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    Malifaux Viktoria of Blood For Hobby Hangout Resolution contest and Jan/Feb Resolutionary Painting. These are the Done, but not Finished images. Hence WiP and not Show Off. Ill post some other WiP images as i clean up my phone. She was a serious pain to assemble. And painting assembled was also painful. Not a good combo for sanity, but an interesting figure.
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    My fellow 5e player who also plays a dwarf, asked if I would be willing to slap some paint on a dwarf for him after he saw my Ivar conversion. While the Dain mini is a little ornate, I think he'll paint up fairly quickly. Let's see if I can't get him done by Wednesday. First I washed him in warm soapy water, and gave him a good scrub with a toothbrush. Then I clipped off his base, and used my trusty Happy Seppuku base stamp to help him match my Ivar mini. After giving him a day to dry, I coated him in Brown Liner. And painted the eyes with Linen White, and Viper Green. Then did the skin with a 50/50 mix of warrior flesh and ruddy flesh, the beard and horns with auburn shadow, and the bedroll with muddy olive. More to come!
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    Since my birthday (big 40) is this month. I told my wife I wanted the Ultimate Gaming Table, gave her the link and she looked it over. Said to just order it myself so that it was exactly what I wanted with the accessories I need. So I just ordered a 3.5x5 ft table, felt pad, 5x cup holders, and tabletop cover. It's all in birch/white, will be shipping in May as it was a pre-order. Table Mat - Elite Series - 3'x5' / Black x 1 Cup Holder with Dice Tray - Elite Series - Birch x 5 3.5 Table Top Covers - Elite Series - white x 1 Table of Ultimate Gaming 3.5 ELITE Series - Standard Table Height - Birch x 1
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    Another quick 2 hour job for some tabletop gaming.
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    I finally finished by Giant Rats Dozen from Bones I. I tried to give them fur texture. The texture from the cast was too light for drybrushing, so it's essentially free hand. The gray rats have some red and green glazed into the shadows to give them a little diseased feel. I spent WAY too much time painting these... Mold lines on the actual rat (as opposed to the base) were too tricky to try to get rid of, especially in light of the subject matter. They’re rats. A lot of them. C&C Welcome.
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    Hi there, I haven't been posting here for quite some time. But I have some finished minis I wanted to share with you. This is a a player character in my recently finished D&D Tyranny of Dragons campaign. A shield dwarf warlock, Fey Patron (Prince of Ice) with Pact of the Blade (or here: an magical ice axe, that's why it's white). I really liked painting this miniature, it has great facial details. I hope you like it. [edit] Here are the rest of the player characters of the campaign. I posted some of them some time ago in 2016 ^^
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    Hi there, another PC of my recently finished Tyranny of Dragons D&D campaign: Lafisar the wood elf druid. My player loved the miniature's pose, so this Elquin mini became the party's druid. Hope you like it!
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    Hi there, I have another player character from my D&D Storm King's Thunder campaign to share. It belongs to a player with a phoenix bloodline sorcerer. So this is the fire guy of the party. He liked the dynamic pose and the flame of the Halmar miniature, so I painted him up. I'm not good with OSL at all, but I tried to add a little bit of light on the clothes and the hair. Have to practice more before I try glowing undead ^^ I hope you like it.
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    Channeling my inner Wappel after watching some of his painting pyramid. Did this in about an hour and all with a number 7 cheap brush. I like it for table top given that it's my first one done like that and can definitely see me integrating of his style on all my pieces. I definitely need more washes though... Got a bunch on order from Secret Weapons. (Obviously no where close to his level, but tried to integrate some things regarding shaded basecoats and how he uses washes to glaze.)
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    Way back in early December, @Glitterwolf mailed out a little Christmas package to me. However, after over 2 months it still didn't arrive. Glitterwolf, good man that he is, insisted that he send another one for me and made sure that it was tracked and had to be signed for. I watched it being shipped to me until the website said that the slip was left in my mail for pickup. When I went to get it I found the package notice in my mailbox........................................right beside the original package. Package #1: Christmas card, Dutch chocolate and licorice candies, and Stroopwafels goodness! Package #2: Windmill postcard, Reaper miniatures! (chimera, vegepygmies, grandmother, Eregris Darkfathom), 2 dutch figures, and a stroopwafels bounty! I'm really grateful to Glitterwolf for sending me such awesomeness, all of it is awesome! W.O.O.F. is best faction by virtue of stroopwafels bribery! And @Glitterwolf is such an amazing friend, thank you so much!
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    Today is the final day of my CMON saga. Finally received the Child Thief after having to send back the Ninja Lady (on their dime). So I got 3/4 things I ordered, the one that wasn't included was refunded and now my order is closed. It's been a LONG road, but I've been patient and it paid off with me finally getting what I wanted most in the original order.
