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    Okay, so I left off the wings, used a little bit of putty as gap-filler, slightly tilted the figure forward on the base (so her pose might be interpreted as a sudden rush forward, perhaps waving her gun in the air to get someone's attention?), and painted this up as a regular Old West sort of character. Doing plaid on the shirt required lots of attempts and revisions. So did her left eye (viewer's right), for some reason, and also the mouth (so many tries, and she still looks like she's biting her lip to one side). Argh! Ahem. Anyway, so, once again, this isn't contest-winning material by any means, and a dubious inclusion for "Show Off," but I've got to ask: Is there a STORY behind this miniature? I thought maybe it was a DYOM, but during my long and frustrating hunt through the Reaper store to try to identify this miniature (the name "Gunslinger" isn't terribly informative, and for some reason the tag "cowgirl" does NOT apply), this one didn't show up as one of those tagged as "DYOM." Somehow, it's NOT under Chronoscope. So what's the story? Are there angel gunslingers wearing cowboy hats in some edition of D&D that I happened to miss? :D The stagecoach, by the way, is from Multiverse Gaming (MDF & cardboard kit, but I added a few extra bits for decor).
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    Looks like its been awhile since I last posted up here. I've been playing Village Attacks for a couple weeks now and decided to give some of the monsters a quick paint. Today I painted the Vampire. If the cast would have been better I might have spent some more time on him, but he had enough flaws that I didn't feel it worth the effort. I did a bit of an experiment with creating textures on the cloak, which worked better in the blue portion than the black. I didn't quite have the energy to freehand on the veins like in the reference art, but I might go ahead and darken the claws now that I see how it looks.
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    I painted these up yesterday. I'm running a Pathfinder D&D Age of Worms campaign and plan to use these for worm naga worshipers of Kyuss, demigod of undead and decay. I like how they are turning out so far, but need to figure out what further detail to add, and what if anything to do for basing. I'm open to feedback and suggestions on how to finish them. Thanks for looking.
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    This was stress relief from bad contractors and totally unplanned. The beach base was a total whim, and works for one. I have no idea what I was thinking with the Obelix type...
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    You can also see pirates here Girl & boy Noble & farmer Waitress and dancing girl
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    From the first post of my WIP thread:http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/82127-warduke/&tab=comments#comment-1741308 Some of you are old enough to remember the old Dungeons and Dragons toy line from way back when. In that toy line, they featured an evil fighter named Warduke. He also made one appearance in the cartoon, and was given stats (more than once) for use in the pencil and paper RPG. I have decided to make/convert a copy of him for myself. This is who I'm talking about for those that don't know, or remember: He got brought back for 3.0 or 3.5 edition D&D, too: Now, that's some pretty cool artwork, and my apologies to Mr. Reynolds, but it's wrong. Warduke is LEFT handed. See? I brought him to Reapercon and entered him in the open category, and earned a bronze medal. Thanks to my judges ( @Corporea, @dks, and I'm not sure if Brice Cocanour is on the forum or not) as well as @Kuro Cleanbrush for giving me some excellent feedback on what was good and what I needed to improve on.
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    This is the Bones version of the Large Earth Elemental. I painted it over the course of a week or so. Thanks for looking.
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    Dad of one of my oldest boys classmates was telling me a story like this. His oldest daughter moved to the city for college a couple years ago. She was coming home for the weekend and was on the #1 highway. For us it's the biggest highway around. 4 lanes and 110 kph speed limit. She just got up to speed when a mattress flew of a small car in front of her and she hit it. Wrecked some stuff on the front and underneath her car. Guy stopped and they exchanged accident information. She was pretty shook up. Turned out the guy with the mattress was from the same small town where her dad grew up and they knew eachother. Her dad said he always was an idiot and was just glad his girl wasn't hurt.
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    Well that caught my attention. Wish they'd let me take that german correspondence course in school. I'd really like to know what a naked woman in a tub or shower has to do with driving a tiger. Guess the high command figured that was the best way to the tankers to actually open the book. Probably. Seems like a good bet anyway. So you know the whole "Never split the party" thing for D&D? Well, my Stonehell group decided to split the party to return an NPC to the surface, and collect one of the PCs who missed last session. Tonight was the one player trying to get back with the rest of the party. On the way into the dungeon, he was intercepted by someone who the party sort of trusts, the leader of the wererat clan. But it wasn't actually her, it was someone who *looked* like her, and that person sent them off into an entirely different section of the dungeon. Oh, and amazingly there's only one copy of the map. And the player tonight doesn't have it. He and his hirelings were wandering ALL OVER THE MAP!! It was great!! And while they didn't actually hook up with the rest of the party, they're near enough that I need to wait till the next session to see what they're going to do.
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    I'd been planning on driving all the way to Eastport, starting about three hours ago - but a few days ago Megan pointed out that the Cat ferry would be a whole lot faster - and I already had a gift certificate for the trip, that was going to expire in October. (I forgot about that thing - I had never taken the Cat. I won the gift certificate last year at a trivia competition.) So, we are heading to Canada, and seeing the tide from the other side. A six hour trip instead of twelve and change. Megan thought that had been my plan all along.... I wish... The Auld Grump - thankfully, Megan remembered it, and reminded me, when she realized I was planning to drive us. Otherwise I would have been travelin' through the dark. *EDIT* Megan was originally been planning to stay with some local pagans, while I camped out - but being in Canada means a hotel with me instead.
