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    I wanted to share this here for those of you not on the social media outlets. My daughter's latest project was the Crazy Cat Lady that I got her for Christmas. She painted the cats first which just amazed me because some of the detail she put on them was awesome. Once she was done and I could not get her to touch up anything else she wanted to base. I decided she would do it all except the super glue. So away she went with craft glue and basing materials. She has a few more things I got her for Christmas and then birthday is in less than two weeks and I have a couple more minis for then too. Should be a busy year if actually sit down and paint.
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    So as everybody knows, in 2017 I attended my first ReaperCon ever. There I got to meet many wonderful people in real life, and I have to say it was probably the finest group of human beings I've ever spent time with. We picked a table at random, and so wound up with some random people sharing our table as people came to the con. @pcktlnt was one of them, and even though everybody here already knows he's pretty great I want to tell you that face-to-face he's even better. Pcktlnt is a genuine top-tier human being, even among such a great crowd of people. Before ReaperCon, being aware of the melt table there, I declared it my intention to raid it and Save The Parthas from doom. Since I could not monitor the melt table the whole time (even though I tried), I put the word out. I didn't care who wound up with them, I wasn't trying to get them for myself, I just wanted to save them from being melted into oblivion. Save The Parthas! was the cry. Now, to be 100% frank, my actual objective was to save the precious and rare TSR-era Parthas above all else. But, since asking people to scan the table for minis made in this specific 8-year span with these specific features and check the bases seemed like rather a lot to ask, Save The Parthas was shorter, sweeter, and simpler. And Save The Parthas they did! At one point, I forget which day, pcktlnt came by the table and delivered an old 1982 Partha giant lady. At some point in the past she had been painted with green skin and yellow fur. While a touch older than what I usually collect, I graciously accepted the free mini and said I would paint it up. I have, and here she is: For the age, she's not a terrible mini. She turned out, in fact, to be a very early Julie Guthrie. This particular specimen, being from the 80s and made of soft lead, did have some wear and tear. So I worked with what I could, and I'm happy to add her to the shelf. But the story doesn't end there! When I looked her up to identify her, I discovered she was Version 1 of the female giant from All Things Dark And Dangerous. I was familiar with Version 2, but had never seen this one. So I found some scanes of Partha catalogs older than my physical copies (which only go back to 1993) and she appeared in 1983 (stamped 1982 on the base) and was replaced in 1985 by version 2. Which means, technically, she's actually MORE RARE than many of the TSR minis! I don't know who brought it, but if you're here I'd be interested to know how you came by this figure. She's been painted, probably a long time ago, and has seen some action. She's got some history, and it didn't end just yet. Sometime in the 80s somebody saw her in a blister and said: "that's nice, I'll buy that" and now she's here, probably in a different country. What happened in all that time? How many players did she smush? I have no way to know, but now she's mine and I've grown fond of her. I love her just as much as any other mini - whether Takhisis or Factol Rhys. So a special thank you to @pcktlnt for your tireless stalking of the melt table, and for giving me the chance to own a little piece of odd history and give a miniature a good home. As an aside, if anybody wants a good melt table story, ask @Dr.Bedlam about The Joker With One Foot. It's a legendary tale, told best by him. (I saw the Joker with my own eyes before he told me).
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    Painting this was awfully fun.
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    Hey everyone, This is my first complete 2018 model! (Also my first resin model) Miss MKCS spotted it at our lfgs and surprised me over Christmas with it. It was a blast to paint! I’m having issues waiting for Reaper to release their version of the Behir now! I hope you like it! C&C are always welcome.
