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    Really happy how this turned out. The paint job for the mini took about 2 hours while making the base took around 5 (most of which were trying to figure out how to use Green Stuff roller effectively). And I have to thank @Glitterwolf for the tip on the Green Stuff roller. I saw you use one for your jungle diorama and think they are awesome!!
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    Here is my painting of the cemetery gates from Reaper Bones III KS. I got some in the boxed set and some extras. If anyone knows the product number I will add it. I basecoated the stones in Dwarven Forge Sludge and the bars in Dwarven Forge Black. Next I heavily drybrushed it all in Lonestar Leather 09284 and then added Dragon Bronze 09449 to the tips. I washed it all with Stone Wash 09311 Finally I used Vallejo Fluo Green on the skulls. Any C&C?
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    I finished her. It's finished but not perfect. I could have messed around with things even further and cleaned her up a bit more. I really probably could have left her sitting for weeks trying to figure out what else to do which is when I decided it's done. Pretty happy with the eyes on this one. Also, the chaps were the first time I'd attempted to do distressed leather which I think look pretty good for a first attempt. Probably could have gotten clearer pictures but didn't want to fight with the phone any longer. ETA: C&C welcome.
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    So I did the Bones 4 and this was my first Bones backing on Kickstarter, so I also purchased Learn to Paint Core Skills and Layer Up. My wife painted 4 of the miniatures and I painted one, we still have 1 more to paint. But wanted to show what we did and get your opinions. This is both mine and my wife's first time painting miniatures I did the pirate, she did all the others
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    Sleet is pretty much frozen rain; hail is chunks of water-rock hurled forth from the steep, cloudy cliffs of the angry gods.
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    One of my friends sculpted this beholder. Another friend painted it. It's 100% custom. As far as I know, it's the first thing that the guy has sculpted. It's way better than I could do.
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    My youngest cat is one of them there sex poivoits, I tells ya. It's horrifyin'! I don't wanna live near one of them disgustin' people! Every other week she's trying to seduce my neutered cat. I really need to find the time to get her to the vet and get her spayed, because her antics while in heat have gotten annoying. I guess she sees me as a male cat as well, because she'll come running up to me and throw herself into position in front of me as often as she does it to my other cat. I keep accidentally kicking her right in her butt because she does it while she's right in front of my foot and I'm not paying attention. One thing I'm walking, next thing I hear "mrow" and then PUNT! She gets a foot right in the lady bits. My roommate said that earlier he thought my neutered cat was finally gonna get involved. He said they came running down into his room, Rose assumed the position, Ed assumed the position, and then he said Ed just looked confused for a second and scampered off. Which led to us making jokes about Ed's neutered status, as we immature little boys are wont to do.
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    Hmm I just realized that with matt in Romania.... *I’m* responsible for removing the inch and a half of snow from the driveway. *checks weather forecast to see if it will melt before he comes home.) ——— It’ll be 40’s by Friday.... I can drive over 1.5 inches no problem. So do I really have to clear the driveway? (We have no sidewalks in our subdivision.)
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    This evening the world is functioning as it should. Tag-Along [wife] and I had lasagna Dinner at our favorite local Italian Restaurant. I avoided Death By Black Forest Cake only by taking a large half or the desert home for later consumption, which will happen right after I finish what is left of my Lasagna [this place serves very generous portions]. Stopped in at FLGS on way home, my special order odd sized sleeves for some old Judges Guild material came in, along with the Catan 5-6 player expansion for Grandkidlets and family. Sitting here now comfortably digesting and my constant headache is at it's lowest level so far this year. GEM
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    Annnd.. booked! Barring Circumstances (TM), it looks like we're going. So I'm told. Apparently, Mr. Thorne enjoyed himself. I'm still not sure what he did (he got into one of Wolf's games, I think), and .. I don't know. I was busy. ^^; And now ... we.. plot. Muhuuhuuhahhaaaaa!
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    It's not a bad idea. Driving over snow repeatedly will pack it into ice, which will make your driveway suck. If it's only 1.5 inches, it's not that much work. You can just place the shovel in the snow and start walking. It'll be like having a mini-plow.
