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    Comparison time! From left to right: Wizkids Griffon, Bones Griffon, and Bones 4 Griffon The Bones 4 body is slightly leaner, but the wingspan is close to the same as the Bones Griffon. Wizkids is tiny and scrunched. Owlbears! In order of appearance: Wizkids owlbear, Bones Crazy Larry, Bones Black owlbear, Bones 4 owlbear. think I'm going to have the Wizkids figure be the father, Bones Black the Mother, and Bones 4 the fledgling. Bones Crazy Larry is the weird uncle. All I need now is the Darksword owlbear cubs!
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    Storm Giant. Or Blue Zeus if you will. Being from the first Bones kickstarter, this mini is in the softer material. That big sword there was a noodle when I received it. I repositioned it with hot water, and again, it is for the most part OK even if it is slightly bent, it is only apparent from certain angles. Also, it has a mould line indentation groove going down the front shoulder that I probably should have filled, as it became very apparent after painting. I based it on a 76mm bespoke 3Dprinted round lipped base. For some reason, the female is quite a lot smaller than the male. Say what you will, they certainly are giant sized when compared with humans! I chose to paint them as Papa Smurf and Smurfette, just because. In the third kickstarter Reaper started redoing the Giants, replacing them with significantly larger versions of previously released ones. These have not been remade (yet). I would expect them to do that in the expected-to-be-upcoming fifth kickstarter, as they have recently shown off a print of the same female figure in a different pose and at about twice the size. 77163: Male Storm Giant From the first Bones kickstarter, 2013 Storm Giants subset. Reaper Miniatures sculpted by Julie Guthrie Bonesium PVC 76mm 3Dprinted base. available from reapermini.com
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    The second of the day's random bones is the Flesh Golem from the third kickstarter. Basically your Frankenstein's Monster. There was a flesh golem in the first kickstarter as well, but this one is larger, fatter and he has got technological bits sticking out here and there. I painted the different parts in several distinct fleshtones, but the subsequent wash with Druuchi Violet and Athonian Camoshade evened out the colour significantly more than I expected. The purple seams I painstakingly painted in more or less dissappeared! The ripped pants started out dark blue green, but ended up dark brown. Apart from the drying time I spent maybe half an hour on this mini. Frankenstein's Ogre! 77512: Flesh Golem From the third Bones kickstarter, 2015 Stoneskull expansion Reaper Miniatures sculpted by Julie Guthrie Bonesium PVC 40mm base. available from reapermini.com
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    The female changed from being a Storm Giant to being a Cloud Giant between the kickstarter and the retail release of the miniature. Whatever the subtype, she still gets a case of Smurfette syndrome. The pose of the female is a bit strange, and she does have a certain supermodel-vibe going on. Reaper has explained that the pose was meant to illustrate her bending down to talk to someone human sized, and as such it is not too bad. But taken out of context it just comes off as a bit cheesecake-ish. Reaper has acknowledged that the pose did not work as intended. The swimsuit-like corset really does not help to avoid this impression at all. Again, a mini with a slight case of bendyweaponitis. (which, in fact, is the proper scientific name for it). Treated with hot water then cold to straighten out the worst of it. I based her on a 50mm round lipped base. 77162 Yephima, Female Cloud Giant (the male one did not get a proper name, I wonder why not?) From the first Bones kickstarter, 2013 Storm Giants subset. Reaper Miniatures sculpted by Patrick Keith Bonesium PVC 50mm round lipped base available from reapermini.com
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    Mine is due to arrive tomorrow (Monday). I have to work...but I feel something coming on. Pretty sure I have to call in on Tuesday for the Bones Flu.
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    Y'all, I don't have a shipping notification. I'm wave 3 and I bet they run out of the Frost Giants before they get to me. It's really ok though, I've turned my anxiety into productivity and painted 5 more Bones figures today...
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    Mine had a departure scan just after midnight on the 13th from Commerce city in Colorado. Knowing that I won't see any more scans until tomorrow hasn't stopped me from occasionally refreshing my tracking page, however. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    There's a lot of these out there! Here's another. I didn't get the bronze armor as I wanted it, it turned out more like hard leather but in the end I still thought he was eye catching :-) Cool model, very paladin-like pose.
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    With my Cadian army nearly finished and my wife's army at a playable state I decided to take a break from 40k painting. Since I've been painting for our actual armies for so long I decided to start a new WIP thread rather than use my old random projects thread (the "Too Many Projects" thread will be replaced by this one). But before getting too far ahead I'd like to show everyone just how bad my box got while painting for 40k and killteam. This of course doesn't include any GW boxes I may or may not have on hand to paint "just for fun". I swear I'll paint those Skaven sooner or later. Though some of the figures were closer to completion, I simply couldn't resist painting one I've had my eye on for months (I mean this quite literally as the figure sat on my lamp's base since I first got it and probably ended up in the background of many of my progress shots). When I first pulled this from a box of goodwill I knew exactly what I wanted to do. This figure just screamed Don Quixote, at least to me it did. So that's exactly how I painted it and though it may just be a simple paint job I'm already thinking about creating a new character just to use it.
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    I think the question for the portals is: Who got 2 sets, one to paint orange, and the other to paint blue?
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    Oh, third thing of note. I just signed up to take the first of 4 CPA exams....
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    It is a money earning (theoretically some years) proposition so not a complete negative. It's feeding 7 people right now. And like I said the debt load isn't extreme. The banks would love to loan me more but I like to actually be able to make the payments. Houses on the other hand aren't always the best investment. I've found that they take a lot of money and don't really give anything back financially. Better than living in a tent though.