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    I wasn't sure about this one but it looks like it would work nicely as a gigantic plant monster. I love plant creatures and this one looks like the biggest around. Very tempting.
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    I was catching up here and realized I never posted proof that my CMON order had arrived. It was heavy on Dark Sword, but I picked up a few things from other companies as well.
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    Hi there, here's another player character from my current Storm King's Thunder D&D campaign. One of my players has a rock gnome lore wizard. He didn't like the gnome miniatures from Reaper very much, but he loved the Halfling wizard. However, he insisted on wearing shoes and also to get rid of the familiar rabbit at the miniature's side. So this is a modified version with new shoes. I admit, they DO look a bit like giant wodden clogs, but hey - my player liked them anyway. Hope you like it!
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    No wonder so many people got refunds instead of shipped minis......
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    Hi there, here's a player character from my current Storm Kings Thunder D&D campaign (we're kind of a year behind the D&D publishing schedule ;)). The player has a moon elf rogue who is a master archer. Perfect miniature for the player. I had some difficulties with the pale moon elf skin and the hair, but I'm satisfied with the result. Hope you like it! Here's a view of the whole party: 1st - Dual Wield Rogue (Dark Sword) 2nd - Halmar, Young Wizard (Reaper) 3rd - Halfling Wizard (Reaper) 4th - Halfling Rogue (Wizkids Nolzur) 5th - Svela Dwarf Paladin (Hasslefree) 6th - Arathaniel (Reaper)
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    Sometimes you need to see a miniature in person to appreciate it. This is one that would come up on the site and I’d scroll right past without a second thought, but I saw him hanging on the rack at the FLGS and was immediately smitten. Figure was prepped and primed as my previous show off thread went up, and was painted pretty quickly over the course of a couple evenings. Apologies for the picture quality (yet again), here is Alfred Redlute: The sculpt holds up pretty well, despite its age (S. Garrity 97 is engraved on the rear of the base). Minor flash and a small but noticeable pit on the lute’s fretboard, but no real mold line issues. Paint wise, nothing really fancy going on. Tunic is Templar Blue and it’s associated triad with Palomino Gold around the bottom and cuffs. Found some GW shades along with the mini, so the yellows and browns got a dose of Nuln Oil. His lute is red for the obvious reason. Sadly, some of the paint on the lute’s strings came off when sealer was applied. I believe the problem was the old brush I used being too stiff and rough. I fixed the damage best I could, but it’s nowhere near as nice as before. Al’s pantaloons are Dark Elf Highlight mixed with some Linen White. Turns out that triad is good for more than just drow skin! The base is meant to represent grass, as that was evidently the original intention of broccoli bases, so I painted it green. With MSP Grass Green. Because my imagination refuses to be bridled. All in all, not terrible for the time and effort, for me at least. Though I do regret the last glaze which made the blue highlights very hard to see. But I was too scared to try again, and they aren’t completely gone, so something to work on next time. As always, comments and critiques are welcome!
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    An nice death figure I use in S&S, an ares game. Really nice bone 3 model!
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    One day this will be a diorama with some archaeologists. One day...
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    A Build-Your-Own raptor kit that I put together and painted WIP thread:
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    Presenting Gretel (and her monkey Hansel) a revenge-seeking witch-hunter and part of the Servants of the Engine faction from the game Twisted. She can also be found in my Steampunk People WIP thread. Super happy with how this one turned out, particularly little Hansel! As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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    I'm really happy with this one. 3D render by John Popson, cast by Effincool Miniatures. This will be available next weekend at GaryCon in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. I get to personally hand it to Luke Gygax, and it will go into the charity auction, which all the proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Project. I got it as close to the poster and shirt art as I could. Thanks for looking! If you're going to Gary Con this year, introduce yourself if you find me.
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    Yeah. Lurking sometimes as I’ve been busy with other stuff and haven’t been hobbying. Thanks! I’m looking forward to this table. All the reviews of the prototypes were great and they seem to really be wanting to provide a great product with great customer service. I was actually contacted by them last night right after ordering the above. I had missed that the table already comes with a black mat and they wanted to know if I wanted a 2nd one or if I wanted to cancel it and get the mat cost refunded. I opted to get refunded for the mat and not 30 minutes later got an email saying it had been done. Good omen for me the looking out for customers and being proactive!
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    I painted these Squogs, Turtles and Kar Drakir to fit in with my lizardmen/seraphon for Age of Sigmar. The squogs and turtles were painted early last year, a quick paint job to test out some colours for my lizardmen. Kar Drakir was painted to serve as a lizardmen hero. The squogs were slightly converted - Mudcroak received a Lizardmen style staff top and one of the squogs got a skink sword. The Squogs and Turtles were okay models - the weapons on the squogs were fairly thin and thus a bit floppy. Kar Drakir was amazing. I think models that's 35mm+ is where the bones material really starts to shine.
