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    Female adventurer with appropriate clothing.
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    So while Buglips mixes up his midtone, but basecoats with his shade colour, I mostly basecoat with my midtone and then shade and highlight from there. This isn't always the case, but for skin it usually is. So I mixed my skintone up with a half and half mix of MSP Palomino Gold and MSP Faded Khaki. That looks pretty tan on the yellow background of my wet palette, but ended up being more of a mustardy colour. It's important to note that I did not thin this paint at all, not because it was a basecoat, because I do typically thin even my basecoats a little bit, but because it didn't need thinning. It's always important to check the consistency of your paints rather than diving right in to thinning them because different ones will have different consistencies. These 2 mixed made for the perfect consistency without me messing with them further. They were just a touch translucent, however, which wasn't a surprise, as yellows often are, so it took me about 3 coats to get a solid basecoat. The next thing that I like to do, once I have a solid basecoat down on the skin, is to do the eyes. I like painting eyes, but they still don't always go exactly as planned for me, so I find that doing them right after the basecoat is what works for me so that I can easily clean up any mistakes. So I started by painting in the sockets with Brown Liner. This is going to serve as the overall outline of the eye, so I wasn't very careful about staying within the boundaries, I just wanted to make sure that I got every little nook and cranny. Next I painted pink a little more carefully. I'm really only going to leave this showing in the corners, but I find it easier to just go ahead and paint in the whole eye, rather than trying to get a specific shape in there. I used MSP Entrail Pink. I got a little messier with that than I'd intended, so I went back in with Brown Liner and cleaned up the edges. There's often a lot of back and forth with eyes (and most areas of painting) so it's important to take your time and try not to get frustrated with yourself when you make a mistake. It's all a part of the process. Next I painted in the "whites" of the eyes. You don't ever want to use pure white for this for 2 reasons - first of all, using a bright white will contribute to that surprised look that you can sometimes when painting the eyes on a miniature and we don't want that. The second reason is you want to reserve bright white for the reflection point, as the reflection point being the brightest spot in the eyes will help to sell the realistic look that we're going for. So I generally use Warcolours One Coat Beige for the "whites" of my eyes. Any off-white will do when you're dealing with small eyes. I left the pink showing in just barely in the corners of the eyes. Next I decided that with his yellow skin, green eyes would stand out the best, so I painted in the irises with MSP Peacock Green. You want to try to get these as circular as you can and take up about half of the eye socket. Again, we're trying to avoid the surprised look, so you don't want to leave too much of the "whites" showing. It's also best to pick a direction for the eyes to be pointing. Doing eyes facing forward is difficult to get right as any small difference between them will really show and if your placement is even just barely off, you will almost certainly get a cross-eyed or wall-eyed look. So it's easiest to place the irises off to one side. With this guy, I chose to have him gazing off to his left since his head is facing that way anyway, it will give the most natural look. Often the eyes on miniatures will have very slight differences to them that you'll need to work with. In this case, his left eye is open a little bit wider and set a little bit higher. See how much white you can see from this view of his eyes? I didn't realize that until a bit later when I was reviewing the pictures that I took. This is often the case with eyes - you'll think, in person, that they look perfect, but once you look at a picture, you realize that things are a little off. I highly recommend taking pictures of the eyes while you're working on them and reviewing so that you can spot any issues that you're not seeing with your eyes alone. Because as you'll see in this next picture... The placement looked just fine on this eye from this point of view. So next I wanted to highlight the irises. This is one of those steps that is a little more advanced when you're painting eyes. If you don't feel confident about putting a second colour in there, then I recommend painting in your irises with a lighter colour than I used at the start. If you do want to do it this way, then start with a darker colour and then with a much lighter colour, which I made by mixing Peacock Green and Palomino Gold... And placed it in the lower half of the iris. You want to treat highlighting the irises somewhat like painting a gem where you'll have a lighter colour at the bottom where the light has passed through the globe of the eye. You can see I went outside the line, but no worries because I can clean that up later. Not sure if this was the point that I expanded the iris in his left eye or not. Next I took MSP Pure Black for the pupil. You want to do