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    Hey, so, like, I'm alive and stuff. Just really busy and kinda overloaded. But I've been painting the last couple days! And I'll probably get some more paint on some minis tonight! Just figured I'd drop in and say hello.
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    Was commissioned by some friends of my brother to remake the minis the kids in Stranger Things used. There's a lot I'd like to have improved and fixed, but had to rush it a bit due to the deadline, but here's the finished project Which were mostly based on these 2 images Demogorgon Wizard Dwarf Fighter
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    Painted this for a buddy who requested the wings not be attached. It is for the game table and says D&D Tengu don't have wings. I was a bit sad not using them at first, but had some odd fun filing and greenstuff-ing. Last month I did a blog WIP on eyedamageart.com if interested.
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    so.... The painting funk has lasted for 4 months, and I need to get my cranium out of my anal orifice and start painting again.... Posted Thursday at 09:46 PM So.... While on the hangouts with some folks that play 40K, we have been talking about stuff, and I went to look for a figure that I knew I had, and didn't want, that @Chaoswolf thought was cool, and found the following: Now this is the basis for my mechanical Obliterators that I painted way back in 2003? and brought to Reapercon last year where they got a silver medal in the open category Speaking with one of the judges afterwards (@dks) we discussed them, and the painting dragged them down, as I said old paintjob... Well, with my painting funk in its 4th month, I was thinking that maybe, I could re do a new one from scratch, and with all the sculpting things I have learned, as well as painting techniques, I might be able to do better... Now Reaper forbids entering the same piece twice, but this would be a reprisal of something I did years ago.... Would this be legal as a new entry? @Heisler care to comment? George @Heisler's response As long as the entry is an entirely new piece and not one of those three then it would be a perfectly legal entry. My response... thanks @Heisler really hoping this will kick out the brain weasel painting funk! For some reason, I couldn't cross quote so.... It's gonna be ugly for a while.... the raw components: lots and lots of surface grinding with the Dremel tool, and sore fingers..... But hopefully, I've learne a bit about painting and sculpting since I did those guys, and this time, there will be only one....
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    Overall, things are indeed going well! Work is good, life seems to be getting back on track, still have the girlfriend in Ohio (going to visit this weekend! w00t! ), have some wonderful new friends who've planted themselves firmly in my life, even had some old friends come back out of hiding and plant themselves firmly in my life again... It's good. My life is filling up with people who not only see the real me, they genuinely like the real me... and they're wonderful people even aside from seeing me as me. I'm pretty absurdly lucky. Hi @Chaoswolf! One of these weekends I should find a way down to your area to annoy all you lot! Assuming you're still doing occasional paint days...
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    Sam and Dain are... working together! But the one putting the most hurt on the devil is Ian's Magus - since his Black Blade is magic, and can fake being 'Good'. The Auld Grump
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    Sometimes you have to force your way through the rough patches. Fortunately, I recently found Valloa here at my FLGS. Given that she’s been on my “want” list for a while and their selection of metal minis was sparse at best, I snapped one up to dispel the painting melancholy. Apologies in advance for the bad images, lighting didn’t want to comply, and the closest to true color I could get has bad shine from camera flash + sealer. Here she is: I didn’t originally have plans to paint this one as a drow. But, I wanted a chance to try out the dark elf skin triad and didn’t have any other available elf minis to mess around with. The paints are fantastic though, and will likely see use outside of skin in the future. This is the second mini I’ve done with a purple cloak. I think the shadows and highlights turned out better (and more varied) than the previous attempt. And working upon previous advice, used no less than seven shades of brown overall (not that you can tell). Please feel free to comment and critique! I need to improve on things next time.
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    Another mini from the Scourge of the Slave Lords set. I really like the way this guy came out. Although doesn't strike me as very Assassin looking, maybe Ranger.
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    Husband just showed me the Batman: Gotham City Chronicles KS. I kinda wish he hadn't because now I really want like everything.
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    I finished Churrusina. I am mostly happy with her. Not 100% on the spell effect. I painted and repainted it and decided this was the best try so stopped. I have included the purple smoke photo I used for inspiration, I just couldn't quite get there! Anyway, I think she looks like she could be an interesting NPC for my players to "meet"! C&C welcome. Thanks for looking! Pretty purple smoke.
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    I'm sorry to hear the first part, but happy about the second. Howdy, stranger! Ugh, long day... Nothing like Zink's day yesterday though.
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    Setting down to finish her up. I worked on the base a bit today. Then placed her on the mini to see how the progress looks. She's not glued in yet. I'm not really sure where to go from here. I need to find some reference shots of mushrooms for @malefactus contribution to the base. I'll gladly give recommendations considerations. (Dang, just remembered I need to touch up the hair on her shoulder too) Here's how she looks:
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    Okay, preliminary metal removal do with the Dremel tool.... Kids, don't leave the work station with out it! 2 parts of the torso, one shoulder pad and some other stuff.... and the 3 bits I used... amidst SOME of the metal shavings.... and that doesn't mention the stuff cut off with an E-Xacto saw.... need to start som partial assembly to check how much more grinding I need to do.... Man, my fingers HURT!!!!!! george but it feels pretty good to be working on something!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps, sorry for the blurry pics, but I'm kind of out of practice....
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    A castle has arrived, now to start brainstorming ideas for it. I have one but not sure I can execute it as I picture it.
