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    Did a moderately quick job on this satisfied looking fellow a few nights ago. Might of had a couple of what's in that tankard in me when I got done with him, making him a little sloppy in the end. Regardless, I think he'll make an excellent edition to my Dwarven Drinking Team.
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    Here is my take on the mighty mudgullet! This was insanely fun to paint, I hope I did it justice. I tried to give it a dirty swampy feel. As always C&C are more than welcome, I hope you like it.
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    Hey there guys! I realized a lot of you might not know that I had a new web site and/or might not have seen these on Facebook so I decided to post them up here. Those at ReaperCon or who followed the competition might remember Soldier, who I'd been working on, on and off, for about two years. He's a statue that came with the Collector's Edition of the Overwatch computer game, about a foot tall (1/6th scale), and he took me about 140 hours to paint. The base statue comes black with a drybrush of bronze to make it look like a statue, but I wanted to paint him in his traditional colors from the game. All textures and weathering are purely paint--the statue is a plain sculpt (though very nice as most Blizzard stuff is). You can also jog over to my web site (paintingbig.net) and there you will find, in the blog section (scroll down past the Leman Russ ones, I'm still trying to figure out how to make it display them all separately in a sidebar), two work in progress blogs filled with photos and notes on the process I went through, almost from start to finish. If you have questions ask in thread and I'll be happy to answer. Realized I could link to the specific work-in-progress blog entries here, duh. :) Soldier:76 WIP blog episode one Soldier:76 WIP blog episode two! --Anne :)
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    This is Stonehaven's Half-Orc Librarian, a pleasantly sinister and unassuming character. The quote in the title of the thread is from Neil Gaiman. Comments et alia welcome, natch. WIP thread here.
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    As I said on my Saproling's topic, I had today off, so... I decided that in addition to the saprolings, I'd knock out some tabletop quality ghouls. They were already assembled and primed, so the first thing was to paint the undead flesh. I used Vampire Shadow for their sickly skin. It didn't quite match the ghoul I'd painted before, but it was close enough. I sadly didn't always take good notes... After that I decided that as these were primarily going to be gaming ghouls, and not for a unified force for Kings of War, they'd each get their own clothing color: Red, Green, Blue, Tan, and Dark Brown. I used Rusty Red, Muddy Olive, Rich Indigo, Desert Stone, and Ruddy Flesh. The eyes were all painted with Walnut Brown, as were the spikes sticking out of them. Then I washed them all with a mix of 4 parts sepia wash and 1 part black wash. A little bit of highlighting with the base clothing color, then it was time to paint the bases black, and then flock them! Oh, and a bit of watered down rusty red around the mouth. Oh, and aged pewter on the spikes and the cleaver. Looking good for such quick work.
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    The Big Guy has gotten more colorful as the day progressed: With nothing on TV, as usual, I may get more done tonight...or not.
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    I thought exactly the same, I understand the need for more female minis, especially those in exotic races like Goliath’s and dragonfolk, and I absolutely respect everyone’s right to make their character whatever level of sexy/modest they want, but for me I much prefer more modestly dressed miniatures- it’s hard enough being a woman in the hobby without encouraging certain tropes!
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    The poster had some rather......specific requests for what he wanted. But no description as to what construes as 'sexy'. Marmalade had done the same thing a few years back, it turned out to have been a bad ear infection. A bit of vet care and a regimen of ear drops fixed her right up.
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    So apparently I keep coming across new cool Dino news. They found a feathered little Dino tail in amber. https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-38224564?fbclid=IwAR25bByPRwgwXReryq8FXXQmbb0TITv72KYOoIr75EvQwHLGRjRjsq_u_LA
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    This is Stonehaven's Half-Orc Nobleman, another nice and eccentric steampunk character. The quote in the title of the thread is from Beau Brummell. Comments, etc. welcome. WIP thread here. This is all paint:
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    Heh... got an e-mail from Megan - asking why I had attached wings to the Bones Kraken.... Silly woman, she's gotta know that I won't tell her leak like a sieve.... (So I told that it is best not to ask....) The Auld Grump
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    The Troll & mushrooms have a ways to go, but they have some color now. It gives you a hint as to where I am going with this...kind of.
