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    Good Friday everyone! I'm keeping the pace, here's another Critter I completed yesterday. DSM7981, Robin Hood the Fox sculpted by Dave Summers. He was a lot of fun to paint and even made an extra effort and painted freehand patterns on its scabbard. This 28mm pewter model is from Dark Sword Miniatures, Critter Kingdoms - Anthropomorphic Animals.
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    Okay, I am going to call this a funny, though I must admit that three people almost lost their heads in the discussion. At 68 (I turn 69 next month) I have decided to grow my beard. No big deal right, Just stop shaving ! Three friends unloaded on me, about how trashy it is, ugly, arrogant, and just NOT something they would put up with., I stood there with my mouth open and an eleven day old growth of hair on my face. I was hammered by them. They really made me feel bad, like I was doing something wrong. I finally smiled at them and said.. Thank you for your comments, you are NO LONGER welcome in in presence. From this day forward I want NOTHING to do with you. I am growing my beard out because I need a change, and the first change is I AM LOOSING ALL OF YOU. I then walked out and left them standing there alone. I was Done. I like it now.. Not grown in, but I'm changing how I look, how I and other's see me. Its a great feeling for me. Its empowerment. I like being in charge of me., I am sure my friends will come back to realizing that I am still me, just a bit furrier ! Since I survived Cancer, I'm a bit more free than I used to be. I need to express myself, and I need to do all the things I have never allowed myself to do. I like the new me. Jaysonator.
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    Hey everyone, Here's a 20mm Qin Chinese sword fighter from Caesar miniatures, which I painted two years ago as a test miniature for a 20mm variant of Warhammer Ancient Battles - the project never really came to life, because then all my companions decided they didn't want to do it in 20mm anymore. I still have got a group of those ancient Chinese fighters, and this one is the best looking, I think (haha). Never got the NMM right, nor the real metallic (or what it is called), but I think he came out pretty decend with his head wound (which is a cover up of a missed seam line). Enjoy the pictures.
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    Been a loooooong time since I posted anything here. So hoping to get back into the swing of things. Here is a commission I did for a client. Client chose the colors for this one.
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    Pathfinder tonight seemed to be fun for everyone and on all fronts a success.
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    That's a good title: "Randomness XIV: Submissions Are Closed"
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    Here's a group of 20mm Bunderwehr soldiers which I did for a skirmish game. They are from Revell of Germany and Elhiem miniatures. Special emphasis was laid on their Flecktarn camo as it is a very distinctive pattern and is absolutely horrible to paint in such a small scale. But I think it came out pretty decent. Enjoy!
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    I like the new you too, Jasonator. My honey wears a cute little evilbeard and moustache since I said I liked the look many years ago when we were courting. I have a good friend who went from a sort of Stephen King look to something quite dignified when he grew a beard. A little girl once told Abraham Lincoln she thought he would look better with whiskers, and the rest is history.
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    Here are the mouseling druid and beekeeper. The beekeeper will eventually go in a diorama once I get it finished. These were fun to paint and pretty quick. The beekeeper is the mini for the Reaper Facebook Quarterly Contest. Since I am not entering, I can show mine! I was going to do a green cloak on the druid but he reminded me so much of an Ewok....well, you see what happened. They are adorable!
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    My wife wakes up angry with me whenever she dreams I shaved off my beard. I'm good with this as I never have to shave my chin again.
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    @Jasonator good on you for losing those people! We should never let anyone make us feel bad for how we look. All that matters is that we're comfortable and happy with ourselves. You should probably see a doctor about that If anyone here was even sorta considering get Ni No Kuni 2, GET IT!! It is amazing! I've never had as much fun playing a video game! Evan is such a sweet, cute kid, you can't help but love him. And Roland is all like "dang, this kid is like a marshmallow, if I don't protect him he's gonna get roasted!" And! You get to build your own kingdom! And have army battles! And the party battle system is so fun and organic! Seriously, it's a blast!
