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    So, 2017 was my first year in this hobby. I discovered the joys of miniatures. I discovered Reaper. I discovered Bones 4, and the Reaper forums with it. I'm going to post pictures of everything I've painted this year, more or less in order...with a bit of a blurb about my journey. Starting with before I joined these forums, my first miniatures. KOBOLDS - WizKids Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures - 72557 These were my first miniatures I painted. Yeah. I started with small kobolds... And with WizKids... (I didn't have primer on hand to start). GOBLINS - Reaper Bones - 77024 What comes after kobolds? Goblins. I have no idea how there are only 9, when they come in packs of 6....I only remember painting 9, as well...This is a mystery... Also, these guys got painted based on a Runescape quest...yeah. I'm a nerd. ADVENTURERS - WizKids Deep Cuts - 72596, 72597, 72600, 72601 So I used the WizKids adventures for Acolytes in my Hoard of the Dragon Queen game...yeah...these were my first human paint jobs. Golanth, Half Dragon Warrior - Reaper Dark Haven Legends - 03463 Golanth was the first metal mini I painted. I remember loving tinting his armor. I also had to base him to keep him from falling over. Various Furniture - Reaper Bones - 77319, 77138, 77137 I wanted some dungeon dressing... Swarms - Reaper Bones - 77129, 77128 Thanks to Hoard of the Dragon Queen, the enemies my players are most afraid of are...RAT SWARMS. Yeah, the rat swarms in ch.1 almost ended up with a TPK. Good times. Halfling Rogue - WizKids Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures - 72627 This chick was my first painted player mini. She was a halfling bard. I remember giving up on her eyes. Dracolisks - Reaper Bones - 77379 I was super proud of these guys when I first did them. I loved how the washes looked! Cultist - Reaper Bones - 77351 My goodness, I started to do detail with this guy! I'd actually discovered Reaper's forums with him, but I stayed just a lurker for a while. Andriessa, Female Wizard - Reaper Bones - 77386 OR 77381 (DDS2) I really spent a lot of time on her. I wanted to try and see just how detailed I could paint. More Goblins - WizKids Deep Cuts - 72579 More goblins. Black Bear (Companion Animals) - Reaper Bones - 77216 The druid kept turning into a bear. It made me angry, but I still painted him up a mini. Phoenix - WizKids Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures - 72563 I just kind of stuck some red ink on this one. Deep Ones - Reaper Dark Haven Legends - SKU ????????? (None of my searches are finding these guys) Peryton - Reaper Bones - 77392 I actually used reference photos for this guy! Spiders - Reaper Bones - 77025 Mister Mouse is scared of spiders and hates these guys. He insists I keep them put away. Cassie, Female Gnome Wizard - Reaper Dark Haven Legends - 03340 Recognize her? She was the first mini I posted up on these forums! She was used as my mini for my player character, Ashes. She was also my first attempt at basing. Additionally, you might remember her being my avatar for a long while. Zombies - Reaper Bones - 77053, 77014 I played with some special effects with these guys. I still love the results! Skeletons - Reaper Bones - 77242, 77241, 77244, 77238, 77237 So many skeletons! I also think I have the wrong sku for my spearman... Ghast - Reaper Bones - 77159 Wraith - Reaper Bones - 77097 I tried adding a tuft of grass to this guy, in the back. Plant Thing - Reaper Bones - ????? I got this from Stoneskull...don't know the actual SKU. Bear - Reaper Bones - ?????? I have no idea the SKU on this bear - it came with Bones 3 core. He was my first attempt to paint for display, instead of tabletop. More Cultists and a Circle - Reaper Bones - 77351 I tried to get a glowy effect on the circle...I still like the first cultist I did a little better... Tombstone - Reaper Bones - ????? From Bones 3 Graveyard Necromancer - Reaper Bones - 77283 I hate the paint job I did on her...she's the last mini I painted using only Army Painter Paints... Level Up! - Reaper Learn to Paint Kit - 08907 And so, I leveled up (I have no clue where the gnome went, and the pirate apparently needs a touch-up) Adventuring Kid - Reaper Dark Haven Legends - 03783 And so, I tried to apply what I learned and also do NMM...this kid didn't turn out so great. But I tried! Hot Foot - Reaper ReaperCon 2017 Mousling - 01616 My FIRST MOUSLING!!!! I'm still really happy about how the bubbling lava came out. Also my lesson in painting before assembly. Bandit - Reaper Bones - ????? And so, I went back and tried speed painting something... Lizardman Archer - Reaper Bones - 77425 Speed painted to test Eldar colors... Wrapping Dragon - Reaper Special Edition - 05193 I finally start to be getting shading and eyes! Yay! Christmas Speed Paints - Reaper - ???, 77436, 77435, 77433, 01552 And so, I now speed paint at a much higher quality than I even slow painted at in the beginning. I feel like 2017 was great. 92 painted miniatures later, I think my skill has improved drastically. I hope my skill keeps improving in 2018!