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    I think all the human sized figures show improved detail in Bones Black, although the translucency of the lighter grey doesn’t show the minis off to their best advantage in photos.
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    Since the whole thing is translucent I'd be lying if I said I hadn't considered finding a way to insert some LED illumination around the ring, myself. But I also know I'm lazy and I have approximately 20 minis to paint (not counting the 20 more I'm getting from Bones 4 in a couple days) and I'm pretty sure it's not going to happen... I bid thee: be not lazy! Not like me! Do something awesome!
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    I played around a bit more with the copper to get a better feel for it and mixed a bit of white into my highlight instead of using the straight yellow. Towards the end I reached the point of "I'm spending too much time on a test piece" and got a bit sloppy. Note to self, choose smaller test pieces. One other thing of note, I went to do some edge highlighting and discovered that Bones Black does not always give a nice crisp edge. OK, frequently in this case. With metal I could just file it down, but I'm not sure what my best option will end up being for this material.
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    I’m thinking there’s a good chance I might scrap the whole base, drill a hole under the ring, and plunk it down on top of a battery tea-light for a base ; then paint it.
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    Here you go. Though happy to have cavalry, they're not my favorite conversions.
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    I should point out before anyone gets to sad about this: there are at least three areas around my home where the house prices are in excess of 500k. With 20% down that puts any of these owners 400k in the hole and all they own is a box and a non-productive patch of grass Our Zinc makes his investment pay for itself and is reasonably safe from bubble type real estate failures. @Zink if you are only that deep as an independent farmer, I think you are doing terrific. I do like hearing about your farm antics, the farms I grew up around playing on and in have long been replaced by (mostly empty) McMansion investment properties, much to everyone's loss (though I for one do not miss the smell of cabbage rotting in the field after first frost). Best of luck to you!
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    Apologies for the quality of the iPod photos. I included the rowboat as I was planning on posting a pic of it anyway. It was much smaller than I had expected. Close up of hungry tummy guy. Close up of undead monk.
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    Just wanted to start this topic to let everyone know that we have a new Kickstarter planned for next month! Rise of the Mimics 2, our own brand of wacky Mimics and matching non Mimic accessories will be expanding on Kickstarter in May!
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    So I've been painting a lot of character models and low level monsters lately, so I decided to tackle a large monster. I pulled out the bag with Bones manticore, chimera and sphinx and lost my mind, deciding to paint all three. Then I acquired the Bones Black efreeti and could not resist painting her as well. First up the chimera 77257. I should have taken another photo of the front of the model from a higher angle so that you could see the eyes of the dragon head but I was too lazy. I did not notice the blob of white paint until I uploaded the file. Isn't that how it goes? Maybe I'll get around to fixing it, but I'm already plotting what to paint first from Bones 4. I spent all that time painting the striations on the wings and didn't do any highlighting on the belly scales of the dragon, either. Manticore 77577. I have another, older manticore model (I know, shocking) from Grenadier that I painted with the more traditional dark bat wings. I wanted something different and I have been itching to try an idea I had for bright new copper, like a shiny new penny. I painted the wings and scales with Reaper MSP Coppery Orange and then over painted the webbing on the wings with the old Ral Parta Metallic Red. I like how it turned out, and Iron Wind Metals is again selling this paint, however only at conventions so far. In retrospect brass dragon wings would have been better, but I can always buy another one... Oh, and this model is the one I used the Culture Hustle Black 2.0 as a primer on the base. No difference in performance from Reaper MSP Black Primer. Sphinx 77576. Not much to say about her except be careful when trimming the mold lines on the ears; I lopped off half of the left ear and had to do reconstructive surgery. I really like the sculpting on the wings and the base is a really neat small bit of terrain. The nice thing about Bones is that they are cheap enough to by them for just parts. And finally the efreeti 44003. My color scheme was heavily inspired by (shameless stolen from) Wren's magnificent work on the store display model. You can't improve on perfection. If anyone is interested in boring technical details I did something different with the skin tones for this one. I wanted the bright red skin to appear almost like it was glowing, as befits a fire spirit. I primed the model in black and then painted the skin with a burnt sienna color. I then did my first layer of high lights with Reaper MSP Pumpkin Orange (because it was the first orange I found in my bin), and then the second high light with an ocher yellow, and the final high lights with a pale yellow, Ral Partha Blonde as it turned out. Once that had dried I over-painted the entire area with Ral Partha (sorry, IWM) Red. One of the interesting properties of the IWM paints is that they are rather translucent. This gave me fits for years back in the 80's when I first acquired them as RP paints at Gen Con; I paint for table top and prefer my paint to be opaque for quick coverage. However I slowly learned that I could get pretty smooth transitions with the RP paints by applying several layers of the paint in smaller and smaller areas. It also works pretty well out of the pot for glazing over a pre-shaded area. Overall I'm happy with the result. The cloth was painted with a burnt sienna, high lighted with MSP Runic Purple, edged with MSP BCA Pink and glazed with MSP Clear Magenta. For the sword blades I was going for obsidian; seemed appropriate for a fire creature. Painted dark gray, edged in white, and glazed with black ink. I hope you like them and thanks for looking. I wonder if I can call in sick tomorrow to stay home and paint...
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    Sometimes. It seems so peaceful, floating on the wind high above the earth. I suspect the reality is more terrifying and vomit inducing than I want to discover. Not in my experience.
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    Well tomorrow I'm gonna try to clear out the room where the new 3D printer is going to go. This should be a very new learning experience.
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    Posted here: https://twitter.com/AaronOnTheTable/status/1117580881189687296?s=19 But here are pics from the game: