Moth Green, thinned to about a glaze, and went over the white. Then I went back in with the Maggot White. At this point I also decided to try to help the glowing effect by darkening up the grown and cloths, so I went in with Brown Liner. Then I went over that with MSP Candlelight Yellow. Then I went in for a final highlight with the Maggot White. I'm still not very happy with it, I liked the skeletons much more the way they were. I really think I should have gone the other route and painted over the OSL attempt. But this is where we are, so I think I need to play around with the areas where the glowing light is being thrown to make it more translucent. Unfortunately, sometimes this is the way it goes when you go for an ambitious paint scheme, especially if you don't plan well enough for it. 1 step forward, 2 steps back.
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    Water heater flushing is complete! It's been heating for a good half hour now. In another 45 minutes or so, I'll have ample hot water!
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    Hey everyone, I’m pretty happy with the way these two came out. I hope that you like them too. The Dwarf; I’ve been seeing some of these popping up on the forum. I’ve really liked the model, so I decided to give it a whirl. This was my first attempt at yellow NMM. I learned a lot doing it. Next time think I’d add a little more White into it. The Revenant; I stumbled onto this one creeping the Reaper store. I liked it, but there were aspects of the model that I wasn’t crazy about. Out comes the green-stuff! The non hammer hand was missing fingers (as per the sculpt) and was thin and wimpy-looking. I tried my best to fashion a glove. The feet were open-toed, and the hood was added as well. My green stuff skills need work. I wish I would have spent a bit more time fiddling, but honestly I didn’t really enjoy it, so the “good-nuff” attitude took over. C&C welcomes and appreciated.
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    I wish to avoid getting the fanbase attached to one particular concept - we already know what it is, and at this point, no matter how enthusiastic y'all get over a fan suggestion, we are not gonna be able to change it. Still, I believe this model has a sword, so if you want to refer to it as a swordsister, and specifically Sidrith, while I suspect the companions and comrades of the character in question will raise some eyebrows, you are free to do so. Our models have names because for most people a name is an easier thing to remember than a simple part number, not because you are under any obligation tp use the models as the charters we have envisioned. You do you. /************ Note that, like my "fighter with bow" and "red haired models" stories, I actually do have an experience of a customer putting a miniature back on the peg after having identified the model as perfect for his character because his character wasn't named the same thing as the miniature, and he didn't want to play somebody else's character...
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    I'm imagining it as the tiny south park girl twerking with an expression on her face like she doesn't really know what's going on and she's kinda scared. Except it's Cthulhu.
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    There are only four official Houses. The others are single-member free-agents. Asking to join one of those will get a puzzled Kaiju.
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    Back to judging the merits of the various houses. House Forum mom - even though I often act like Mr Mom not sure this one suits me. I play with toys and hang around here to escape reality. House Polychromatus - All about getting your shiny on. Use as many colours as many ways as you can. Sounds cool but might be more suitable to what my oldest did years ago. He looked at some of his first paint jobs and asked me, "What was I thinking?" I told him I wasn't about limiting his options. House Procrastinus - never need to worry about ever completing anything. Sounds good because I still have minis from the 80s I haven't painted. On the down side I'm actually working at finishing something, anything. House Figmentius - the collectors dream. All about owning it even if you never look at it. Might work because I've got thousands of minis in two houses. Some have been painted but there's a growing number that have never been played with. House Frogwarts - home of the mad scientists. Joy from conversion and mutilation. I love kit bashing but don't do a lot of hard core conversions. I've also heard that you need to be very careful if Froggy the Great asks you for a hand. You never know where he's going to put it or what you'll get in it's place. House Tabletop - not the prettiest, not the biggest but possibly the most active. Almost everything I have was bought with the intention of it seeing use on the table. They may not win painting contests but they look ok doing what they do. If I had the rule some people do about unpainted minis not being played with I think I might have had 10 games in my life. Anybody I'm missing here? I'm not as familiar with some of the smaller houses lurking around. I successfully painted for a bit today! Would've done more but a nap ambushed me this afternoon. There's still hope for after supper. Work day ended up being short and easy. Had to pull two hunters out of a snowbank. Seriously I think they found the only snow on the farm deep enough to get stuck in and they had a tiny old SUV. Painted, napped. If somebody feeds me soon I might be in heaven.