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    Well that caught my attention. Wish they'd let me take that german correspondence course in school. I'd really like to know what a naked woman in a tub or shower has to do with driving a tiger. Guess the high command figured that was the best way to the tankers to actually open the book.
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    This is a repainted prepaint of a WOTC Dungeons and Dragons figure. I kept the paint scheme mostly the same since I liked it, but I tried to a do a better job. She's got a decent table top paint job now, I hope. I did her to get back into painting after being in a bit of a slump when I lost my job earlier this year. Ahe's actually been done for a while, I've just been bad about taking pictures. Anyway, I hope you like her.
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    I have opted to use this labelled hill troll as a Fire Giant youth gang member/merc thug
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    just didn't want to do the Boris Karloff green skin. Victor was a brilliant scientist that managed to maintain bloodflow through various body parts and his creature was done through picky and meticulous means by Victor.
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    Two more members of my B&B war band...
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    Turn it off then back on again. I was hoping this one would pop up. Always works. Except when it doesn't.... :P Yes!! Command Inanimate Object is one of my verbal cantrips.
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    Starting to show some skin~ Also, I'm glad I'm not using one of my new brushes for base coating...this brush is having fits. Also. Skintone is HD 29822 Suntan Flesh.
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    Purely coincidental. Even evil clowns have standards.
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    Nelly - Continued (Sept 22nd-23rd). I spent some time working on Nelly's corset as well as blending her apron. I used Scale75 African Shadow and Indian Shadow for the corset, adding a bit of white to provide the highlights. Man the Scale75 paints are crazy matte, still trying to determine if I like that or not. It just is so different... For the apron, I started with Reaper Cloudy Grey and then mixed up some layers with Reaper Ghost White. I wanted to go with a cool white to contrast the warm tones of the dress and corset, adding additional contrast. Today was tiny detail work, mostly introducing a bit more red and shading and highlighting into her hair. I used Reaper Golden Highlight as the hair highlight tone, glazing back over with Vallejo Orange Brown. I mixed up a bit of Citadel Reikland Fleshshade and Agrax Earthshade to make a reddish brown, and introduced that to the bottom part of the hair, where it turns back towards the shadows. I then glazed over the transition lines with more Vallejo Orange Brown to smooth out the transition.
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    Problem statement: Automated, motion sensing, electrical, gadgetified, miserly, touch-free, paper towel dispensing machines... ...somebody fixed it for me.
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    Okay, much later, I've attempted another go at Dr. Darius Hellstromme (#59003): The "forced light" thing just wasn't working for me. Also, I decided to give him a mad experiment as a backdrop: that's courtesy of one of the male "blanks" from #75004 "Heroic Blanks" (apparently no longer available in the Reaper online store :( ), hooked up inside the "tank." "It's alive! Aliiiiiiiive!" Once again, Tropicana juice lids make a great decorative base/dais/doohickey for big critters or gizmos.
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    I opted to go with fresh parts, not yet greying out, decayed bits.
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    Reaper/Studio 2 S2P80011 - "Toxic Shaman #2 (male)." This is getting back into the thing that really appealed to me about the "Deadlands: Hell on Earth" miniatures -- those figures that captured the "post-apocalyptic + Wild West" look that I figured best distinguished "Hell on Earth" from "generic" post-apocalyptic settings. (Well, there's that, and all the supernatural weirdness, tall tales coming to life, horror movies coming true, "Shop Smart! Shop S-Mart!" and so forth, I suppose, but nothing's quite so iconic as that guy on the cover with a cowboy hat, riding a hoverbike, in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.) Anyway, the "Toxic Shaman" has a bit of the "West" look to it. I didn't bother getting the female Toxic Shaman, since she looked too much cheesecake, too little "shaman," to the point where I just thought I could probably do far better with any number of proxies. (There just wasn't anything that said, "Wow, I'll never find a better exemplar of a Toxic Shaman than THIS!" right then.) (There was a male Waster, but I opted not to get it, as the concept art in the Kickstarter looked too much like Reaper's "Rex, Dark Future Hero" (#50065 or #80009) right down to the pose. The female Waster, however, looked distinctive enough: I think it's the teddy bear on her belt that won me over. :) ) I suppose my only wish for the Toxic Shaman would be for a little more "toxic" (or "post-apoc") to go with my shaman here. Looking at the mini, I'm half-tempted to go back and try my hand at sculpting some "brown stuff" to try to give him a gas mask hanging around his neck. (I really don't want to cover up the FACE, because I think that turned out well, but a gas mask would nicely give the "post-apoc" cue, while the rest of the figure would still evoke the character archetype.) As it is, though, I suppose I should count my blessings: I could probably get away with using this figure for a standard Deadlands (Old West period) campaign just as easily as for "Hell on Earth." I mean, there's nothing particularly high-tech about a knife, and it's entirely unclear what he's got in that bandolier. I guess I should count my blessings. ;)
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    Glaring, pointing at the thing, and growling, "Stay." To an inanimate object that immediately ceased to stop constantly falling off the thing it was placed on.