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    Another Snake Warrior for my Lost World. WIP Here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69308-lost-world-project-glitterwolf-paints-coldblooded-creatures-and-conquistadores/&page=120 This is Reaper Warlord 14187 Ssathuss. A Nagendra Warrior.
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    Thread title pretty much sums it up. This is Callus the Renegade from Black Orc’s Hundred Kingdoms, sculpted by Jason Wiebe: There is is a lot going on here, from chain, scale, and plate to all the spangly bits and Things on Belts. Tried to add some variety of color where possible. Not sure what actual colors were worn by Roman soldiers, but red is popular among cosplayers according to Google. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t purple at least. Turns out Dark Elf Skin is a pretty good approximation of actual gorilla flesh. It also seems that brown is not a popular color for actual gorilla fur, but whatever. I was unsure just what that thing in his left hand is, so I imagined it as some sort of monkey-headed scepter, and painted it up in Dragon Copper and Antique Gold. Mostly as an excuse to try out some GW verdigris. I probably miffed the placement, but it’s a neat effect. Very much a “nasty old penny” look. Did I mention this guy is big? Here he is alongside Miss Forscale the Strumpet: Comments and critiques appreciated!
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    Graveknight Reaper Item # 60156, cork board base dusted with sand and some hotglue for lava. Heavy clear coat for the table top.
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    Isabeau Laroche, Female Paladin. Reaper Item # 03364. The eye liner/eyes came out really well on this one even though you can't really see it in the photos. Heavy clear coat for table top.
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    Enora, Iconic Arcanist, Reaper Item # 60178. Cork and Flocked base, heavy clear coat for table top.
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    Having a go at bigger figures again, don't they take a long time to get finished? So this is a little vignette in 54mm scale called "The Trophy". I probably tried to squeeze everything onto too small a base, but overall I'm pleased with the actual figures.
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    Townsfolk I, barmaids and bartender. Reaper Item # 02583. Finished two of the three, have one barmaid still unpainted. made some plank bases with some green stuff and heavy clear coat for some table top use.
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    Thund Bloodwrack, Barbarian. Reaper Item # 03724. Cork and flocking on a hex base. Heavy clear coat for some table top action.
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    Townsfolk II, beggar, strumpet, blacksmith. Reaper Item # 02584. I didn't get a chance to get to the beggar in this set. Sanded one base for the grass and used some green stuff to do the planks on the other.
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    Drago Voss, Assassin. Reaper Item # 03647. Went with an assassin's creed them on this little guy. Used green stuff for the base. The white areas have shading with light gray colors however they washed out in the photo.
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    Went thrift shopping in Kentucky. Found non-miniature hobby related items. Blu-rays: $4 each Last season of Sons of Anarchy Cinderella Finding Dory Alice Through the Looking Glass Marvel: Mystique ($4) Captain America Mug (60 cents) Misc: ($4) Hugo boss sweater that isn't pictured. Foo dog statue. Since I don't have the other one, I might use this in frost grave and create a rubble pile on the opposite side
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    Though I am NOW retired, I had a three year toxic relationship at work with a Vice-President. Guy didn't know my job, but made it a point to insult me at every turn when I encountered him. I worked as a Computer Scientist/Test Directer and Department head. I would go to senseless meeting that took up my valuable time, and cause me to put in overtime to get my reports in. (I did NOT get paid overtime). The last meeting I attended the "Vice-President" said that he didn't care what I thought, didn't like what I did, and would I please just shut up. So I obliged by taking off a shoe, placing it in my mouth, and just glared at the idiot through the rest of the meeting. I took out a pen, piece of paper, and wrote neatly, and clearly... "This is my resignation, effective immediately. and signed it. When meeting was over, placed shoe back on foot, walked into VP's office and tossed resignation on his desk in front of him, walked to me office, took what was mine, and gave the receptionist my keys. I moved , and had another job in five days. That location with the idiot no longer exists. Smartest thing I ever did was walk out of that place. Recommend you do the same, you are being used and Abused.
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    Okay no yellow like I thought. I grabbed the bag with intense teals and some with color zoning.
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    The Moviprep I need to drink in order to clean the bowels taste reasonable. It is the having to drink so much of it that is bad.. Oh well, all for the cause! I have hobbied today and even finished one mini! http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/80501-14187-ssathuss-nagendra-warrior-by-glitterwolf/ Also worked on my Pirate Queen Bust and the Crypt terrain. I already have picked out my next project. This lovely bust of Creepytables Miniatures, she is called La Charra. The Snake will become a Western Diamond Ratller. She will be painted with Dias de Muertos facepaint. I think the skulls on the base will become sugarskulls. Roses either red and pink or black. For her hat I think black with silver ornaments. I want to know what you people think, her hair. Black/blueish? Or go dark green or red? Any ideas?
