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    And now for this week's minis, the spikeshell warriors. These guys were painted to tabletop using the same artists paints, but one was over white and the other was over black. The shell patterns are also different, but I ended up liking one more than the other. Thanks for looking.
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    "Remember that just because I'm blue does not mean I'm made of water. All that squashing of adventurers into Tiny bits can definitely bring out one's thirst. That's why I drink Ogre-Aid(tm) from my shot glasses made from the skulls of my enemies! It slakes my thirst and restores electrolytes, but without all those nasty carbs. Do you think I got this ripped drinking colas?" :-)
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    Good morning all, finished this one up last night, working on a few figures with some intermingling color schemes and this is the first one that got done, a Ral Partha, stamped 1984 on the bottom, sculpted by Dennis Mize. Really like the sculpt, Partha has a few odd little pop culture sculpts from back in the day (John Belushi samurai, Rambo, Groo for examples). This one was pretty simple to do, skin, face, hair, pants, shoes and nunchuks, nothing else really going on with him: The only problem is encountered, and this was my fault, was the left nipple I originally painted too far towards the exterior of his pec. Had to bring it in a tad or he would have looked kind of lopsided. Anyhoos, enjoy!
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    Most awesome day to be a parent, took my little girls (not so little anymore at 8 and 10) to buy flowers and they helped get the patio table set up and planted half of the flowers. Thinking that if I can get my "dear goodness that's a mess" house sorted out by mid June that we could have my 15 year old daughter's sweet sixteen party here. We were going to have it at a board game café, but that could get very expensive and it's just more relaxed at home. It would be motivation to get the house in order, which I've been exceptionally slow at doing. Plus we have lots of board games, and could always get a couple extra with the savings. Tons of win, if I can get it done.
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    I have a Mighty Need to make things. It's familial, perhaps even genetic. I go nuts if I can't make things. Writing also counts as making things but painting is something physical. I hope to finish the Great God [redacted]'s belly this weekend. I mean, the Dracodile. Yesss... the Dracodile. If I finish his belly I can put him on this 120mm base here and then get to work on all the scales. I know I'm doing well because one 5am before bed I thought he was alive and rawring at me.
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    Great game last night - a little too much killing at the beginning, I think - but, well, bloodragers are called that for a reason, Jon took out most of them in the first two rounds, before the rest of us even got started. They were waiting for us, and had our pictures - someone had told them we were coming, and thanks to Julie's necromancer we have an idea who the mole in our organization is. Which does not help that we are technically working for one of Cyre's allies. We then took up temporary residence in the guard house we had emptied - waiting for the lead team to start their job before we went in, but about an hour before we made our start, things went to hell, maybe literally. Whatever was going on in Cyre was following the border the mist piling up against the border like a big invisible window. I tackled our Johnson when he made a break to the border - to his credit, he was trying to get in not run away. Then Duncan's bard sang him to sleep - once whatever is going on quiets a bit, we are going in. All the bird noises and crickets had stopped at the exact same time - I am guessing that it stopped dead, that there is now nothing left alive in the entire nation of Cyre. The Mournlands have been born. I had fun, got to be a bit of a ham. So, I made bacon florets for Megan's breakfast this morning. The Auld Grump
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    This Ogre struggles every day with his bizarre deformity. Fortunately, he was raised by a forward-thinking tribe who provided him excellent dental care and outfitted him with scale mail, a masterwork club, and lots of bags. Now all grown up, he shuffles along striking fear into the hearts of his proud tribe's enemies!
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    Ah ha ha ha hah ha! So I hit the FLGS, everything 25% off for Free Comic Day. I went hunting some comics I'd kinda like to try but I luck, couldn't find much at all honestly, so I decided I'd pick up a PF flipmat and that Battles prepainted astradaemon. But they'd sold the astradaemon. But they had a fresh brick of the prepaints. So against my better judgment I decided to be a real broccoli and take another wild swing at the couple of figures I really liked from it--the astradaemon and dwarf explorer. First box I opened: Second: Almost feel justified lol. Trying to decide if I want to try to strip the paint on the dwarf. I probably wouldn't do much better, but still.
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    Hmm. I may need to find a woman who feels this way about lead and pewter. Whoops. Too much info.
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    Lol yeah. It's actually way before my time, but back in the 80s somebody put out single episodes of the show on VHS, and we had one of those tapes. My brother and I must've watched that one episode 300 times. I think we're gonna hang out and watch some with his stepdaughter one day, so the fun shall continue.
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    A DaughterOfCheese abandoned the painting of this model, so it ended up in the Simple Green for awhile and I decided that her beautiful dress would look better with tentacles protruding from beneath it. Beautiful, sickly devil-flesh striding across a hellscape while she peels back her hood to reveal sinister horns. And it does get cold in hell, so don't forget your scarf. Or anyway, that was the plan. It turns out that her color made her difficult to photograph. The tentacles are formed around unwound paperclips, which were easy to twist into the right shape, but the flesh I added (green stuff, some clay, etc) was difficult to get to the right proportion without making it fall off. I'm new to this whole "modding" thing, so I'd LOVE feedback on it. :-)
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    Mold lines, it seems, are my weakness. Fortunately, this model, which I absolutely love, had lots of wrinkly bits that I could use to try and hide them. :-)
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    I'm often inspired by the figure, either the sculpt or the way someone else has painted it. I want to bring that figure to life with color. I'm also motivated by the people I game with, who tell me how cool my figures are, and love using them. I love painting figures that actually get seen and used on the table, not just shut away in a box for storage. Today was all yard and BBQ, so tomorrow is likely to be a sleep late, paint all day, eat leftovers kind of day.
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    Just received my Kobold Press Bestiary KS minis 1 of everything + a few add-ons. 1 Abominable Beauty 1 Ala 1 Bagiennik 1 Bear King 1 Bearfolk 1 Blemmyes 1 Deep One Hybrid Priest 1 Derro Fetal Savant 1 Dragonkin Elementalist 1 Dust Goblin 1 Eye Golem 1 Far Darrig 1 Fext 1 Flab Giant 1 Gilded Devil 1 Goblin of the Waste 1 Grim Jester 1 Imperial Ghoul 1 Imy-Ut Ushabti 1 Kikimora 1 Kobold Alchemist 1 Kobold Chieftan 1 Kobold Shaman 1 Lord of the Hunt 1 Malphas 1 Moonlit King 1 Queen of Night and Magic 1 Queen of Witches 1 Ratfolk Rogue 1 River King 1 Sea Raven 1 Shadow Fey Enchantress 1 Snow Queen 1 Tosculi Warrior ADD-ON ITEMS 18 Pack - Everything not on the Kickstarter 17 Pack - Fey Lords & Ladies I really need to get off my broccoli & paint or I'll never catch up.
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    I paint 'cause I like painting. I painted a little today and I may manage a little tomorrow.
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    Look up the source of the term wassail.... There is nothing more Christmassy than the skull of a fallen enemy, The Auld Grump - the Saxons were such jolly people....
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    Already have, and posted in show-off.
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    I started painting during a very long period of grief over my dad's death so painting during stress for the most part doesn't phase me anymore, usually. There are definitely times that I can't do it because of how bad things get. I haven't had much motivation recently though. Too much going on in the real world to have time and will to do it.
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    Mostly wanting to create anything that looks nice. Painting minis is my only artistic outlet. Partly wanting to play with pretty minis and terrain but most of my gaming all my life has included some unfinished things. I really want to get back to painting because it's been a long time but I just haven't had energy when I had time. Odds are against me this weekend but you never know. I try to paint when I'm having a bad mood but it rarely works for me. I can't seem to do things properly unless I'm in the right mindset and stress and problems can keep me away from that mindset.
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    I need to bring that point up with him. He does like to stick up for people and is brave enough. Good to be brave. Not so good to get creamed because you can't back it up. We've always had a mix of registered and mongrel quarterhorses. My current horse was registered Royal Ripple Poco. I call him Ripple because we already had a Poco and that's a common name in their bloodline. Also had a horse when I was a teenager who was registered My Little Black Jellybean. He was a sorrel (red). He was the first Poco's full brother. The names make no sense to me other than some of the more famous bloodlines try to reuse the names like Poco and Doc around here for cattle horses. Broke the hitch on my cultivator today. Wasn't a total shock as I've been welding on it lately. I was also prepared to swap it with one from another cultivator I use for parts. That's not so interesting but just as I got the good one put in place and was starting to bolt it on a nice little thunderstorm went through. I don't like working on fences or repairing equipment when the lightnings booming close but I only had a few bolts to do. So then the wind picks up and it starts to rain a bit. I literally have a couple of minutes work I want to finish so I tough it out. When the heavy rain and pea sized hail hit me I gave up. That was cold and kind of painful. Got in the tractor and headed for home. Before I went a mile it was over but I didn't feel like playing in the mud to finish. The field where I was working was 2 miles from my house and it didn't rain in my yard.
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    Don't forget the street vendor Bratwurst and Brochen! Wish I could get good Brochen in my area.... Substitute @ub3r_n3rd for Camelot.... Oh freshly baked corn muffins and no bean chili for diner..... Forgot how much I liked fresh hot pone....
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    Eh. Placed a Reaper order. First in a couple years, I reckon. Still, the piles of unpainted minis already present cry out in resentment. Wanted one of those wraiths tho. And halfway refilled the cart for next time lulz.
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    Having someone to paint with & looking at the ever growing pile needing to be painted, though that can also be a hindrance. Hoping to be able to paint tomorrow (if I don't get sidetracked).
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    Mine has shifted to only carrying Bones, and only stocks when the monthly releases come out. They don't reorder anything except by request. I find it pointless to go there looking for anything, because they won't have 90% of what I want. And sure, they'll order it, but if I'm going that route I might as well have it delivered to my door, and not drive back across town to get it.
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    It's here! Oh my all the goodies that are still left o.o