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    Today I painted minis once again. It has been five months (No Beekeepers stuff, but ... yeah) since last I put brush to mini (To paint, that is. I primed some last week.). Today I painted faces and eyes on a whole crowd of little people. Yay!
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    Paint slow with a tiny brush!
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    Getting in shape sucks. So does riding a bike for the first time in 25 years followed by a day at my desk job. Ouch...
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    2017 Art Plans: - Keep making art every day! I'm so close to reaching a 365 day streak! - Finish Spring Exchange - Ordinator cosplay - Sew a Hufflepuff backpack purse thing - Sculpt an anatomically correct human body! - Sculpt my ReaperCon Entry(ies) - Sculpt my own Setters of Catan board
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    Hmm...my neighbor's trashcan just danced down the street. (Winds are at 25 mph at the moment). XD
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    I just got hired by Reaper! Texas, here I come!
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    Today is April Fool's day. Believe nothing, and trust no one. Just like every other day.
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    What time is it? Time for more coffee!
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    I'm feeling exceptionally snarky today and have no idea why.