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    New sketchbook! This is the battered previous one on top of the spiffy new one: This is my pencil case:
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    I'm a noob (about 5-6 weeks of painting) but am happy with this guy and his rusty armor! Would love some C & C from anyone though!
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    I've only been at this a little over a month and am totally addicted! Went for the glowing eyes here and botched it -- Don't know how you expert painters paint son damn small!
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    SInce it was a Sphinx I figure maybe manicured claws...what do you guys think?
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    You'll save HUNDREDS! Buy ALL THE THINGS! The Dark Sword Game of Thrones wolves? They have each of the Stark kiddo's pups.
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    Super quick paint job for these guys... My son wanted them for the Dragon Rampant army I'm painting him for Christmas, and I've still got a lot more to do so I everything I do in the next while is likely to be a bit rushed. Base coat was Vallejo Model Air, Armour Brown, then drybrushed heavily with Desert Stone, lightly with Dirty Bone, then a little more heavily again with Olive Drab. The Olive Drab doesn't really show up in the picture but it's pretty decent in person - not overpowering, just enough to make them look more like old trees.
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    Terezinzya stared with disdain at the end of her sleeve, now wet and slimy after being dragged through the flooded passage, it was bad enough when Goblins stole the other sleeve, but now her costume was ruined. She looked over at her companions, dressed in their sensible but drab outfits, maybe they had the right idea all along? No, just because she had dropped out of fashion school to go adventuring didn't mean she had to give up being stylish. Next time they set up camp she'd sketch some new ideas, but perhaps with less long flowing parts... It's been far too long since I've painted a Reaper mini, and I'd forgotten how much fun they were to paint! Sadly, my poor photography skills make it hard to see all her little details, but there's more shots of her in my WIP thread here. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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    I am proud that I am just two weeks away from finishing my first semester of art class on my (LONG!) way to getting my AA degree in art. I passed art 102 (middle ages to modern) with an A+, my fundamentals of 2D design is going great (just need to kick out my vinyl cover final piece), and I should hopefully pass art 100 (prehistoric to middle ages) with a good grade. I am just taking Drawing 1 next semester, hopefully that will get me the skills I need to illustrate my wife's children's book:)
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    Put ingredients in pot. Turn on. Cook. Thicken if needed (a handful of red lentils does a great job). Season to taste. Eat. My favourite is Veg & meat stew. * diced cheap meat (500 grams does about 10 serves) * Lots of seasonal veg * frozen spinach * tinned tomato x 1 or 2 * seasoning (I'm currently enjoying Moroccan seasoning) * diced dying veg from bottom of fridge * lentils Put in slow cooker. Cook while at work. Thicken if preferred. wizzy stick if preferred. eat.
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    Tried to keep this one simple and I think it turned better off for it. I really like how using blue and red for the wires/cables made them stand out just right.
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    When I read this I saw NASTY nonboozy beverages. I was wondering why you'd want to drink that. The whole point of drinking nasty boozy beverages is to show how tough you are or for the cheap drunk.
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    Oooh yeah, Sir Cyr and I finally got a crock pot. The 2.5 quart ones were on sale for ~$7 at the grocery store. Cheaper than the 1 quart and the 4 quart versions, and just the right size in general. Now we need to learn to cook with a crock pot. I am told that it is easy.
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    I have lost eleven pounds in the last four months. It’s a small thing, but it feels good.
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    You can’t see, but my old sketchbook’s spine is only held on courtesy of some acid-free black tape.
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    So. Friday night. A boring* Friday night. I need a drinking game without the drinking. I'm about ready for a new notebook. I buy mine so far in advance they're old news by the time I get to them tho. Up next: yet another Disney-merchandised journal with an elastic band to hold it closed, this one featuring a cavalcade of Avengers. Past tense of "plead" is indeed "pleaded," especially among lawyers. "Pled" is particularly common stateside and generally acceptable, though. I prefer the latter and stumble over "pleaded" myself, to be honest. See also: "lighted" a cigarette instead of "lit." I fear I eventually might snap on someone over using "lead" as the past tense of "lead." That's not even a blankity-blank thing. *No, autocorrect, I did not want to type "Aborting" instead of "a boring."
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    I did. I almost bought all the wolves. Then I decided that I wanted people more. Though I still wanted the wolves.
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    I'm not sure that "knew" is precisely correct. "Was unable to see the question without finding a moderately definitive answer" is probably closer. (It's probably part of what makes me a decent tech writer.)
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    That was my problem. Oh! These minis are now $2 a figure! That means 5 figures for the price of one. Or buy 1 get 4 free! Or these are more than 75% off. ... heads back over to the website.
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    Awwwww, thank you! I'll convince you yet! Fortunately, they did not throw me a party, I don't even know why you would wish such a thing on me, geez. What I got was a good lunch with one of my first friends here, Bestie and My Temp. I didn't have to invite anyone I don't like and the company paid for it. Now I just have to figure out how I can sneak out of the building without having to tell all of the randos goodbye.... I know, I know, someone's going to suggest the air vents.
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    You have not lost your marbles. This is a particular peeve of mine and I just about grind my teeth when I hear it in a news story.
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    With the use of Copy Editors having fallen out of fashion, the sort of errors that used to be caught and corrected by these experts has also proliferated. I believe you are correct, and the use of the improper conjugation demonstrates, not your failure of faculties, but the lack of proper grammatical usage on the part of those writing the articles. Many/most of todays baccalaureate level graduates would have difficulty with the 8th grade Passing Out Examination from the McGuffy Curriculum, which was the standard curriculum in the US prior to the Mauve Decade. GEM
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    Pingo was right: oh my! To the people who donated all this: thank you, you are awesome! :hugs: For myself, I found the exact three things I missed the most: Scarecrow, Hot Foot Mouse, and the pennnnn!!!! Unfortunately I won't be able to send the box on until the 7th. But you should all take comfort in know there's lots of amazing stuff in there
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    Have lost my marbles? I thought the past tense of “plead” was “pled”, as in “He pled guilty.” But all the news stories I am seeing read “pleaded guilty”, “pleaded guilty”, “pleaded guilty”. Am I mistaken? Is the past of “tread” still “trod”?
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    That's just it; some of the stuff I'm looking at I probably wouldn't have gotten, but now that it's dirt cheap.... I'm going to keep holding off for a while longer, I've got some bills that are coming due. After those are payed, I may make (another) order...