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    This is Reaper 03042, the second version of Morrdha, Vampire Noble, sculpted by Bob Ridolfi. I don't know what his story is, but both versions are casting something from a book of Up to No Good, and both have a little demon thing lurking at their feet. I loved the lively cape on this figure, and the melodrama. I decided to paint him ginger and make his armor look appallingly rusty. Oh, right, and while I did not exactly do NMM or anything, I did paint his sword with pigmented colors instead of my usual sloshing on of metallic silver. There is no WIP thread, but I would be happy to answer questions. Comments and critiques are also welcome.
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    Oh...so playing this song repeatedly won't do that for me? Darn. Did some quick little highlights with Sophie silver. I tried White alchemy first, but wasn't quite happy with how it was behaving. The camera may or may not be able to pick them up; I've got quite a few lights on. I also made a second stab at the horns... I just...I dunno, I don't really like that either. I'm not sure what I'm looking for, but I keep finding things that aren't that. And teeth. Not only does Caraxis floss, apparently he bleaches too! This dragon has nicer teeth than I do! Okay, now eyes. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    This is one of the three figures from sculptor Gene Van Horne's set 50157: Townsfolk: Ladies of the Night (or as I prefer to think of them, Women of the Regrettable Fashion Choices). I painted her up as a vampire in an attempt to show the dusky skin of the undead PoC, but I'm not sure I quite managed it. Anyhow, I really enjoyed using all sorts of unlikely colors that ought to scream "Beware!" to anyone paying attention. There is no WIP thread for this figure, but as always comments, critiques, and questions are welcome.
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    I...had no idea that viking rock was a thing. So, rather than doing the eyes my usual way, I decided to try out @Guindyloo's method (which she explains in this thread and also in this one; I would highly recommend checking them out!). Because the final day of a Challenge is a GREAT time to try a new technique out, right?! By the way, my walkthrough is going to be neither as detailed nor as informative as hers, mostly because my primary focus is on not totally flubbing these eyes up, and also because I'll be taking progress pictures of which ever eye looks best at the time. Expect some blurry pictures, because my hands are none too steady right now. I started with the following two colors: First step, which looks kind of freaky in person: And the second step: And rather than continue, I will be stopping to get some dinner, since right now I'm too quivery to be attempting fine details. Just getting to that point took a frustratingly long time because I kept blobbing color where it wasn't supposed to be. This will also give me a chance to ponder exactly what colors I want to use; I can't decide on yellow, orange, green or dark blue. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    These are the set BFM MLS003 from Bad Squiddo, which I have discovered is called "Vampire Thralls", although in my notes I call them "feral vampires" and I think of them as more unaffiliated vampire pirates or swashbucklers. (Although thinking about it, it would be really difficult to be a vampire pirate, what with the total lack of shade and all.) I painted one of them up blonde, because blonde vampires look extra creepy. There is a WIP thread here. As ever, comments, critiques, and questions are welcome.
