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    Got a bunch of cleaning/tidying done today, which was good and long overdue. Then oldest daughter and I made kanzashi with some of the vintage kimono silk I'd scrounged up. Feeling pretty good about how it looks, it was only our second time attempting to make them. She's giving the one she made to her BFF tomorrow as part of her sixteenth birthday gift. Best part is that mine is the bottom one and looks worse than hers--I keep trying to encourage her to take up a hobby and nothing encourages that better than success.
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    Managed to completely paint this happy little guy up in short order: Threw the base together last night to cure, but the actual painting time on this one was only a couple hours. I assumed that he’s meant to be floating on magical wisps of etherealness, but lack ethereal-colored paint. However, I have fire and lava colors, so I made it flames. C&C welcome, as always.
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    I am about to enjoy a pink bubble bath with a ducky water wheel because I am a grown-elf man.
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    Hey, I hobbied today! Okay it's not a miniature but this was my first attempt at a Euro style pen and it came out pretty good. The wood is Wenge and yes both parts are from the same block of wood. Beats me why the color is off. Also got to play with my new buffer system on some plinths and the pen. Talk about glass like finish. Anyway, also got more progress on the garage. I can now park a car in it, if I'm willing to give up the workspace
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    Hung out at the FLGS for International Tabletop day, but didn't actually play anything. You gotta sign up really damn early to get in on anything there. Watched the two games that Dilvish played in before I left, though. Everybody give a moment of silence for D's monk - he got the Big Death in the second game: massive damage insta-kill... It was kinda funny that for the first half of the fight the guy with no weapons was the only one beating the hell out of the animated armor they were fighting, lol. Everybody else kept missing. It had started off as a tough fight, but then the DM's dice really turned hot and half the people in the party were bouncing up and down off the floor every turn like ping pong balls. And then... Just when it was looking seriously grim, the brand new player (second 5E game ever) whose fighter had been unconscious on the ground making death saves for the last four or five rounds suddenly stood up and critted it for max damage to end the fight. Yay, him.
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    No, no, that's not morning, that's the sound of me painting until 5am again. I should go to bed.
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    Goedemorgen! This afternoon we will attend the 25yr wedding anniversary of m girl's sister and husband. There will be food!!! Now I'm on the forum with Brutus besides me, waiting for the pack to wake up. I have set the table with assorted bread/crossaints/buns etc... Ahhhh, the silent time, when all is peaceful and quiet. Soon the vixens will wake up, youngest brought her boyfriend with her. It won't be long now then the table I have so carefully set will be plundered. Ssstttt I hear a sound....it has begun!
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    Suggestion for an in-game worldwide broadcast PSA at the post-game bull session: (perky voice): ”Greetings, Mortals! You’ve done surprisingly well!”
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    Just finished up our Pathfinder session, nearing the end of Book 6 of Shattered Star. A truth was revealed about my character that rocked at least two of us to our very core, especially because I wasn't expecting it. This was definitely a big feather in the cap of my DM.
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    Late but I just couldn't resist: Clang Fu The Heavy Metal Martial Art. GEM
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    Home from D&D. My character ended up being made High Clerist (only cleric in the order, and now, Knight of the Sword... her father might be proud, if he was still alive to be proud). She's not happy about it. On the other hand... she can now pull rank on the idiots and maybe pull this stupidity out of the drek pit, so at least her freedom went to a good cause. And then there were spiders. Giant demon spiders. We lived, but the archer ended up on the floor again, and our wizard who's body she's supposed to be guarding isn't happy about it.
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    I have inherited a curio cabinet which, aside from the obvious downside of inheriting something, cleaned up pretty well. There are only two shelves and about 15" between each level so even 75mm minis are pretty lost in it. 1/8 to 1/6 scale would fit pretty well, but I haven't finished any of them or any of my oversized Bones monsters. I plugged it in to make sure the overhead light still works. Here it is with clean glass and oiled wood.
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    Me too. Hopefully the wedding isn't all that bad when it happens.
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    It’s because the color of the wood changes with its angle and the angles of the wood in the middle don’t match. If you look at it, the color of the far right of the section on the left more or less matches the color of the far right of the section on the right.
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    That is Hyrekia, Dragonthrall Mage sculpted by Bobby Jackson. Available in metal SKU# 03648 or Bones SKU# 77193. Did you try the Figure Finder? I found her pretty quickly using search terms Female, Human, Staff.
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    Mainly because the show was based off an actual D&D campaign.
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    How do you hunt the deadly Kuden Sand worm ?
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    I managed to get in about 30 minutes of work today. This is with a later of pure dragon green. Going to add some yellow for the next layer.
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    There are actually three Hyrekia figures, and they're all posed slightly differently...
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    Watching The Record of Lodoss War for the first time in a decade or so, and I find myself wondering if my liking for the early Pathfinder aesthetic is in part because it sort of reminded me unconsciously of this show in some way. 'Cause it kinda does. I don't know why really. It's probably better art tbh even, but the characters seem like they'd fit alongside the iconics I suppose. Oh how I wish there were more cartoons like this.
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    Got the heads based. Pretty impressed with the Bones Dragon White, good coverage for only two coats. Need to bring the green head up a lot, too dark currently.
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    Yeah, it's part of/set in/sprung from a setting for a Japanese RPG, as I recall. I always thought of it as "that D&D anime"; I'm just working now on a silly, nonsensical notion that Pathfinder's art could owe a little something to it back up the ancestral tree somewhere.
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    Be warned that SWAG bags after RCon isn't set in stone. Last year I couldn't make it due to me vacationing in Japan. The swag bags went on sale before Sunday, and by Monday were already out and I missed them (the time zone difference added to the confusion). You also have to take into account that they have *very limited numbers* of them. Once they're out of them, it's over, So it's a "now or never" kind of situation.
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    1. I made art fun again! I've been really struggling with other stuff for several months, and many of my daily art things were just practicing circles and lines, stressing over not learning "fast enough," and generally not having fun daily art. I had completely forgotten what I told myself when I started this daily art: I'm doing daily art to learn and create good art habits, but also because it's fun! If it ever got unfun, I needed to switch gears and focus on something different. I had been trying that, but switching between various things I needed to learn wasn't the right way to go about it. I would hit those same walls. I found my old watercolor pencils a few days ago, and I was so excited because I had forgotten those as well. Those are strictly limited to relaxation! No looking at other styles! No trying to learn! It's aaaaall me! So I've spent all week playing with them and it's. Been. Awesome. 2. I'm looking forward to Tuesday, which will mark 2 consecutive years of drawing/art every day. I'm happy that it will hit on a good note, instead of previous frustrations. 3. I think the daily art did its job, and while I will certainly continue with good daily art habits, I'm not going to fuss or stress if I miss a day instead of forcing myself to do more dumb circles! I might even take a day off! What a renegade.