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    Dark Sword makes awesome minis, the Anthros are a very cool range. I painted a few of them, very good sculpts. Looking at the pile of unpainted stuff, the orders I recently made, the Kickstarters that will be coming, the impending BOGW's and the bust @SamuraiJack is sending me, I will probably not buy more for a while.
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    Hugs all the friends. Long day today.
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    :hugs: If you'd like you can come over and have cinnamon rolls with me. Hubby made cream cheese frosting and I have chocolate milk. We can watch movies and make fun of my kitteh.
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    It varies, but I usually try to watch an hour of live stream, and then 1-3 hours of painting. so I'm averaging around 20 hours/week, but sometimes as high as 40 if the entire weekend is free. If you include time spend on this forum... we probably shouldn't total that up.
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    Today is the last day of my stay-cation. I don't want to go back to work tomorrow night. I still have so much nothing to do!
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    Aside from the eye-roll-worthy stories one of my dad's hobbies is genealogy. He's traced his family back to the 1760s. Both my mom and dad got genetic tests so I figure I'm good. Looking at their numbers and extrapolating I find I can claim 4 continents, I better not ever need a bone marrow match because I will never find one, and I am no greater than 15% anything (Norwegian). I am a well-mixed mutt.
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    That sounds absolutely lovely! Happy sobs
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    Hugs back! Days over. Always a chance for a better tomorrow. Browsing Fantization to see if they might have images of the upcoming Reaper releases this month & I came across this as a Dark Sword preorder: Might interest some on here.
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    Making rum disappear -or- The proper application of percussive maintenance used to make an electronic thing operate again
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    Hi All, I'm a rookie, and this is not a "HOW TO". Now that we've got that out of the way, I thought I'd share some things I've learned over the last couple (2) of years. Yes there are more experienced people out there, yest I'm sure they're full of wisdom, and yes I read what they say (the webs are an awesome resource) BUT, sometime it's hard to remember where you started (anyone who's ever tried to hire someone will know what I'm talking about). I just got back into things after 20+ years away, so I thought I might share some thoughts (the world of painting has changed a lot). I'm sure this kind of thing has been done before, take it or leave it, it's the internet, everyone's got a soapbox... In no particular order: 1. Aim low, and meet your expectations. This sounds bad, but really, if you're a rookie you gotta keep your expectations in line. The webs are full of truly epic painters, you're not going to hit it out of the park on the first try. If you use the web as your benchmark, you're setting yourself up for disappointment. This doesn't mean don't try, just take smaller bites. For each mini pick ONE part, then try and crush it! Then crank out the rest of the mini in a reasonable amount of time so you can move on. By way of example I offer my IMEF guards , Exhibit 1: http://hackminipainter.blogspot.com/2017/01/in-beginning.html I really wanted to make the visors awesome, and I tried really hard, and they came out sort of just above brutal, YAY. The rest I just got done. One of my favorite lines is "Don't Miss good While Looking For Perfect" (DMGWLFP), everyone has their own "Good", the heck with what the others think. 2. Paint squads! Practice makes perfect. Perfect is a strong word, but you know what I mean. Painting a whole whack of marines is hard, but by the end the last will probably look better than the first (TAKE NOTES). If you do them one at a time you can see what worked and what didn't and then adjust accordingly. Exhibit 2: see if you can figure out first from last without going to older pages (the photo is poor, but I can tell). http://hackminipainter.blogspot.com/2017/04/space-hulk-blood-angels-painting-guide.html 3. This follows from the last sentence above. YOU, will always see all the errors that YOU think you made! It's good to be aware of your mistakes, but just as importantly, if you get criticism from someone, positive or negative (take a breather to get emotions out of the way) really try and see it from their point of view. They might just be on to something. That said, I don't recommend going back into "finished pieces", because unless you've got a wall of trophies, nothing is ever finished. Take the points (good/bad) and try and incorporate them in a later mini. 4. Celebrate the wins! Exhibit 3: http://hackminipainter.blogspot.com/2017/02/slaughterpriest-hakblade-and-wrath.html When more than one thing meets your expectations, have a party. Put