your best to get the placement right on the first go for this, but it's not the end of the world if you don't. Have a blurry picture... And another blurry picture! Next up was the reflection spot, which I have a couple of tips for. As I said, you want this to be the brightest spot on your eye, so use a pure white. Another thing to note is that the reflection spot should go in the same area on both eyes. A very common mistake is to make the eyes mirror each other (I know because it's a mistake I've made!) by putting the reflection spot either both on the outer side of the eye or both on the inner side of the eye. If you look at reference pictures of real eyes, that's not how reflections work realistically. Pick a spot to place it and stay consistent from one eye to the other. If you put it in the upper left on one, put it in the upper left on the other. Also, try to place the reflection spot halfway through the iris and the pupil. You'll get the most impact from that spot. If at all possible, try to make a slightly curved line rather than a dot as this will help to follow the round globe shape of the eye and look a little more realistic. However, this is something that I generally only attempt on larger eyes, like on a dragon. For smaller eyes, sometimes doing a dot is your only option and it will be much easier to just put a dot. Lastly, speaking of dots, have you ever gone to make a dot in an eye and by the time you get your brush from the palette to the eye, the tiny amount of white paint has dried on the brush? It's super common and a pain that can lead to a lot of frustration when you're trying to do eyes. So to eliminate that problem, I started using Warcolours One Coat White for my reflection dots. If you've never worked with Warcolours paints before, they use a gel-based medium, which has a longer drying time than most other acrylic paints. I haven't had that drying on the brush from palette to eye problem since I started using it for eyes. Alas, these pictures are blurry. Lastly, I went back in with my skin basecoat colour and cleaned up around the edges of the eyes. Since his brow is so prominent, I left Brown Liner above the eye to shade it, but made the line at the bottom of the eye much thinner. Eyes are done!
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    MrBoot doesn't really do forums, not like I do, so you're unlikely to see him around here much at all. He's used a couple of gaming forums in the past, but he primarily uses them as information gathering devices rather than social platforms. He doesn't paint or assemble models or sculpt, so he doesn't really feel the need to visit the forums. Same reason he has no interest in attending ReaperCon, actually, though he fully supports my going. He goes to conventions to learn things, and he doesn't see the point in spending all that money for him to come with me to a convention that has little to do with his interests. Yes, there's gaming there, but since that's not the primary focus of the convention, he doesn't feel like he'd get his money's worth if he attended. I'm glad I married a gamer, since I was a closet gaming enthusiast but both afraid and uncertain what to do about it (given that my parents heartily disapproved of anything roleplaying-ish). He managed to coax me to a small D&D game that his cousin was running, where I decided to play a cleric since they were the "good" class that help and heal people, so I thought that might be okay. Once I realized that THIS was just what I'd been searching for my whole life without realizing it, I was like a flower in springtime sunshine. I gleefully chose a rogue for my next character after that campaign died, and I've never looked back. Now here I am playing Pathfinder on a weekly basis, occasionally DMing my own games, collecting and painting a young ton of plastic miniatures, and even teaching a painting class at ReaperCon. Life has some crazy turns sometimes. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Mariel Twinspar, Female Pirate Really enjoying this model.
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    Obviously the party just left behind some treasure or something, and the Mummy Priest was being a good neighbor and bringing it to them. "Oaaaahhhh...Huuuurrrrrrrr.. Urrruurrrhurrr" is actually ancient Egyptian for "Hey! You forgot this!" It kind of reminds me of the time a 2nd Ed. party fled the dungeon after realizing they couldn't defeat an iron golem - they didn't bother shutting/locking any of the doors on their way out of the castle it was in... And so, a week later, while they were camped out at the inn in town recovering from their wounds, there was a huge commotion outside and it came crashing through the front wall. The players were all like, "OMG!!! Wait, monsters can leave the dungeon???? Are they allowed to do that?" I then pointed out that they were still in possession of the item that it had been set to guard, the removal of which had activated the golem in the first place. You should have seen them scrambling to dig the thing out of their packs and try to throw it away... It took a couple of higher-level NPCs in the town to finally kill the thing, but not before it trashed the inn. It died in the inn's kitchen, and was too heavy to move, so from then on the torso of the iron golem was used as an oven. (I borrowed the idea from a book I'd read, lol.)
