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    I hadn't planned to do a Show Off thread of this figure, the Bones 77160: Judas Bloodspire, Vampire, by Werner Klocke. I just grabbed him from my bin o' Bones because a game needed some vampires and he looked pretty good and melodramatic. I didn't even do a WIP thread. But something happened. The more I painted him the more I realized what a magnificent little piece of sculpture he was. Details kept popping out at me. He has this amazing, proud Miltonian damned soul Satanic presence, with that neoclassical drapery and the broken column and that tremendous, flapping, almost alive cape like a fallen angel's wings. Werner Klocke did a fantastic job with him. The figure exists in metal, but I suspect it would be a nightmare to glue and hold together. I would be quite nervous about painting it and can only express the highest admiration for those who have done so. One further note. About halfway through painting him I glued him to a base, because as he is configured he cannot stand flat. That damned sword keeps getting in the way. Note that even in the store photo he is propped up a little by the point of the sword. This seems to be a problem with the Bones version only.
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    Hi everyone! Here is 01570, Betty the Chibi Ghost Bride, Special Edition Bonesylvanian Figure sculpted by Bob Ridolfi.
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    So this Heroclix is pretty obscure, I can't find it in any catalogue. He was all green and had no details painted. I totally revamped this one for my orc army and he fits right in.
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    77185: Large Earth Elemental Kevin Williams This guy has been awaiting proper completion for about a year. Every time I had grey paint left over, I added it to him. I found him a struggle to complete because of his size and because of all the mold lines. Every time I turned him around I found more that I missed when prepping him. I finally gave up on trimming them and just gave him a proper base and a finished paint job. It's still a speed paint, but at least he's done and ready for use in my D&D game. Only 30 projects left on my shelf of shame!
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    It's that time of year again, the High School Play where my wife, the English Teacher, handles costumes, props, hair and makeup. This year's play is an amusing comedy called ... And I was tasked with creating the badge. It started out as an oval of light weight wood from AC Moore or similar store; approximately, 4.5 in by 2.25 in. I printed a Star out on my computer to size and poked holes into the wood where I wanted the star on the oval. Then I marked the cuts I wanted on the edges to get the "shield" shape for the badge. Then I added cork pieces in the shape of the 5 points of the star from the middle to build the star. After hot gluing the pieces down I sanded a bevel into the shape. Then I skimmed the whole thing with DAS air-dry clay to bulk up the background and smooth the star over. Then sanded it down smooth and sealed it once it had cured. Then sanded down the seal with some fine grit and primed it white. From there I painted the background of the badge Reaper Scorched Metal and the star Reaper Honed Steel. Then to set off the star a bit, I pained just the inset top of the star with Vallejo Silver. Voila! I think it came out nice and should show well from the stage. The back just got a nice coating of a craft paint ... specifically Wrought Iron Black like I used to Prime the Marvel Golems. Of course, it got a heavy coat of Testors Dullcote to seal it all up. Seeing the play this Friday. The prop will likely get all of 10 seconds of visibility. LOL But it's all good practice. Enjoy!
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    Face details. Again, some work better than others. The main advantage of these extreme close ups is they can show things I can't see with the naked eye, even under magnification: Also, note to self. Apparently my paintbrush had some minuscule lint in it (aughhh). Please note the need for repairs in the following faces:
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    Not just the kids - I'm pretty sure I referred to you as 'the best thing to ever happen to me' at least once - and described the Pagan Retreat Incident. Mr. & Mrs. Smith is indeed a fun movie. The Auld Grump You lie! GW totally invented Necrons! Along with Roman numerals, grenade launchers, big shoulder pads, and skulls! That was all in purple, in case you were wondering. The Auld Grump Megan tells me, sometimes, that the answer is to paint naked. The Auld Grump - that's her answer to a lot of problems actually - but I have convinced her it is a bad idea when cooking.