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    Hey Christine! That would be awesome!!!!! Just don't do it on a weekend that Jeremy and I have to work....
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    Kevin Sorbo as a bounty hunter on Psych had made my night. In other news, it occurs to me, far too late as always, that perhaps I should've gone into the sciences. I'd've made a fine biologist, I think.
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    Really liked painting this one, lots of good details. I really wanted to try OSL with his eyes and was considering adding some gore to his claws and teeth but got to this point and decided I really liked how he was looking and didn't want to muck him up with something I haven't tried before. Maybe next time! Feedback is more than welcome, please! Also, finally printed out a background for my pics
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    Glowing runes, freehand shields, star cloaks, the works. I am loving the way these and my future AoS stuff is turning out. Now to take the things I learned here and put on some Reaper :D
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    I've finally been working my way through painting up some miniatures for a friend who backed the first Relic Knights kickstarter. (This and as I look for references, I find that there was a second kickstarter that I totally missed.) He picked up a Noh Empire force (basically "space oni"), got me some Black Diamond figures (generic megacorp security forces or mercenary types), and he also picked up a few Doctrine models ("magic high school"), and somewhere along the way I picked up a few extra figures through clearance sales and grab bag deals (mostly "Shattered Sword" -- space paladins!). These characters don't fit into any of the regular factions, and are instead in a "Radiant" meta-faction -- basically a special character who can go with any of the three "good-guy" factions (Doctrine, Shattered Sword, or Cerci Speed Circuit), whereas "Void" characters could work with the "not-so-good-guy" factions (Black Diamond, Noh Empire, or Nebula Corsairs) -- although the second kickstarter seems to be about developing "Radiant" and "Void" into complete factions of their own. Anyway, "Candy and Cola" are mascots of Soda Pop Miniatures, hence the weird cola-bottle theme. I don't know the particulars, but Soda Pop Miniatures seemed to split off from CoolMiniOrNot, then Ninja Division seems to have divided from Soda Pop Miniatures, so I'm kind of wondering whether Candy and Cola will still be making any more appearances in the Relic Knights universe (such as it is). But there was a cute fox. So somehow this guy ended up the first one finished up to "good enough for the tabletop" level before any of those other faction minis. Seriously, what with the soda pop theme, if I ended up somehow with a duplicate of this pair, I think I'd be tempted to paint up the mecha in a red-and-white Nuka Cola scheme, paint up Candy as the Nuka Girl (with a bubble helmet, if I can find or make one), and then paint up Cola as a cartoonized version of Dogmeat with red bandanna and goggles. The big robot walker is on an 80mm round lipped base. The little fox is on a 30mm round lipped base. The textured bases are plastic base-inserts that were inclusions with the first kickstarter, but I've yet to ever see them sold in stores or through the usual online miniatures channels. I love the details on them, and I'd gladly snatch up a few bags of the techno-styled inserts for games completely unrelated to Relic Knights. (Similarly, I regret not picking up an extra copy of "Sedition Wars" when it was being cleared out by various sellers, JUST FOR ALL THE BASES. I mean, I get that Sedition Wars must not have sold well, but if they cut all those die molds, why didn't they continue to churn out bases and those nifty sci-fi doors and terrain sets? I figure those would've found an audience beyond the board game. Ah well. I digress.) The techno floor tiles were cast and assembled by a friend of mine for use with an abandoned Star Wars Miniatures project (the store he was making them for ended up surprising everyone and closing up all of a sudden) so he let me paint them up and make use of them. They feature assorted tiles from Hirst Arts Castlemolds.
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    Of COURSE they're working together! They're gonna get MARRIED! I give it more than fifty - fifty that they actually do tie the knot.
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    Welp. It’s still dead so I’m assuming they couldn’t fix it from their end. Bum. The odd thing is, if we hadn’t chanced to order dinner toniht, there’s no telling when we would have noticed. Thanks. Always a bright side, I guess. Anyhow, we live in the middle of a major metropolitan area. Our cell service is pretty good. Yay, hi, canuckotter! Hope things are going well! I had some art projects to finish, so despite getting the year off to a pretty solid start, minis-wise, I haven’t painted any (minis) for about a month.
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    Don't start me on internet providers ... we're still growling at ours for skipping the last bit of distance to hook us up with fiber. *grumble* Rassenfrassen... I have tea, though. This makes up for much. ^^;
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    Ooooooh, such shiny things in a dented box... Thankfully, everything was okay! Putty went into ziplock bags and then the freezer pretty much the instant I opened the package (because I still have some left from the earlier strips I'd purchased, but I suspect once the bases come in tomorrow that will change in really short order), but for fun, here's a list of things... Six rollers: Plain, Pavement, Small Bricks, Small Cobblestones, Dark Runes, and Runic... Plus the rolling rings Sculpter's Vaseline and Brush Repair Gel Hand Drill (black in colour, for obvious reasons) and 1mm, 1.5mm and 2mm brass rods... 10pc sculpting tools, 10pc #11 blades, and 8mm weathering sticks And yes, those are the paints from yesterday to the right of my keyboard, I left them there as I was expecting my storage to come in, but CanadaPost had other ideas. They're also there because I haven't scanned them into PaintRack, but that's another story
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    Yikes. Hope you get good cell service. But yay fewer telemarketers!
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    haha companies just have it out for me lately. Except Reaper. Reaper is awesome