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    After 6 months of painting 4-10 hours a week on this monster, I am finally finished with Reaper Bones Ma'al Drakar 77580. WIP Here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/78573-citrine-tries-to-tackle-maaldrakar-77580/&tab=comments#comment-1668344
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    03157: Garwin Greywand, Wizard by Bobby Jackson Comments and Criticism welcome.
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    About a year ago is when I picked up a brush again after decades and it was because I started playing D&D again. Unable to quickly find proper representations of our characters, I settled on some Dark Sword Anthropomorphics for the time being. As our characters have developed over the year, I was able to get a better sense of them and finally able to find minis to truly represent who they were. Our Wood Elf Swashbuckler (02543 - Elladan, Elf) Our Half-Elf Warlock (03381 - Satheras, Elf Warlock) Our Dragonborn Cleric of Talos (03389 - Deckard Nightveil, Bone Pander Death Priest. Converted) Our Goliath Warrior (03724 Thund Bloodwrack, Barbarian. Converted)
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    Or should we say, Lord Sans-Tusk since one has to sculpt his tusks back on due to manufacturing being unable to mold them on there. Ah well, pretty happy with the TMM and skin.
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    This is my take on "Viking Girl". It was a pleasure to paint, it's a really nice sculpt. I was experimenting with orange, a colour I don't use often.
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    Another quick paint up, not quite a speed paint but close. I quite like these giant sculpts over all. I'd love to hear what you all think.
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    My last few postings have had the employees and patrons of a bar I crafted for my son. I was asked to put the whole scene together so here you go. Included are some patrons that my other sons painted to contribute to the set. The figures used by them are: 60169, 60017, 60046, 60154, 60136, and a Wizkids barbarian.
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    Hi guys, so here's a figure I just finished, an old Ral Partha Saturday Night Fever Samurai, who I'm going to go out on a limb and say he's based on John Belushi. Pretty straight forward figure to paint, and I wanted to give him more of a five o'clock shadow (thanks Patrick for the advice) but I just gave it to him where it was actually kind of sculpted in. I looked at a few reference pictures of John Belushi in his Samurai suit, but eventually went a slightly different route to give a bit more color to him. I tried to get a little bit of heat from his cigar too, don't know if you can notice a bit of red and yellow by the ash? Anyhows, I hope you guys all enjoy this little blast from the past!
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    Title says it all worked on this for quite awhile and finally finished it though it was difficult to get pics. Hope you like it and any critique welcomed
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    03880: Phineas Greybone, Necromancer sculpted by Tre Manor Overall I'm really happy with how the light effects worked out. This was a really difficult miniature to photograph. The main challenges painting him were the glowing skull and the very irregular base. I tired to make the skull stand out by making very deep purple shadows around it. I used red, orange and white glazes and appear to glow, but without making it look too orange. Making the base look dark enough was very difficult because it has a very irregular surface and every jagged edge catches the real light and makes it look brighter than I want it to in comparison to the shadow areas on the main figure. In future for a project of this type, I would use a smoother style of base so I have more control over the shadows and lighting like on the main figure. Comments and criticism are welcome.
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    This is the winter wolf from Bones 3. I want my pack to have a variety of fur colors. When googling wolves, I found a photo of one that was black with light grey/white tipped fur so that is the look I chose for this one. To me, it looks like he has been backed into a corner and is getting ready to spring!
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    I speed-painted the Dreadmere Ranger (03885 in the Dark Heaven Legends line) when I was at Reaper HQ in May. Reaper's videographer recorded me painting for about 100 minutes, compressed the video about 8x, and recorded me narrating over the sped-up video. You can see the resulting 12-minute video on Reaper's YouTube channel (link to video) and you can see the Forum thread here on the new "RBC" subforum (link to Forum thread). This is how the figure looked after 100 minutes of painting (not counting the white brush-on primer), in a low-resolution image: Not bad. I know that it has flaws, but the low resolution masks them. Let's look closer. Below are bigger images of the same figure. You can see that the blends are not very smooth, the scale of the brushwork is coarse, the lining isn't consistent, he doesn't have real eyes, etc. I will work on this figure at my home studio awhile longer, taking it up to a higher standard, and I'll document the process here. Let's see how it goes! Derek
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    So here's another homage figure I just finished. Ral Partha back in the day did a few figures based on popular figures of the time. The dwarf samurai I did recently was one, and here is another one, Elvis, King of the Bards. So hard to choose colors on him, so ended up kind of with a red, white and blue motif, kind of close to Fourth of July. He has some really small circular eyes, but they turned out surprisingly well. When I was editing the photos and got a good look at them, they were actually pretty decently laced. Anyhow, another great old Partha figure to enjoy!