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    Hi guys, and Happy New Year! I haven't posted in a bit, gonna try to be better about that. Anywho, here's my latest finish, the Elephant Avatar from the Bones 3 Kickstarter. I started this guy in probably October last year, but kind of lost my mojo on him, and he sat on my shelf of shame for quite awhile. This year, I decided to clear out the shelf of shame, so I finished him up. I'm pretty pleased with him. Let me know what you think! ~Magenta
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    Hi It's been a while since I've posted. Here are my most recent minis painted in November/December. Also my first two Darksword mini's are in the group. I'll try to get better at photography, I made a Light box, but the results weren't good, so I just placed the mini's on the desk. Can't decide flash or no flash, I feel the flash brings out the highlights more though. Also the mini's have a weird mix of NMM attempts and Metallic paints. Mini's are; Anduriel - Reaper Bjorn - Reaper Maria - Reaper Trista - Reaper Petyr - Darksword Roose - Darksword Thanks for Looking
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    The Mini I received tonight was from my Secret Sophie painting partner for 2017 JAY. The subject matter was a surprise to me and I must say he is very cute! Although based on his facial expression he does not appreciate being called cute! Jay has delivered me an excellent bit of cheer to me this night, whose space suit matches the frigid weather we have been having! It could have been made from ice! I present 8004 Mousling Space Commander on his ship defending it from space pirates/cats?? (Notice the focus on that face ... this is what i get for calling him cute) and a better view of those shoulder emblems you may have noticed (or maybe not) he is facing two different directions on the stand ... That's because he came off in transit.. must have been some rough hyper space jumps! Much appreciated Jay and He is my first SPACE MARINE!
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    Intimacy Male - a KS bonus based on the art of a pair of lovers. I use this guy for whoever has the Cursed Twlight Sword. The sword has extra powers against the games first Boss, but comes with lots of problems. He just happens to have colors very close to the boss. It looks great on the board.
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    So I did the Bones 4 and this was my first Bones backing on Kickstarter, so I also purchased Learn to Paint Core Skills and Layer Up. My wife painted 4 of the miniatures and I painted one, we still have 1 more to paint. But wanted to show what we did and get your opinions. This is both mine and my wife's first time painting miniatures I did the pirate, she did all the others
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    “There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. There is another theory which states that this has already happened.” -Douglas Adams
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    I have conferred with The Kaiju Formerly Known As ReaperBryan, and have determined that Reaper Ron is the best admin to contact about getting added to a House, for the time being. ...I should probably inform Ron of this. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    A players new paladin mini as he has become quite a bit more pious lately. Messed up the blood on the shield a little but overall I am very happy it's it
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    This is the lovely miniature I received from Pineapple for the Summer exchange. It is a bit late but Pineapple had to start over when parts off the first mini were pilfered and lost. This is the second one and I must say the wait was well worth it! The basing is well done with a scratch built stone wall to frame the Troll Champion. The skin tones, although unexpected is just perfect for the mini and the touch of Orange I usually request appear in the hair/horns and finger/toe nails! The combination is perfect! Without further preamble here are what you all want to see... The Pictures! I am adding this to my display cabinet as I post this! Thanks Pineapple
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    last night I accidentally made my own starship disappear. Our game of full thrust ended up being a starship race around an asteroid belt. since we were short a ship model, a klingon D7 got subbed in as one of the racers, complete with cloaking device. The cloaking device takes the ship off the table, and required me to write all my maneuvers blind from the turn where I turn on the cloak, to the turn that I switch it off. I was in the lead, until I miss counted my turns and left the table at high speed. Somewhere there's a lost ship of klingons trying to conquer a random planet or something.
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    I did this one with some water effects on the base to make it look like he was standing on some rocks in a creek bed.
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    Howdy, Finally got around to her... Thank you, Kev!
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    This just popped into my head while thinking about unicorns. A few years ago while we were still living on the farm my oldest boy was trying to convince his brother that we had a unicorn in the basement. The gist was a live one. The younger one was about 7-8. No way was he falling for that stupid story. Oldest said go ask dad and he'll tell you it's true. So he did and I said yes it's true, there's actually 2 of them. He still didn't believe me so went went downstairs and I showed him the two unicorns hanging out with my high elves. The youngest was a bit surprised but said ok I believe you now. The oldest keeps going on, "you need to believe me and listen to what I tell you to do." I'm like, "Yeah, nooo. Come talk to me before you start doing what he wants you to do." I'm a younger brother too and learned the hard way not to trust older brothers.
