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    After some agonizing, I took photos of the August/September Mushrooms on my yet-to-be-finished new photo stage. These Fellow are a bit smaller than the last batch & include three older pieces .SO without further delay, for your entertainment & edification, The Mushrooms: These three Merry Fellows will be on their way to sunny Spain shortly: The rest of the Crew are envious: ...or otherwise upset: There is some mixed feelings with the Button Boys: More mixed feelings: AND the Group Portrait: The October Gang is a mixed bag, but you can judge for yourself later this month...probably.
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    I love these guys! Seriously. They're so cute. I changed up my color scheme so they wouldn't look too matchy matchy. Hope y'all like him! Hopefully next week I'll have my stuff set up so I can base them all too! And I'll find my Sir Forscale. Let me know what you think! C&c always welcome.
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    Considered* to be the biggest, bestest, most loyal Legion with the nicest shiniest armour, the Ubriacomarines take the Codex Ratstartes very seriously. Written by their primarch Rocamadour Guerbigny, the Codex contains a list of Emperor-approved cheeses, lots of recipes, a handy glossary of terms and is available in five installments priced at only $IX.XCIX each**. As the XIII Legion follows this tome to the letter they will view anyone who doesn't use a Codex-approved fondue set with deep suspicion and have called Exterminatus on planets found to be using Velveeta. Following Guerbigny's miraculous recovery the Empire is looking forward to "Codex Ratstartes II: Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Buy Kraft Singles" with great anticipation. The Ubriacomarines remain blissfully unaware that almost every other Legion refers to its Ratstartes as "smurfs". *By themselves. **Plus S&H.
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    According to the chart at the doctors office, my baby is a lizard right now
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    Box has officially been raided and new swag replaced. I will figure out a shipping label and hope to drop it off at the post office tomorrow.
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    First go at a figure with feathers. I also tried a number of different things with this one. I really like how it all came out. C&C welcome as always!
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    Friends! Here are 23 additional figures I painted in September. The results are largely for tabletop, or slightly better than tabletop quality. The Dreadmere Hunter was a free miniature at ReaperCon...I hated it but got it for my son, he loved it and his little 8-year-old heart decided that it was to be his DND ranger I also painted the Barrel Mimic which Galladoria Games gave away as a new attendee this year. I painted a DGS miniature named Jhenkar (a small version of the Neverending Story dragon). I also painted two Red Box Games miniatures, Derek the Dim and Hvitarnor (first time doing a 5-o'clock shadow). Lots of experimenting with TMM and NMM. Just having fun, trying things and enjoying making progress...
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    I was moving miniatures around in the basement yesterday in preparation for moving and ran across the box containing the Stonehaven giants Kickstarter figures. When I ordered them originally, I figured that the first one up would be the sleeping/dead giant. I was/am expecting him to feature more as an objective marker than an active combatant. Anyway, I washed him off and spray primed him last night, after which I was afflicted with the fear that the resin might not be compatible with the spray primer, but I appear to have lucked out. This is just as well, as it looks like these giants are going to be exclusive to the Kickstarter production run, so replacing it could be a problem. I have also primed the next six Oathsworn Burrows and Badgers figures that I wished to do, so I was feeling ambitious this morning. In practice for the new house where there won’t be a permanent painting space, I pulled out the travel paint kit and had at things, working back and forth between them as colors overlapped. The raven mage got a purple hood in honor of the local American football team. Since ravens appear to be pretty uniformly black, I was mostly drybrushing some highlights. After spraying, I should have made them even contrastier, because they are pretty invisible without the flash. Live and learn... Anyway that puts me up to a dozen, so I should be able to run two war bands and get a game on the table relatively soon, even if just as a solo.
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    Hmm... so where can I find a suitable miniature for Yukon Cornelius...? The Auld Grump - hey! Bones bounce, Bumbles bounce... it's a perfect fit!
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    2.8 miles. Commute just increased from 2 stop lights to three so it now takes a whopping 7 minutes to get to work in the morning. For my evening commute, I choose to take the long way, 3.6 miles and it will take me 9 minutes to get home. I am the second closest employee to the shop. There are three others that are roommates that are within a half mile. I only filled the car's gas tank once in the last 30 days.
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    A friend had me painting a lot of these Bushido minis for an upcoming campaign of his. Although I prefer Reaper stuff, these have been interesting. I took a chance with different kind of color scheme for this one.
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    I had not seen it. So thank you.
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    The prehensile tails are so useful!
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    My commute to work is somewhere around twelve or thirteen miles - I haven't actually measured it. It generally takes me about twenty minutes with traffic. (As for rarest/oldest/valuable minis... My oldest is probably an Archive basilisk, or some of the Heritage Dungeon Dwellers. Rarest and most valuable, that's possibly an unanswerable question: I have acquired a number of complete old box sets from both Grenadier and Ral Partha over the years. Probably the hardest to complete so far has been the TSR 10-510 Dungeons & Dragons Basic Heroes Set. So far, what I have of TSR's 5307 GenCon RPGA box set has probably cost me the most. As for rarest, this lady on the right... ...was something I picked up at the RenFaire a number of years ago from a lady who was selling painted minis, and as near as I can tell was something that a friend of hers who did his own casting had produced. So it's quite likely I have one of the only few still left.)
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    My work is about 13 miles away and takes about 20 minutes on the way there. Coming home is about 25-30. Amazing how little time time it takes to get anywhere nowadays. Before cars 13 miles was quite a distance.