that little guy on display proudly, and show it off. I'm STILL stoked about this guy. 5. Sometimes try to paint fast. Painting fast is easy, painting fast and not making a total mess is HARD. Doing hard stuff makes you better (or it crushes your soul). Exhibit 4: I was going home for the winter break and my bro was bringing his Skaven team. I had to have the Dwarfs ready. Painting for table top is a GREAT way to work on your basics. Keep the paint "in the lines", push those highlights and shadows, and some might even end up not terrible. Exhibit 4: http://hackminipainter.blogspot.com/2018/01/blood-bowl-dwarf-team.html 6. Try all kinds of stuff. Out of vogue stuff, stupid stuff, whatever. Try mixing metallic paints with other metallic paints and see what happens. Try mixing metallic paints with colors. See if you can seamlessly blend orange into blue (if that works out start at red and go through the whole rainbow, ROYGBIV). The list goes on and on... Experiments are just that, EXPERIMENTS! They don't always work out. Nothing can make you want to soil your pants like trying to add dirt and grime on top of what YOU think is an epic job. Exhibit 5: http://hackminipainter.blogspot.com/2018/07/dirt.html (I tried to add dirt to, what I thought were awesome, home made cobble stones). 7. Get a good brush. Given the number of hours you're going to devote to staring at little blobs of metal a $20-30 or more, (100% sable is what you want in size 1-4, all the rest are garbage), brush ends up being super cheap. Furthermore, a good brush will last through 10s of more minis than a crap one. In my experience the GW brushes are not totally garbage, but for 3-4 times the price you can get something that lasts 10x longer, and is all around better. When I got a good brush EVERYTHING changed. I literally had to readjust my style and expectations. 8. Thin your paint, use less paint on the brush, and clean your brush often (with artist rush cleaner)! If your paint is thicker than cream, you're waaaaayyy off. If your brush has paint up to the metal bit, you're waaaaayyy off. If you only have 1 "rinse" pot, you're waaaaayyy off. 9. Save stuff for later. I have a whole whack of mins I'm saving for "later". Only you will know when "later" is, but don't be afraid to put guys on ice while you hone your skills. 10. Study your surroundings. Seriously, really try and look at stuff, possibly like you've never done before, just stare at things, just like some kind of stoner on the subway. Stare at faces (staring at actual people just makes you weird, use photos), check out chrome bumpers on old cars (or use silverware/rings etc. for NMM inspiration), look at ads (this is especially stupid sounding but magazine ads are edited by pro photographers/editors/makeup artists/etc), check out the color use on faces and eyes and look at the composition (car ads for SUVs are great for studying terrain. the car always "fits" in with the terrain, and the terrain doesn't take away from the surroundings). I'll stop there, and I'll finish by reiterating how started. I'm a rookie and this is what I've been doing (trying to do), and by looking at my work (through MY eye's), things are getting better. If you find anything here that resonates, great! If you think I'm full of it, great! Remember, DMGWLFP (see 1). Cheers, H
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    I've been building and painting models and figures for 30+ years, but this is the first miniature that I've ever attempted to paint. I've been buying and using Reaper paints (and buying tons of miniatures) for years, just never worked up the courage to try and paint any of them. But something about this one coming in right at the start of October and me being in a Halloween mood since it's my favorite time of the year and my favorite holiday, I decided to take the plunge. I thought that perhaps making a thread here would give me a little extra motivation to get her done. While I've always had an appreciation for the photos of the amazing paint jobs I see online of these figures, I honestly don't think you can truly see how much work goes into something like this until you try it. So my hat is off to anyone and everyone that paints these little tiny figures to the amazing quality that I've seen on this forum and various Facebook groups. Obviously a long way to go to finish her as this is just the base coats, but it wasn't as easy as the videos online make it look, that's for sure. About the figure - I used the Spectral White that I got in my most recent shipment (with this figure) for the dress, Vampiric Skin for the.... skin, Nightmare Black for the hair, and Dragon Gold for the bracers (not sure if I like this color tho, so it may change). I also use Nocturna's Amethyst paint for the cloak. I'm always open to constructive criticism and ways to improve my work, so let me know what you think. Thanks for looking!
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    >gives great big hug right back< Yes, it was. Thanks! >carefully examines the empty/not empty post, sniffs it a few times, and backs off to a safe distance<
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    in Soviet Russia the mushrooms fight you!