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    Alright, so with the eyes done, it's time to move on to shading and highlighting the skin. I like to work with the shadows first. So I started out by mixing MSP Faded Khaki to bring in the same tone from the midtone colour with MSP Stained Olive to darken it up. Your first thought to shade yellow would probably be orange, not a dark greenish brown. If I wanted his skin to read as really yellow, that's the route I would've taken. However, I wanted his skin to read as more of a yellowish tan, so I went this direction instead. This is where really playing with colours is a good thing to get comfortable with. If it doesn't look right then guess what? It's just paint and you can always fix something that isn't working the way you want it. I used about equal amounts of the two paints. I took a picture of the two paints seeping into each other because it looked cool. I thinned this paint a little bit using the back end of my brush dipped into my rinse water. You can see how it's beading up a little bit. These paints together made a bit of a translucent mix and the thinning made them just a little more translucent and I thought that was perfect for shading purposes. Knowing that it was translucent, I went in pretty boldly in the areas where my deepest shadows should be. I typically go with a lightsource that is directly above, ie. the sun. So as you can see, I went in pretty heavily. I'm not worrying about blending at this stage, I just want to get an idea of where the shadows should be. On that same thought, I decided to go ahead and get in my darklining. When you've got a lot of white primer still on the model, lining can help you to visualize the proper stopping points and give a little bit better of an idea of how dark your shadows really need to be. So I took Brown Liner and traced in thin lines along any areas where the skin met non-organic elements. So along his clothing and gear, but not between his skin and hair. I also took pure black and painted the underside of him to go ahead and get that out of the way early enough on that if I made any whoopsies, it'd be easier to fix at this point than later on. So with that darker reference in there, I decided that my deepest shadows needed to be darker, so I went in with straight MSP Stained Olive. Again, not worrying about blending, just getting colours placed. So once that was done, I decided that overall he was too bright and I wanted him to trend more toward brown. So I took my original shade mix (Faded Khaki/Stained Olive) and thinned it a bit more so that it was kind of a heavy glaze. Each time I dipped my brush into the paint, I then dabbed it onto a paper towel to wick out any excess moisture. I wanted to have complete control over where the paint was going, not a runny wash that would seep into crevices. I went in pretty heavily with this, pretty much everywhere except for the top areas of his skin. This changed the overall tone of him quite a bit. Next I wanted to bring my midtone back to the more neutral areas between the shadows and highlights, so I took my original basecoat (Faded Khaki/Palomino Gold) and also thinned that down to a heavy glaze and again, dabbed the moisture off onto my paper towel. Now here, unfortunately, is where my memory has gotten a little bit murky. You know how the forum was down all day Sunday? Yeah, that's when I was painting the skin and I thought I'd remember what I'd done, so I didn't document as well as I should have. Generally when I don't take a picture of my paint on the palette, it means that I used a straight colour from the bottle.........it could also mean that I just forgot to take a picture. But it's my belief that I did a round of highlights here with straight Palomino Gold. No picture of the paint on the palette here either, but oh hey, there's a picture of the next step's palette mix and the paints are still on my palette so I feel a little more certain about what I did. I mixed a little bit of MSP White Sand (61110 - it's from the Heavy Gear line, so I believe it's discontinued) into the Palomino Gold and did the next round of highlights. Hooray, a palette picture! So all the way to the left there is straight Palomino Gold, top left is straight White Sand. The left area of the mixed paint is the previous mix between the two and the mix on the right has a little bit more White Sand mixed in. I took that and did the next round of highlights, which is the last round of highlights that I did on the body. Lastly I used just straight White Sand to highlight just the brightest spots on his face. You typically want to do your highest highlights on the face because that's where you want to draw the most attention. While you could call this skin done, the more I looked at it, the more I felt like it was missing something.... but you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see what happened next.
