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    I can see the influence i've decided Blacklisting Wyvern will be my first painted, i've already devised his color scheme
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    Now that the project is being released, I wanted to share my work testing the awesome "Skyless Realms" Kickstarter from EC3D. All pieces were printed on an Ender 3 A diorama look at the Skyless Realms: The Entrance itself: The Formorians: An Arachnid Mutant: A Dragon of the Deep: Dark Elves: Gray Dwarves: Gnolls: A Deep Lizardman: Mind Horrors: Big Mike: A Cave Ray: Poor, downtrodden Slaves: And...look out! They have a Cave Troll! I call him Badabing Badaboomsday.
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    And that's why when it comes to getting my arm scar tattoo design done, I have a specific set of requirements for it. I want it to be a zipper with 37 pairs of teeth, that ends in a sword tip at my elbow and a hilt at the top. The pommel of the sword will be a d20 with the 1 showing, and if possible I want the coloration to make it look like the 1 is glowing. Everything is representative of the scar itself. 37 pairs of teeth to represent the 37 staples, a sword to represent how it was broken, and the 1 to represent the fact that I did it to myself in a critical failure...
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    Well, if you're gonna let me define fantasy artist, I'm gonna say Alphonse Marie Mucha. I've been in love with his work since I first saw it as an impressionable teenager. This is one called "Moon". He did a lot of personifications of nature. If you're gonna force me to use a more contemporary definition, then I'll choose Stephanie Law. Dark Sword produced a diorama piece for this painting.
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    Got some new glasses, crossed a concert off my bucket list
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    Rex has been getting still more done, but now I'm sick, so I'm falling behind and off of my self-imposed schedule. Look at all those awesome textures! I'm going to have to up my game with my remaining armor; maybe some highly-polished, reflective SENMM armor will give me the technical challenge I need to keep up!
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    I'm officially never allowed to diet alone. I'm intermittent fasting, eating from 8pm to 4am. Unless it's a game day, then it's 6pm to 2am. But I didn't eat enough today and started having low blood sugar issues by 11pm. So my partner insisted I eat real food. She was prepared to cook a freezer pizza and make me eat it. Instead I have a bowl of ramen with an entire chicken breast and lots of onion and garlic. I can see why intermittent fasting can be dangerous for a recovering/former anorexic like me. It's easy to just not eat. Diet with a designated driver, folks. It's safer.
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    Spent a chunk of today cropping photos for the funeral. Finally got them sent off so the funeral home director can put them into a slideshow. There were about 120 photos on my end. Today has been better than the last couple days. Had therapy and it went as well as it could have. Therapist is excited for me and thinks the move will help my mental health greatly. She also thinks I'm coping appropriately which is nice to hear and it means I'm not being a total elf to everyone else.
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    Ah, finally. Courthouse closed due to inclement weather.
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    Has the first tag for this thread always been "department of accusations" and I just failed my perception roll?
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    Not sure if this qualifies as "fantasy" but I'm a huge fan of David Mack. He does a lot of work with Neil Gaiman and makes drawings along with his writings. This is one of my favorites: ETA: Text reads: "I hope you'll make mistakes. If you're making mistakes, it means you're out there doing something. Go and make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for your being here." -Neil Gaiman
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    Yes, whenever any one starts talking about any of the figures in Bones IV... That's the one I'm painting first! I used to be indecisive... now I'm not so sure.
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    WOOF will track the shipment with our superior Submarine Force!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gM2O-7bu1n8 I'm really looking forward to receiving the pledge! After all that talk about Gauth I now want to paint him first. He will be converted. I will give him Aztec style jewelry and weapons and maybe a loincloth or something. He will be a Reptilian Giant instead of a Dragon. His wings will be donated to another project. Maybe a flying barge. Ooohhh...so many ideas, so little time.
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    Ordered four reverse dropper bottle racks and a universal rack from Impudent Mortal for $112 with free shipping. Time to organize by color. Please send help.
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    That's very difficult to do. I could name half a dozen I really like and a score more I wish I could be half as good as. But, for today, I'll go with Ciruelo Cabral.
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    Not gonna happen. Previous kickstarter, the now ex-employee who shared that was reprimanded for the leak.
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    Down to the nitty gritty; all that remains to be done are the glowing spots, his eyes, & a touch up on the base: Tomorrow may see the Big Guy finished...or not.
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    Recently finished up another jarred mini, this one a Beholder. Beholder mini - Built on the base with a coin pile and treasure chest (also from Nolzur's/WizKids) as well as some hand punched loose coins and lots of sculpted resin Close ups. In jar - Client wanted a nice, small, display piece for his desk that he doesnt have to worry about the piece getting dusty. Metal plate on bottom of beholder, and magnets inside bottom of jar, if he chooses to use it for tabletop. Also more handcut coins glued inside the jar. writing on top was a found fantasy script that he liked, I translated 'Imprisoned Nightmare' as the writing. Have to say that I had so much fun painting this mini that I ordered 2 more to play around with later this year. Think I want to zombify one, and the other will be similar to this but with more elaborate basing.
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    Hey there guys! I realized a lot of you might not know that I had a new web site and/or might not have seen these on Facebook so I decided to post them up here. Those at ReaperCon or who followed the competition might remember Soldier, who I'd been working on, on and off, for about two years. He's a statue that came with the Collector's Edition of the Overwatch computer game, about a foot tall (1/6th scale), and he took me about 140 hours to paint. The base statue comes black with a drybrush of bronze to make it look like a statue, but I wanted to paint him in his traditional colors from the game. All textures and weathering are purely paint--the statue is a plain sculpt (though very nice as most Blizzard stuff is). You can also jog over to my web site (paintingbig.net) and there you will find, in the blog section (scroll down past the Leman Russ ones, I'm still trying to figure out how to make it display them all separately in a sidebar), two work in progress blogs filled with photos and notes on the process I went through, almost from start to finish. If you have questions ask in thread and I'll be happy to answer. Realized I could link to the specific work-in-progress blog entries here, duh. :) Soldier:76 WIP blog episode one Soldier:76 WIP blog episode two! --Anne :)
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    It's called Great British Bake Off in these parts We are talking about the same show, right? Mean silver haired judge, nice old lady judge and 2 quirky hosts that include as much hidden smut as possible?
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    @SparrowMarie hang in there, loss hits folks differently, so we respond in different ways.
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    Nasa releases picture of mysterious ‘dragon’ aurora rearing its head in the "Ghost Dragon in the Sky" Spoilered for possible commercial content: GEM
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    Not mini related, but I did get my personalized License Plates today. Yes, it does reflect my lifelong hobby. Also, on a downer, a Heroclix order arrived with the main Rare figure broken...rats. But, I did get a surprise from a Forum friend, More than made up for the broken fig!
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    Nature abhors a vacuum. It's a basic law that applies to empty shelves and clean tables as well.