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    I decided to convert him more. I chopped off two of his five toes on each foot, to make them more dinosaur-like instead of frog-like. I removed the fin off the top and bottom of his tail and sculpted in armor plating, using three of his removed toes to make spikes (as per Julie Guthrie's suggestion at ReaperCon to give him a Thagomizer) and yes, they're intentially malformed and uneven I then sculpted over my spots on the legs i had previously filled in with green stuff
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    We will be sending out an update in a day or two addressing how to handle any shortages, etc. I had intended for it to come out today but we caught a couple of problems with the wolverine (the tracks are backwards) and cheetah (the pin for the emitter dish is backwards) that we missed during production (changes made by the factory from the originals) we want to address so people can put them together right.
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    Well, good news is that I have a bent needle from my Patriot that I bought about 3 years ago, so that helps. I've been using it to scrape paint out of the nozzle, because if paint sets up in there it won't get touched by a solvent soak because of how small the part is. I also did a sort of bad thing. I ordered a drill/driver combo set and a drill bit set and put them on credit. Makita 18v Li-Ion hammer drill(XPH10Z) and impact driver(XDT11Z) in a hard case with charger and 2 4 amp-hour batteries for $250, and then a Makita 70pc drill bit set. The tool set was $250, the bit set was $20, and after taxes it came out to just shy of $300. But, on the bright side, I can now do some home improvement/repair projects that I've been putting off because I didn't have the right tools. I can also begin work on building the new desk that I was planning on building, as well as possibly a new bookshelf.
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    Randomness XIV has been created. Submissions are closed.
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    Randomness XIV - Where the Survivors Were Buried. Randomness XIV - Can I Reroll That? Randomness XIV - The After-Credits Scene. Randomness XIV - The Stan Lee Cameo. It wasn't just that it was sitting on your head, it was that he was preening your hair! As far as the crow was concerned, you were part of his flock! You scritched him, and he scritched you!
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    Did you respond with "Sokath, his eyes open"? Or maybe "Shaka, when the walls fell"?
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    My painting is all over the place right now but I wanted to mess with finari, did some work on the face. Ps where are the 54mm miniatures found on the website
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    @Jasonator Good. Screw those people. I never understood the hate for beards. In high school back in the mid 2000's it was all I wanted to be able to grow a beard. And that never went away. It took me until I was 26-27 to grow anything worth calling a full beard. Before that, the best I could manage was a goatee. And even with the beard I have now, all I want is for it to be more "beardy" in that I want it to grow in full and thick as opposed to how it does now. If my whole beard grew in the way the hairs on my actual chin do, I'd be pretty happy. But they don't, and there are still patches that are mostly empty. Namely where my cheek beard meets the mouth and chin beard, and the gap right under my nose between the nostrils that keeps my mustache from connecting both sides. I like my beard. And that's really all that matters. I don't care if other people don't like it, because they're not me and it's not theirs. They have no say in the matter, and they should take their opinion and shove it up their backside where it can sit level with their head.
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    I need to stop thinking of more things to do when I still have other things I've previously thought up that are left undone. I also need to stop eyeballing all sorts of new things to buy until I have the money to buy them. Otherwise, I'm going to be very tempted to jump my credit card balance up by about $500 just so I can buy that awesome Makita drill set and a whole bunch of airbrush paints. At least the drill will help me complete a bunch of my previously thought up but as yet undone projects, though. It's just really hard to find an extra $300 to throw down on a drill and driver set, even if they are some great tools... Edit: and I just said screw it. I put $300 on my credit card and ordered myself a drill and impact driver set, as well as a 70pc bit set. They'll be here on Sunday. Their first use will be drilling a few holes in my bathroom wet wall so that I can see where the studs are, since stud finders don't work on plaster walls with metal lathe. Then I'll be cutting a section of that wall out so that I can hopefully see where a leak is at, so that I can then go spend more money to fix it...
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    Randomness XIV: Is there a character limit on th
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    Howdy, Listen carefully to my proposal... Join or die, Kev! P.S. Click to zoom
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    The glamourous life of a chicken farmer. I just finished washing a fhuge mat of poo and eggshells off a pooferbum. This was delicate work. Delicate! *sigh* I'm pretty sure I'm going to get to do it again.
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    I’m making some quick progress on assembly. I’m really digging the new vehicles. Here is the wolverine, armadillo, manticore, lion I, and lion II: commander I, commander II, centipede, chieftain, and dragon fly in the background.
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