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    Sorry I went quiet for so long, I had to step away from my painting desk for a couple of hours to release some frustration. I'm back now and progress on the eyes is going much better. There won't be many progress pics of the eyes since I'm getting into my zone, but here's the color I'll be basing them around: Hopefully it will look as cool in reality as it does in my head. Current song on infinite repeat until I get these eyes done (it helps me to focus for some reason): Immortals by Fall Out Boy. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    And that's why I love you guys. Current soundtrack: my "Max Energy" playlist, cuz I really need it today! It helps me get back in the zone when I'm having a rough time. I listened to this on repeat quite a bit during Ma'al! (in spoiler due to size) After some thought, Caraxis opted for the "Deadly ice" color combo: Oh. Oh my. Me likey very much!!! I wasn't as happy with the left hand as I was with the right, and it took me awhile to figure out why: I'd covered too much of the claw with the shiny (a constant problem for me ). So I used the Clear blue to trim it back a bit: Oh that's actually...that looks cool. Like, really really cool. SIGH. I guess that means I should do the same thing on the right hand too, even though I was very happy with how I'd placed the highlights. Yeah, okay, I suppose it was worth it. And here's a before and after of one of the foot claws, because why not: I REALLY like how that turned out! Happy accident FTW! I think Caraxis likes it too, look at him all showing off his nails: Need a break now, that was way more intense focus than I was planning on putting into the claws! I really struggle with straight lines, so going back and reducing the shine area took a ton of back-and-forth. I'll do something similar to the horns on his head, but I'll need to stare at them for a bit to decide how to go about it. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    As with all of my pieces, this was painted with Reaper MSP, and Reaper Bones MSP. The robes are the layered blues (Void Blue, Tropical, Glacier, and Frost). The hair was done with Gothic Crimson, Valcanic Orange, and Canary Yellow. The white parts of the robe were completed using Khaki Shadow, Bleached Linen, and Dragon White. The gold was Desert Stone, Golden blonde, then washed with a Candlelight yellow glaze. I like the effect overall. I had fun with this piece, but it was mainly an exercise in rebasing. I wanted to add him to a clear acrylic base, so that I could see how well it would come out. I've seen many figures, mostly for board games, on this type of base, and I thought it would be neat for my players. Also, the bases that I put on my figures, are sometimes distracting to my players during the game. Things like snow on a figure base, but the adventure is currently in a tropical jungle or desert. Nothing major, but I thought it might be a little less distracting for game pieces. I still plan on decorating the bases of my display pieces. So, what do you think of the piece overall? CAH
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    I tried the same trick with the horns, but... I just didn't really care for it much. Probably because the horns are more straight and triangular than the curved claws. So I did a thin coat of Sparkling blue over the top of what I'd already done and will call that good: Wow that picture came out super bright. I'll do a quick highlight of the teeth and claws with a white metallic, then it's time I turned my attention to those eyes! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I've been practicing sculpting for about a year now. Before this I practiced making a lot of bits and pieces (mostly heads) and modified other minis. Here's my first real mini I've completed from scratch and a bunch of other works-in-progress. Feedback appreciated!
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    Good day everyone! Here is DSM8012, Fox Female Rogue. This 28mm pewter model is from Dark Sword Miniatures, Critter Kingdoms - Anthropomorphic Animals. This foxy lady is the second in a serie of eleven Foxes I'll be painting. She's another stunning example of Dave Summers elaborated sculpting. I went with a dark night blue cloak, essential thiefling accessory to hide all her shiny ornaments when lurking. Comments are very welcome!
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    Finished the fire dragon, painted using a red and gold theme. Used lots of metallic paints mixed in with matte paint, especially on its torso. Hope I got the right effect. Tell me what you guys think, would appreciate it. P.S.: I'm a bad photographer so don't mind the shadows and the bad lighting in the pics... If need be i'll take another batch of photos.
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    Painted a lot since I last came here. Here is one I did for a player
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    Gonna have to echo the inch or half inch sentiment. Quarter inch just doesn't seem like a scale that most people typically think in, myself included. An inch or even half inch marker, preferably an inch, would give a much better read on the size of things to most people.
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    Since you're upgrading the photos anyway, I'd like to suggest that models that got remastered (had their bases trimmed) have the new version photographed instead of the original, if the original still exists. I had no idea this had been done and when I started to get figures with modified bases I thought they were miscasts and spent the better part of 2017 hassling poor Ladystorm about repeated replacements before figuring out they were supposed to be that way. To her extreme credit she was wonderfully patient with me until we finally figured out what was going on, but the entire ordeal (including unnecessary shipment of replacements and associated costs) could have been avoided if I'd known, and I'd have known if the pictures matched the product. Since the help email marks picture attachments as spam and thusly it's recommended not to include them, the result was that I assumed what I was seeing were miscasts and labeled them as such. With no pictures to show the issues, I was taken at my word. It was only after several rounds of this and a specific request for photos that the mystery was revealed. It just so happened that by coincidence everything else I was buying didn't have trimmed bases except these few, so they appeared to be anomalies. After Reapercon I started to see more of them as, working through my list, I hit the rest of the modified SKUs. Had I hit those earlier I might have clued in that what I was seeing was intentional (presumably to help keep costs down). This way the replacement photographs will better reflect "what you see is what you get". I recognize that this may be an issue that comes up infrequently, and I may be an atypical customer in complaining about reduced bases, but if they're going back into the photobooth anyway using the newer production model will prevent people like me from needlessly clogging up the customer service email with issues that aren't actually issues. I imagine Ladystorm has enough to do without having to coddle cranky goblins.