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    Don't forget about the Tree of Despair!
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    Moar work.... Mold line removal from all over first.... Not really bad overall... (Thank the Lords of Lead!) General overview: All the components.... Some close ups of individual parts: Right arm parts pined: Left Arm parts pinned: I made a mistake in the way I cut the original Dreadnought legs apart, so I have more exposed sculpting to do on this arm... The Multi Melta (Anti Tank Weapon) with the barrels drilled out, and obstructions to mounting removed... The Heavy Bolter (Anti Infantry) weapon, same... And the Rocket Launcher, (The game calls them Missile Launchers, but that implies that they 'MISS'! So the next step will be to start pushing putty around, to skin coat, fill gaps, etc. Gotta say, feels really good to hobby again.... Thanks for looking and comments welcome! G
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    March order completed! Free goblins, yay! 77518: Cultist Priests (2) $5.49 x1 77517: Cultists (3) $8.29 x1 77521: Gravewailer $2.99 x1 77519: Deep Ones Warriors (2) $5.49 x1 77538: Gravestone of Sorrow $2.99 x1 02053: Rolearth $3.99 x1 02164: Marda Of the Blade $4.99 x1 77520: Deep One Priest & Servitor $5.49 x1 02070: Princess Leslie $4.99 x1 Your order has received 1x Dungeon Dwellers: Bloodbite Goblins (2)
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    With his head attached, I had to do something to fill the gap. So I crammed some greenstuff in along the mouth and then tried to blend some sculpted hair into the hair already present. This gave him some three stooges hair, but it's close enough to do the job: After touching up his basecoat of coat d'arms Dark Elf Green I could finally start layering up using thinned Coat D'Arms Bogey Green: I added some Coat D'arms Dusky Yellow to the Bogey Green for the next layer. The kind of yellow is not so important, I chose Dusky Yellow because when I ordered supplie in Novermber from Black Hat I didn't realize every time I hit the back button it added a unit to my cart - so I have enough Dusky Yellow to last me about 80 years. I figure I should use it as opportunity allows. At this point I painted the spikes along his back with Coat D'Arms Horse Tone Bay and his hair with old Reaper Pro Paint Aged Red Brick. I chose to make the spikes a more yellow colour than the rest of his horns to help emphasize his sort of "fairy tale" look. Scorpius is unusual for a dragon, looking more like he came out of a storybook than he is scary. This is all the more horrifying when he starts eating adventurers. Then I added yet more yellow into the Bogey Green for yet another layer: I then finished up his hair by adding a layer of Old Pro Paint Chestnut and Old Pro Paint Rust. His spikes got a 50/50 mix of Horse Tone Bay plus Horse Tone Dun and then a top layer of Horse Tone Dun. I didn't want to make this too extreme or it would just look like his horns and claws. With those parts out of the way I could finally attach his wings: The wings fit very well and left little gap. What gap there is I don't really have tool to tackle well so I decided to leave it. If I get some smoothers and shapers in the future I can revisit this and clean it up, but right now it doesn't look too bad. Once the wings were dry and secure I painted his head horns and any remaining claws. I started with a basecoat of Coat d'Arms Barbarian Leather, then a midtone that was 50/50 Barbarian Leather and Coat D'Arms Bone, and then a top layer of straight Coat d'Arms Bone: For his eyes I kept it dead simple, giving a basecoat of old pro paint Blood Red and then a quick dab of old pro paint Firehawk: The last thing I did was to paint his tail stinger with Coat D'Arms Deadly Nightshade and then did the tip with some Coat D'Arms Poison Purple. And with that, old Scorpius was finished: Despite the awkward timing of this fairly complicated piece, he was a lot of fun. We don't get to see much of him around here, him being rather lost in the back catalog and rarely, if ever, even appearing in Casketworks. He's a real hidden treasure!
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    Presenting a Disciple of the Flower Witch (there's five of them but I'm not sure which number this one is), a mysterious denizen of the Kingdom Death world. She's also in my Kingdom Death WIP thread. Not too happy with this one, it turned out to be a much trickier mini to paint than I thought and as a result she's rather rough in places. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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    You're ALL wrong, the best kind of GS cookies are free. Amazing!
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    Apparently asking for the items to be returned before I issued a refund made all the problems magically disappear I used to like Ebaying stuff, but lately I'm just looking forward to getting these last bits sold and retiring my seller account.