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    This miniature I've had for a while, since about 2008. I tried painting her a while ago, but I got stuck. I don't know about the rest of you, but I find painting horses to be very difficult - mostly because my colours just never seemed quite right. In November, I had to lay in supplies for over winter and that meant buying the last of my paint restocks from Coat D'Arms. While I was there, I noticed in their military line they had some Horse Tone colours. I figured, hey, why not? At least they'd probably wind up the proper colour. So Ms. Redstorm here was my first try using Coat D'Arms 224 Horst Tone Bay. The other horse tones are Dun, Chestnut, and Roan. If anybody is interested in seeing these in use, I have a number of horses and will be ordering more in a few days so I can do a WIP to show the different ones. Having pre-mixed horse colours simplifies the task quite a lot, and four colours is enough to add variety to a mounted group. I really enjoyed painting this miniature, and I never thought painting a horse would be so much fun. Also, if you're wondering why I filed off the intricate design of her shield that shows in store photos it's because her on-foot version (Vanessa of the Blade) I painted some time ago came with some pitting on the shield. As it was not enough to really bother complaining about, I merely filed it off and painted a simple quartered pattern. Since the mounted version should match my footed version, I did the same here. So if you want to see a WIP of the horse tone colours, let me know! I'll pick 4 Reaper horsepeople out of my collection when the new ones come in and paint 'em up.
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    This one is out of my element. He isn't human and he isn't holding a sword. Jokes aside, this is Kurdursh the Firecaller, a mini for LOTR. I have been searching for this mini for some time as he is OOP. Comments and critiques are always welcome!
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    Painted this guy up to act as our dwarven barbarian for some Adventurers League gaming at an upcoming con. Messing around with skin tones. I may go back and add some tattoos before I finish coating him with varnish (he's got one coat of gloss right now). Am not sure what to put on him, other than maybe the rune for anger.
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    When I got home a package was waiting for me at my door! My blue pocket dress finally arrived! It fits perfectly, is a pretty colours of blue, and is a soft knit material. For those interested, I bought an XL, am a size 16, and it fits just right. I'm 5'6" and it goes down to the floor without dragging (though it should drag prettily on the stairs ). The pocket is generously sized. The cowl neck is big enough to cover my face, if I'm being silly.
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    To be fair - I actually think it was the right decision this time. Seven PCs, one group had a Rogue, a Ranger, a Barbarian, and Megan's Trickster - all with stealth. The second group had a Paladin. a Cleric in breastplate, and an Wizard Evoker. One group was sneaky, the other wasn't - and the Ranger is high enough level that they sneaky group had some healing. The other group was acting as a distraction - and doing a great job of it. The party was going to get hammered either way, this allowed them to get what they needed, get out, and take less damage. But there were some points with the Stealthy Sneaks where things could have gone very wrong. The Auld Grump - Megan had a wand of Silence, I think it now has maybe two charges left. They found that wand, but I will be surprised if they don't replace it. It kept them alive.
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    I must incessantly quote this.
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    I used it to SILENCE the giants, because even one of them yelling would have meant fighting three or four more. Though it was funny when the giant PICKED UP the dwarf ranger and THREW him at me, all completely silent. I made a little placard saying Oh, No!
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    There are a LOT of weird stories about The Wizard Of Oz, but my favorite had to do with the actor who played the Wizard himself. Frank Morgan was a well known actor who was getting on in years when he was tapped to play the Wizard of Oz in the famous Technicolor musical film, the one that starred Frances Gumm as Dorothy. The script called for his costume to be a tad shabby but of good cut and quality, and some twenty years or more out of fashion. And the costume department couldn't come up with anything that fit. And when it fit, the director didn't like it. And if it fit and the director liked it, Frank found it uncomfortable. So finally, Frank said the hell with it and stopped at a thrift store on the way home and bought an old frock coat. It was of good cut and quality, but it had to be thirty or forty years old, and Frank thought it fit the bill. It fit, and was comfortable. And while wearing it, Frank noted a slip of paper in the pocket. Turned out to be a cleaning bill for the coat... made out to the coat's former owner... L. Frank Baum. At first, both Morgan and the studio were skeptical... until they contacted Baum's widow, who confirmed that it was one of her husband's old coats.