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    So I hate Wizkid's material and preprimer, and I am trying to be good BUT..... I was walking to dinner with Mom and passed the FLGS. They had the Wizkid's Beholder. The big scary classic beholder. I got it. It is the best beholder on the market, can be hard to find, and the price is under $10. How could I say no to that horrifying face?
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    Find a suitably sized gnarly twig. Find an old dead brush and carefully remove the bristles Glue the bristles to the gnarly twig. Apply an even coat of glue over the glued bristles and wrap with fine thread. Paint to suit. You now have a gnarly broom, suitable for everything from sweeping to flying GEM
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    5 to 20 hours, depending on the sculpts that are on my plate and the deadlines. I probably average around 10.
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    So I've been bragging a lot in the Acquisitions about my TSR minis haul, which I just picked up from the post office this evening... But I also got some stuff that's to scale with minis without being em proper. Among them some Marvel Handful of Heroes. The sculpting on these doesn't compare to proper minis like Reaper makes, and this hammer-wielding Doctor Doom suffered the worst (just LOOK at that flat left hand just drawn on the cape!), but the wheels turned in my head and I decided to try and do him up as a Blackguard. I'm not super-pleased with him... my gunmetal paint on the armor parts ended up looking more like shiny black. Maybe I need a new bottle.... This guy definitely occupies a lot of space on the tabletop, thanks to his wide leg stance and his even wider flowing cape. And given I just got him today this has got to be my fastest acquisition-to-paintjob piece. Thanks for looking!
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    I don't really know where that particular great grandmother came from, so she gets 'American' as a placeholder.
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    [This space intentionally left blank]
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    Decided to go with Emerald Green (MSP 09103) for the eyes. Tried to get a nice close-up, but my zoom/focus is being uncooperative. Did some touch up on the ghoulish skin and feeling pretty good about it. Next steps: Cape n' pants!! By the way, if anyone has some hallowe'en themed music, I could use some painting soundtrack ideas. Currently on the playlist: Lullaby - The Cure Everyday is Halloween - Ministry Bela Lugosi's Dead - Bauhaus
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    I have a crazy idea. What about using an appropriately colored tuft of grass usually used for basing?
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    You know.... the big bad in Legacy of Fire really gets on my nerves. I am tempted to let the kids find him dead, after he chokes on a chicken bone or something.... I.... just want to thump him upside the ear hole. I don't remember being this annoyed with him when I read through the path, but now.... The Auld Grump - pretty sure it is supposed to be the players that get this annoyed with him. *EDIT* Having a sit down with Dain and Sam - finding out if they are up for some Hallowe'en skullduggery. Have to make sure that they realize that they are actually supposed to lose this time around. Wow, that was a fast meeting - Dain's response was 'How about a Renfield, instead'. And enough to realize that he has read Dracula, not just seen the movies. He wants his character to be going mad, getting crazier and crazier. I should have figured this out - he is also the the one whose dwarf pirate put all his heart and soul into the word 'gooollld'. The kid's a ham. The Auld Grump - it is possible that I too have ham moments....
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    I read your Family Origin Story and raise you mine: My mother’s family always insisted that their grandmother was full-blooded Indian. This always seemed reasonable to me since I knew that my great-grandfather was an Indian Agent on the local reservation, and various relatives had random framed photos from the turn of the century showing several natives in traditional outfits. ... Until one day 3 years ago I was visiting an uncle I hadn’t seen for years. As we got reminiscing, he offered to bring out the old family photo albums he had inherited some years back. Page after page of photos go by of various natives until he comes to one of a clearly Caucasian woman in fashionable late 19th century dress. He points and says proudly to me “There’s your great-grandmother!” My mother and I both stare at him and gently point out that the woman in the photo is clearly not Indian. He argues that of course she is —she’s French Canadian from Quebec. He just couldn’t be moved from his belief that French-Canadian = Indian. How my mother (who was 61 at the time) had never seen this photo and realized that the Family Origin Story was so far off is beyond me.
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    It all depends on how much free time I have and my mood. Usually I tend to paint between 2 and 6 hours a week. Although there are times when I don't paint at all being followed by a painting frenzy where I spend an entire weekend painting. I have high hopes for my retirement in 6 years..
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    I saw that one come up on DS's facebook. It is not how I imagined a cat dragon, but it totally works. I've been trying to resist. **winces**