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    My 250 point army has finally been assembled:
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    I will suggest that you write a GOOD handover document and have it delivered to your boss, signed for and all. (feel free to also send it to other people in the company, if you think it will do any good... I assume your boss will just toss it in a desk drawer or the round filing cabinet) In that document you need to put down everything you know about the systems, that the poor schmuck taking over for you need to know. Everything. It also MUST include any account you have had access to. With passwords, if you have it. And a note that these MUST be disabled or changed soonest. Any support contracts the company is paying for, yearly license deals, or internet servies you pay for should also be listed if you've had anything to do with at all, or suspect that they exist, but that the previous Sysadmin never documented. The one thing it should NOT list is your private email or phone numbers. Keep a copy of the document, together with the returned signature in case of issues. This is for CYA reasons. Unless you send this your ex-boss will probably blame you when the company goes under. Actually, he probably will anyway, but with the document, you can show that you did a 'good faith' attempt to make the transition as smooth as possible, and that any issues that developed was not your fault.
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    Thank you all for the birthday wishes! It's been a great weekend so far! My bride treated me to a lovely dinner, the new Game of Thrones beer, a show at the Upright Citizens Brigade, then ice cream at the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop, and then a flight of beers to wrap up friday night. Yesterday we went out for brunch, enjoyed a couple of hours in the sun at the park, and then went to dinner and the broadway show The Play That Went Wrong. I don't think I've laughed that hard in a LONG time. Sadly today is a day of chores, but I think I'll still manage to squeeze in some fun.
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    I got the (old) Necron "Start Collecting!" box and finally got everything put together. Time to start painting... (There is actually some assembly left to do, but I'm waiting for some magnets. Those are a few weeks out still but I figured I'd get most of the painting done in the meantime and just touch up whatever bits need touched up.)
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    Sometimes an Ogre just has to go clubbing. :-) Tried a different painting technique on this guy and a few others. I think it works reasonably on the skin, but still looks kind of scratchy in some places; murky in others.
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    I speed-painted this guy for an upcoming encounter because I was surprised not to have a dwarf miniature with a hammer. I really like how he came out, and how the encounter went down. So yay!
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    Here is a selection for three heroes for use in Frostgrave or other such games. I really like like the sculpts, and think I have done a reasonable job on the painting. Thanks for looking as always comments welcome.
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    The dragonman cometh... cork board and flocked base, and heavy clear coating for some table top gaming. Reaper Item # 03513.
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    Huzzah! I'm glad to see someone else experimenting! Your results are quite interesting! I've never worked with artist paints before (I think that's the correct term), but it looks like you can do some pretty cool tricks with them. Thank you for sharing with us! @Pingo and @DragonWyrm as cool and fascinating as the discussion of white artist paints is, it's a bit outside the scope of this particular thread. So I created a new thread just for that topic: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/80499-split-discussion-of-white-artist-paints/ Please feel free to continue the interesting discussion there! Mr. Savage speaks truly. I'm glad to hear people are finding this wacky little thread useful! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    It's hard to have a desert planet without a sand worm ... but after buying a load of Kulathi and hounds of Tindalos my stash of doubloons are stretched thin so I turned to GM Scotty and his youtube channel "theDMsCraft" (two tentacles up) for a cost effective option ... after viewing his techniques in video #74 DIY purple worm cheap and easy and his video #129 how to make the watcher in the water from LotR ... I'm ready to start crafting ... Started with a basic TP tube frame and a lil hot glue ... followed with a paper towel and white glue wrap, not all at once as I did not want it to melt into mush, I covered no more than half, spread out, and let dry (the hard part) before applying the next layer , with a few hot glue bridges to help round things out ... At the same time I started twisting up the tentacles, then reinforced them with hot glue, as well as shaping and reinforcing the teeth ... glued body to a base to match my Kuden terrain set (could have used cardboard as I made sure it was balanced naturally) then hot glued on teeth cut tenticals to mount at nice angles and ready for next step ...
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    Mason Thornwarden, Ranger. Reaper Item # 03500. Same style as all my other pieces. cork board and flocking on the base and heavily clear coated for table top. Also added a string on the bow.
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    And the last post here for today is a set of nasty looking Maggotmen by Heresy Miniatures. These will form part of my Dragon Rampant army at some point, similar to Ghouls they feast upon the corpses of their victims. A simple painting scheme was used and the models were left gloss to give them a wet look. Thanks for looking and as always comments welcome.