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    Yes, sooner or later, you're going to become a crotchety old man with a big gut and a bald spot.
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    Kevoth-Kul the Black Sovereign. Am I the only person to have painted this? I usually like to take a look at other painted interpretations of minis that I'm considering to paint. I can't find a single one of this guy anywhere. I can't be the only one who likes it.
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    I painted this Karzoug, Runelord of Greed for a friend of mine to use as his climactic encounter in his campaign (yes that one). Tried to make him awesome, eventually chose to leave some of the freehand edges out, cause damnnn... Still I am quite pleased with him.
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    Whipped this Ghost King up while I was taking a break from writing up an adventure. Blue is my favorite color, and I decided to dive in head first with all of my different blue paints. This is the first time I have tried adding high lights on the cloaks, and I think it made a huge difference. Critiques and advice welcome as always, especially advice on high lights. Thanks in advance!
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    I intend to become a crotchety old lady with a ferocious attack iguana. And I will tell whippersnappers to get off my lawn or face the lizard!
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    I have on several occasions demanded that the Imperial March from star wars be played whenever I enter a room. My coworkers at the time agreed that this was thematically appropriate, but no one with the proper tech knowlage was interested in making this happen.
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    Dangit. I lost my page. *waves hi to all* I'm not a fan of writing employee evaluations. I want to copy and paste for a majority of them. I rather they self-evaluate, meet with me, fix their evaluation if any of them are surprising, meet with me again, and then submit to management when both sides are satisfied.
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    Yep, 9lbs of onions was too much. I cut up 5lbs, and they filled my pot. So I've got 5lb of onions and two whole sticks of butter that are in the process of being caramelized. The onions have been going for about 10-15 minutes now, and they're at the point where all their natural water is cooking out of them. Now they only take up about half of the pot, and in another 15-20 minutes they'll start to brown really nicely. Hopefully. This is the biggest batch of them that I've ever made, so I don't know just how it's going to go. I also have almost 6lbs of pork being slow cooked for pulled pork sandwiches. That's been going for about an hour now, so by the time I'm ready for dinner it should be ready to be pulled. Then I've got some store bought coleslaw in the fridge, some Italian rolls, and I'll have some delicious caramelized onions to make things even better. For now, though, I'm eating leftover hamburger helper...
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    I painted this guy a while ago, and as soon as it was previewed in the Kickstarter, I was reminded of Slade from the old Teen Titans cartoon. His design worked really well as a basis for the paint scheme here. The pictures were taken on the painting table, as I never really got around to taking some in the photo booth, unfortunately.
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    I can tell you that Grump's midlife crisis chased him down and tackled him to the ground! Otherwise he might never have had one! (I'm talking about ME if anyone has to ask! ) He would have just faded into grumpy old age without me! Grump and I BOTH own clothes that are more than twenty years old! I INHERITED mine!
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    Really? Four hours with no randomness?! That’s just djeddirestic! Incsektlyicalular! Get to work, people! I need something distracting in two hours for my lunch!
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    I always thought, "You wanna see my lizard?" was more of an old man thing than old woman.
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    Platypus, also known as the “duck-billed platypus,” belong to one of the three types of mammals known as monotremes, that is mammals that lay eggs rather than giving birth to a baby. It wasn’t until 1884 that the naturalists could confirm that the female platypus laid eggs. Each female lays around one to three leathery-shelled eggs, and the hatchlings are initially blind and hairless. Being a mammal, the platypus has mammary glands but no nipples. Instead, the milk is released through the skin pores and gets collected in the grooves in her abdomen from where the babies lap it up. Another interesting fact about platypuses is that they have a sense known as electroreception. Instead of sensing other animals using their eyes or ears, they sense them by detecting electric fields generated by muscular contractions. Monotremes are the only mammals with electroreception, and platypuses are the most sensitive
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    I may have messed up my onions. In a not bad but also not great way. I think I used way too much butter, because there's still a ton of liquid left even after hours of cooking. And because they've cooked so long, the onions are losing their cohesiveness and reducing themselves down to nothing. So I'm going to end up with a big pot of onion-flavored caramel rather than caramelized onions. But I've tasted them, and they are still delicious. Behold!