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    Oh my goodness. Dark Sword is so cool. They sent three and a half freebies with my stress shopping order! And it got here so fast!!
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    Nothing wrong with a little poop 'n' post, yo.
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    Agent OneBoot is currently attending to another matter. May I suggest an exchange of operatives on neutral ground.
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    @OneBoot Once again WOOF agents have captured a M.E.O.W. operative on our territory! If you want us to return your agent unharmed, leave 20 pounds of honey glazed Bacon in a duffle bag at our border. We will exchange your operative for it. Here is proof of his capture.
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    I don't believe that! Most of all, YOU shouldn't believe that! When I first started painting, the best I could do was filling in the eye with white and then putting in black dots. I looked at how other people painted eyes and all of the tutorials and I thought there was no way I would ever be able to paint like that. I even avoided painting eyes as much as possible for the longest time. The important thing is to try...and then try again...and then try some more and more and more and more. The only way to get better is by doing, but you've got to believe in yourself too. It's way too easy to get bogged down by "I'll never be able to paint like that" and frustrate yourself to the point that you're too afraid to get better. I did that for a long time and it got me nowhere. You've got to believe that you can do it and you have to put the work in to get there, but if you really want to improve, I believe that anyone can.
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    Congratulations. You didn't die via electrocution. Yeah. One of the big reasons I didn’t marry the Japanese guy I could have. As my former gaming store boss said: “There aren’t enough female gamers to go around. Can’t have those that are around marrying non-gamers. “ I figured he was probably right.
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    Those of you who have followed our other threads may, at this point, see that my share of the updates are slower than usual. Our timing for the start of this WIP happened to coincide with the recent forum outage, so we had about a 24-hour delay in posting. This meant that we had quite a lot of work done by the time we could post and that the thread was no longer "live". However, this provided an opportunity to think about how our presentation in these threads works out - specifically how my part, the speedy-paint part, generally gets done quickly and then Guindy is left on her own to finish the thread. After working through the good points and bad points, we decided to use this opportunity to test a new format where I space out my updates so that our respective steps appear closer together in sequence. This should, we hope, be more valuable in comparing and contrasting the two methods side by side. It is, after all, not a race! This should also make the thread perhaps a bit more reader-friendly as a future reference. So with that out of the way, here is my update for today. We last left off with the shadow colour of the skin blocked in, so it seemed to me that the next logical thing to do would be the fur. For this I chose Coat D'Arms Hairy Brown, shown here: As is my usual habit, I then mixed in some Reaper MSP Brown Liner until I felt it was dark enough. You'll see as my Bugbear progresses that my overall process is kept pretty simple. For the most part I do my mixes in quarters and halves, and I create shades using Brown Liner and highlights with whites or yellows. This is part of what makes my approach fast and suited for tabletop or army painting, everything is essentially built using the same basic theory and formula. This lets me get creative enough to introduce some variety without also introducing unusual situations I then have to work my way out of, because for 9/10 situations the method is pretty much the same. There are some variances, like using rat brown for the flesh shade instead of brown liner, but those are really just slight modifications to the base method in order to best serve the properties of outlier colours. As I go along, hopefully it will be easier to demonstrate than explain. But here's the darkened Hairy Brown: And with that mixed up, I put it on. I mostly tried to be neat about it, in order to save clean-up work, but as with the skin tone earlier my main concern was mapping out where to put the colours. (You'll see in forthcoming updates there are still a few places I keep forgetting to paint, despite my efforts to map colour zones). I apologize for the occassional blurriness of the Bugbear's face, the tiny camera screen in macro mode doesn't always show me if everything is in focus. It shouldn't affect the overall demonstration since it mostly occurs on parts where I'm showing something other than the face. With his furry bits in place, I decided to next do his major metallics. Here you'll see what I mean about working in quarters. So for metallics there are a wide range of options, but most metallics