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    On 5/11/2018 at 12:27 AM, Morihalda said: Weekend Topic: Museums! Do you like going to museums? What were some of your favorite exhibits, and if you could create your own, what would it cover? I am a bit of a Museum fanatic. I adore a "GOOD"/"GREAT" museum. I have been fortunate to have traveled, and discovered The world's great Museums. The Metropolitan, the Frick, the Guggenheim, and the Whitney Museums in New York City were amazing. The Philadelphia art museum, Chicago's Museum of art (they have the Original Portrait of Dorian Gray (Ivan Albright) and his brother on display in the central hall (Creepy), San Diego's "El Prado museums, The British Museum, and the Victoria and Albert are mind blowing. The Vatican is a museum unto itself (as is Saint Peter's Basilica), and the Vatican Museums. The Munk Museum, the Vegiland park filled with statues by Gustav Vegilland, Fram Museum, Kon Tiki Museum, and the Viking Ship Museum all in Oslo, Norway. Whenever I travel; if I am going to have the time, I go to the local museums. It tells you so much about the people, and what they are about. I once took my 17 year old son on a (self created) tour of the Metropolitan if he agreed to go with me. I did the "Bordello Tour"... I got him in front of every nude painting and statue in the building. I don't know if he was impressed with the art, or that I knew where they were all hiding ! ROFL. Museums are good for the soul.
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    So here's something y'all should find amusing... Has anybody seen this arm in one of the BoGs? I currently own the female half of Ral Partha's 02-130 Dae-Shiru Command set (Asian-themed wemics, basically) - minus her right arm. I fished her and one sprue of accessories (unfortunately the accessories for the other figure, lol) out of a box of loose stuff at the Citadel years ago. I just now happened to be organizing my miniatures and decided to look up what her missing arm looked like. Only to discover that I had also fished that arm out of the box about a year apart from the rest of her... And tossed it in the Box 'o Goodwill. If it's still in one of the boxes and somebody comes across it, would you let me know?
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    Well, that’s unusual.. The post office delivered the package early. Generic Fighter box was on my porch when I arrived home from gaming tonight. I plan to have a good rummage tomorrow. *squee!!!*
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    This is a mastaba, "Egyptian Tomb IWS-EGY-011," from Itar's Workshop and two identical columns, I'm not sure where from. The old Ral Partha mindflayer and Reaper's Merith of the Flame are included for scale. "Mastaba" is a comparatively modern Arabic word meaning "bench." The original Egyptian hieroglyphs read "pr-djt" or "pr-djed" and meant "house of the afterlife." The hieroglyphs are gibberish (some are even sideways), which bugs me in a minor way. Just as a side note, the mastaba is hollow with a reinforcing partition in the middle. I lined it with green felt with an idea to storing related minis inside. My husband has been referring to it as a dice cup.
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    Yesterday's party was ok. There was food and snacks and drinks. Most people were alright and it made my girl happy that I attended and kinda liked it. Got a nice conversation with a woman who's husband is also in the Military, also..she works at the bakery where I buy my bread. Another nice woman I already knew works at the butcher's so important to keep these gals on my good side.. Also met an obnoxious guy who's every second joke was about nsfw stuff. After the party my girl asked me if I liked people or not. I told her yes about the women, and no about this guy. She then told me this guy had been laid off because he had harassed a female coworker at his former job. I know understand why I immediately resented the guy. Oh well, Today Youngest Vixen's 19th Birthday!!! Reaperbryan has a new position at Secret Weapons Miniatures, he occasionally visits these forums now as Dr. Wyrm. Good to hear you had fun with hiking. I have been on a 4 day vacation with my girl in Monschau and we have walked some trails there. Beautiful environment, will post pics as well soon. Germany's Eiffel is a beautiful environment. We will go back for certain one day. Also...great Schnitzels and Wild Boar in Red Wine, not to mention the freshly baked Apfelstrudel... ***Drools***
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    If you add googly eyes, it can stare back. =P
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    Ought to put out the word to have somebody fish it out for you and send it back, dude. That's a shame to let it slip away like that, and I can't imagine anybody'd have a problem with that. Meanwhile. Yet another day on the construction crew. Such as it is lol. 19 40-ft trusses went up. Got the back half of the building all framed up I reckon--the restrooms, nursery, office, etc., with just the sanctuary still to go. I imagine the walls for it, and probably a few trusses, will go up Monday. And then the weather gets iffy. Meh. My fat broccoli is toasted tonight. I stuck it out 'til ten after eight and all the work was done, but I was nigh useless toward the end lol. Got home and ate supper and popped a much-needed painkiller, and it's got me a little stoned. Trying to gear up to get bathed. Been try for two hours now lol. Lol. Lolol. Lololololololololololol. Lol.