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    My son and his girlfriend visited this weekend, and she and I painted miniatures together. We had a blast painting together! Here is her first mini, which is light years ahead of my first mini:
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    I got the Reindeer during last year's 12 Days of Reaper and I looked in the Special Edition figure listing and couldn't find it listed, so don't have a stock number. I recently finished it after several months of sitting on my painting table, half finished. I also painted up the Copplestone Lovely Assistant figure this past week, as I've started queuing up some of my Christmas themed figures for some seasonal painting projects the next couple months.
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    The next round of my experiments with Bones Translucents and the Tamiya Clears. The blue translucent Bones are not as receptive to the Tamiya Clears as the clear and purple are. First up, untouched. You'll note there are two here. That's because Reaper changed their color slightly at some point. The one on the left is the older color, the one on the left is the current one. The reason I post both is because my Water Weird done with the Tamiya Clear blue was done on the older color. All the other clears used the newer figures. First up is the Clear Blue: Here's my original Weird with the Blue, and the two untouched minis before I used the Clear Gloss on them: Here's the two previously untouched after I hit them with the Clear Gloss: With Clear Yellow. As you can see, unlike the purple of the shadow demon, the blue still shows through, meaning I got more of a greenish tint: Likewise with the Orange. It's rather ugly: And the Clear Red. I like this effect - it makes it look like blood. This water weird is going work well when paired with a demon: The Green came out well: Here's with the Smoke: Here's my four favorites - Blue, the two clear gloss and the smoke. These will work well together - all look like water, and yet are different enough that it will be easy enough to tell them apart: And finally, here is all of them together: Final assessment on the Clears and Blues - the Blue and Clear Gloss work well. The Green and Yellow will give a nice green, at least on smaller pieces, thinner pieces, I don't think it will work well for thicker pieces. Orange is ugly. Red works well on the Water Weird if you want some sort of Blood Weird. I'd avoid Red on the larger pieces.
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    when your son or daughter is considering applying for the same stripping job.
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    I need to drink coffee, head to Kinkos to print out offer letter, hit the department store for a belt, and swing by the store for chili fixin's. And somehow relearn how to wake up at 8am for Wednesday's 9am fingerprinting session. I might just not sleep, it's easier than waking up early.
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    Just to make sure I will have enough whites, I just ordered the Andrea White Paint Set.
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    Good morning all! Had a lovely weekend, but now back to the grind. And look, 20 pages of randomness to catch up on... Visit with my sister and aunt was fun on Saturday, and Sunday went and got hot pot for lunch, and then spent the day acting mostly like a slug. Food coma ftw. Did manage to clean, prep, and brown liner a few lizard men. Shown here pre-lined.
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    Still alive. It's healing after applying some ointment. No longer hurts, but going to see a doctor regardless. Platypus xenomorph. Hehe hmm
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    The beauty of being the chef is that everyone else eats what you want to cook. Or not and you have plenty of leftovers for yourself.
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    Back safe and sound from the science fiction convention. Tired, but happy, and in possession of some good new books and a steampunk bolero shrug.
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    Here's where she's at now - Wings still not attached. Not sure yet about actual body color. Or how I'm going to transition all the rainbow of heads into that body color. Challenge accepted!
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    Beginning of last month, this is the progress I had made. The stone base isn't fully painted yet. I decided to pause with a complete finish until I saw how the rest of the model turned out. 2 completed heads, green and white. Black started with some color tests. And the other two just base coated. By the end of October, all the heads completed. So many colors!
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    *ties a bottle of shiny paint on a stick and holds it above her head*
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    *provides pamphlet for ub3r_n3rd's School of Punching Things in the Face With an Axe*
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    So I was on my way out this morning, opened the door and found myself confronted by....
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    He does, though. Froggy, how are you related to Kermit?
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    @pcktlnt- r u d3d? Was it folitilitis and you got some topical abx? or did guidyloo’s prodigy take you?
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    Which relative of yours is this?
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    Mmm, chili DOES sound good. I think we've even got all the ingredients for it (the regular version, as opposed to the Mexican-inspired version). However, I made a giant pot of "OneBoot's Accidentally Awesome Minestrone-ish Soup" just a few days ago, so most of the tupperware we own is full of delicious soup. Perhaps later this week, chili will happen. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D