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    I'm always sad when the wife won't use her husband's last name. Damned for eternity with people crazier than myself? Tempting, very tempting because you're all the right kind of crazy. Now if I could only play with my minis as well as paint them I might give in. Is there a house that plays games?
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    Cute little dwarf from Bones 3. I painted her up to look like my priest in World of Warcraft. She is adorable! I still need to practice black hair but I like how she turned out and she is for kicking elf on the table so she's good to go. I practiced doing some plaid on her top. She also has a little bottle strapped to her waist. Is it a healing potion? Poison? Or just wine? Who will try it and find out?
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    Dinner conversation after making hotel reservations for Reapercon: I say; "So we'll be driving to Denton, Texas a week after you get back from Sovereign Grand Lodge**." Wife says; "Oh Good! You know the ladies I am friends with from Texas? [I nod yes] some of them live in Denton!" [Think to self, the stars are in alignment and the world is good] I say; "You know my handle is Green Eyed Monster. Didn't know how to refer to you so I put in Mrs. Monster." She; Giving me the Number 2 Beady Eye. Me; Quickly responds with "How would you like to be referred to instead?" She; [Looks thoughtful for about 30 seconds] "Tag-Along, as I will be tagging along with you." Me; "Tag-Along it is then" So, henceforth and forthwith, She Who Makes Life Worthwhile shall be known to all and sundry as "Tag-Along". GEM **Sovereign Grand Lodge being the annual International Convention for our Fraternal Orders
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    The king of rodents! I want one as a pet. I'm sure Lucy and Alice would just be thrilled!! I've accepted a short sale offer on the house... We'll see if the bank likes it.
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    @Crowley closest I got to a hamster: the capybara.
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    Warm today but soggy. Then cold again for the next week. Not nearly as cold as -33c, but cold enough that the bouncing back and forth is getting people sick. For example my boss is out sick again today... Finished painting my eye beast last night. Coffee...
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    Just remember there's a big difference between a unicorn and a Unicron. One destroys planets, the other is a gigantic transformer.
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    There are several webstores in Europe who do. I have sets as well as single bottles.. Figmentius takes care of all your needs. There are skullz for the Barbarian, Bacon for the wolves, A scratching post for the sabretooth, we have rocks for the geologists... So...jjjjooooiiinnn uuuussssss Just sign at the dot, here, here and there, no no, you don't need to read the fineprint, I assure you it will be ok.. I can top that! A few decades ago I sold a nice rare mini for a decent price. Now I need that mini for my project and it is nowhere to be found anymore... ***Kicks himself repeatedly***
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    Seems about right, given what we know about Klingons.
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    6 units of 128 6mm Gondor soldiers each, ready for their banners.
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    Which one is it? *cracks knuckles, gets ready to search* Cannibalism among food mascots is a common occurrence. It appears that one of them is an amphibimech. An old Mark III unit, unless I miss my guess.
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    This is a ribbiting post... So glad its Friday. 3 more hours to go...
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    From the main CMON site: Greetings from the CMON Team, We want to apologize to anyone affected by our shipping delays in relation to orders placed during CMON’s 2017 Holiday Sale and for any issues the delays caused during the holiday season. The response to the sale was huge compared to previous years, and, truthfully, we were not prepared. The number of orders far exceeded our expectations and our ability to keep pace. Our team in the warehouse has been working tirelessly to pack and ship your orders, and we can say that all orders placed during the Holiday Sale will be shipped by January 26, 2018. If you are waiting on a response from our Customer Service team in regard to the status of your shipment, please know they are working as fast as they can to catch up with the heavy influx of tickets generated from the shipping delay. When your order ships, you will receive tracking information to the email we have on file. Again, we apologize for any undue stress our delays have caused. We are using this as a learning experience as we strive to always increase or service to our customers who helped make CMON what it is today and will be in the future.
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    02870: Familiar Pack VI has a vampire mouse.... It has fangs and is wearing a cape.
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    Fired up Folding@Home on my graphics card for the first time in just under a month. I had forgotten how warm the top of my desk gets when I do this and can't have a window open because it's negative winter outside with a not-so-balmy -27C, that feels like -33C thanks to the wind. In other news, Canada Post must be afraid of dragons (or forgot to scan the package) because it's been in for "additional processing" for two full days now. So either he took over things, and decided a pile of mail made the best hoard (not really the comfiest solution) or he found a nice shelf to rest on for a while. Would be nice to get my paints early next week though, and on the plus side, they say that cold snap that's in most of Canada atm will be dissipating
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    In case you ever needed to gird your loins for battle or for planting petunias:
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    Immortality. Unicorns. PURPLE. That enough, @Zink?
