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    I printed this model in resin at 0.05mm layer height. The figure is nude, so pics are provided via link. 3D Print: https://s25.postimg.cc/vuqjudpkv/20180717_154853.jpg Painted: https://s25.postimg.cc/5z6tb3vfz/20180807_230036.jpg I generally prefer projects that feature the monstrous, but I decided to change things up and paint this beauty. Enjoy.
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    I have so many ideas for D&D divine/demon interactions now.
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    I know it's not 'actually' a Tarrasque, but it's certainly a pretty good stand in, so that's how I painted it. This is the biggest model I have every painted, and I think it turned out pretty well. Enjoy, I know my D&D player won't...Muhaha!
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    I had this guy done for a while, except the weather didn't really allow for a good photo. Now that the weather was somewhat better, I quickly took some. I am happy how the gems came out (thought you can't really see them in the photo). All the black was painted by washing a black and white surface with Indanthrone blue (PB60). The armour was made by using vallejo liquid metal red gold (for highlights) and copper (for shadows)
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    Featuring 50158: Grant Dylan, Heroic Pilot, one of Murch's Dangerous Dames, Artizan's Group Captain Villain & T. E. Crampton. Also featuring Bombshell's Flakk, plucky mascot and rocketeer (rocketeuse?). This is a great collection of faces. Look at the pendulous jowls on Crampton, or the lantern-jaw on that Group Captain! Bitty wee Flakk's bitty wee jetpack is taken from a 50227, DeeDee Astro Girl that I repurposed as a green-skinned space lady.
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    Reincarnation! I hope the meeting Greek Lunch was worth it. That is an awesome interpretation of higher powers! *** Walks into garden looking for ants*** *** Kills one ant, shouts at the others, learn my name! ***
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    Featuring the well-armed 50013: Willy Brassbender, 80070: Pulp Hera, Female Pilot, a trio of sky pirates from Artizan, and the crew's (mostly) domesticated gremlin (Shrapnel, from Bombshell). Irregular raiders in irregular uniform, they ply the airways for fuel and plunder. I particularly like Willy's carpet slippers and the pirate's grapple gun. Hera is indeed statuesque; 32mm vs. 28mm makes quite a difference. I reason that the crew is mostly on the small side for weight and fuel reasons. Perhaps I should ink a plane or a lightning bolt on their shoulder patches?
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    ...on first take I thought you were talking about @buglips*the*goblin ...translation[?]: Situation normal; nothing to report. [?]
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    The Patent Scientist is a fantastic sculpt; I fancy his invention is a spark-free welder. Useful aboard a flying bag of flammable gas! Bombshell's Betty is great as well, though I think they missed an opportunity in not calling her Diesel Liesel. The others are a Space Dwarf from Black Cat and Murch's German Zeppelin Crewmen, whom I think of as Otto, Horst, Dieter, Hans, and Sparks. I love these fellas, muted colors notwithstanding. I could put a spot of glowing orange on the end of Kapitan Zwergfeld's cigar, but that would be irresponsible of the good captain! Scales are mixed, but again, it's good for an airship to have a lightweight crew.
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    It's actually Telemancy. GEM It is my carefully considered opinion, based on many remarks made by @Mad Jack that "living dangerously" should be considered Jack's ground state. GEM
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    What happens when your phone dies? Does it know it's dead? Does it feel anything? When it comes back to life, does it remember being dead? Is this technically necromancy?
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    Terrain and minis. List to come Starting with soapstone statue of Dagon
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    VASTARYOUS done. Act 1 of S&S also done Hope you like, have a great summer!
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    Well, I did some work on her face. I think I now know what I need to do. (You can click on the pictures to see larger versions.) Her face is mostly Fair Highlight at this point, which just doesn't look right. The picture on the left looks better because her left arm is blocking some of the light. I need to bring most of her face back down to Fair Skin, or maybe 1:1 Fair Skin:Fair Highlight, so her face has actual contours. (Or I suppose I could add lining around the edges of the highlight and pass it off as a mask...) Also, it looks like I should lighten her lower leg slightly. There's a little too much contrast there. I also realized why the stone in her staff doesn't look right. The highlights are placed as if the stone is translucent but it's not. It's supposed to be solid. As a polished stone, it should have sharp highlights (although not as harsh as metal) and the highlight should be a flat horizontal line. Two weeks to go.
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    So Altar to Dagon 77624, mantic terrain crate - wizards study, bones goroloth 77343, bones balto burrowell 77166, bones blacksmith 77142. Some basecoating other stuff primed. Can't see a few of the book spines I painted. Only townsfolk in missing now is Oswald who's never been in stock.
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    Drove 3.5 hours. Gave 50 minute presentation. Drove 3.5 hours back. Did get free lunch out of it a a lovely Greek restaurant.
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    I need one for each foot? people over 6 foot should not try to drive these...
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    T-shirt ordered (DuskWarden, of course...) and shipping notice for ribbons indicate that they will be here early....
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    Sure, but that shouldn't stop you sending them a polite message, should it? Even if you figure all you're going to get back is an equally polite, 'thank you for taking the time' type message. Like I said, I don't figure I have a horse in this race - so to speak - but I do understand the upset. And it's hot again. Why is it hot again. I'm going to melt. *falls over*
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    Dropped a glass and managed to bounce/juggle/keep it in the air long enough to finally catch it on the fourth try.
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    Painted this for my son's army - have to say he LOVES to give me challenges >< First it was the skin, 'it'd be cool to have a lot of blue veins under a light skin'... Um how about just blue?? lol And of course his whole them is based on Dune and Arrakis, with the troops looking (vaguely) like Fremen, complete with blue in blue eyes So, the carapace on this was inspired by sandworms, and the little jars and stuff are supposed to be full of melange, with the skin imbued by it. Not entirely happy with the stripes, tbh, I wanted a more organic/grown look to them but eh. Live and learn.
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    Thursday, August 9: What type of cereal is your favorite?
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    We are working with GrowTix currently to fix this schedule issue. We are hoping the fix will be a one stop place to see your classes and your gaming schedule. They said will take a couple days to code.
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    Slow progress is still progress!