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    I sometimes catch up to like 4 pages back. After that my brain goes mush. Also: help I am stuck watching bad anime. Haaaalllpppp!
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    Quoting this for where I left off ... thirty-nine pages ago?!?! I ... may not catch up. Went swimming this morning. Then fixed the refrigerator. This afternoon I painted tiny, tiny faces. Heads the size of peppercorns. Mouths the size of sesame seeds. Gah. You understand how it is.
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    So, for a second day in a row, I have managed to avoid doing the cooking that I really needed to do. Although I woke up at 8 am, for some reason after breakfast I ended up taking a two-hour nap sitting up, and then I got my head stuck in a damn book for the rest of the day. Then I just randomly spaced out for half an hour while reading the forums. Aside from managing to feed myself breakfast this morning, my brain has been functionally useless today. Right now there's a tumbleweed in my brain rolling past the weathered skull of a brain weasel while theme music plays...
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    Lessee. Hitting 45 this year, so I'm probably mid-life, although the goal is 127, so as to hit three centuries observed. 1) Don't feel it's over, but do feel its stalled a bit. Can't seem to get any traction. Going to try being incompetent this year, since that seems to be what gets people promoted up and out. 2) Does a decently used but recent Lotus count? Really eyeing a couple. Doesn't help that I pass the Lotus/Ferrari dealership on my way to work each day. 3) Not really interested in the affair part. Maybe have to wait a year or two. Then again, wife doesn't get concerned with the amount of hobby expenditures, so it's a big gamble to give up on that. Maybe I should just start showering her with lingerie and other frilly things? She's a big tomboy, so I don't think that'll get me very far. 4) Considering I still wear 30 year old shirts, and have never been fashionable, I'm pretty sure this one won't happen. But seriously, I have read that 40-50 is the most people will be miserable... and I agree. I've been troubled for about a decade when while out for a walk my brain came up with a hypothetical: The job fairy (I did say hypothetical) comes down and will grant me any job that actually exists (no Playboy Bunny washer fer examples), and I get to do that job at the same pay and benefits I get right now, so what'll it be? And I draw a blank. My sixth grade self would pass out from excitement knowing that I design spacecraft with my parts escaping Earth orbit, have been around exotic extreme aircraft, and have met astronauts and supersonic sled drivers. My father-of-a-sixth-grader self is less impressed, and wonders what is out there that I'm missing. But knows no better source of employment. I mean, unless someone is out there building FTL ships and just don't know about it. So I sit and ponder. About the only thing I have thought of was designing new spaceships for Star Wars/Trek, or playing with my own designs for Sci-Fi space ships. One thought process ran to trying to work at some special effects shop for movies, but think that would be more "this spot needs more smoke" and "can you fix some of the hair over here" rather than any ship design work. And I'd have to move back to California, which is uninteresting to me. I just wasn't meant to be on the west coast. Thus, a general malaise has settled in, and I suppose I'll just have to ride things out. And try to calculate the payments on that Lotus.
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    Fixed her hand. I think she has some sort of articulated armor over her fingers except for the last joints. So I spent, whew, all afternoon fiddling with tiny, tiny faces. This is where I got her to when I had finished with all the greys and black and white. Her eye sockets are black. I haven't painted the eyes! Her mouth is pure Red Oxide. I painted her fingernails with it too, because why not. Next is a wash of transparent purple mixed from Quinacridone Magenta and Phthalocyanine Blue to shade the upper lip and emphasize the line of the mouth. Then a pink highlight on the lower lip mixed from Quinacridone Magenta, Titanium White, and Yellow Ochre. There's a stray bit of purple to clean up later.
