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    This was a super fun fig to paint! I'm not really happy with the eyes, and I think I might go back and add a black eye or a bruise at some point. I think that would add some character, as well as cover up the mediocre job. Otherwise, I am really happy with the rest of him. Comments and critiques are welcome as always, thanks in advance!
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    I gave blood at work today. It means I get a free 4 hours off I spent it acquiring a medicinal burrito and relaxing. Also I'll learn my blood type.
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    I'm feeling really good for the first time in a few days! It's painting time!!
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    Blergh. My brain feels like a tube of toothpaste that's had most of the contents squeezed out. After I was done updating my resume, I did something new and uploaded both it and the job description into a site that does keyword matching. The first runthrough had a less than 10% match, so I've been slowly rewriting the thing and employing all of my literary acrobatic skills to insert as many of the necessary buzzwords as possible. For example, "Communication and enforcement of business organization rules" has now become "Provides administrative support through consistent enforcement of business policies and procedures." I'm treating myself to cookies once I'm done with this nonsense. EDIT: Aw, I missed getting a screenshot of my number of likes being 66666. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I was so happy with how well I scored with my Dangerous Encounters diorama this year (first diorama ever, and first MSP Open), that my son and I were brainstorming ideas for more dioramas on the entire drive home from TX to IA. But despite having a list of over 50 ideas (including some takes on bad Dad jokes, such as "Who shot my paw" and "He was a little horse"), when I got home and started looking at minis, I kept coming back to the same I idea - basically, Dangerous Encounters II, only this time using the Pathfinder Red Dragon, and a 15mm knight. I've always liked the idea of using smaller scale humanoid figures with larger scale dragons to make the dragons seem more epic. The mid-sized Bones Dragons are perfect for this, too. I went browsing for the right 15mm knight, and during my search I found these 15mm beauties by Bombshell minis: As I pondered what possible use I would have for these minis, I happened to notice that sitting on my shelf next to my Pathfinder Red Dragon was this guy: And with that, the germ of an idea was born. Rather than have a knight facing a dragon, what about a Spaceman Spiff type scenario? I thought about it for a bit, did some more browsing, and the idea refined itself.
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    The sheep on Reticulus V don't much care for the local vegetation. The vegetation, however, doesn't feel the same way about the sheep. My working title for this is now "Road Hazard", and the story is a couple of colonists encountering some difficulty on their way to market with some livestock. I started gathering my supplies First, the two minis I'm going to use: These two ladies need a vehicle to transport their livestock, so I rounded up some vehicle choices: And of course, I need a base to put it on: Two other primary things I'm waiting on. First, I've got some unpainted model railroad sheep on order. They'll be a little bit big compared to the ladies, but that's just because they grow them big on Reticulus V. The other thing I will need is some suitably alien looking plants. For the most part, I'm going to be making most of those, though a Bones Death Star Lily or two may make it in there. I figure making a bunch of alien plants will give me a chance to practice my sculpting skills, and I'll lean heavily on the info in @TaleSpinner 's BMPC tutorial. I've got several ideas on how to do some stuff already.
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    Slapped some colors on the raptors
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    We took one look at the slime I dished out of the crock pot, poked it with the spoon a couple times, looked at each other and said "Do you want to go out to dinner?" simultaneously. She got our son ready to go while I got rid of the evidence. It might have tasted great for all we know. But the consistency and appearance was NOT appealing.
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    I can totally see that happening. Funny you mention that... Yup, I've done a fair amount of pirate hunting in those waters. It's amazing how brave they are when they have the upper hand over some poor unarmed merchant vessel. They never seemed very eager to take on a destroyer, though. I guess they didn't like the odds of a few AK-47's versus 2 25mm chainguns, 2 dual .50 cals, and 4 single mount .50 cals. Oh, and a 5" gun. When we boarded such vessels, we were armed to the teeth and wore desert style camouflage uniforms with no insignia whatsoever on them. With no markings, it left them to wonder if we were Marines, SEALS, or something else entirely. Looking scary as hell was very useful for us; on one occasion we actually saw them tossing their weapons into the ocean as we were approaching.
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    I finished a project! I love this little clock and was very sad when the mechanism stopped working. Being a frequent flyer at the local hobby stores, I bought a new movement. Now, I did not measure anything, just found one that looked about the right size. Got the thing taken apart and even installed the old hands in it. The hole on the minute hand was just a bit too small, but for some reason I have lots of tools for working soft metal. A bead reamer and a few delicate minutes had the hand fitting. Got everything put back together and my little clock runs again . That is the old movement there beside it. I am ridiculously proud of myself. More so that I have no leftover pieces, all of my fingers and skin and it took less than an hour.