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    I've been eagerly awaiting the release of the Elephantman from the Bones 3 Kickstarter "Savage Avatars" set so I can order a couple to play the role of Erithereans from the Bestiary. But that is a couple months away, and we've already started our campaign. I was just going to be content to wait, until a friend sent me a link to some photo of some fantasy figures a guy had made by chopping the heads off of dollar store animals, and gluing them to the bodies of 28mm plastic medieval figures. The little lightbulb went on in my brain...I had just seen a small elephant figure in a box of junk, and I knew I had a spare Bones Bugbear laying around somewhere... I found the elephant and the Bugbear, but I had borrowed the Bugbear's weapon hand for an Orc a while back. So, a quick dig in the bits box, and I came up with what I believe is a GW Ogre weapon hand. A little bit of sawing, and I had this. It was just a matter of gluing it all together then. I now need to greenstuff around the head to blend it to the body, and I think I will add some ears. I'm not sure if I will leave him with Bugbear feet, or go to the trouble to sculpt them into something more elephant-like. Generally, though, I'm very happy with the results!
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    Well, he wasn’t on the list but Nyatlthop (sp?) is now on the list.
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    Hello again, friends and neighbours! As you can see by the title, this dual work-in-progress thread is a bit different from the others we've done up until now, which have all been miniatures from Reaper's Dark Heaven line. We decided that since Dungeon Dwellers is an all-new relaunch, we could double up on our WIP threads so we could do some of these. The painted examples have been quite excellent, and the painting guides released as pdf files an absolutely fantastic idea, so our objective with these threads is to celebrate the new launch and help give a closer look at these new figures and what you can expect when you decide to do your own. We'll be using our own colours in this thread, but the PDF of the painting guide for Rictus by Michael Proctor can be found here: Dungeon Dwellers We are, of course, running a couple of months behind on them so over the next couple of weeks we're going to catch up on the first two and then do this month's freebie: 07003 Bloodbite Goblins. From there we should be able to do the Dungeon Dweller WIPs around the middle of the month so as to show anyone on the fence about getting the freebie how awesome the figures are while they still have time to get 'em as a bonus! For my part I have traditionally never much liked slotted-base miniatures, I've always been an integral-base kinda guy, but these Dungeon Dweller offerings have been a solid 5 stars so far and I'm impressed enough to take the plunge. So I present to you Rictus the Undying in all his unpackaged glory!
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    One of the quick commissions I picked up at Con of the North 2 weeks ago. Only 2 hours on her, so nothing super special. Though it is the 2nd time I've painted her.
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    College kid gave a presentation on the Black Dahlia murder to her forensics class this week. She’s over for tea. We’re getting an earful about the evidence archives.
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    Going out with my BFF today. Haven't seen her in months so this will be nice. We're gonna go get Mexican food and just generally hang out. I definitely need the girl time.
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    My high school daughter has a friend who's selling cookies at school. (It's one of those tell me what you want and I'll bring it tomorrow arrangements so she doesn't have to carry around so many cookies.) Phrases like "meet me out front and I'll deliver the goods" have been uttered, which my daughter finds hilarious in the context of Girl Scout Cookies. Apparently it's harder to sell cookies to the general public when you're not a cute little girl. I should suggest that she stand out front of Emerald City Comicon next year.
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    It does look very vine-ish. I think with the right amount of purple and green, maybe a little red, it would look both nightmare-ish and plant-ish.
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    You know, until you said that, this want on my to get list...
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    Heh, my neighbours made a snowbear. At least, I think it's a bear.
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    Exactly my thoughts when I opened my e-mails this morning to find this update. Between this dude, the giant treeman and the Baba Yaga Hut my group is in for a hell of a haunted forest
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    Wasn't on MY list, but I have a buddy whose going to kick in and get him, he's a big H.P. Lovecraft fan.
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    Sorry. Finished these a long time ago but just got to taking pics and uploading. Offsite linked for noodity: https://imgur.com/a/di18m Not too bad to paint, a few tight corners and I did my best to NNM, still learning, still a ways to go but good enough for tabletop. Lots more Raging Heroes to paint.
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    Today I acquired two things of Play-Doh (in orange, of course), four squares of cork, some white glue, and more Blu-Tak. No, I don't have any plans for miniature stuff, whyever do you ask? :P ...Play-Doh is to play around with my rollers and stamps to get a few ideas before I commit to using greenstuff with them (aka I want a excuse to play with them, and see what I can get from them without using up putty)
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    Oh look! Thanks Mr Postman! First of 2 from them :)
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    I tried it and here it is! Is it better? I think I could have put less glue, the feet look a little buried.
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    Received the platypus box. It is one of the least full boxes I have gotten in a while, which is fine because it also has the most stuff I want. I will have to do some digging to find suitable trades, but, if I can find them, I have a couple larger things that I have tried to put in boxes before and have not had space. Wish me luck!