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    It probably won't. Sadly though, out of the last four years, it was the saddest amount of melt I had ever seen. The three years prior, you couldn't see the bottom of the bin after the first day, and didn't see it again (except when people made mini mountains) until the last day. There would be years I would never see pktlnt anywhere other than the table........I saw him paint this year!!!! *Tisk*
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    This was my second diorama for ReaperCon 2017 and was the one picked for judging. The idea for it actually began at last year's ReaperCon and was originally going to be the wizard catching the barbarian mousling breaking in. Over the year it evolved into a large scene than originally planned and I swapped out the barbarian for the two thieves/rogues. It ended up getting a gold medal and Mousling Honorable Mention. Any feedback would be appreciated. Here is the WIP thread: Stop Thief! Thank you to everyone who gave me feedback while creating this diorama.
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    1. I don't NEED a career. All I really need is a PAYCHECK. Later in life, I amended this to "and a RETIREMENT PLAN. And INSURANCE." 2. My only concern with transportation is that it functions when I need and want it to. My last interest in specific motor vehicles was in childhood, when I wanted to own the Batmobile, and in my teens, when I wanted a Chevy van with a dragon and wizard airbrushed on the side, orange shag carpeting on the inside, and a waterbed and mirrored disco ball installed. This pipe dream was pretty much abandoned circa 1980. I've never owned a motorcycle, but have managed to be on one that crashed on three separate occasions, and consequently have no real interest in owning or riding motorcycles. 3. Believe it or not, I've never been much tempted to have an affair. My ex wife had several, though, which is why she's my ex. 4. I am not and have never been much of a clothes horse. The main reason I wear them at ALL is to avoid scaring my coworkers and students. The only strong feelings I have about them is that I am fond of specific T-shirts with memories associated, and I hate ties, a garment in which I have never seen any point; far as I can tell, the only reason anyone has ever worn a tie is to show the world they don't need a real job. My only real adjustment as I have aged is that these days, I am fond of cargo pants, as my work requires me to have handy a great many gimmicks, tools, and distractions that I might need at any time. The trousers have no lines to speak of, due to the many pockets, but at my age, I think few care if my butt looks nice. I am therefore guessing that I am not in the grip of a midlife crisis, nor have I ever been. I do occasionally get nostalgic about stuff, and I own vintage TSR copies of Dungeon! and The Awful Green Things From Outer Space, despite the fact that the current reissues of these games are superior... but they don't give me the little frisson that the ancient copies do. Does that count?
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    *pokes his head in the door and waves*. I got lost in some games and reading and forgot to do that whole try to be sociable thing. Hope everyone has been doing well.
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    Awright, boys and girls, let's set the Wayback Machine for 1976, as bizarre and surreal a year as any I remember, with Bicentennial Coke Cans, mood rings, and tube tops for women. In that fine and glorious year, there was a kid show called Ark II. After a Great Disaster*, humanity's knocked back to the stone age, but a secret cabal of scientists built this amazing RV, packed with tape deck comPOOters and scientific knowledge, and sent a group of young people and their talking chimp out in it to bring civilization back to the heathens. It ran for one season, and was notable for having nearly no interior scenes aside from those aboard the Ark; I'm guessing the entire show's budget went for actors and that infernal vehicle, which got so much screen time, you'd think it had a contract of its own... Speaking of budgets, the following year, a science fiction extravaganza was born amidst the burning of a whole bunch of money: Damnation Alley, the tale of a squad of military guys who, after surviving the Great Disaster,* set out in an amazing combat RV, the Landmaster, in order to seek out survivors and perhaps find some remnant of the American military to which to report. Turns out that another science fiction epic that cost too much came out that same year... little thing called Star Wars... and DA sorta tanked and became yet another lost investment, the kind that makes the Hollywood guys say "Science fiction doesn't sell," at least until George Lucas bought his first diamond-crusted Rolls Royce to