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    Looks like I need to run Forumite Bingo again this year. Get everybody introduced. EDIT: I’ll set up a new thread for signup permissions.
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    Greetings, We don't normally post on this forum (too intimidated), but Niall did a weapon swap on this one using a staff from the Bones Armoury of Virtue set. Any feedback would be gratefully received! Stephaniall
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    I'm getting paid to do nothing today. There's a bunch of events going on in town, so my boss told me not to write tickets until after 11pm unless there's something egregious or I get multiple complaints. I'm fine with that.
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    This might be the sexiest video of Earth doing Earth-Stuff I've ever seen. Okay, tragic for those whose homes Pele consumed.... but wowza. Also, references for those who want to paint lava. Sexy hot and fresh lava.
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    Its an axolotl! A REAL monster! But a really cute monster at that.
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    From Dark Sword Miniatures, Critter Kingdoms - Anthropomorphic Animals. Here is DSM8024, Fox Knight. This awesome 28mm pewter miniature was sculpted by Dave Summers. It's a three part model, the helmet and shield were painted separately before assembling. It allowed me to reach the eyes and the back of the shield much easily. I painted this one with the atypical colors of a marble fox. Your comments are very welcome.
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    Okay. Let's talk about the elephant warrior in the room. That's the thing with Bones kickstarter minis. Even the ones you didn't think you'd want turn out to be really cool sculpts that are MUCH bigger than you thought. Thats why you need to buy everything.
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    One thing I love about this model: the jewelry. This sphinx has been hanging out guarding the pyramid for a really long time, but every day she gets up and accessorizes. :-)
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    I liked the sparkles around 2 min mark. Okay, not true sparkles, but the little flashes of light coming from the lava. Still sparkly. About the only thing I managed to do today was watch Deadpool 2. And a two hour nap, followed by a big bowl of ice cream for dinner, with leftover popcorn for dessert. Wife is still counseling her soon-to-be divorcee friend. Well, more like letting her friend vent. Same thing. Guess I'll go paint a bit until the call is done. Then maybe another Marvel DVD. Getting the wife caught up on movies so she can understand Infinity War a bit better.
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    One word: Liefield. He may have given us Deadpool & Cable but I'm not sure that's enough.
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    too may topics with 'enthusiasm' in teh title anyways there's the update for Pig vs Rock with trolls: " Answer is you get *both*. But to be clear: the rock and the pig both have hands attached to them, so it’s not like you get a stone or pig by itself. The troll’s wrists are cut at the forearm. We know this might be disappointing for those of you wanting pig missiles. " that should answer that question for anyone still on the fence
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    This fellow has been sitting on my Shelf of Shame in a state of about 85% completion for a couple of months. So during tonight's Critical Role episode, I pulled him down and finished him. This figure was the reason I backed their last kickstarter. It just appealed to me. So I'm glad he's done. The fur went red, dry brush orange, dry brush brighter orange on the highest highlights, but I'm afraid I don't remember the exact colors at this remove. The white parts were Snow Shadow with Solid White on top, and the black parts Walnut Brown highlighted in a very dark blue. The eyes went Brown Liner, Solid White, a very thin mixture of 2:1 Fireball Orange and Sandy Brown, then added more Sandy Brown to bring it to 1:1 for a dot in the center, and a line of Walnut Brown for the pupil. The base is from Micro Arts Studio.
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    77329: Silver Dragon identifying as a green dragon.
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    Ahhh. I'm on mobile, not signed into fb (I went off social media for a few weeks), and I'm not sure it's linking correctly, so here's a screenshot. And it was 2016, 2 years ago! O: where did the time go?! Possible mobile link?
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    That MAY is important. They MAY have had a good reason, or they MAY NOT. Letting them know that there are people that are less happy about the change MIGHT be important. I do not like here nearly ad much without the caribou. It made her a much more interesting figure, and would have made her a lot more fun to paint. And we had already locked her in before the change was made. So, I am making disgruntled noises, and I have REASON to be making disgruntled noises.
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    Mumlak is so cool. He's even better to see "in the flesh". I love the fertility idol turned into a pick.
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    I'll have to see Deadpool 2 soon. Sir Cyr and I saw the first one as a Valentine's Day date night (it came out just in time for that). Also, my awesome friend took my phone for the next 24 hours to catch a shiny charmander for me during the Pokemon Go event while I'm at paint group - I got him beer in exchange for the kindness. Steak is marinading in wine for Sir Cyr's return. I also have some weird black mushrooms rehydrating in wine. I shall make a delicious meal. Mixing up my steak recipes a bit, going to see how the steak does in the oven if marinaded, instead of cast-iron (easier cleanup).
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    Fast paced day at work followed by quick scramble to the bank, and then because we were in the same building, and had free tickets, the Avengers movie.... Which turns out well, becuase the mall was giving away a bunch of free stuff at said theater and so we got free pop aaand a nice two for one pass. Edit: only annoying part is now waiting a few more days to see if that car is coming home with me, but I can live with this.
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    If they're doing this while you're speaking, it may mean that they have the attention span of a mayfly, not that you aren't doing enough. I would advise investing in a small Nerf gun, and applying it as needed. If they inquire as to why soft darts are suddenly bouncing off of them, tell them it's because they've been ambushed by Kobolds. (Look up Tucker's Kobolds and learn the joys of teaching your players to fear small creatures!) You might have to do this a couple times but they should eventually learn to associate interrupting you with bad things.
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    Omg like your peacock feathers??? I would lose my mind! One of my sculpt ideas last year was a mermaid with a fish backbone whip - I'm sure her tail would have been plenty of work! I'd still like to make her one day, but I'll need better armature skills first. I'll have to dig around and see if I can find the photo. A fishscale shield would be really cool though.... Edit: OH I thought you meant individually mini painted ones.
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    My guinea pig is easy. The human noticed me! Give me food! I really want to ask my friend's cat what his problem with me is. I suspect I would get a muttering of profanity, but even that would be useful. He certainly seems to enjoy hating on me. I think it is because I have made it clear that I don't care and he is determined to make me.
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    Right, so now I need a River Widows costume with custom axolotl plushie. I can do that. Finding time to do that will be the tricky part.
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    I slammed it. Then I ate my burrito.