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    Here is my take at the Warg ! I will use him for Strahd in his wolf form
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    My son made onion meringue pies today for a contest at school. Not an autocorrupt error. Onion. No, it's a normal pie contest. My son is just... weird. Got no idea where he gets it.
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    Presenting Veteran Hearne part of the Hunters Guild and my first finished Guild Ball mini! I'm painting up the rest of the set here. Had lots of fun painting this guy, I think I'm going to enjoy working through the Guild Ball range. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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    Painted (mostly) by-the-numbers, Anirion: This was a departure from my normal style of painting, and I made a number of mistakes, but wanted to stick to the instructions and see how it all turned out. All things considered, I think it looks decent. I didn’t worry about trying to correct the bend in the staff or any mold lines. And I added a third highlight layer (more yellow) to the robes, to make them pop just a bit more. The camera washed these out, it seems. The little details probably deserved more attention, but the focus here was clearly on the robes. I think I did learn a few new things, hopefully for the better. More practice will help. Comments and critiques welcome.
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    These models were, to put it bluntly, inspired by the white-metal pieces painted by Sean Fulton and Anne Foerster. I needed something to practice technique on and I liked the two painted pieced. (I have a halfling monk with two mastiffs, one named Blakie and one named Red.) I’m interested in feedback on these two pieces. Just realized these pics are too large. I’ll optimize them and reload them.
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    Step Five: Realize that nothing you have runs under Linux. Step Six: Reinstall Windows, cursing the person that talked you into Linux.
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    Hi Everyone, I've complete my first two repaints. They serve as a progress marker, and to replace the originals which I sold. I feel like I'm finally getting some good looking skin tones, that I'm happy with, unfortunately the matte varnish seems to kill some of the shading. These pics were taken before the varnish was applied. I painted both of them with color schemes to match the originals. Would doing a gloss varnish, then a matte coat help preserve some of the shading? Also my photography has gotten better, although it still could use some improvement. And I'm slowly working on doing better on the basing. The originals had no basing. I'm think I'm going to buy a leaf punch and some cork. Is paper or real leaves recommended for making the miniature leaves? Thanks all, hope you enjoy the pics.
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    Hi Folks! This is the last of the models I'll be posting tonight. As with the others I am looking for feedback.
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    Back during KS3 fulfillment I had a dream that a refrigerator sized box of minis was delivered to my house, and I couldn't get in the door because of it Of course, my box was actually pretty small compared to what some folks got I need to add more to my pledge.
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    "Es la Veinte" is a Spanish idiom. It translates literally as "It is twenty o'clock," and it means "it's later than you think it is." "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts" is an English idiom. It means "be suspicious of unsolicited gifts or goodies." It refers to the story of the Trojan Horse, and how a gift from the Greeks led to the fall of Troy. "No bebas chocolate de Chiapas" is a Spanish idiom, and means essentially the same thing. It means "don't drink cocoa from Chiapas." At one point after the Spanish conquest of Mexico, the bishop of Chiapas got into a bit of a kerfuffle with society ladies who attended his church. They'd sit in the balcony and chatter and drink chocolate, attended by their servants, and making a general clatter and ruckus during Mass with their silver tea sets, gossip, and general attitude. The bishop felt this was impious and wrong, and wound up getting into a running feud with one of these society ladies in particular, finally banning them from the chapel altogether. Shortly thereafter, a written apology arrived for the bishop, along with a quantity of a special blend of cocoa. The delighted bishop lifted the ban, and had his servant brew up the chocolate, which he drank before bed. He woke up the next morning with a bad case of dead. And the society ladies promptly began using the church balcony for their society gatherings slash cocoa parties during services again. No bebas chocolate de Chiapas, si sabes lo que es bueno para ti.* *Don't drink Chiapas cocoa if you know what's good for you.
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    So, this week I got a limited edition Zuggtmoy. I really wanted that one for my Fightin' Fungi campaign. I wanted a commander for the evil fungi that would be truly terrifying on the field and would be useful in the RPG campaign I have planned for it. Shortly after that, I got a call, and I got a job offer! I'm going back to work! That's an acquisition worth sharing.
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    Since my group is traveling through Middle Earth between the time of the hobbit and lord of the rings, our last mission was to escort an elven lady to take the boat over the sea. I painted the bones Ostarzha Elf Cleric for Irime, and tried my best to paint the sigil of Fingon/Gilgalad as she was a member of that high elven family.
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    Here's 01572, Maddie the Chibi Gorgon (Medusa), Special Edition Bonesylvanian Figure sculpted by Julie Guthrie.
