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    A little gift for somebody
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    Ok, here is my first NMM paint job. I'm not sure if I dislike the technique, or just picked a bad mini to try it on first. I found it a bit fiddly and frustrating with all of the dully cast spikey bits. I did a pretty quick TT quality job on everything not NMM, so I know there are a lot of places to improve there. Also, I feel like the photos make it look better than it really is. I'm pretty happy with how the front of the armor turned out, but the shield and shoulder pauldrons were frustrating. Would truly appreciate any feedback on improving the quality of my NMM! I'll be doing Mangu next and tracking in the same WIP thread. Wip thread here:
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    I tried it this weekend. With the new shorter snout, it looks wrong. Too much clutter on the face. I finished it this weekend and have secured the approval of my client, so it will begin its journey across the big pond to the UK tomorrow. I am quite pleased with the way it ended up. Thanks for all the support!
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    I built a boat. Not quite from scratch. It was a hull and railings when I got it. But the masts and the rigging and sails, the spars and yards and bowsprit, the chains and the anchors, and especially the paint job, those are mine.
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    Played at the FLGS...and made a small acquisition.
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    The Skorchas are a smallish buggy like vehicle that doesn't have a model, so I cut down a couple trukks and made my own. The Battlewagon is pretty much stock kit, except I am adding a base (which isn't done yet). Skorchas:
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    Miniatures from the Vast boardgame miniatures expansion. Last pic are mini's from the Vast : The Fearsome Foes expansion. For more info, see GeekDad's Vast Miniatures review!
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    Alright Monday, let's get one thing straight--if you act like you did last week, no one will EVER find your body.
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    I (printed and painted a pile of 3D terrain for Kingdom Death bard game, and dismembered a 6 legged dragon.
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    With the arrival of Zombicide Green Horde, I realized that I had yet to paint up any of the necromancers for the game. So I decided to start a new thread for these guys. I decided that instead of starting with the one that came with the core set, I would paint up another one called Grin. I had planned on just painting up a base coat today as I waited on the primer of another figure. Then I just kept going. Now the art for the figure has him with a very dark overall feel. The figure's backstory has it that he's half zombie from a failed ritual. So I Went with the zombie skin I had with the rest of the zombies. I then added in a warm brown to try to give him a little more life than a regular zombie. Looking at the image I think I need something else. Well here is the results of today's painting:
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    First attempt at OSL. Guildball model "Stoker".
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    That is so brilliant I wish I'd thought of it! @Beagle You sir are incredibly brave, and I'm so glad you weren't hurt worse! Hair will grow back, but you may have saved the victim from much further harm. I hope you heal quickly. :) (I wish I could respond to everyone, but that would be an extremely long set of posts. Take my 'likes' as sympathy/congratulations/appreciation as appropriate :) ). I really need to paint a thing, and to document the few things I've actually painted so far this year. The mojo just hasn't been there at all. Maybe I should bust out my metallic paints and make something shiny, because I always enjoy doing that. Shiny makes everything better. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Hope you feel better soon, @Unruly. Mint tea is totally my favorite thing when I'm congested. Recently I discovered that I'd made it an entire year without needing a prescription for antibiotics, which is a huge improvement in my quality of life. Being sick sucks.
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    The Dragon Hatchling sculpts are cute, but the Bones casts are terrible. Due to this I didn't try to clean them up well and just put them on new bases. Either way it is two more models off the bench and painted to an acceptable toy box level...and so what if I painted the geen one red and the black one green! btw I touched up the splotchy black base rims after I took this picture. Comments encouraged, Mike
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    I was using this to try a different skin color which I like and I believe I was going to do a bit more detailed TMM but got side tracked. After several months of no work on him, I decided to get him "done" to tabletop level. Here are some shaky iPad photos. C&C welcome.
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    On a related note, I have tested my skills in the deep ocean. One fun thing on a submarine when you have the time to do it is swim call. You stop on the surface (somewhere warm like the Bahamas' or the Med, and go swimming. It can be a bit disconcerting when the only object in sight is the sub though.
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    I actually managed to paint a thing; now wait, two things last night! They are not finished, but it's a start. Some flesh on a Wiz Kids half-orc barbarian for a guy that I game with and the scales on the BoGW community figure. Got to do the eyes on that Dragon born and then finalize my selections and pack the box back up.
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    Well, The Spirit of the Forest ^ Dragon is pretty cool. I guess. I don’t have a picture (because I gave the item away) but one time I created a magical Elven Waystone. It was a terrain piece that would magically stand itself up, if it was toppled over. I also did a Fungal Forest that looks rather realistic.
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    Had the Paint and Take at the FLGS today, everything went really well. We had 10 people painting at once today (pretty big, considering how small this place is), and there were plenty of veterans to teach the basics.Even managed to show some new people the basics of Warhammer 40k, so that'll just drive the hobby. Also met our ever-elusive creative guy, really nice and is a whiz at kitbashing and scratchbuilding. We discussed having him show how to make terrain and the like, so that might be a thing in the future as well. All in all, a pretty good time.
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    This guy was to experiment on achieving realistic light colors on a fairly smooth surface (the apron in this case). After several different tries I was happy with the result...then like normal he sat on the paint desk for months. So I decided to finish him to low tabletop level and wash him in ArmyPainters midtone shade which led to a big tied mark. But he is good enough for my sons toy box. C&C appreciated.
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    That sounds creepy. What if a kraken got you
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    Is it weird/wrong that I love Pathfinder/3.x so much but I don't care at all about optimization, I'd rather play a rogue than anything, and all the math is basically just icing on the cake of style and storytelling? Rhetorical question, because it is weird and wrong. Yet here I am. Or maybe so here I am. Anyway, rough day for a number of reasons. The one big flaw with humanity is the humans. But I rolled up a (very non-optimized) variant tiefling Unchained rogue and an Idyllkin Unchained summoner with an Agathion eidolon, which probaby isn't tricked well at all but was pleasantly thematic I thought. Can see why people like summoners, I reckon, even toned down from where they started. Wound up the evening here in the Advanced Class Guide. Another book into which I hadn't much delved. I don't know what to make of who's the suitably tiered belle of the ball and all, but I rather like the flavor of the skald and swashbuckler. Gonna look at hunter and slayer, investigator maybe. The iconic warpriest makes me want to like him too, heh.
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    Ayup. Happily it’s been through several trips, so it’s softened up.
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    I can totally understand that they have over 300,000 pieces of inventory, but this is the second or third time I've bought something from them and then gotten an "Oops, we can't find it"... They need to develop a better system for their inventory - or at least not send out automated your-item-has-shipped messages before they've gone and physically pulled the items purchased. Next time I think about getting anything from them, I'm going to email them first to make sure they go physically check that the item is in stock and undamaged before I buy it.