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    This is Stonehaven's Half-Orc Mechanist, a nice little character for the more open-minded steampunk campaign. The quote in the title of the thread is from Gail Carriger, author of the "Soulless" steampunk series. I actually finished him around Christmas, but I never put up the Show Off thread. So here he is. Questions, critiques and comments welcome. WIP thread here.
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    I had president's day off, so to take advantage of it, I decided to speed paint some saprolings and some ghouls. I'll get around to posting the ghouls shortly... First up, the twig blights (though really, at this size, they're more like branch blights) were all given a good hot water and soap scrub, and then primed with Brown Liner. Then I painted them in successive highlights using Walnut Brown, Nut Brown, and Desert Stone. I then blotted them irregularly with Muddy Olive. I stuck them on 1" slotta bases (GW style) and numbered each one, then I painted on some wood glue, and flocked them.
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    Jeez. What is it with old RPG books these days? I've been gradually filling gaps in my Dungeons and Dragons hardback collections over the years, right? And finally, Dances with Mouselings and I decided, "We're done with trying to remember to carry lists of everything we're looking for, every time we go used bookstore pillaging." And so, we made a special little Amazon Wishlist, with all the books she and I are looking for... but that we don't intend to BUY from Amazon. The whole point of the list is to have it handy on our phones when we're in a used bookstore, see a treasure, and suddenly stop and go "Do I have that already?" Because Amazon wishlists include pictures, and can be edited on your phone, no matter where you are! And when I began punching in D&D books? Crap in a HAT! They want HOW much for that old Second Edition thing? Jeez, could I RETIRE if I sell off my collection? Ouch! But I found "Code Of The Harpers" and "Exemplars of Evil" on Saturday for only a few bucks each...
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    A few weeks ago, I acquired the Jarlaxle resin figure/kit, the Gale Force Nine licensed D&D figure. Began work on him as soon as I got him home. He's a swashbucklery kind of guy, and I liked his look. So, naturally, his left hand sword blade was broken off, and I managed to drop it into the black hole that opens between my feet EVERY durn time I sit down to paint or assemble or whatever, but I wasn't TOO upset; sword blades and weapon swaps are among the easiest mods there are, right? And it's not like I'm short on replacement parts. And so, I have been working on Jarlaxle these past few weekends. And finally, today, I attached his right arm after painting and detailing his chest... and that left hand sword blade began to bother me. So I dug around, found an appropriate blade in resin, and set about attaching it. Bad news? These kits are RESIN, and resin's unforgiving stuff. There wasn't going to be any pinning this. This was a project that was going to have to go right the FIRST time. And I caaaarefully glued the new blade in place. It fell off. And I caaaaaarefully glued it back, and held it until I was sure the glue had set. It fell off. Some small amount of profanity later, the blade stayed where it was supposed to, in the proper orientation, and pointed in the proper direction. And I didn't trust it for a second. I knew quite well that if I tried to go get a sandwich or take a trip to the bathroom, the dratted sword blade would either fall off or sag and suddenly harden in an embarrassing downward position. I needed to prop it up, relieve it of the need to resist gravity while that glue set up. What to use? Durnit, I shoulda planned for this... what to USE? And my eyes fell upon Frankenstein, the recent Reaper figure, who stands semifinished among an army of other unfinished figures atop my workbench. Was he tall enough? Yes, he was. And between his broad shoulders and flat head, I knew instantly that he'd be perfect to prop up the sword blade until I go back and check. And here I sit, sipping a pleasant beverage and wasting time online while the kink works out of my neck. And on my workbench, Jarlaxle pauses in mid leap to dub his fellow miniature "Sir Frankenstein." There. That's a thing you know, now.