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    Move on. You’re awesome at what you do. I’d like to see you be able to become your own boss. To that end, the webpage you helped me create and maintain will be going wherever you go.
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    Thanks, I know I can do this from my living room and have performed emergency updates from my phone while out of state. I just like to avoid the temptation of the workshop and other things by having an office to go to. As to the landlord, I approached him last Wednesday after the blow out to talk to him about moving some of my stuff into a storage space at the building while I make room for it at home. He knows what me leaving the business will do to the business. As does the News Editor at FL1 and my two part-time employees. My department has been the financial backbone of the business which my boss, the owner, as admitted on many occasions. That is why I have been confounded to be in the position I have been in since business jumped and I have been behind. We should have hired someone immediately to at least backstop me much less to continue crunching projects out. Oh well. I can't fix the priorities of other people.
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    Thank you all for your input and encouragement. At this point I don't think I am going back. The way forward is a little less clear. As I have mentioned, I have purchased a domain name for my own development company. I had also developed a logo and slogan for said company: I think the idea is sound and has a great presence. The domain is parked with Amazon's AWS at the moment so it wouldn't take much to put it to use and get things rolling. It would be nice if I had more savings to put an office location together but that will have to wait. In the interim, I will likely be getting a job on the side to keep income up for the family until I have steady work. Any other thoughts are appreciated. --------- I don't think the landlord of the building we're in would appreciate that. Especially since we're friends.
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    Do what's good for you (and your family if you've one). Sounds like nothings going to get better where you've been, so, of it's run you to the end of your rope, you know exactly where you're going to be. Alternatively,
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    Since you already have an adversarial relationship with your boss, any option to just say "nope, I've been doing too much overtime and I'm worn out, no more overtime for the foreseeable future"? Obviously projects are going to go way late and you don't want that, but if you weren't the one making ridiculous promises then it's not your fault those promises aren't being met... Personally, I'd be inclined to walk away. I've worked in toxic environments before, when I finally got fired my ex and I had a party to celebrate. As a bonus, your boss is likely to have a heart attack at some point when he realises he's screwed himself by chasing you away, and may come back and offer you more money to save him from himself... That said... I'm in a field and a region where I can expect to find another decent job within a couple months, if that - the last time I actually looked for work was 2001. Since then, it's been friends or recruiters finding me and asking me to take on new jobs. So I don't have any real reason to stick around in a job I don't like.
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    I have the first one assembled and ready for sculpting: I'll add the sword later; it will be in the hand above the head.
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    Amiri, Iconic Female Human Barbarian, Reaper Item # 60003. She's been re-based. I'm not a fan of the square bases, so I switched it for a round one and added some cork and flocking. Now she better matches the rest of my set.
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    As some of you may know, I have been fairly absent from the forums mainly because I have been working a lot. I have been the lead web developer for FingerLakes1.com here in the Finger Lakes of NY for 13 years. What that has come to mean is, I am the only web developer at the office with two 15 hour employees, a graphic artist and a content developer. The work load at this time basically requires, at a minimum, two full time people doing what I do. Mind you, we used to have that person and that person wasn't replaced fully. We also used to have a systems manager and that person wasn't replaced at all and their duties fell to me. So, after months of wading against a large stream of work load and trying very hard to keep my head above water my boss and I got into it again on Wednesday and we have parted ways. The boss reached out to me Friday morning, after I cleared out some of my stuff Thursday night, to have a call. We had that call Saturday. I would say the call went pretty much as I expected, he continued with the same BS and I restated my case for needing more people who do what I can do to get the work we have scheduled done. The end result of the call was him leaving me with a decision. I can resume work or stay "fired". The considerations are as follows for the old job: Nothing is going to change if I go back except we now have an even more adversarial relationship. He says he might be willing to hire someone to assist me "without the commensurate income compensating for their paycheck." There aren't many, if any, people in this area who will work for what we could offer as a pay rate in this line of work compared to the neighboring cities of Rochester, Syracuse or Ithaca. Going back will now have put me three-five days behind on everything and zero contact with all of my clients. I honestly don't think I can fulfill all of the projects without literally pulling 12-16 hour days 6-7 days a week for who knows how long I don't foresee my health being maintained throughout the process I would continue to receive a paycheck I would continue to host my websites for free I might eventually be able to take my vacation days I won't have to start over at some place new or on my own The options for moving on: I can get a job within the week back in retail. I can start my own web development business. I already own footholddigital.com as a potential business domain. I can look for a job in web development elsewhere. I can shift fields. Which is not outside the realm of possibility. It will just require some effort. I can partner with someone who already is in web development or similar related field. I can collect unemployment if all else fails. Overall, I have to decide today before 7:00pm Eastern. At this point, I am submitting this to the cloud for thoughts and ideas. Perhaps even some encouragement. A laugh or two wouldn't go amiss. Thanks, Thom
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    Hi guys! Yesterday I visited Salute London, a big wargame convention. I was lucky enough to meet some of my favourite Mini makes in the UK and pick up various orders and Kickstarter Pledges. And Philip from Bears Head Miniatures was nice enough to let me have a prototype of the undead rhino that is featured in his upcoming Kickstarter. I hope I will able to do it justice!
