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    Appropriate funny story: One of my jobs many years ago had a rather attractive temp show up who came in wearing one of the D20 "These Are Natural" shirts... When I saw the shirt, I snickered a bit. * She cheerfully waved her rather large bosom in my direction and said, "What, you don't think these are natural?" To which I replied, "Madame, a gentleman would never imply that a lady's... dice were loaded." *Mostly at the fact she was wearing it to a job... (One of several reasons she only lasted a couple days.)
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    Glo snatched this out of the Box of Goodwill last year. The fur on the owlbear is her first time drybrushing. She imagined the creature crossing a stream and painted the base accordingly.
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    My cat is doing a pester. But I don't care. I'm drawing. I'm doing a happy.
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    [purple]thats only because of the forum filters. If they'd let me, there'd be a never ending spiral of profanity.[/purple] I love this place. It's so friendly and encouraging. You can find real crititique if you want it, but it's never mean spirited, and everyone just wants everyone else to have fun with the hobby. And it's supportive. Like, folks can vent their troubles and get virtual hugs. Wholesome.
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    This is my first of four minis for the "it might not be perfect, but get it finished" part of the Jan/Feb 19 RP Challenge. I started this miniature a loooooooong time ago, made some mistakes, and set him aside. The challenge gave me just the kick in the pants I needed to come back to him though. I think it's a very lovely sculpt by Sandra Garrity and I'm pretty happy with the way it came out. I'll be re-basing him later, but I'm out of 1" bases and I'm just waiting on Bones 4 to arrive to replenish me.
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    There are times when I miss the old Affect Normal Fires spell. This isn't quite the same situation - there is a member of the Royal House that wishes to remove Parliament entirely - along with a bothersome noble that can have a charge of Treason Minor pinned on him. (In reality his brother committed the crime - same player, different character - so the charge is not so far off the mark.) *EDIT* Though it is early winter in the setting - where Winter began the equivalent of 1 November. The party had not yet decided whether they are going to rescue the character or just talk to him - the cultists are a bit of a complication. (Yellow robes and purple hoods - with the Yellow Sign proudly displayed.) And - oh, joy! The party's good friend Worm Guy. In moldering yellow robes.... The Auld Grump
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    Gotta say, I am not impressed with the lack of selection for maternity t shirts on those design your own t shirt sites. I just want a shirt shirt that says "touch me again and you'll draw back a stump" in the Warcraft font. But noooooo.
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    We think it's an over-rated and over-marketed event, but pretty much all events are like that nowadays. People are allowed to enjoy things they like, but I hope that they don't just stick to one day a year! My love and I tend to use holidays as "bunker down with good food and cuddle indoors until the crowds disperse" time. He doesn't think he's good at creative and romantic things, so he usually doesn't try. But other times, he tries really hard and it just makes me love it even more. This is what I found this morning! Oooh. Goodness. I love tea. It really does depend on my mood and the day. My absolute favorite tea is hot jasmine green tea, sometimes with a little bit of honey. I keep some loose leaf tea at home for mood boosting. :) I love milk tea with boba too! So good. I generally ask for half sweetness, since it can get pretty ridiculous. Sweet iced tea is great, provided that it's not 80% syrup.
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    Trooper Wagner surveys the wooded area behind the church. The trees are very still. Pilot Captain Becker approaches. "You have your orders, trooper! Why do you stand here?" "Search the woods, and quickly. The Commander will arrive soon and you do not want to disappoint him."
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    I painted the Bones Black, Bones, and Wizkids owlbears as Great Horned Owls. This is the Wizkids owlbear. When you put the three together, they make a crazy singing group!
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    I painted the Bones Black, Bones, and Wizkids owlbears as Great Horned Owls. This is the Bones Black owlbear. Not sure why it isn't in the store, even under the special edition section. I used the number it was assigned my order form. Anyway, it is a pretty cool model! I have several of them so will be able to paint them as different types of owls. I definitely need a Hedwig owlbear!
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    Yesterday i was discussing this forum with a friend I have been gaming with for 25+ years. Like myself at first, he was surprised to hear of a forum that has not been overrun with the rude, obnoxious and trollkin. I mod on a couple other forums where we have to work to keep them friendly, regularly banning those who would ruin it for everyone. This place is a welcome oasis and I am so glad to have found it! I have learned so much andmade several friends here. Just... thanks.