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    Been at these dudes for quite a while. They are all Bones. Bases are 30mm.
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    Photo not the best. Another I did for a player. She wanted blue hair.....
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    Here is my GenCon diorama entry. Made first cut, but did not place. I was surprised it made first cut actually since there were numerous good entries in this category, including couple of Niceman's dioramas. I photoshopped a black background but it looks a bit cheesy. I might try to use a black background for a picture later...
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    Nah, the really good trophies are the ones that welt up all nice and pink around the outside with a jaundiced yellow on the inside within a couple minutes, before turning black a few hours later. They then slowly go through the whole spectrum over the next 3 weeks to a month. That's when you know you got caught square in the fleshy bits that didn't have any armor by a very well executed shot. It's also when you know you need to learn to defend those areas better. Just ask my left thigh. It knows all about those. It got 3 of them stacked on it within a couple inches of each other in very short order one day. Almost the entire exterior of my thigh was black for a week. A doctor friend of mine who saw it even told me that if I feel any pain without pressure being applied that I should head to the ER, because it would have been possible that severe blood clots could have formed there or that I'd suffered more serious vein ruptures than just an average bruise.
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    Now there’s a bucket list.
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    Not to throw petrol on a potential conflagration, BUT, I seem to recall that "The House of Windsor" started when a branch of the Hapsburg's was invited to assume the Throne of England when the then current line failed. I see [from my definitely American perspective] this bringing the Windsors back closer to the genetics of the British People. Besides, they make an awesome couple. On the green capped puppers: The Bounding British Beagle Brigade GEM
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    I do! So much so that I took a pay cut to work at one!! Growing up, I lived across the street from a small natural history museum, and loved the bug displays in the basement. The arms and armor selection of the NY Met is always a joy to visit. The Smithsonian Air and Space of course. Gotta plug the Intrepid Sea Air and Space museum's space shuttle Enterprise exhibit. I visit that one weekly. If I was going to create my own museum? I'd reopen the Higgins Armory Museum. If that wasn't doable, I'd open a museum for us. Museum of Miniature Sculpting and Painting.
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    I'm starting to think that I like converting more than painting, been doing a lot more of it recently. I'm liking the Adeptus Mechanicus models from 40k, and got a few of them. While I probably won't have an army per se, I did get quite a few of the ones I thought coolest. Been playing around with the idea of an Order of the Sisters of Battle converting to worship of the Omnissiah, more specifically Moirates. (Unfortunately there's not much lore on what the Moirae Schism was, despite it lasting two millennia, because it didn't really involve Space Marines. ) First up is a Sydonian Dragoon Knight (dragoons are mounted infantry, not cav!), with the servitor converted to a skitarii pilot. The (literal) backseater had more work than just a headswap, I had to lengthen the torso and reposition the right arm to grasp a saddle horn instead of handlebars. The pilot I essentially resculpted the entire torso and added on some of the extra arms from alternate weapon options. Next is a Tech-Priest(ess) Domin[a]. GW lists him at $36(), but with the release of a few boxed sets that include it recently, third-party prices have dropped to something much less ridiculous. I'm not too happy with this conversion honestly, I might give her longer hair or something, we'll see. The axe is bashed together because I wanted that axe arm for another model... I didn't use the chest plate from the Sororitas Terminatrix, and the Sydonian Dragoon came with 5 great head choices, of which I used... none. So, seeing as how the Techpriest Dominus comes with four weapon choices, of which they can take only two, I figured why not kitbash a very different Dominus together. The process for this was much like the "true-scale" or "art-scale" Terminators that several other people have made. Take Terminator bits, lengthen torso and legs, and in my case, build a Mechanicus backpack thing. Some Sicarian Infiltrators are on the way, but the mailman is running late, which means they probably won't arrive until Monday. I'll probably get some Skitarii fairly soon (the same third-party price drop that's affected the Dominus has cut their price in half), and... maybe some Kataphrons? Probably not the Kataphrons, because the conversion I'd want to do to them would throw out 90% of a $50 kit. Hmm, a Knight Armiger Warglaive though...