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    well you see you use games and minis to put off doing other games/minis - its like a snake eating its own tail. what I am supposed to be painting: phoenix, and my first ever bust. what im actually doing. I painted 2 Kingdom Death humans then played the boardgame with the new guys. (center human in blue, and axe-woman in the back are both new this week.)
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    Ok, this isn't a New year's resolution ( I don't make those), but I have decided that I need to get over the "I'm not good enough" thing and try to push myself to paint all those figures that I've been saving for 'some day'. That day is NOW. I grabbed this figure during a Black Friday sale for something like 4 or 5 bucks. Depending on where you get it from, it's usually more like 30. It's 28mm scale, but it stands pretty tall; I'm guessing it's 54mm tall or thereabouts. I'll get a proper picture with Sir Forscale a little bit later on. I'd like you to help push me to do my absolute best with this guy, please. If you think something looks good, cool, tell me that. By the same token, if you think something doesn't look good, tell me that, too. I want you guys to 'break out the red pen' as Cyradis would say. For reference, this is the figure I'm talking about (picture from the WWW, not my figure).
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    CMPA is doing a "Bust a Move" challenge. I've been meaning to paint this lion for a while. The only non blue part are his eyes. The rest will be 50 Shades of Blue. I am basing with Dragon Blue, but intend to subdue it with less saturated blues as I go. First bust and first monochrome! Okay, almost monochrome
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    Oh yes... just after I finish Sky Rim. Now that the husband is out of the way... that should proceed splendidly. Muahahahaha! (And the drive was fine. It had iced a bit, and then switched over to rain, so not slick at all.)
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    Now that I think on this more, I am frightened by the ramifications. What if that brave little dragon managed to escape some force that is only now beginning to show itself? Some vile entity hellbent on preventing the painting of the minis, something that seeks to rob us of our immortality.......what could have cause to do this? (raids bookshelf and selects a dusty tome) Ah, here in the White Wolf documentary, Wraith the Oblivion 2nd ed! It seems our potential immortality has irritated the Deathlords, who seek to claim us! Perhaps they are threatened by our vast armies of relic minis who will accompany us to the Underworld, (should we ever paint them all),thus threatening their grip on power. Or so it seems at first....by our painting we defy Oblivion itself and so the true cause can now be seen. What at first seemed only human incompetence is actually the foul machinations of a Malfean! So now we paint not merely for our own enjoyment, but for the survival of reality itself! (sometimes these things just write themselves)
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    Perhaps it's on the Klingon ship and there'll be more than just a dragon at the post office!
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    I'm having visions of a dragon mini in a stealth suit slowly and carefully making it's way past checkpoints and dodging customs officials.
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    Mouse was both. And neither. When she read the books (She is going to qualify this by saying she was actually in the series' target audience when they came out - preteen girls - and they got her through a particularly hard summer).
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    It was 69 here yesterday. and wee are due only 0.1-0.25 inches of ice. So not too bad. Probably get 3 or so inches of snow on top of that. Interesting issue is, I’m due to take the husband to the airport just as the freezing rain is thinking about switching to snow.
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    Nice eye beast. but the flu is also hitting everywhere in the US right now. And now, I really should leave and go get groceries when it’s just freezing rain and not freezing rain with inches of snow on top. Still have to take husband to the airport. He is off to Romania. Hopefully the weather here and in Detroit doesn’t mess with his flights.
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    Pffff....I have been watching lots of fantasy artwork and painted mini pics lately... I need to hobby moar... Could somebody please pay my bills, so I can hobby?
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    Don Featherstone, the inventor of the plastic flamingo, was awarded the 1996 Ig Nobel prize in Art for his contribution to ornamental evolution. He was so proud of his award he and his wife attended nearly every Ig Nobel award ceremony afterwards until his death. The year he died the award ceremony included a moment of silence for him as a pink light-up flamingo was carried to the top of the auditorium and lit in his honor. It was beautiful.
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    Miracles of miracles I got a CMON shipping notification. Looks like all my stuff is there. Order was made Nov 29th at 11:36am
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    I just looked, and after an initial round of looking at a few things it's already a $219 USD order! ....Then again, it does have seven paint triads (so 21 paints), four additional paints to collect all three of two other triads, seven more minis for me, equivalencies of the LTPK minis for Rune (so he has his own to work on/try out techniques on), and at least six additional minis for hubby (including Ebonwrath for rainbow dragon challenge that he decided to sign up for while we were at the hospital ^_^;;; ). I suspect I'll try and coax him up a little higher to say a dozen or so, so he has a few more to work with / on Yup, next order will definitely be just a tad larger than I was originally planning, but that's life