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    I have been sculpting lately, and finds it very fun and satisfying. There is just something about making everything from scratch. I dont think I will ever make 'real' miniatures, but simple creatures like this one is super fun. As always C & C is welcome. ..Here is the sea squiq. A lot of squiqs get captured by goblins and is trained and used for war. But this one is still a free living creature. Living and eating along the shores..
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    Been working on this project for some time now, and hoping to get it done for a local competition in september. Still a lot to do, but I'm mostly happy with what I have made so far.. I bought a bits-box with loads of Wahammer bits, and decided to try and sculpt a bigger tyranid out those bits, as a maine character for the scene. I find the sculpting as fun as the painting..and well, the Warhammer stuff seems rather expensive. I know nothing of the Warhammer 40K world, so it also been fun reading and researching for stuff. This will be a scene in the Wahmmaer 40K world. Three tau XV25's and one drone (not pictured) are behind enemy lines, and attack some sort of Tyranid base.. First two pictures a finished minis, A Tau XV25 (its a battle-suit with a 'tau-person' inside), and a small tyranid. Next is the big tyranid, grey stuff is from the bits box, light-brown is Fimo sculpting clay and green is green-stuff. It is mostly done, but need a bit of grinding a maybe a few more details. The tail is going to end into next picture, where the tau is in big trouble (or is he?). The tau is painted, but the tail is just sculpted and a few strokes of priming. The part where the tail is shot to pieces is made of small pieces of fishing line, white-glue and sculpting paste. I glued the fishing line more or less randomly in place with super-glue-gel, super glue to hold the two pieces of tail in place. Covered everything with water thinned white-glue. put on some blobs af sculpting paste and covered everything in water-thinned white glue again. Last pictures is the base, mostly just primed. The tau's are attacking from the left side of the first picture, and the small tyranid will be lurking in the cave. Feel free to suggest, critiq and comment on anything, thanks for looking.
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    My dad surprised me and showed up today so he can see the presentation. We're having tea now. Just have to roll out of bed tomorrow morning... bah!
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    Mostly from the sculptor/the figure itself. An interesting figure will get me interested in painting. Once I've picked a figure, then I might use photos, or other miniatures, or whatever for references, but I don't consider that to be the same thing. In a related note: Life is too short to paint figures you don't love. Don't wait "Until I'm good enough to do it justice". They'll make more figures; paint the good stuff now.
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    You need to think outside of the grid.
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    My brother's wedding was pretty fun. The trip was kinda brutal, due mostly to the bed in the airbnb we booked, but we made it. The wedding was at a little resort near Nevada City, California (which is near Tahoe). It was a really pretty area. My brother rented out the whole lodge, though we didn't get to stay there. They had a very nerdy theme going on; Star Trek, Star Wars, and Harry Potter were the main influences, though they had some doctor who, marvel, and dc stuff too. Instead of a guest book, they had us all sign a Star Trek ship plaque. The USS (combined-names), with the commencement dates and everything. It was pretty awesome. Lunch was a smorgasBORG, with a borg cube at the center of the table The pergola they said their vows at had keys with wings "flying" in it, along with tiny lights. It was really beautiful. Oh, I need to back up. While we were getting things set up, various of us were taken aside and given paperclips. Before the ceremony we would be given need guns. Anyway, the ceremony was really sweet and lovely, with all of us blowing bubbles. At the end of it, my brother picked up a red light saber and said, "CLONE TROOPS, EXECUTE ORDER 66!!" And we got to shoot all the people who had light sabers!! It was so fun! Thankfully, Hubby was also a clone trooper. I told him if anyone was going to take him out it would have been me Unfortunately, there was some stupid drama at that point that almost had Hubby and I leaving, but my brother convinced us to stay. We left after the pictures though, mostly because it was getting dark, and I didn't fancy driving those narrow roads in the dark. Family drama: Anyway, we took my mom to the train station in Sacramento, then headed north. Because the bed we tried sleeping in was so hard, Hubby had barely slept, so he couldn't drive. So I drove almost the entire 16 hours it took us to get home. I was so sore But we made it! And we still have the bubble potions and nerf guns.
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    I've always had faith that you can do this. Show us that you have the rocks to become a Canadian!
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    Kill-kill-kill-ma-ma-ma... I’ve never painted a hockey mask, nevermind in Nintendo turquoise lol. More of the comic book style I’ve been playing with and enjoying.
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    Gotta love kids... That's like how one year there was a really annoying kid(about 10-12 years old) who came into our camp uninvited(multiple times!) at an SCA event and got hit with a nerf arrow by one of the teenagers in our camp after he told her to get out and she didn't. Despite the fact that she came into our camp uninvited, which is a big no-no, and didn't leave when told, another big no-no, the fact that she got hit with a foam arrow turned into a big deal that almost resulted in the teenager and his parents being kicked off site because her mom kept trying to say they shot the kid with a slingshot and rocks or something. Later that week the same kid went into a pirate camp uninvited, after being warned that if she came into the camp she would be attacked with water balloons, and got pelted with 5 or 6 water balloons. The mom tried to get them kicked out, too. Try keeping your kid from wandering into other peoples' camps and actually parenting rather than blaming everyone else for your kid going where they aren't allowed to go. I want to say that the kid and her mom got told that if she continued to go into other peoples' camps uninvited, because it was a recurring problem, that it would be the kid and her mom removed from the site, not the people who yell at her kid to get lost and then throw harmless things at her when she doesn't listen. So, yea, kids and overprotective parents...
