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    Unfortunately I didn't notice until after I opened the mini that the morning star/flail didn't get cast correctly. He was a challenge and he's not perfect, but I still like this guy.
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    Luke is my new character. He is a failed druid, and planning on devoting himself full time to wizardry as soon as possible. He was raised the son of a villages druid elder and has a keen interest in nature - once it is properly killed, preserved and documented. (5e : 1st level druid, 12 wis, 16 int. magic initiate feat (wizard) will be taking all future levels of wizard. His village was destroyed and his father killed by marauding armies, while he was off sneaking lessons with a wizard. His surviving people came to him for leadership and he convinced them to immigrate to a new land - a whole continent unsettled by civilized folk. A pair of nobles, brought their retainers also financed the expedition. They are currently busy setting up a palisade and tent camp before going on to explore the new land. I cut the miniatures beard down as he is too young for a long beard. I wanted to do a cloak with good shading but no freehand. I replaced half the bent staff with a toothpick, not a complete success. perhaps I will replace the top as well. session 2: discovered a non-functioning magic gate - started a logging camp, and killed the giant frogs who objected. - luke tried to reason with them, but frogs are not so good at making make territory agreements. We also made a treaty with some stone age dwarves to dig up iron in exchange for teaching them how to make metal weapons & tools. finally got his first level in wizard.
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    I generally dislike the WizKids stuff, but some of their larger minis are good. Had this guy awhile, but finally finished his base.
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    It has been quite the weekend. I don't relish change for the most part, but it looks like there is plenty coming. My partner agreed to marry me a few weeks ago , and we have been looking at houses for the next stage of life. Now, I'm on the high end of ages for the Reaper Forum, so this is a second marriage in both cases, and the next stage is retirement. I have concluded that I should tell work that I will be planning to retire early next year, which means that I feel a moral obligation to get things ready for someone else to take over, which is going to add more stress. We put in an offer on a house about half an hour from where we now live, and further from work, which is one of the factors going into the retirement decision. More to follow...but I think I'm going to go bicycle for a while to think.
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    Our campaign was in need of a magical henge (to be constructed around planet rifts to shut them off, did this real quick not sure how the blue stones work in this mini but it fits game wise so we will go with it
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    Welp, I found it on sale and couldn't stop myself. I decided to make it a quick paintjob so I just used Cerluen blue and Tiatanium white for the body while using golden interference green for the gems (glazed over a basic black to white gradient). It was glazed in gloss varnish and in reall life the whites looks more white than seen in the photos. Now that it is finished I would have probably done the gems differently, colouring them all black, glazing some interference paint and then adding highlights with white. The base was made using liquitexes ceramic stucato (which is really nice for bases, even thought you can't see it here), which was given a earthy red wash. I then decided that it was too stark and that the figure would work better in a jungle, so I used some miniNature, moss, tuffs and flock to create it.
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    Got a lot done today. Fertilizer the lawn, painted (oils) more on some household artwork, hung paintings, fixed my daughter’s chest of drawers, got more beetle traps (amazing things! Beetle flew in before I could hang them up), and groceries. Rewarding myself with cheesesteak and fries.
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    It'd make more sense from a reference standpoint. In other news, HERE'S a thing I never thought I'd see on sale again at a price I was willing to pay...
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    What a find! I stumbled across this guy at a little hole in the wall second hand store. Not bad for $5! The box lid was missing, but I knew exactly what it was once I saw it. One of the dragons horns was broken, and I decided to leave it. Some time ago I painted the Ral Partha version of this exact model. (It’s posted in the forum, but I don’t know how to attach, and that kinda wizzy computer stuff). Anyway I told myself when I painted the Ral red, “I wish I could get another and paint it blue”. While I’m still partial to my red, this blue is pretty nice! As always C&C welcome and appreciated. I hope you like it.
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    See, I'd tell him to elf the right the heck off. But then, on 4 hours of sleep I'm a grump monster that's not fit to be around people and have zero fox to give. Thankfully, my Hubby understands my need for sleep. I mean, otherwise this probably wouldn't have worked
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    @Guindyloo it seems your pets escaped.. Photo credit: Science Daily The chestburster scenes from the Alien franchise remain some of the most iconic and shocking images in cinema. Fortunately, nothing like that exists in real life, right? That’s not true anymore, thanks to the discovery of a new species of parasitic wasp whose life cycle resembles that of the movie monster. At less than 0.5 centimeters (0.2 in) in length, the wasp is unlikely to pose a serious threat to humans. However, if you happen to be a moth caterpillar, then this might be one of the scariest predators on the planet. The wasp has a really long ovipositor that it uses to inject her eggs into the host. The larvae hatch inside the caterpillar and slowly begin to eat it from the inside out.[6] When they grow large enough, they burst out of their hosts and metamorphose into adult wasps, ready to continue the cycle. The insect was named Dolichogenidea xenomorph in honor of the fictional species in the movie Alien. Found in Australia, it is one of three newly documented species by researchers at the University of Adelaide. The wasp is part of a group called parasitoids—parasites that kill their hosts during their life cycles.