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    Been awhile since I sculpted a miniature from scratch, so I decided to get some practice in. I tackled one of my favorite lovecraftian creatures the Yithians. I haven't seen many miniatures of Yithians that I liked so I decided to make my own. Sculpted from polymer clay and green stuff. A fun sculpt and I'm rather happy with it. Deciding on a color scheme took a few tries, before I was happy however. I have a few WIP shots here I''b love to hear what you all think!
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    I noticed this model bears striking resemblance to the wizard from my favorite childhood LEGO set. The scroll was done by a friend using a .25mm micron pen.
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    I actually finished this in December, but I didnt want to get out the photo equipment just for one mini. Since I finally finished my biggest project ever, this guy also got some photo love. Very fun mini to paint and a great sculpt from Oathsworn:
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    I have some vague plans involving some Red Wizards of Thay in a future D&D game, so thought I'd get some painted in preparation. This is the first, which I'm very pleased with. The face was done mostly with the Tanned Skin triad, with some extra shadow achieved by mixing in blue liner. The beard was Grey Liner plus Rainy Grey, with increasing amounts of Pure White mixed in for the highlights. Similar for the chains, though they got a blue liner coat. Robes were a Spattered Crimson base coat over Brown Liner, with Nightshade Purple shadows, and Gory Red mixed with increasing amounts of orange and/or yellow for the highlights. The scythe handle and scroll bone were mostly Bone triad, with a brown wash and some shading with Woodstain Brown. The blade was mostly Pure Black, Rainy Grey and Pure White, with some Blue Liner mixed in. The scroll got a Polished Bone base coat, with some thin streaks of various light browns, Brown Liner for the glyphs, and a brown wash over the whole thing. This is probably one of the best paint jobs I've done, and certainly the best face to date
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    Here's an Iron Winds casting of a 1991 (I'm assuming) Shadowrun Troll I grabbed from a bin of random metal miniatures at Origins. Thought I'd share.
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    Good evening folks, So here is one I just finished up, a really old school Partha Piece, don't recall her original name, but she's some kind of sorceress or Dragon Lady. Sculpted by Tom Meier, this one didn't have a year on the bottom, but I think this was probably sculpted originally 1977-1979 or so. I did the base as just one flat blue color, that as I look at it, I'm regretting. I might go back and do a little something with it. I didn't want to do a natural, grass and dirt base, because I didn't want to hide any of the dragon, who is not too large.
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    This one was painted up in a bit of a hurry for a D&D game. I'm pleased with the overall effect (especially the wing colouring), but I'd like to have taken a bit more time to make the scales pop. The wings were airbrushed to get the smooth blending; the rest was done with a hairy stick. Mostly Peacock Green, Brilliant Green and Viper Green, I think. With some yellow mixed in for highlights and a darker olive shade for the darker bits. The broken tower was made with a sheet of cork - i cut a load of blocks and made the edges a bit ragged, then did a lot of drybrushing and washing. The trailing vines came from a bag of lichen which got some brown wash to make it look slightly less pleasant.
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    These are several minis that I painted probably 15-20 years ago. They were still on the original platform bases. I had given them all away to a friend when I moved. I recently reconnected with that friend and he gave all my old minis back. I wanted to spruce them up and give them nicer bases. The folks on the Tips and Advice page were super helpful.
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    Its actual title is Bones1, Bones 2, Bones3 I put this together to celebrate my progress, in finishing the core sets from the first two kickstarters. It is also to spur me on to finish the third set. It is my third diorama, the other two were gifts. I intend to bring it to reapercon, so critiques are welcome. The first Kickstater was my return to painting, post high school. I finished it just before the second one was delivered. Most of my expansion stuff and Bones3 was set aside as I pushed to finish the second core set. There is not room for a 4th grave, because I’m not getting the core set this time around.
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    Darksword Miniatures Ari Birdman DSM4620 by Dave Summers
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    Here's my work on the "Tablescapes Dungeons-Mines" set from Secret Weapon Miniatures. The Goblins are all from "The Hobbit: Escape from Goblin Town" set, and the Dwarves are mixed manufacturer. I just wanted to give it a little character...or some little characters.