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    This is a cartoon character called Dennis the Menace. This is also a cartoon character called Dennis the Menace. The blond kid was created by American cartoonist Hank Ketcham, based on his own son's antics and some other cartoons he'd done for Collier's magazine, and was Ketcham's attempt to break into syndicated newspaper comics. The dark haired one first appeared in the British periodical The Beano, and is credited to several different artists. BOTH characters first appeared in print in March, 1951. Due to their appearance within weeks of each other on opposite sides of the planet, neither creator took action against the other, both assuming it was just a coincidence. Both characters continue to have comic adventures today. This is the Man-Thing, a swamp monster and Marvel comics character. He first appeared in May, 1971. This is the Swamp Thing, a swamp monster and DC comics character. He first appeared in July, 1971. However, due to the production process of comic books, and the fact that the writing and art processes could take months at that time, it is highly unlikely that one was copied from the other; aside from being swamp monsters made of plant matter, the two monsters are extremely different. Both characters continue to appear in comics from their respective publishers, even today.
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    You've got this! Yellow, orange or green would be opposite-ish on the other half of the colour wheel so they would stand out really nicely, but also an icy blue or icy violet would be quite striking as well! A dark green or dark blue would blend in a little more naturally and perhaps read a little bit more realistically....as realistic as dragon eyes can be.
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    Severe lack of progress on the last month, due to being too tired after work, some health issues and the main culprit, aka playing Rift, the MMORPG again. But actually spending some time painting in the last week resulted in some visible progress, namely the neck frill on the blue head is now a dark green. For some reason it isn't showing as green in my picture. I am also pondering if I should highlight the black head with green, here is some trial green on its nose:
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    I have never made a single mistake of any kind. Everything I have done has been a deliberate, carefully choreographed step in my plan to spread chaos, anarchy and discord.
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    I don't get it - why would I have an image of the Avatar on the forums? We are talking about this guy right?
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    While I was munching breakfast (well, while I wasn't rickrolling people that is ) I was going over my mental checklist to see what I still needed to do. That's when I realized I'd forgotten something kind of important.... The adventurer's bases! I'd intended to do those during the terrain step, but because I'd put them on the bookshelf across the room, my brain had filed them under the "Completed" section. A quick drybrush of Chestnut brown later... And I can finally liberate them from their painting handles! Now if you'll excuse me, I need to take my dragon to get a mani-pedi. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I'd also like it noted that I find it much harder to determine what size something is based on the single 1/4 inch marker. It's just too small for big minis and not a size people "think" in. I can visualize an inch easily, and a half inch isn't a stretch, but I have to try really hard to imagine a quarter inch. Please consider stacking multiples or making the marker bigger.
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    Only one, but in the Glory Days of the Republic, a hundred servants would change a thousand avatars at the drop of a hat!
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    Let's see... the old guy one I first started with, then there were several versions of Snake (Kurt Russell), and maybe something else, then there was the Nuclear Krill one, and one or two Sabretooth tigers before I finalized on this one. At first it didn't seem to matter, but soon you realize that you look at the avatar for recognition of the poster more often than you do the name... and so I locked it in and left it alone. Edit: Oh... so to clarify... um... Twenty!!!