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    I assume some of you have seen this post from Ladystorm, but I figured I would link it anyway. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/82989-ladystorms-winter-contest-yeti/
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    Didn't do this over the weekend for reasons and I'm not going to do pictures for laziness. So there! Ha! (But hopefully something might be interesting anyway.) Oldest would be one of the minis that I got at a Rhein Confederation Wargames Society auction in about 1977. I was a broke high school student and most of the people bidding were single soldiers and airmen who didn't have much to spend their money on. So I bid on lots of stuff and got none. The guy selling the minis took pity on me and gave me some of the rejects, in part because I drove the price higher on so many lots. Second oldest group would be the Minifigs fantasy figures that I bought in London at about the same time. There was a miniatures/gaming store that advertised in the Tottenham Court Road tube station (the store was around the corner), and being a gamer, that was like the smell of blood to a vampire. I still have some of the (badly sculpted) orcs, mummies, Amazons, and whatever that I picked up there. Rarest? Not at all sure. I have a bunch of Grenadier, Ral Partha, and Harlequin boxed sets of a variety of sorts that I bought in the '80s and '90s, quite a few Alternative Armies and Off the Wall Armies fantasy figures, Ogre metal miniatures, .... When I worked for Games Quarterly Catalog, one of my boss's many side business was importing Fantasy Warlord figures from England and distributing them in the US. When it became apparent that one shipment was all we were going to get (and because that was always a shoestring operation and I was young and didn't have much to spend money on), I took part of several paychecks in Fantasy Warlord miniatures. So I have like 6 cases of those figures even now. As to painted? I'm much faster at buying minis than painting them, especially when they're a "Never to be repeated, going out of business, great deal!"
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    It's true, though they work better than certain YouTube commentators would like you to believe. You're never going to get a back scabbard of the usual sort of design that allows a rapid draw, though. That said, it would be possible to build a relatively convenient open-frame scabbard for a Zweihänder. Tip cup around 6" deep, a rigid spine of some sort, and hooks to hold the quillons. You would only have to raise the blade far enough to get it out of the cup and above the quillon hooks to be able to use it. I've seen no evidence that anything like this was done historically, though.
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    Eh, not so much. A ricasso was added to a lot of longer blades, but it wasn't typically a very large thing compared to the sharpened edge. Even on a zweihander with a blade length of 5+ feet they would sharpen the majority of the blade and leave a ricasso of about a foot. Most ricasso were just about the size of a hand's width because they were there to assist with one thing - gripping the hilt by letting you wrap a finger over the crossguard. Half swording was done by grabbing the sharpened blade, and no one cared because usually you'd be wearing gauntlets made of leather and steel, or even chain mittens, to help prevent you from slicing your own hands up. Yea, your best bet for finding illustrations of how a 2-handed sword was historically held is to look up illustrations of the Landsknechts, specifically the Doppelsöldners. They were the premier zweihander fighters of their time. But the short of it is that those 2 positions were pretty much the only ways to do it on the march, because the length is very unwieldy. The other way to do it on the march was "throw it in the cart." Just always remember that the blade lies on the flat on the shoulder, not on the edge. For fighting stances, a lot of long sword stuff translates over well. Folks that recreate Talhoffer and Liechtenauer would be a good place to start. HEMA(Historical European Martial Arts) and ARMA(Association of Renaissance Martial Arts) are great places to find people who are recreating those styles. Oh, and back scabbards are pretty much pure fantasy.
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    Phase I of my Reaper Inventory is complete! Mostly Bones III stuff, but a few individual purchases as well. Each name, SKU, material, quantity in inventory, race, class, armor, clothing, weapons, and misc. items carried! I'm still not quite sure how to do scenery, and some of the keywords still need a bit of work. I also need pictures--That will probably be Phase III. I'm still not sure what Phase II will entail.
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    After all that time spent worrying I wouldn't finish on time this project is over. With almost a week to spare my submission for Parade day is finished. I started this session by sealing my tank's weapons, once that was finished I began using Ork transfers to add glyphs to my watchtower. That was the first time I've used the GW transfers and I'm impressed by how easy they were to use. I also freehand painted a glyph which got covered up by the popular Cadian warcry/saying. I really should have taken a picture before covering it with the Cadian graffiti. Oh well, hopefully my next piece of freehand will be more visible. This is how I intend to display everything on Saturday. So now I have the option to continue tinkering with my watchtower or to finish some more models? At the moment this is the Patrol detachment I've been playing with, so even though it's low points it is a viable army. I do however have an additional two flamers, two grenade launchers, and my second commissar leftover. With all of them needing painted sooner or later I guess I'm wondering if I should keep the display as a table ready army or add the additional weapons for flavor (even though there is no way I could legally field them)?
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    Time to get past single color painting, whoooo!As always, I appreciate love and critiques.I need to get my webcam setup, because she showing up as crazy gold with this phone. I'm getting some serious Almalexia feelings from her now! I need to work on setting up the little steps on the palette. I feel like it takes more light drops to equal one dark drop. I'm also finding that I'm not letting the colors dry before putting on the next one, should I be....? I did make sure to let it dry completely before doing a glaze with the orange brown! Wow. She is so gold. I kind of want to glaze a yellow over it now to make it match this in real life....
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    It's October in WV. It shouldn't be 85F at 7pm. It shouldn't be 85F at all! And yet there are people celebrating how hot it is still. "But the weather is so nice!" No, 65F, where it should be about now, is nice. 85F is HOT and UNCOMFORTABLE!