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    It was basically sleet, yes, but it wasn't all frozen so it was also the definition of "wintry mix" as well. My other coworker showed up, and when he walked through the door he told me "you should go home now. It's getting bad near my house, I can only imagine it's just as bad or worse on your way home." He only lives about 5 miles from work, at roughly the same elevation. I live 20 miles from work, at a higher elevation. I took his advice. It was worth it. The interstate was starting to get slick, and then my street is getting pretty icy. I went ahead and salted my sidewalk and the walkway to my front door as soon as I got in, so it should lessen the need for a heavy coating of salt tomorrow. With any luck, the walkway will remain completely clear since it's level and the salt I used has a healthy mix of magnesium chloride to really lower it's freezing temperature, preventing melted stuff from refreshing and just creating a puddle of salt water instead. The sidewalks aren't level, though, so they'll definitely need more. But I've got a 20lb bag on standby, and that should be more than enough. I did learn from my other coworker that, while I was right that we should have pre-salted, we wouldn't have been able to. Our salt spreader doesn't have a cover on the salt bin, and since it was raining it would have caused major issues with the salt later. It would get wet and go rock hard if it sat, meaning that it wouldn't fall to fill in the stuff that gets augered out. When it's snowing it's far less of a problem, because there's usually less actual water getting in the bin, and when it's snowing heavy we empty the bin fast enough that it doesn't matter. I guess they used to cover the bin with a heavy tarp that was held in place with a bunch of bungee cords, but they stopped doing that for some reason or another that we don't know why.
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    Bits of ice are now falling from the sky along with the rain. It hasn't yet begun to freeze on the ground yet, so I guess my coworker was a little bit right about that. But it's supposed to switch from ice and rain to snow in the next hour, and continue snowing for another 2-3 hours, which means it will be freezing soon. He has conceded that when our other coworker shows up we will salt the sidewalks by our lots, which are more important to salt for liability reasons. Slip and fall on the sidewalk is far more actionable than slip and fall(or fender bender) in the parking lot.
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    The Stabby Witch Finger is a powerful tool. It's like the Loki Pokey Stick from Avengers. Why do you think they always have witches in movies and TV shows poking people with their fingers all the time? Poke, and suddenly the person dies, becomes a friend, goes to sleep, etc.
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    I think I've figured out how to get to the macro setting on my phone camera! I've only had the phone 6 months of looking around the Google machines. I've also found (what I hope is) a decent looking clip on macro lens to make it even easier. It's only $16 so even if I do get it and it doesn't work I'm not out much.
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    Yes, your coworker is an idiot. Since he "knows chemistry" ask him if he knows why water is wet.
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    SKU: CVB280183 First time attempting to paint glass and I think it came out . . . okish. Not great, but not bad for a first effort. Need to work on the blending, but have gotten some tips to help with that. As always C&C are most welcomed as I am always looking for ways to improve on my skills since currently about the best I can hope for is table top quality (and I even occasionally succeed ;P) Thanks for looking! Gargs
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    It usually goes really cold rain that may or may not freeze on the ground; freezing rain, basically tiny raindrops of ice which either melt on the ground, melt and refreeze as a sheet of ice, or pile up in little pellets; sleet, half melted big clumps of former fluffy snow and water; then snow; Hail is bigger hunks of ice falling. Wintery mix is when Mother Nature can't decide how to send down the water and sends a mix of two or more options. Does your mail carrier need to use your driveway to get to the mailbox? If so then you need to shovel, if not nope; but I second Unruly, half melted and refrozen skating rink driveways are no fun.
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    I just don't think he gets why I am upset. And if I ask him he will TELL me that he doesn't understand, and that he is sorry. And he will MEAN it! Sometimes it is like trying to have an argument with Data.
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    John Wayne's real name was Marion Morrissey. I see why he changed it. Michael J. Fox's middle name is Andrew. Problem was, there was already a Michael Fox and a Michael A. Fox in the Screen Actors Guild. And would The Wizard Of Oz have achieved its success if Over The Rainbow had been sung by ... Frances Gumm? (Shown here: Frances Gumm, after her makeover and renaming)
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    Uhm... Megan was a little upset with me. Just a teeny tiny bit. The Auld Grump she has a pointy finger when she is jabbing me with it. *EDIT* She was right, I was wrong. I thought I was being funny, but I wasn't.
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    Hello, my name is (insert name). You killed my (spouse, parent, etc), prepare to die!
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    Isn't Ice Falling From the Sky called Sleet? Or when the weather conditions are just right Hail? We don't get a whole lot of weather like that in our local area so I'm not up on the most accurate nomenclature. GEM
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    Whooooo, my dragon came in a stealth box, if that counts. I'd post some sort of update, but I'm supposed to be getting ready to go out to the year end party, which is at dinner theater.... ...Because apparently according to some (well, I suppose myself) it takes me FOREVER to get dressed for such an event. But... I'm not dressing up, not even doing anything crazy with my hair, just making it look... Kind of not "wore a toque all day" look :P If I have energy left when I get back, I'll update the double rainbow dragons of doom thread :P Lava Orange may not be close to my favourite shade of orange, but it sure is pretty.