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    Painted him up for my game. NPC giant.
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    Hell Breaks Loose ******************* Alvarez shouted orders, his men had formed a solid line and they fired their guns, several lizardmen died. Another wave of reptilian warriors stormed out of the gate and tried to overrun them, pikemen at the front of the line stopped the attack. Cpt. de Torquemada mounted his horse, he headed to the camp that was further in the jungle to get the rest of the army. They would need everybody now. Inquisitor Escolano inspired the men with his prayers and zeal. I knew these abominations couldn't be trusted, he said. Our mighty Lord will aid us in this fight! Colonel Alvarez ordered the artillery to fire at the drawbridge. A group of lizardmen just left the gates and were on the bridge when the first volley hit. They died in a cloud of fire and shattered wood. AGAIN!! Alvarez shouted. Another volley and the drawbridge was useless. The few reptilians that had made it to the front were now fighting for their lives. The pikemen held them off while the gunners executed the reptilians in cold blood. Alvarez sighed, this would give them some time. Why had these monsters suddenly attacked them? They had a pact! Escolano was right,he thought, they should never have tried to bargain with these godless creatures! His troops reformed. Turning around he saw Tomas de Torquemada arriving with the rest of the army. Back to the original plan, he thought, besieging the Citadel until they surrendered it. Escolano joined him, a few minutes later Tomas was at his side as well. Colonel, he said, we better think this through, this Citadel is not a small city like the one we conquered, it is huge. I fear their troops outnumber us. Yes, Alvarez said, but they are now trapped in their city. We can do this! Tomas expressed his doubts, we can't even surround this city completely. That way we can't hope to besiege them properly. While he said this a large Ancient One appeared at the gates, it walked back to gain momentum and started running. Tomas saw what it would do and shouted KILL IT!!!! KILL IT !!! But it was too late, with a mighty leap the creature jumped over the destroyed drawbridge and ended in the middle of the ranks. A few pikemen were crushed when the creature landed on them, it lashed out with it's tail and more men fell. Closing in with pikes raised, more men tried to kill the beast, but the pikes broke on it's thick scaly hide, it snapped at the men and caught one of them. The beast shook it's head with the man between it's jaws, he screamed and screamed until a gunner couldn't stand it anymore and shot him out of mercy. Alvarez saw the carnage and shouted RETREAT! LET THE CANNONS HANDLE IT! The soldiers slowly backed away, covering their retreat by firing their guns. Again the pikes proved useless against it, and it shook off the small bullets. A cannon turned to fire at the beast. Suddenly a terrifying shrieking sound, a flyer swooped down at the crew who ran for their lives. The flying reptilian caught the loader and flew high to drop him from above. Screaming the loader plummeted to his death. At that moment the first monster jumped at the retreating troops again. Men turned to flee in terror when Escolano shouted HOLD THE LINE!!!! A second cannon finally fired and the beast was hit in it's flank, it was knocked on it's side. Halberdiers stormed forward and started hacking at the now exposed belly of the creature. Tomas rallied the men who fled by riding in front of them and firing his pistol in the air. Alvarez looked at the gates, this had all been a distraction! Several heavy armored tortoisemen were repairing the bridge! With every plank they laid on the bridge they came closer, behind them a pack of the smaller monsters they had seen before. Cantor shouted at his engineers! Hurry! The Paleskins have defeated the Ancient One! He watched as his brethren repaired the bridge, a pack of ferocious raptors slowly advanced, when the gap was small enough they too would jump into the fray. Lizardmen were throwing javelins and shooting arrows from the ramparts to cover the engineers advance. Alvarez quickly shouted his orders, his troops retreated a little and formed a new defense line Escolano and Tomas were busy inspiring the men and helping to get the men in formation. At the other side of the Citadel Sssllthr and a small group of snakemen wanted to leave the city. He