can be loosely broken down into "Silver-Like" (steel, silver, aluminum, etc.) and "Bronze-like" (Gold, copper, bronze, etc.). Or, if you prefer, "cool" and "warm" metallics. These are not hard-and-fast rules, just handy to keep in mind if you want to mix colours or try something a bit different. For humanoid monsters I try not to use a pure silver like I might for player characters. To my thinking, most of the creatures like orcs, goblins, gnolls, or bugbears should have a metal that looks somewhat less refined - as if they have a slightly lower level of crafting skill or technology. (The exception to this are Hobgoblins, which are generally specifically noted as keeping their equipment in good order). In order to use a "silver-like" metal that's not shiny and polished, I tend to opt to use old Reaper Pro Paint Pewter. Master Series Aged Pewter is a close analogue for this if you're interested. That's a good start, but I also want it to looked a bit more unrefined and perhaps less well maintained, so I like it to have just an underlying hint of rusty colour. This will help make it look like it has impurities. For this task I choose old Reaper Pro Paint Chestnut: My colours picked out, I put three drops of pewter and one drop of chestnut into my painting well: And then mix them together: That is a nice, nasty-looking functional colour. The addition of the chestnut will also help reduce some of the metallic's shine, and this reduced shine will help the overall grimy effect. But it's still a little too light for a basecoat, so what de we do about that? We add in some Brown Liner, of course! Now that is some good grungey metal right there. So I put this on the head of his mace and on his chainmail bits: Now, he also has a rather prominent shoulder piece that could be painted either hard leather or metallic. I decided metallic, but I wanted to give his metallics a bit of variety. So I opted to go the opposite way and use "bronze-like". So I took some old pro paint Copper and some old pro paint Dragon Gold and put them in a well about 50/50: And mixed them up into a nice, buttery bronze: Which I then, of course, darkened with brown liner: Satisfied with the look of that, I put it on his shoulder: It's at this stage that I also decided that I would paint the face on his shield in this same bronze metallic. From the sculpt, it seems to actually be somebody's face peeled off and nailed into the wood - but it could also work as a bronze relief bolted on. The problem, though, is how would Bugbears have this level of artisanship to make this casting if they have low tech? Well, they'd use a low-tech solution. I decided that when my Bugbears come of age they have a ritual where the shaman makes a big cauldon of steaming hot clay. In order to become a warrior, a young bugbear has to have their face smashed into it. The resulting cavity is then filled with bronze and their screaming face becomes their personal emblem on their shield to show how tough they are. And, of course, it is also much faster to paint it as metal than to paint it as a face. The rule of painting quickly is "don't do any work you don't have to". The rule of painting fancy is "find more work to do". There's a lot of ground in between to find your own comfortable working zone that's fast but also acceptably good!
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    How big an "Oops!" does this rate? Well, the Mummy Priest is going to arrive in town about three days after them, since it's slow.. I immediately thought the same thing as pcktlnt - what exactly does Marving involve? Is it some kind of new dance fad?
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    Recently I have established an eat healthy Tuesday habit. This was today’s attempt:
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    To Pingo's Post, not the poop post! I never believed in aromatherapy until I woke up to the smell of cooking cinammon, and realized that just the smell had reduced me to a warm, safe puddle.
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    Vicious-looking couple, aren't they?
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    My players once went to attack the Demon Lord of chaos in his home realm. They wound up summoning a gargantuan CE primal monster when the combat was going poorly. Then they ran away to heal and let the two of them try to kill each other. When they jumped back, the monster had pledged it's loyalty to the demon Lord and said demon Lord was riding the thing. I love it when players make more problems for themselves
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    what?? No, never! Not this fine upstanding group of... Beings... My players got hit kind of hard by the curses in the dungeon tonight, and decided to head back to town to deal with them... leaving the door to the sub level open. The Mummy Priest found the open door... things are gonna be VERY different when they go back into the dungeon...
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    The first time you get a serious massage, it usually gets a bit sore afterward since it takes a bit of doing to rub out all the knots and tenseness. When you get a bit more used to it and your muscles unwind a bit, you won't feel sore.