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    Following up on my acquisition post where I bought a Dimetrodon ( a toy to repaint, I couldnt' find a real one). Despite common belief and merchandise from certain movies, these are NOT Dinosaurs. Even though some carry a name ending in Saurus..( which means Lizard). These animals were extinct way before the arrival of the Dinosaurs. Dimetrodon and itś relatives were synapsids and probably endothermic. Closer related to mammals and reptiles and not to Dinosaurs who are an entirely different group. I actually bought the toy from Schleich and it was in a toy store presented on a display from Jurassic World among Dinosaurs. I love history, I love nature. Please teach kids what is what. I might sound geeky, but scientists have spent years to classify animals and plants only to see Hollywood throw them into a large heap and call them all by the same name despite millions of years between the species. I love to use fantasy dinos, I will paint unfeathered Raptors next to feathered ones ( I'm converting some as we speak into feathered ones) Heck, I'll stik wings to a Dino and call it a Dragon if I want too. But I would like people to at least know the truth about these things. Also, I love these creatures. I need more miniatures/toys to paint/repaint like these. AAARRRROOOO!!!!
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    Hello everyone! I am DMing 2 D&D games on an irregular basis, and I decided to get some minis for everyone. I thought I could share some pics of them, so here they are: 59028: Warlord Kang is Bargalt de Bargi, cleric of Moskantor, the God of Life: 03321: Damien, Hellborn Wizard is Kael, Tiefling Warlock: 60090: Degenerate Serpentfolk is Kimbatuul Balasar, a one-eyed Black Dragonborn barbarian, who deeply thinks he's a pangolin: 14357: Vale Archer is Pikett, cute but brutish Elf huntress : 02510: Balto Burrowell, Gnome is Puduk “Clover” Zobvolo, Gnome noblesman who happens to be married to an Orc priestess: 02472: Thain Grimthorn is Verghedür, Dwarf warrior, mason and hammer collector:
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    I have the mowing covered, but you could sleep in the wood shop. Plus, in many turtle species the females are naturally larger and stronger any way. Great minds think alike. This is exactly the conclusion I came to yesterday. Thanks for the validation. I didn't get as far as I wanted to yesterday, mostly because I went down a fairly time intensive road to make the scaled warrior's belt more ornate and detailed than the other one. I essentially ended up sculpting a small dragon head. The bar in the center of the side rosettes is prepped to have another band of putty added to it today. This will be the loop for the swords as Kristof mentioned. I'll sculpt that today.
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    Hidden Gem: Bakarathi Hunter https://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/hunter/sku-down/02965#detail/02965_G Insperation: mostly from other peoples painted minis - golden demon, CMON, Reapercon award galleries .... also from nature photography. I am forever googling lizard patterns, pictures of burning coals, or turtles
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    @Cyradis good luck! We believe in you! @Pezler the Polychromatic You have my deepest sympathies for your kitteh. @Unruly that concert looks amazing! You're so lucky!
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    If it takes you 6 - 8 minutes to put Liner on a gnome, you may be doing something wrong... or use a too small brush... ;-) I don't know... the British mail say that these New stamps are to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dads Army (great series. Get it), but are they certain it's not really about Brexit? Yes, they're real. I snagged the pic directly from the royal Snail website
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    The gor-gor. https://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/rhino/sku-down/02891 According to that website my spirit animal is a bee. I don't like being busy though. I feel more like a sloth. Maybe a hibernating bear. Other people's art, including make up artists and cosplayers. I get a lot of ideas looking at random stuff on the interwebs.
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    Very frequently from other peoples work, I'm half-ashamed to say. Once I've seen a really good rendition of a figure I find it very hard to un-see it again.
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    Well I'm official now! 4 day pass, swag & VIP bag purchased! Now to get to work on the games. I'll submit the games tomorrow morning after I get home work. Can't wait! *Almost forgot, I went Maggotcrown for my faction this year!
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    As someone who had two children with dragon picture (2D) mobiles I applaud this. But you might want to go with extra bright and extra high contrast color schemes if you want the baby to pay attention to them.
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    A year and a half ago we brought the entire family (including oldest's girlfriend) to Edmonton for Christmas. She looked at us funny when we said things like "It's not that cold" when it was -18C. But truly, the lack of humidity makes it not as bad. Cold temps on the coast really chill you to the bone. You have so got this. I've only been to one thesis defense, but I'm glad your Dad took the time to come see yours. Extra help to make sure you get there. You'll knock it out of the park.
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    I found a wonderfully bizarre illustration of an armored Rhino by James Christensen. It is just my kind of Beasty: AND I just happened to have a toy Rhino grazing in The Vault: SO I started working on making my own version of the illustration: At this point the green stuff work is done with the exception of some touch ups & embellishments: The Rhino in his prime...so to speak: I thought I would be more motivated to finish painting the Big Guy if I post here as well as in The Last Hurrah Thread...I have a lot of strange thoughts. Today I started adding some colors to the base. Photos are likely...sometime or other.
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    It was amazing! And Slayer's pyro was so great. And I was close enough that, at least for the bigger bits, I really felt the heat. I really thought it was about the best way to "celebrate" being told that both of the people I went with will be moving to New York(Rochester area) soon. One will be leaving next month, and the other will be joining her in 6 months to a year. Because they're a couple and all that. I can't be mad, because the one that's leaving first got a job up there making almost 6 figures, but it sucks because they're the people I'm most likely to hang out with just to watch movies or something.
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    What rocks help with a bleeding nose? Maybe hematite?