use for an ashtray. Now here's the funny part: both of these entertainments were ephemeral, and soon forgotten... but some of us... me, for example... vaguely remembered them through the lens of childhood... and the car customizer who built the Landmaster still had the thing sitting in his auto lot in Los Angeles, for all to see. And apparently, people got the idea that he'd built the Ark II, and that perhaps the same vehicle had been used in both productions! Regrettably, 'twern't so. The Landmaster was built by Dean Jeffries, of Jeffries Automotive, a company that did auto work for movies. The Ark, on the other hand, was built by the Brubaker Group, an outfit that did concept cars. The Landmaster sat on Jeffries' lot for decades until it was restored; last I heard, you could rent it. The Ark, on the other hand, was dismantled after the show's run, and the front end used to construct the space shuttle for yet ANOTHER kid show, Space Academy**, and its sequel, Jason Of Star Command. A shame. I'd rent the Ark in a noo yawk minute. Imagine pulling into a GoodSam campground in THAT thing! *For some reason, nearly all seventies science fiction was based around the idea that somewhere around the year 2000, civilization was going to collapse. The reason was usually nuclear war, although the Planet Of The Apes franchise had an ape rebellion, and Ark II implied the disaster was ecological in nature. The older I get, the HARDER it is to get kids to understand what the Cold War was like, and how many of us had bugout plans for when the Reds finally launched everything over the poles... **Space Academy, basically Star Trek For Kids With A Huge Moral At The End Of Every Episode, is notable for hiring most of its cast from previous science fiction shows. Half the teenagers were in the awful "And The Children Shall Lead" TOS episode, and their mentor, Commander Gampu, was the first role I'd ever seen Johnathan Harris EVER play straight; literally everything else I'd ever seen him in, he was doing a variation of Dr. Smith from Lost In Space. He was actually pretty good. Although more than once, I wondered if Pamelyn Ferdin, seen seated at right, was actually that perky or if she was out of her mind on cocaine...
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    If I were the @Glitterwolf, I would be thinking Def Leppard's "Pour Some Glitter On Me"... but apparently I'm more complicated than that... hmmm.... I'll go with the Say Anything anthem, "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel. A lot of times in my life I have felt like a guy out in a park trying to connect with other people with a jambox held above my head playing a song that I never expect to be heard. In many ways, I was lucky that I found my wife and filled one part of my heart. I've never been good at having close friends or even having friends that have similar interests. Thanks for being people that listen to my songs. I kinda like a lot of you...
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    Why do you want us to distract you from lunch?
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    I got my Badger 54th birthday promotion email questionaire thing the other day, and I finally decided what I wanted. I ended up going for 3 airbrushes - a Patriot Extreme, a Krome, and a regular Patriot 105. All for just under $200. Which means I won't be taking advantage of Reaper's Dungeon Dwellers promotion for this month, despite how much I like ol' Rictus's look. I just couldn't pass on some $64 airbrushes(total cost per brush including shipping). The Patriot 105 will be a duplicate, since I already have one, but I'm worried that either something was wrong with the one I already have when I bought it or I messed something up after the first time I took it apart to clean it. If it turns out that it's just a matter of me sucking at using an airbrush, I'll probably sell one of them and make the money back. The Patriot Extreme is basically a duplicate, but with a couple extra features, and the Krome will be an all new super-airbrush that, if I spend time doing it, will hopefully allow me to paint big models and minis in detail without ever touching a regular weasel butt brush. I won't actually receive the brushes for at least a month, by my reckoning. It'll probably be in the 2-3 month range though, based on what they've given for their production numbers, the fan response to the deal, and how they have to maintain a majority of their production for standard orders. But, like the Bones kickstarters, it's going to be well worth it I think. It was basically a buy 2, get 1 free deal since he Patriot 105 retails at $75, the Patriot Extreme at $100, and the Krome at $120(though that includes a second needle/nozzle setup that this deal doesn't), all direct from Badger's webstore... Soon I'll need to find some cheap airbrush paints to practice with...