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    My husband spent this morning and evening teaching High School Kid his special cinnamon roll recipe. It’s Kid’s turn to bring snacks to advisory tomorrow. Husband and I met at Student Activities Night my first week of college. He claims I was glowing with delight. I just remember thinking an entire club devoted to roleplaying games was brilliant.
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    Just for the ease of mind of everyone here, I post from a desktop computer.
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    You would not believe how long it took me to get him to stop calling himself "The Least Romantic Person In The World" when he was bringing me flowers every week, and baking cinnamon rolls when I had a bad night. I can testify to the effectiveness of chocolate dipped strawberries.
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    I'm at Burger King right now, waiting for Grump to get out of work and cross the street so we can paint minis in public. We used to do it EVERY Wednesday, but stopped when we started doing self defense together. Brigid is teaching us MUCH better bottle discipline, we put the caps back on EVERY time, before she can grab the bottle and put it in her mouth.
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    Hi Y'all! I'm currently working on opening a new block for hotel room reservations. Will touch base soon... Reaper Adrienne
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    The shortage of avian cuteness in this thread has become very apparent. Fortunately, agents of the Transglobal Winged Intelligence Taskforce are here to set that right:
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    More fur therapy :fills up new servers with cute pictures:
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    Navy sliders are standard 1/4lb hamburger patties; not the mini ones that most restaurants have on their appetizer menu. On subs, they were usually the frozen patties, but depending on what the food loadout was, sometime they hand made the patties. they were served with bacon though. So much bacon.
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    They got the hair color right... I find it hilarious that they had to include pot-bellied pigs on that sign. I'm guessing Seattle has a lot of pet pigs? I mean, I know they were a fad pet a few years back, but I'd think it wasn't that huge of a problem as to warrant a change of the law to specifically include them. Also, I just realized that I currently owe more money on my car than I do on my house. Not by much, but it's still something that's kind of weird to think about. There's about $1000 difference between them right now, and the car payment is actually higher than the house payment is. In fact, I'll have the car paid off for almost 2 years before I pay off the house. It's one of the benefits of buying a run down piece of crap from a family member through contract alone...
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    So..... I haven’t been in tooo much of a rush to work tooo hard. But old job could use whatever hours I put into it before I start new job. If I worked a not too untypical 60 hour work week, I could make nearly my old monthly salary in a week. I could easily work this to make the progress we need to make. The question is... how much of the extra pay can I keep for my own hobbies? I think I’m going to have to sit down and have a discussion with the husband. If I can grab some of that dwarves forge I haven’t been able to get, it might be worth it. Of course I’d have to give equal amount of ‘extra’ earnings to the down payment and pay off the student debt fund. So not every dollar above my old base salary goes directly to my purulent vices. But if a 60 hour week got me a decent chunk of DF in addition to increasing our down payment fund... it might be worth it. Otherwise I have no insentive to work extra, I’d rather spend the time painting the minis I already have
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    And then there was that time Captain Kirk met the 45th president! ...because in 2016, purple Flash Gordon pajamas with red capes was IN, baby!
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    Got my refund. I am now a $37ionaire. Woot!
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    Today has been long and taxing. I got my first massage and it went...okay. I'm not sure if it helped or not. A couple hours later I was sorer than I was before. However, my migraine that has been on and off for about 10 days now has gone away. On another note, I got paint down on the Eye Beast! I'm probably about 1/4 of the way done with the base coats and a little dry brushing.
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    Better than letting us know that you're typing while on the toilet. I know many must be guilty of that.
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    I don't know why he's surprised. About one in four of the players in our adult games were jocks when they were younger, and two still play hockey. And HALF of them put on armor and beat each other with sticks!