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    That's because we intentionally introduced parasites and predators specifically to deal with the Japanese Beetle. Because that's worked well in the past, right? Just ask Australia. Also, my grandma died around midnight. I got word at 12:30, so I'm guessing it was probably just a little before then. But I'm not sad in the least. I'm happy. Not because I'm an uncaring broccoli, though I am a bit of one of those, but because it means I no longer have to watch her become even more of a vegetable and see how it hurts everyone in the family. She's no longer living, but in my mind she hasn't really been living for the past year and a half to two years as she increasingly lost her mental faculties and did nothing but bounce in and out of the hospital. She wasn't living then, she was merely existing. And she was miserable. Now she's not. I can only hope that I don't end up like she was in her last few years. She didn't have it as bad as some, but she didn't have it good either.
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    Chauffeur: the one transporting the disease(d). Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Welp, it looks like we're keeping 5e. We did a short game, with combat and plenty of role play and had a lot of fun. The combat was quick and easy, aside from the occasional "I'm not sure, let me check" lol. We're gonna work on switching our other characters to the new edition starting tomorrow. Though, we're gonna finish our current campaign out in 2e.
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    I put some eye shadow on and a little lip color. Not sure how I feel about it. Thoughts?
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    Pokorny Paints work just fine. These are drybrushed with Base Wood and Stone Edge Dry Brush.
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    Time for some reading for our home game.
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    Painted for Origins Game 2018, over the course of 3 1/2 days...Supposed to be a “progressive post”, I apologize for the now random order of the photos. He did start “bone white” and the finished product are the 3 with the white-ish background. Thank you in advance for any and all comments, good and critical - I’m still honing my craft.
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    Coffer Dam The structure erected to prevent the results of coughing from happening to you OR The curse laid upon the one doing the coughing. GEM
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    Wandering the local grocery in search of a glue stick, I found a display of Kinder Joy, the weird pseudo-pudding-cup replacement for Kinder Eggs we have here in the USA (I'm sure they're distributed elsewhere as well, and there are now Kinder Eggs available, but I digress)... The current batch includes a series for the new (terrible) Jurassic World movie, in which a buyer receives, along with the weird pudding cup thing, a tiny dinosaur which can split apart to reveal a tiny dinosaur skeleton. I thought this was cool, so I picked up three. Got a T-Rex, a velociraptor, and a dimorphodon. The two theropods are pretty nice from both a skeletal standpoint and a not-dead-yet standpoint. The dimorphodon is... disappointing as a fleshy creature, but the skeleton isn't bad. All three are roughly the same size, about the same as a normal human mini. Not a ton of detail, but they'll all pass for skeletal theropods on the table. Not bad at USD 1.50 each: undead dino miniatures, plus chocolate goo with crunchy bits in!
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    Or indeed to jump into any random thing, though I'd check your footing and ph level first.
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    Goblins are green by default. Most likely influenced by Spiderman's nemesis Green Goblin. Though I know that D&D goblins are red (occasionally tangerine orange), rarely blue (psionic), and the Pathfinder goblins are green. My Bones 1 goblins have many different skin tones (red, gray, dark purple) to differentiate them on the gaming table. And they also served as color combination experiments (some worked, others not). Orcs are green by default. Warhammer and Blood Bowl made sure I remembered them that way. Though I don't mind different shades to represent different environments. Albino orcs are a possibility. Hobgoblins. Unsure. Orange in D&D, grey in Pathfinder. Not a common monster in artwork. Bugbears are hairy orange-tan. Haven't seen that much artwork with them that shows different colors. Gnolls are... hyena colored? So hairy shades of brown? Kobolds. Scaly orange-red. I think this is because of the older SSI AD&D computer games that I remember them this way. But if I go by the "descended from dragons" theme, any classic D&D dragon color is acceptable. Trolls are green by default. Classic D&D color, and I don't recall seeing many non-green trolls in other media. Ogres. Depending on the setting, same as oversized humans, or green. Hill giants are the same as oversized humans. Stone giants are stone grey. Sort of a given. Fire giants are dark red to burnt black. Frost giants are icy blue with white highlights. Cloud/Storm giants... grayish blue, cloud colored? Haven't given them much thought.
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    @Paradoxical Mouse sharing your troubles doesn't bother us, it's one of the things this thread is for. We're happy to support our friends and help them kill the brain weasels! One time we we lost a kobold mini (a WotC trap master) and every time we lost something we just blamed it on him. He's holed olio in the walls collecting all our stuff. Maybe thats at s what happened to your knife cute lil kobold has them! Hello! Welcome! Feel free to jump in with any random thing!