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    How long do Chocolate Chip cookies need to bake? Save for Halloween: if you did some basic shaping of each cookie when they were cold on the cookie sheet. And, then you pulled them out half-baked, did some additional sculpting, nylon or silicone sculpting tools would be a must, and added extra chunks of chocolate to the eye sockets, nasal cavities, mouth, perhaps even white chocolate chunks for teeth... then back in to finish baking (you needed to pull them out to turn them anyhow, right?) Would “Chocolate Chunk Skulls” be doable as a Halloween snack?? *** ...runs off to googlesearch... *** Nope. I am not that original, somebody already thought of this:
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    If I tried to claim it was twenty, and looked away for too long, it might turn into twenty.... Not a chance I am going to take. The Auld Grump
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    .. yup. I want sexy adventurers, I don't have to go far to find 'em. In any material. Can't hardly swing a catgirl without ... well, you get the idea. I'd much rather have them in sensible clothes. :/
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    So, continuing the journey: I am currently working my way through the projects in "Professional Jewelry Making" by Alan Revere. It is an excellent book that teaches you the fundamentals one technique and project at a time. Funny though it doesn't have any sculpting or casting until the end, and then just in passing. Apparently they are advanced techniques; I guess I'm backwards, but then you probably already knew that. Anyway, one of the projects was a crochet chain which I made. It turned out really well and my wife loves it, but the book doesn't finish it; it just gets you to make a raw chain ad leaves you to figure out how to make a clasp (that is probably a later project). I decided to finish mine now though so I am sculpting a dragon head. This will be a bracelet for my wife (and I may make another one for the ReaperCon auction if this one turns out good). There will be two dragon heads, one on each end of the bracelet. They will come together at a silver ring that they will be biting; this being a spring loaded clasp that I got from Rio Grande Jewelry supply as it is considerably beyond my abilities to make that for the foreseable future. To sculpt the dragon head, I made an armature from a Teflon tube and copper wire. The wire is a bit larger than the ring so that the final will more freely in the dragons' mouths. So far i just have the underpinning done and added the eye balls. This dragon will be similar in design to the one I did on her dragon ring and the Reaper Portal. I also took a current photo of the Jewelry Bench, so @Corporea will be happy. ;) Well, that's all for tonight. I have to go get some work done on some mini sculpting commissions that I can't show off (but they're really fun).
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    I cast on Saturday. It was the most metal I have yet melted at once: 15 oz of sterling silver. Here is the tree after casting: It took me an hour or so to saw all of the skulls free. Then I ran them in steel shot in the rock tumbler for a few hours. I also took a short ingot of silver I'd made and rolled into a long bar on my rolling mill. This bar I then made into a ring. It still needs refinement, but I will be soldering one of the skulls to it as a ring for him to wear when he plays. Note that the three to the side have casting flaws that won't be easy to fix. All the rest just have surface flaws and flash that will come off readily. That's not a bad rate, 13 of 16 good casts. I need one for the ring and 10 for the strap. I'll hold the other two in reserve in case I mess up the one on the strap.
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    Next up are another squad of troopers and an AT-RT.
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    I figured I should put up a Show Off thread for this since I haven't seen any other fully painted versions anywhere. This is the resin Maiden Bust that was offered as an exclusive at Reapercon last year, sculpted by the wonderful Julie Guthrie. @buglips*the*goblin bought her for me before I even knew she existed because, just between you and me, he's actually a sweetheart. After painting her skin, I realized she bore a striking resemblance to Tori Amos, so I had to make her a redhead. Pictures aren't the best, my harsh lighting is blowing out the contrast, I ran an Auto Fix through editing software to cut back some of the glare, but I didn't want to mess with them too much. Also my Kimera Kolors box was obviously not the best backdrop, but photography just isn't my hobby, sorry. I hope y'all like her anyway.
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    @kristof65 I recall you were working on a sci-fi with vehicle dio for RCon. Have you seen this on drivethrurpg? Search: Prospector Rover Vehicle: 3D Printable for 28mm Sci-Fi or Outpost Utility Truck: 3D Printable for 28mm Sci-Fi Pretty interesting about the chassis & wheels for them "Chassis: with 'rocker-bogie' suspension based on real Mars rovers, which includes independently positionable wheels. Also includes three wheel options." I ended up ordering the prospector one, along with a Fat Dragon set tonight.
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