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    Hi Folks! I’ve been collecting minis for a few years but have actually painted very few. I’m changing that, primarily by hosting a painting day for my D&D group, and hope to put a dent in my collection of 20 minis. I am also very interested in feedback on my painting. To that end, here is the second piece I am looking for feedback on. (The first was a CAV:SO model)
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    I pledged for two barges.. Lately I'm considering to turn one into an Undead Landship...
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    It was great hanging out with @pcktlnt today and yesterday. Hope you enjoy the snow!!! I don’t have to go to work until 4.
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    The real question is.... How did they taste? And did he win?
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    Yeah, not sure what to actually call this. My first attempt at a full display base, feel free to be brutal. I'll post a list of pips and paint recipes tomorrow when I'm not on my phone.
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    Husband has asked me to paint up Isabeau Laroche as Captain Marvel. He saw some pictures of it done on Tumblr a while ago and thought it was the neatest thing. So I am going to attempt to recreate it. When I was initially asked I didn't think I was nearly good enough to pull it off but I think where I am now I can do it. I'll be using this photo as reference: The emblem on her chest will go onto Isabeau's shield as seen in original mini photos.
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    The closest my work comes is the "safety training", with is just the same 12 fliers. We sign a sheet saying we read them. But like, I've already read them all several times.
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    Awesome Wife has a fix for this (most of the time). Find some sort of treat that the animal likes. Put it in a can that rattles. Rattle the can every time you give the critter a treat. If the critter ever gets out, rattle the can and it should come running. That's what we do for our rabbit. We let it out on the fenced in deck during nice weather, but are afraid that someone will leave one of the gates open. The rabbit loves dried apricot (it's like crack to him), so a shake of the jar it's in brings him running.
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    That's a Great acquisition cause it'll enable even more acquisitions. Congratulations!
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    Except WINE causes problems and doesn't allow some functionality in a lot of cases. Trust me. I've tried. That's why there's whole sections of various websites dedicated to listing certain types of software in a "what works, what's buggy, and what's broken" format. And while Linux powers everything from toasters to supercomputers, it still hasn't taken over the desktop for all its attempts. And it's because unless you're the same type of tech geek that fills the open source community, the type who likes to poke around under the hood, you're not going to easily get what you're looking for out of Linux. At least not unless it's almost as much of a navel-gazing ball dropper as Windows is. Oh, and it's also a fairly walled garden unless you're specifically trying to break out. Because the only truly successful consumer version of Linux is Android, and that's exactly what it is. You have very limited access in most cases, without enabling developer options that are sometimes hidden you're relegated to using the app store only, it often forces updates, and it can and will broccoli the bed when you're trying to do stuff. Not even Ubuntu, the most successful attempt at a desktop Linux yet, has fixed many of the issues that keep normal people from sticking around. Largely because it's still using open source software that's still being developed by a bunch of ivory tower dwelling techies who value power over ease of use and demand that everyone else adapt rather than design a more user friendly interface. I shouldn't be forced to go into a command line when Gnome suddenly decides to delete its own config files and break my desktop, there should be some default config, like a Windows safe mode desktop, that kicks in. But nope, that's too easy. We can't have that. You need to learn how to read a 300 page man file so that you can hand code a new config file and then hope it works to get you a desktop environment again... Yes, I have experience with this stuff. I'm happy for you that you apparently don't have these issues. But so many other people do. I couldn't play my games on Linux, because WINE is trash and Linux drivers suck. I couldn't get a stable desktop because trying to change my wallpaper resulted in Gnome spazzing out and delete its own config. Trying to run a multi-monitor setup resulted in all sorts of issues as well. And I wasn't about to spend a year learning the ins and outs of everything, learning to pop into the command line all the time because not everything is able to be done in settings windows even if it's super important to do, and hoping that someday I'd end up with an OS that didn't seem to actively hate me.
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    Now I'm adjusting the hair colors with washes and tones. I put some pure Burnt Umber on the redheaded Red Box dwarf. Note that she has got a little white spot just at the right of her braid, about midway down to the clasp. This is one of those little pits that resists paint. It has white primer on it, but not the umber wash. There are a number of these, but most of them are simply repairable. That one I spent a lot of time trying to reach. It looks far larger and more prominent in photographs than on the figure, btw. In person it is a minuscule point about the width of a human hair. I fiddled a lot and finally filled the spot with some Reaper Brown Liner. It took way too many tries! I'm going to have to re-pick up the red highlights later but I'm sooooo glad to have gotten that darned spot! (I had leftover liner on my brush and waste not want not, so I painted her cloak shadows too) Washed some straight Burnt Umber on the brunette Oathsworn dwarf's hair, picking out some more highlights on top of it. Likewise on the Stonehaven Dwarf. I fiddled quite a lot with Kara Foehunter's hair. To cool everything down I mixed an almost-olive black from Burnt Umber and Phthalo Blue and glazed a very thinned down layer of it over the highlights (adding some more lights on top).