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    Another Snake Warrior for my Lost World. WIP Here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69308-lost-world-project-glitterwolf-paints-coldblooded-creatures-and-conquistadores/&page=120 This is Reaper Warlord 14187 Ssathuss. A Nagendra Warrior.
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    Thread title pretty much sums it up. This is Callus the Renegade from Black Orc’s Hundred Kingdoms, sculpted by Jason Wiebe: There is is a lot going on here, from chain, scale, and plate to all the spangly bits and Things on Belts. Tried to add some variety of color where possible. Not sure what actual colors were worn by Roman soldiers, but red is popular among cosplayers according to Google. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t purple at least. Turns out Dark Elf Skin is a pretty good approximation of actual gorilla flesh. It also seems that brown is not a popular color for actual gorilla fur, but whatever. I was unsure just what that thing in his left hand is, so I imagined it as some sort of monkey-headed scepter, and painted it up in Dragon Copper and Antique Gold. Mostly as an excuse to try out some GW verdigris. I probably miffed the placement, but it’s a neat effect. Very much a “nasty old penny” look. Did I mention this guy is big? Here he is alongside Miss Forscale the Strumpet: Comments and critiques appreciated!
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    Graveknight Reaper Item # 60156, cork board base dusted with sand and some hotglue for lava. Heavy clear coat for the table top.
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    Isabeau Laroche, Female Paladin. Reaper Item # 03364. The eye liner/eyes came out really well on this one even though you can't really see it in the photos. Heavy clear coat for table top.
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    Enora, Iconic Arcanist, Reaper Item # 60178. Cork and Flocked base, heavy clear coat for table top.
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    Having a go at bigger figures again, don't they take a long time to get finished? So this is a little vignette in 54mm scale called "The Trophy". I probably tried to squeeze everything onto too small a base, but overall I'm pleased with the actual figures.
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    Townsfolk I, barmaids and bartender. Reaper Item # 02583. Finished two of the three, have one barmaid still unpainted. made some plank bases with some green stuff and heavy clear coat for some table top use.
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    Thund Bloodwrack, Barbarian. Reaper Item # 03724. Cork and flocking on a hex base. Heavy clear coat for some table top action.
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    Townsfolk II, beggar, strumpet, blacksmith. Reaper Item # 02584. I didn't get a chance to get to the beggar in this set. Sanded one base for the grass and used some green stuff to do the planks on the other.
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    Drago Voss, Assassin. Reaper Item # 03647. Went with an assassin's creed them on this little guy. Used green stuff for the base. The white areas have shading with light gray colors however they washed out in the photo.
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    Went thrift shopping in Kentucky. Found non-miniature hobby related items. Blu-rays: $4 each Last season of Sons of Anarchy Cinderella Finding Dory Alice Through the Looking Glass Marvel: Mystique ($4) Captain America Mug (60 cents) Misc: ($4) Hugo boss sweater that isn't pictured. Foo dog statue. Since I don't have the other one, I might use this in frost grave and create a rubble pile on the opposite side
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    My 250 point army has finally been assembled:
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    I got the (old) Necron "Start Collecting!" box and finally got everything put together. Time to start painting... (There is actually some assembly left to do, but I'm waiting for some magnets. Those are a few weeks out still but I figured I'd get most of the painting done in the meantime and just touch up whatever bits need touched up.)
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    The dragonman cometh... cork board and flocked base, and heavy clear coating for some table top gaming. Reaper Item # 03513.
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    Huzzah! I'm glad to see someone else experimenting! Your results are quite interesting! I've never worked with artist paints before (I think that's the correct term), but it looks like you can do some pretty cool tricks with them. Thank you for sharing with us! @Pingo and @DragonWyrm as cool and fascinating as the discussion of white artist paints is, it's a bit outside the scope of this particular thread. So I created a new thread just for that topic: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/80499-split-discussion-of-white-artist-paints/ Please feel free to continue the interesting discussion there! Mr. Savage speaks truly. I'm glad to hear people are finding this wacky little thread useful! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Mason Thornwarden, Ranger. Reaper Item # 03500. Same style as all my other pieces. cork board and flocking on the base and heavily clear coated for table top. Also added a string on the bow.
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    I have the first one assembled and ready for sculpting: I'll add the sword later; it will be in the hand above the head.
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    Amiri, Iconic Female Human Barbarian, Reaper Item # 60003. She's been re-based. I'm not a fan of the square bases, so I switched it for a round one and added some cork and flocking. Now she better matches the rest of my set.
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    I've finally gotten around to taking some photos, so I figured I'd share. A little info on the minis first though. All the bases are made with broken up cork board that was picked up from our local hobby shop. Then dusted with some sand and painted, then flocked. These little guys were clear coated pretty heavily for table use. Sorry about the quality of the photos. It's the best I could achieve with a cell phone. They aren't nearly as glossy in person, and their skin is quite a bit more olive colored in person also. Anyways, here are the item numbers from reaper if anyone wants to hunt them down for themselves: 03400, Orc Spearman and Swordsman 03405, Black Orc Hero 03429, Black Orc Archer (X's 2) 03489, Black Orc Warriors
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    Oh, if only those doctors had known how people would go stupid these days. Diseases that should have been nearly dead are coming back strong because of a single unscrupulous (former)doctor and his proven to be falsified "studies." But I'm going to stop now, or else we risk going to the hive.
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    Townsfolk IX, Town Guard. Reaper Item # 03165. Sanded the bases to look like gravel and added some flocking for grass. went with a blue scheme to make the look a little like the police. Heavy clear coated for some table top action.
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    Another recent completion. This is armathor the archmage. I particularly like the owl. I have been working with actual presentation of the miniature and building platforms for the minuature rather than just cleaning up the broccoli bases. It combines two fun hobbies, working with the wood and painting. Though I may be quickly wearing out my tolerance for rocky cliffs... Anyway, comment and critique always welcome. I am starting to play with an actual lightbox and real lighting so the pictures are getting a little better. Next step: a real light box and a tripod to steady the camera! Enjoy the pictures and thanks for looking!
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    Thanks guys and gals, I will try mixing grey into my purple!
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    There is even a band. Or two. This is the all girl one: Clearly, they are also operatives of M.E.O.W.
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    Hmm. I accidentally wiped at my eye a little last night and then realized the dog had been licking that hand earlier, and that was enough to put me on death watch. It's been suggested I'm a bit of a hypochondriac, though.