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    There have been times that I am tempted to make Megan a tee that reads 'Her lips say no, no, but her eyes say... touch me and you'll draw back a bloody stump'. And not just while she was pregnant - but good lord! Why the heck to people feel the need to touch the belly of pregnant women?! **** Left off the game early tonight - the party had hired some more or less friendly wererats to escort them to the House of Commons, with a short battle against another gang of wererats on the way - the other gang hired by cultists that are infiltrating the same basement of the House of Commons - carrying about thirty barrels of gunpowder.... Looks like somebody wants to simplify the equation of state - and remove a few other problems at the same time. (Going to be a big battle - and at least one of the cultists is stupid enough to use magic likely to set off the gunpowder. Unlike wizards, sorcerers can be dumb as a stump. ) The Auld Grump
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    Wednesday's delivery was a Typhoon Paint Mixer. It's much better than the Robart mixer (i.e. faster for the same amount of mixing). Today's acquisitions were for inspiration: a wildflower guide, a butterfly guide, and The People of Pern, a book of portraits of various characters from Anne McCaffrey's Pern books done by Robin Wall. Now I just need to find shelf space...
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    For me, this place is a sanctuary from so much of the ugliness that has not just seeped into but permeated so much of the internet. It's nice a God Send to have found a place where civility is not just accepted but a requirement for continued participation. Reaper Peeps are The Best, and I'm grateful to have found a small place here. GEM
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    I'd also say that I think the higher than average proportion of women who contribute has a big influence on keeping things civil. Thank you, ladies.
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    Two speed painted mimics from the Wizkids line.
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    Can't post a link due to forum rules, but there's a mug for sale on the usual internet retailers that this makes me think of. Search for "lady profanity mug" and I think you'll find it. Anyway, it's funny, I was about to make a very similar post to the OP. This community has meant so much to me as I've gotten back into this hobby, and has been extremely encouraging to my 7yo daughter as well. You all rock!
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    Tea can only be properly prepared with boiling water at 100 degrees C. At high altitudes water boils below this temperature. It is not commonly realised that Sir Edmund Hilary got his knighthood, not for climbing Mount Everest, but for enduring badly made tea during the expedition.
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    Back from the convention. There were many pretty things. I picked up cards for artists who's styles I liked. I found some nice jade 6g plugs for my ears and some leather jewelry. Almost bought a Kali print but it was an odd shape for framing and I'm not sure I need to invoke Kali a whole lot right now.
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    I can point you to an amazing tattoo shop in Rochester, NY, but I doubt that you want to drive that distance for one. If you do, then it's Atomic Roc Tattoo. The two ladies that run the place, Laura and KT, are amazing artists. Laura has done work for a lot of my friends, and she's the primary tattoo artist for one of them. That friend is also doing an apprenticeship there as well. I may be a bit biased, but I also think that their work speaks for itself. The thing I really like about casino dice are that the pips are filled in with a plastic that's the exact same density as the plastic the dice are made of. So the weight distribution of the dice doesn't change. They're also milled rather than cast, so tolerances are something like .01 micrometer. They're about as close to a perfectly balanced perfect square as you can get out of a mass produced item.
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    Well, a couple months have passed, but I was working some more on our Loot Train project today. A friend finished 3-D printing the Drogon model we're going to use, and delivered the last parts to me on Friday. This inspired me to assemble the Daenerys to ride on it's back, and to start working on how I'm going to mount it con the cone-of-fire base I made earlier (See this post: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/82932-got-loot-train-battle-project/&do=findComment&comment=1759786 ) For Daenerys, I used the bottom half of a GW Wood Elf cavalry figure, the torso and arms are from the new Frostgrave Female soldiers set, and the head is from the Warlord Amazons set. Next, I will need to extend the coat and fill and blend with green stuff. For the mounting, I've tried simply drilling a whole into the mouth and neck. I'm hoping that will be enough to hold it, as the model is very light weight.
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    Just preordered the Wizards Conclave and plastic Wizards for Frostgrave, and tickets to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum in March.
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    Jack has decided that if he ever gets rich, he's going to quit his job and sit on the street corner panhandling for charities. Not for charity, for charities.