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    What to do at 3 50 in the morning? Oh yeah place a Reaper order! 77492: Behir $6.79 x177493: Brain In a Jar $3.49 x177494: Dire Bear $3.99 x177499: Gutrags, Stitch Golem $4.99 x177501: Minotaur $3.49 x177503: Temple Dragon $5.99 x177505: Dragon Plant $3.99 x177512: Flesh Golem $3.29 x177511: Xiloxoch, Naga $3.49 x109299: MSP Core Colors: Brush-On Grey Primer $3.29 x1Your order has received 1x Dungeon Dwellers: Rictus the Undying
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    Hubby and I were productive today. The media shelf I ordered showed up a week early, so we put it together. It's one of the weirdest shelves I've ever put together, but we did and now our movies have a home. We have a big box of movies to get rid of, and the rest that are dvds we're going to try to replace with blu-rays. Our fancy high definition tv has spoiled us
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    To add on, platypi were considered mythological until the late 1700 and even with a carcass, naturalists believed platypi were a hoax. - George Shaw, Nature's Miscellany 1799
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    I'll never have a mid-life crisis. It sounds like an awful lot of work. 1. I don't have a career, I have a job. So no worries. 2. I own two vintage cars at present. They're an introvert's tinkering hobby, not an extrovert's means of seeking attention. 3. That would simply involve far more work than I'm willing to consider. 4. People who know me have claimed that the only time my wardrobe gets refreshed is when the temperature drops and the local bums start freezing to death, which enables me to get some hand-me-downs . . . The Egg
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    All this talk of mimics reminds me of something totally different in a campaign that happened to our group... Everyone's out for a walk in a tooootally safe looking forest, down a long straight path that leads into a perfectly innocent looking clearing, and of course the DM springs a spot check on us. Ranger almost critically fails it (was a 2... of all the times to roll a 2...), nobody else notices anything, and my character, the barbarian who according to the DM is ~trying~ to read a book aptly labelled "how to kill things without getting blood everywhere for dummies" (or something equally silly, forgot the actual title), and only paying enough attention to make sure he doesn't walk into another party member (or a tree)..... Rolls a natural 20. DM just looks at me while the ranger glaaaares at me, and simply asks "can I control your character for just a second?" while grinning like a madman (note - the good kind of madman, not the "I'm going to murder everyone madman") and I said "sure, why not, I'm curious wha..." Didn't get to finish the sentence, as he goes into detail about how my barbarian throws the book right over the ranger's shoulder, narrowly missing said ranger by half an inch and promptly knocks out the leader of the bandits that was about to jump us with the very edge of the book's spine.... He then throws one of the three axes my barbarian was carrying into a similar cluster, and severely wounds two of the bandits as it was apparently the two hander he'd thrown.... DM then just smiles to everyone and says "roll initiative". I've never had someone glare at me for so long, and then break out in laughter shortly afterwards... ....That book was bought as a joke for him because said barbarian had an intellect of something like 6 or 7, and he had a really bad habit of starting bar brawls, fighting lippy town guards, things like that.... Sure kept any bandits at bay afterwards though, because he'd just have to flash the book (or they'd see it) and half of them would run off in sheer fear...
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    Some days are stare-into-space-days & other days everything just flows right along. Today was a flow day. I got some work done on the Trollop Mage & Magrat the Trash Heap, but not enough for a photo. The Pumpkinhead from Glitter is ready to be based: The first of the Devil's Cup Mushrooms is done: ...with the other two a cap away from completion: The Twisted Tower Photo Stage got substantial shove forward: The Tower got windows, a dead tree: AND a fancy front door: Off on stage left some trees sprouted: Not bad for an Old Man.