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    Ok I don't do that many WIPs but I thought I'd try on this one. This is so far a base coat and 6 layers of shading. I like to use glazes so the build up is very gradual and I have to remember that everytime I start a mini lol. I will put down about 10 more layers going down all the way to a deep purple. This is at the pure tanned skin shadow phase. It will be slow going due to work but I will keep up with it. Comments and criticism welcome and before it gets mentioned I removed no mold lines this is more of a proof of concept to see if I can finish a wip post and how my skin painting is coming along. Thanks!
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    I made pasta e fagioli tonight - took a bit of persuasion to get Megan to try it. (Brigid was easier. ) I guess pasta fazool is not something her mum ever made. Huh... my spell checker is not believing that either fagioli or fazool is a word.... The Auld Grump
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    First up, narrowing down which vehicle to use: Option 1: Option 2: Option 3: After looking at these, I've immediately ruled out option 3. I just don't think it matches the minis well enough, plus it's not a truck, which means I'd need to figure out a trailer for the sheep. For both the other options, I'm going to have to do some modifications to turn them into a livestock vehicle. I'm leaning towards Option 1, because it looks more "science fictiony" to me.
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    It will also be a whole lot of work - Miniature Scenery makes kits, not completed models. Shipped flat packed, since the whole thing, except maybe some fittings, is made from MDF board and laser cut. The Auld Grump
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    At the center of the summoning pentagram, a short humanoid materializes in a cloud of steam. You haven’t cast any spell or summon any creature but he’s there, standing still, staring at you with his malicious eyes. Dark red skin, two feet tall, with sharp pointy horns, bat-like wings and a barbed tail. This creature is the embodiment of a devil like you pictured them according to the tales you heard in your childhood. He’s holding its tail with one hand, and lazily starts balancing the tip of it from side to side. After a moment, the fiendish imp talks to you and offer you to make a deal. With a seducing voice, he says, I can fulfill one of you wish if you accept to do me a favor... Here it is 02756, Familiar Pack IV Imp a pewter Dark Heaven Legends model. Sorry I coundn't find the name of sculptor.
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    I will be happy to see my bed tonight. My day got to start at 4am when I made the mistake of looking at my email. There was the HELP! message. I could have ignored it and hope someone else saw it but nope, not me. Got done with that call at 630 and had to start the day at 7, it being the west coast and all. Meetings and adventures throughout the day. The bonus being that most of the work I intended to accomplish got accomplished! Now waiting for a friend to have dinner with and wait out the Portland traffic. For a city that tries hard to keep a green image, their traffic is some of the worst outside of California and New England! Its been a good week. hoping this trend continues for a few more weeks. I can use a little positive re-enforcement
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    September 20th - Nelly, The Barmaid So as you have seen previously, the remaining 2 are still zenithal primed. I took some time to hunt down some wily mold lines this time and scrape them off before they become too problematic. I can come back and touch up with a bit of spot primer along the cloth area... Next I basecoated her dress with an airbrush using Citadel XV-88, which is an brown that leans towards orange. I really like this color a lot for ... well, a lot of things. Just seems to be a nice rich warm brown. I added increasing amounts of white to push the highlights, then came back with a very thinned down XV-88 and went over the brightest areas to tie it back together. I am keeping the transitions really subtle, nothing fancy. Her dress is supposed to be a brown, so I am not wanting to push towards creme/white nearly as much as I did with Baldric. I will come back and clean up her front apron later. I really like how the back of the dress transitions. Subtle, but nice. That is all I could work on tonight. Not a lot, but one major piece out of the way.
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    I plead tired brain! My fingers betrayed me! The keyboard on this phone is tiny Same. And decorations. I celebrated the start of Spooky Time by hanging my Spooky Decoration on my door.
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    Hellooooo had to take a break, got a crappy flu virus but back in stride now did a little of the highlighting on the back leg but no blending yet. Nice to be painting again
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    Extra bonus points if they begin the keelhauling at 100 fathoms. And 25 knots.
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    I was playing Pandemic 2 today and had a virus start in Canada as a fever. For some reason it was still highly contagious. When it hit Tier II evolution it gained diarrhea. By this time it had spread to everywhere except Madagascar, which had quarantined quite early. Then I put everything into making it resistant to vaccines and environments. 6.37 billion people died of the dreaded Moose Poops. In other news, they finally poured my foundation today. Soon the buildening will be underway. Provided we don't die of Moose Poop Fever.
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    Not familiar with it - sorry, had to google to verify previous poster's statements. It is a lovely word, and reminds me of the night elves in WoW. I'm not observing this holiday. I'm not religious in any fashion really, aside from brief bouts of Judaism which are mostly just an excuse to light pretty candles and eat food. Eating food is my main holiday motivation.
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    Ever so slowly getting there.