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    Based on the use of the word in the Star Wars films and TV series, I have come to the conclusion that the word "general" in the military sense has three meanings. 1. A title held by an Imperial official commanding a large number of ground troops and/or mechanized infantry in some form. 2. A Rebel military commander, regardless of the actual type of military commanded; ground troops, aircraft, aquatic laser hamsters, whatever, excluding fleets of spacecraft; those are commanded by admirals. 3. Some rando who showed up and was in some way helpful, and should be further encouraged, but whom we cannot afford to pay or compensate.
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    I'm not painting the dwarfs like literal jade because I'd like them to also be useful later as, y'know, dwarfs. The book cover (I'm not allowed to crack the contents yet) makes them look kind of earth-toney anyhow. Meyanda, however, I am painting totally jade. Except for her eyes, all greens here are a single mix of Phthalocyanine Green and Burnt Sienna, lightened with Titanium White to make it opaque. Her irises are pure Phthalo Green layered on transparently.
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    As evidenced by this post, I arrived safely. Took longer than I would have liked, but safe is better than fast. Unless this is my ghost, and I've decided to haunt you all FOREVER! Muwahahahahahahahahahaha!!! I sense a trap.... You better believe it! Why am I apologizing? To be fair, there were plenty of dark songs about those things, too. Forex: Not good, dude! I hope things shake out properly, and quickly.
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    I plan to go with whatever faction has the prettiest mini. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    That's what aprons are for! Though granted, that won't protect your foot when you drop a boiling glob of spaghetti sauce on it, but it helps most of the time. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    And watching them eat it. When they make food-moans, or their mustache twirls up a bit because they're smiling and chewing at the same time, you know you did good.
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    So, this guy showed up on my front door on Friday as a gift from a friend. Fun to paint, a pain to put together, and I couldn't get the tip of the tail to not droop to the floor to save my life (yes, I did several heat and cools). Also, chasing down the areas where the paint rubbed away (despite priming) was pretty frustrating. However, Reaper is still unmatched as far as cool dragons go. And Greens are among my favorites. Anywho, enjoy!
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    It is theoretically possible that we live at a similar lattitude. It would be cool to live near Pingo, though.
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    I painted the dwarves with a variety of normal human complexions. The pale ones are largely mixes of Titanium White and Burnt Sienna, with a little Yellow Ochre sometimes. The darker ones are Titanium White and Burnt Umber, highlighted with more white and Yellow Ochre added. Lips are mostly Red Iron Oxide with some Titanium White, shadowed with Burnt Umber. Eyes are all Burnt Umber with sclera of pale grey mixed from Titanium White and Carbon Black. Some of them came out a little more successfully than others.
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    Boarder and ex went to get a new battery for it 4 wheel drive on his car.... So hopefully soon...
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    But none of us drop the 'Th'. Rs just don't travel that well on ships. The Auld Grump - who was bahn in one of those M states, and lives in anothah.
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    How much does a henge sell for these days? And does it come pre-assembled, or do I need to raise the stones myself?
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    lahjwgelwgrlqgl! You have no idea how much I hate the term 'Nor'Easter' - which was made up by a newspaperman. It is the 'R' that disappears, not the 'Th' - That's a Nahth Eastah, ayuh' (The 'Ayuh' is inhaled not exhaled.) The Auld Grump - Summah? I wouldn't be gettin' my hopes up foah summah, Closest thing to summah we get around heah is nine months of wintah, and three months of mighty pooah sleddin'.
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    Went on a shopping day with @Thes Hunter. Lots of game stores and a few thrift stores. Ended up with 4 tv blu rays from goodwill. And two minis from Comic Book World.
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    Irresponsible, or irrepressible? I think it's because, for some of the songwriters, at least, catchy pop was the way to get heard, and they had a message to spread. Musical activism has a long history. Some of it is a history of dubious efficacy, but the attempt was made. Nena has long been a favorite of mine.
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    Wow! I just texted Grump the notice, which did no good at all, because I just heard his phone get the text. It's still plugged into the wall. And people wonder why I talk to him so much on the forums.
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    Mr. Smilely Gets Bite! I spent lunch today working on its teeth. Once they are cured, I'll sculpt the skin around them. Sorry that the pictures aren't the best. The lighting isn't as good at lunch than it is at home in my studio.