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    This is the female tielfling paladin from Oathsworn (SKU SS34) that I received as part of Sensible Shoes 2 Kickstarter reward. She was a joy to paint. metals are shaded metallics (mostly). Since I am currently the GM in a Savage Worlds Shaintar campaign, she will most likely be used as a tough villain rather than a player character in the short term. Not sure whats going on with the lips in the photo, they look fine in person. The skin is also a bit more orange here than in real life. The metals are shaded metallics (mostly).
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    I am playing Council of Wyrms, a friend wanted a khopesh guy for his dragon’s servant. Not many khopesh guys available. So, I did whatvany reasonable person would do. I hacked up some bones!
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    Two 4-pack sets of Reaper goblins
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    So, here is the first mini I've ever painted. Before today I've never painted a mini in my life so please be gentle (but honest) with any comments you have. This mini and all the supplies I used were in the Core Skills learn to paint kit. I just follow the instructions as best I could. All in all, I think it turned out nice.
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    This was fun to paint
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    Some Stone Golems (SKU 77171) to challenge my players with in some future game session.
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    I had fun painting these Bones mushroom men (SKU 77345) to a tabletop standard. Their faces are so derpy and cool!
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    This is actually the one of the bases from the Wizkids Spiders SKU 72258. I thought it was wasted under a spider, so I painted it up as a standalone marker.
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    I have forestalled any questions related to the size of the Great Big Box of Bones soon [hopefully] to arrive through the cunning device of the LSR*, large enough to serve for both Valentines and SWMBO Birthday, and to make the answer to the question of "How much did you spend?" answerable as "Much less than for your ring." Thus we have a Happy Life by making sure we have a Happy Wife. GEM Sparkle Sparkle *Large Sparkly Ring
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    Today started out with me feeling woozy and drained. I felt better after I went back to sleep, but still tired. I decided to heck with it though, I want to go get fabric! I have a baby dragon costume to make! So we did that and then stopped for milkshakes. Tomorrow we're having a date, then I'll get started on the dragon costume.
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    I got all the fabric and notions to make my baby a dragon outfit. She's going to be a purple and silver dragon I also found this cute print with dragons and castles on it. Not sure what I'm going to make with it, but it's hecking cute.
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    Tonight I’m working on this scarecrow. I’m going for scary with muted clothing colors but I’ve never been good at muted. All my colors tend to come out bright and vivid. Here is what I have so far.
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    He is finished. One of my favorite minis to paint so far. I made the Luis take of gluing his sword on before painting which made some parts hard to get to but otherwise it was great.
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    After I got tired of cleaning I spent the evening building weird minis out of random bits. ended up with a goblin with an officer hat and a stalin moustache, a nonstandard admech assassin, a girl with a power claw, and a rebel soldier with a shotgun and a robot arm.
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    Presenting Cal and Aponne, an Ogre and Halfling duo working for the Scylla crime family faction in the (possibly defunct) game of Wolsung. Had this one sitting in The Cupboard of Unfinished ThingsTM at 75% done for about 3 years or so, so thought I'd get him finished while waiting for other things to dry. It also highlights how little my painting has improved over the years As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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    Placed an order for 11 Bones paints and the free Bones Black Troll. I have resisted long enough.
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    I finally seem to have gotten back into a painting mood. Oddly enough it seems the impetuous was the arrival of my new ps4, which will be the main competition for my time, once all my games finish downloading. Which looks to be a couples days out at least. I awoke hearing loud meowing today, which is odd since I don't currently have a cat. It was coming from outside my room window, and I meowed back, the two of us conversing for about ten minutes before I wandered out with food. On my approach the cat ran off in an orange blur, but hopefully will return for the meal. After all if I'm going to be woken up by demanding dinner requests, the least the local creatures can do is eat the food! If I find a note complaining about "lack of presentation" in it's place, I'm declaring immediate all out war against the food network...
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    We are all now safe at home. Snow is pretty when you don’t have to go out in it. We might be a wee bit low on some groceries, but we have plenty of new books to read and there’s no school tomorrow.
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    Ugh, he's so annoying. But then he goes and does this cute stuff. He's just so adorable!!
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    I ordered Raphael 8404 brushes in size 0, 1, and 2 from Blick and they arrived today! I'm excited to try them out and see how they compare to the cheap Amazon brushes I've been using until this point.
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    Some times a shovel is necessary. Lots of bags and the occasional dumpster. Hoarding is an issue, especially if they don't organize the storage. Just don't over think the items. If it looks like junk it probably is If you can afford this, it's a great idea.
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    Of course I did it as a show of solidarity with you, what other reason could I possibly have? I have plans for those mice....
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    I like that I'm not suffering alone in this. I choose to believe you decided to up and move house as a show of solidarity with me and not for completely unrelated reasons. I just want you to know that I appreciate it, man. Are... Are you gonna eat those?
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    Even if you can't afford it it's still a great idea. Either sell or barter off some of the stuff that is worth something in order to get the actual junk removed. That way you aren't "out of pocket" on the job and the burden of having to deal with all aspects of the disposal is lessened. GEM
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    He shall do such things ... he knows not yet what they are ... but they shall be the TERRORS OF THE EARTH!