had taken a group of assassins with him, they would try to harass the enemy from behind. When they reached the other gate, the guards suddenly raised the alarm. What now? He thought. He joined the Sergeant at the rampart, Look Sir! The Sergeant said. Another army! Sssllthr looked at the edge of the jungle. A strange mixture of creatures emerged from the jungle. Rebel natives, some beastmen, he was surprised to see them. Dragonmen? A roar was heard and a Ancient Oned appeared from between the trees, on it's back a female native warrior and the bearded paleskin he had seen before. Alert the King, he said to the Sergeant. I will stay here! Fillippa directed Mon-Ark to the left, shouting orders at Apo-Mayta, Mitla looked at the Citadel, the guards must have seen us by now, she said. Xolotl armed with two macahuitl, commanded a group of beastmen and dragonmen. Nahuatl was behind them with a small pack of her raptors she had raised. Alsnia had stayed in the caves with a few guards to protect her and the other civilians. She tried to summon Tanith to speak to her. The day before she had a vision of death and she was both terrified and anxious to know what it meant. The Frogking was discussing matters with the Transmuthor when the Sergeant of the Guard stormed in to tell the King of the second army. Upon hearing this news the King turned almost red of anger. Gather my priests and wizards! He yelled. He turned to the Transmuthor, my old friend, it's time for you to unleash your creations! The Transmuthor happily agreed. His tentacles twitched out of excitement and he ran to his laboratory, there he met Bonita. Come my child, he said, we will gather your sisters and brothers, it's time to show the King what they can do! ******************************************************
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    Eh, I asked about in the Box 'o Goodwill thread... But it got tossed in the Box as a random unidentified bit like two rounds ago, and even if I got the arm back I'd still be missing a bunch of accessories for it, so it's not exactly a huge loss if I don't. While I was looking around online I read something somewhere about Iron Wind Metals or RPE re-releasing the blister pack at some point.
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    The really good bruises are the ones that don't show on the surface for a couple of days. I know this from personal observation of bruises acquired in SCA. GEM Exhibit A: Wife and self.
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    Ron said this month, but don't hold reaper to that just in case there's a snag. Squeeeeeeee!
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    Looks like we’re still having picture problems...I pulled a Dragon Rampant game out of the portable set today for my son and one of my old friends. Bringing the boxes along was worthwhile.
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    Reaper Order just arrived (since I can't upload a pic , I'll just have to list them): 77636: Death Shroud $2.79 x3 09136: Walnut Brown $3.69 x1 09137: Blackened Brown $3.69 x1 09138: Intense Brown $3.69 x1 09196: Aged Pewter $3.69 x1 09197: Old Bronze $3.69 x1 09198: Tarnished Brass $3.69 x1 09265: Deep Twilight $3.69 x1 09266: Violet Light $3.69 x1 09267: Sunset Purple $3.69 x1 09175: Swamp Green $3.69 x1 09176: Military Green $3.69 x1 09177: Camoflage Green $3.69 x1 77584: Large Air Elemental $4.99 x2 77629: Sylph (clear) $2.79 x2 03659: Wyvern $17.29 x1 Your order has received 2x Dungeon Dwellers: Cairn Wraith
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    Better. Nice to see colonial subservience hasn't been completely lost
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    I am on my way home ... Three days hiking with a friend I met two years ago in Japan. As I am from the north of Germany and he is from the south, we met in the middle and decided to wander through parts of the Harz, a mountain range in central germany. We visited the Brocken and walked around 40 or so kilometres. First time since January 2017 that I took such a walk. My feet hurt, my muscles are sore and I am done for now. But boy, I already miss it. Did not know I would feel that bad to go back home. Tomorrow I gotta go to work again ... errr. Anyway. A lot of beautiful memories, pictures and ideas for my next trip. So - how have you guys been? I somehow caught that reaper Bryan is not working for reaper anymore? Why that? Best regards from a deadly tired Sis.