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    Looking at the way you stated your options, I think you already know. You want to feel good and maintain your health. You are certain that you can provide for yourself by acquiring income somehow You Are also certain that your relationship with your boss is botched. If I look at these points alone I think you will go to option 2. You just want some confirmation. I think that if you are indeed capable of getting a new job soon, that will be the best path.
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    My haul of goodies from Salute: Three recent Hasslefree releases, The SALUTE free figure and a centipede-demon thingy from Frostgrave... The Bones Eyebeast, Wasteland wanderers from Crooked dice. some Papuans from Eureka and 2 figures from Wolsung... This metal paint set from Greenstuff World, very curious to see how that works... The King of Rats and a Summoning Circle from Fenris Games and a Steam-punk tractor from 1st. Corps. A very good day out and I surprised myself by spending quite a lot less than I did last year. Wallet is currently running round the room with his hands clasped above his head shouting: "That all you got? Pussy! Bring it on!"
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    Good morning, so here's my last little painted piece of happiness, another Hackmaster figure that Ral Partha has gotten a hold of, a human thief. I actually kind of have begun liking these figures quite a lot, as they feel like prototypes of their classes so often, kind of generic, but very nicely done in that old school feel. I wanted dark colors for this one, but didn't want just black, so hopefully gave him a bit of variety with the colors.
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    Got a 1lb bag of d8s at the gem & mineral show!.... sortof. It is a 1lb bag of cleaved fluorite (it cleaves into octahedra). Clear, blue-green, purple, and yellow at least in the bag
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    Well, the good news is that if you go to RCon (or have a someone there go for you) you can go to the factory and get them cast; as long as the molds are available. I did just that last year for Monique, Maria and the US Soldier.
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    I've finally gotten around to taking some photos, so I figured I'd share. A little info on the minis first though. All the bases are made with broken up cork board that was picked up from our local hobby shop. Then dusted with some sand and painted, then flocked. These little guys were clear coated pretty heavily for table use. Sorry about the quality of the photos. It's the best I could achieve with a cell phone. They aren't nearly as glossy in person, and their skin is quite a bit more olive colored in person also. Anyways, here are the item numbers from reaper if anyone wants to hunt them down for themselves: 03400, Orc Spearman and Swordsman 03405, Black Orc Hero 03429, Black Orc Archer (X's 2) 03489, Black Orc Warriors
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    Oh, if only those doctors had known how people would go stupid these days. Diseases that should have been nearly dead are coming back strong because of a single unscrupulous (former)doctor and his proven to be falsified "studies." But I'm going to stop now, or else we risk going to the hive.
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    Townsfolk IX, Town Guard. Reaper Item # 03165. Sanded the bases to look like gravel and added some flocking for grass. went with a blue scheme to make the look a little like the police. Heavy clear coated for some table top action.
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    I think I'm all set...going to sleep now.
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    I'm in Kentucky for business and met up with @Thes Hunter, who (whom?) allowed me to paw through the box. ^.^
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    So I mixed Stormy Grey into the Deep Twilight purple, and I think the result turned out nice. Thanks guys and gals! I took the facial highlights almost all the way to pure white, I see from the photos I need to clean up some lines, especially from below.
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    In some alternative Bavarian highland, a medieval Maria Von Trapp draws breath to sing, only to be viciously cut down by this severe and armored woman's wicked blade. "No happiness!" she seems to say. I remember using a maddening mixture of murky metallics on her armor to get the shiny blue, but it went on too thick to show many details and wash would not stick to it. Ooops. :-/
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    Vox. The Auld Grump - speaking of people being stupid - the party has a 'plan' for dealing with a Rune Lord in Pathfinder....
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    Thanks guys and gals, I will try mixing grey into my purple!
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    That's a bizarrely extreme reaction. There's a certain sort of folks, generally of an older generation, for whom beards are a marker of lower social standing. My dad is actually one them lol. It drives him nuts that both his sons wear facial hair, but he deals with it like a relatively normal person, I reckon. When I came home with earrings though....