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    Finally heading home from the site. One late airport pickup with hotel drop off made this a 14 hr work day. I've driven over 100 miles in town since tank fill up yesterday, all on the clock, not counting this airport trip. Darling hubby drove. Tomorrow starts early, between 7 and 8 with the rest of the set up before doors open. I'll be at Meet and Greet this year.
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    Just before making the turn from US-287 to US-380 this afternoon we passed a truck identified as: DM TRANSPORTATION Mental conversation: "Wow! Somebody is bringing a LOT of accessories for their games at Reapercon." "Nah. that can't be possible, but wouldn't it be awesome if it were real?" GEM
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    We're here and signed in. The free figs were here already. We got an upgrade to the swankiest floor, #11.
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    Queen of the savannah, with the leopard-skin robe befitting her rank, adorned with coral and cowrie shell, gold and ivory. Step to her at your peril.
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    Finished paying off Bones 4! Spent way too much but managed to get everything we wanted.
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    This is the irritated one, who believes that all of existence is conspiring to take away his rock.
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    Thinking of going with dark purple for the blouse.. and figuring out how i want to do the spots, based on the mexican lance head rattlesnake
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    >strides triumphantly back into the thread, carrying several freshly decapitated demon heads< All packed, with 6 hours to spare!
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    Thoughts on highlight placement? Just put a partial highlight in each spot to be smoothed out and increased later.
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    Remember that you will be returning with more stuff than you left with. If you don't have a foldable duffel bag or are planning to buy a second suitcase in Denton, bring two. I usually did the "suitcase inside a suitcase" thing, but I realized that that actually adds a lot of weight to my HUGE suitcase and last year left me scrambling at the check-in counter trying to shove stuff into my carry-on and eventually just paying the extra $25 oversized charge (which is...the same charge as having a second bag). Yeah, not doing that this year. Instead, I got a new suitcase that's smaller than my HUGE one, as well as a collapsible duffel bag to bring all my clothes back in. Also I invested in a luggage scale rather than estimating. I'm a bit concerned that I won't be able to fit everything in going, though, since my carryon is entirely taken up with my costume stuff. I'll break out my second medium suitcase if I have to; the extra $25 is worth not having to deal with all the extra hassle at this point. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Sure that I forgot something, but have no idea what? ABSOLUTELY!
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    I spend 30 to 40 percent of my working nights (you can extract as much out of that as you like) in hotel rooms. I have long ago learned to ignore what the other rooms are doing. If someone starts to get too frisky about my only response is to pop some popcorn and start cheering from the other side of the wall, or playing the meatloaf interlude from Paradise by the Dashboard Light... things usually quiet down real fast in either case. Cookies are baked and someone better eat them! the selections are: butter Scotchies, Oatmeal raisin (all oatmeal, no flour) and almond butter cookies. All i need to do now is pack my entries in a piece of travel luggage, selecting the orientation (is vertical the one where they bounce the most or the one where they spend the most time?) and zipping the suitcase shut? Oh and need to find a place for the melt. I have quite a bit and some of it is still in packaging for easy identification (and because someone may want to have the nostalgic packaging and be willing to trade naked metal for it...) and it takes a fair amount of space.
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    Made it into the Embasy Suites/ReaperconHQ ~despite Mapquest, which should be called TRAPQUEST. The instructions worked OK for getting to Denton but ran us into the backside of the WalMart Parking Lot instead of taking us to the hotel. The hotel is actually visible from a mile or more away, it's the very large building with the big letter E on each side. This place is POSH! Opened in January and it still has that "New Hotel" smell. We are in 914, just off the elevators in a full suite. There's a big enough table in the living room area for gqaming or painting, even with stuff spread out it will comfortabley accomodate 4 people, plus the couch will hold several more Living area has a "huge screen" TV, pluss the 40" job in the bedroom The bathroom is almost as big as some of the rooms we've stayed in in budget motels. 8^) More later, time for dinner. GEM
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    I did my first attempt at painting the water. Thoughts on how to improve the look of the water are welcome. I may add some gloss to the water and to his body nearest the water at the end, but first I need to decide whether to smooth out the colors, bring down the highlight or brighten the highlights, etc.
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    some of you probably saw this on the facebook site, but if not...
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    Apparently I have packing anxiety so I'm not able to sleep. I could go on about sysadmin stuff until everyone else fell asleep, so I won't. Instead: Listening to music. I own somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,500 CDs. As can be imagined, they take up a lot of space. iTunes on my music library machine claims I have over 2,500 albums. (As you can imagine, I buy a lot of music.) It's a standard desktop so it takes up nowhere near as much space as my CD collection. Further, I have an Apple TV connected to my receiver in the living room (with the good speakers). I can play any song in my iTunes library in my living room, sitting on my couch. I don't have to go to my CD collection and find my desired CD, put it in a CD player connected to the receiver, etc. iTunes also lets me buy music that would otherwise be hard to obtain. For example, I was able to buy the latest album by Perfume (a J-Pop band) on the day it was released in Japan. Ten years ago, I'd have to place an order through a CD vendor in Japan, wait for it to be shipped, etc. Now, iTunes doesn't have everything (for example, it's sorely lacking in Ali Project albums) but it has a lot of stuff. Runner up: Collecting and reading RP books. Mostly for the same reasons. A PDF takes up less space than physical books. I most of an entire shelf dedicated to my Exalted 2E books. The PDFs probably fit on a CD or DVD. And I can sync all of them to my iPad and read them anywhere I have it (including on a plane!). Let's not discuss how much money DTRPG has made from me over the years. That said, I need to find a paperback book to bring with me on the plane tomo... later today. I actually finished my last book (when I wasn't even on a plane!).
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    Grrrf, "new" boss is riding with me tomorrow. Hope it isn't too awkward of a day, although thankfully it's one of my slower days, assuming I'm able to find parking... Oh well, got him to have his eyes bulge out, because I got this evil grin and was all "oh, good, tomorrow is full of stairs" then waited several seconds to remind him of just how many elevators there are at the UofA.... :p Second time I've been evil to a supervisor... First was when my first supervisor said he liked industrial music... He learned to clarify his statement after I put some Funker Vogt on.... Hope he doesn't mind walking, because some buildings I have to park upwards of three blocks away due to construction...
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    There is a glorious contingent of us plebes who can't make it this year. I'm hoping you guys will keep us filled in with cool news and photos. If we manage to go again next year I might have to bring a bottle of local brew--we've got both a whiskey and rum distillery in town these days.
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    DAL, so yep, looks like Love Field. :D I'll be wearing my black NUCLEAR KRILL shirt: Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Nonsense. I can tell which cookbooks deserve favored status on the shelf by the number of stains on their pages.
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    Ah, wish work would have let me go today or tomorrow morning instead of evening. As it is I get to work a full day and then fly to Dallas. It's probably going to be midnight before I get out of the airport. Maybe I'll see if I can change my return flight to monday...
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    >runs through the thread as though all the demons of hell were two steps behind< MUST PACK EVERYTHING!!!!!