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    I think there should be more Reaper couples communicating through the medium of this forum. I feel the need to know all of your little secrets . still in the bath but contemplating a relocation to bed
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    I decided that the first thing to do would be to sort out this guy's skin, being that it was very likely I'd have to mix together an appropriate fleshtone. Bugbears are traditionally somewhat yellowish, so I wanted to keep in the spirit of that. I do have some nice yellow flesh, but it is gnoll flesh and I intend to use it on gnolls. I don't want the bugbears and gnolls to look too much alike. But anyway, the good news is that "yellowish" does cover a lot of ground - so there's room to play around. After surveying my available paints for something neither too close to gnolls flesh nor too brightly lemon yellow, I settled on a combination of these two: So I put 2 drops of each into my well, roughly equal, to make a 50/50 ratio: And then mixed them up: That is a pretty good midtone for Bugbear flesh. So I like to start with midtones because I consider midtones the "basic colour" of a piece. So long as that part looks good, then it is usually only a matter of darkening it to make a shade and lightening it to create a highlight. So since I work from dark-to-light, I hard to darken this fleshtone up. Black, or even brown liner, would be too dark. Usually for flesh I'd use a chestnut brown, but as both these are Coat D'Arms I thought they might overpower any Reaper paint I added. So I opted for the nearest analogue in Coat D'Arms: Rat Brown. I added that in until I thought it looked dark enough to have effective contrast against the midtone: Satisfied with how it turned out, it was time to put some on. For my first pass of a fleshtone I tend to thin it 1:1 water to paint or sometimes 2:1 for the basecoat. Then I start blocking it in on prominent areas or open spaces to see how it behaves, and also map out what parts should be fleshtone. If it all checks out, then I work my way layer by layer inwards to where the border of flesh meets something else. So here's the first mapping pass: And here it is after another pass or two to tidy him up: He's looking pretty good, off to a great start!
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    Zuun Akos and Old Wolf from Hasslefree Miniatures. These were a great opportunity to mess around with a few different skin tones.
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    Did you know that superbowl season is the second busiest time of the year in the US for tv purchases, so they're all on sale at this time? I did not. On the upside, replacing the tv that suddenly died last night was a simple and remarkably cheap matter. On the downside, now I actually have to be thankful for football or something. I need a bath. Or alcohol. Maybe both.
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    It's gonna be a pretty big Oops... Especially as they cleared out most of the 1st and 2nd level, including the crypt area... So the Mummy Priest isn't gonna have any difficulty taking over the upper levels of the dungeon. And there's lots of bodies for him to use... The Kobolds who run the neutral ground bar in the area are going to be very put out about all of this. The Vampire Lord who locked him up (and lives on level 9 or 10 of the dungeon) is gonna be PISSED when he figures it out. They're now going to have to fight their way back into the dungeon, to the sub-level where the canopic jars preserve his life force. They aren't going to be able to kill him completely until they do.
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    Woof has noticed some traitors in the ranks.. Maybe it is time for peace talks ...
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    What? More cute you say!? Okay And this, this is a little slice of heaven:
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    The kids have decided that a pirate party needs a barroom brawl.. My only part in what is going on right now? Telling them than none of the characters are allowed to use anything lethal, and that unconscious characters are allowed to sleep it off. Right now, Sam's character is winning - she came prepared with three different versions of Sleep, and a non-lethal version of fireball. (Metamagic feat.) Plus, she took Owlbear Jenkins as a cohort when she had the chance. The bard and the mage are staying out of it, and Dain's dwarf is taking bets.... The Auld Grump
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    Usually a toilet is to remedy the condition of being Full of Broccoli. I should stop now before I get moved over to the buzzy area
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    Just returned from Doctors Office for Annual Physical. Best report in a very long time. So good that I can drop the last of my blood Pressure meds. And, Red Robin sent an invite for a free burger today only, the strings/fine print being you have to buy another burger and two drinks, which works out just fine for one Green Eyed Monster and his Wife [AKA Tag-Along]. Why did they do this? "Because it's Tuesday." GEM
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    Grump drinks one (1!) cup of coffee each day. He makes MUCH better coffee than I do. PROVING that the world is powered by irony. SERIOUSLY, it is ground beans in hot water. HOW can one person do it better than another?
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    All the cat and dog aggression makes me want to point out that all furry friends are cuddle buddies.
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    Aye. Good massages leave you a bit tender.