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    03823: Day of the Dead Duchess sculpted by Derek Schubert . I bought this figure a couple of years ago when it first came out but I had a hard time getting a vision of what it should look like. Then someone asked me to paint it for them, so I went searching for inspiration. Turns out, there are a lot of people who dress like this for the festival and there are lots of photos, so here's my interpretation. C&C welcome.
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    Still love my reaper, but wiz kids has some nice monsters
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    First time doing a snow effect. I like it! And I'm really happy with his face.
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    Good day everyone, here is my latest work on Dark Sword Miniatures, Critter Kingdoms - Anthropomorphic Animals, the crafty DSM8077, Ella the Cat Rogue. This three-piece model was sculpted by Dave Summers. I glued its right arm and left hand before painting the wholly assembled model.
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    This is the delightful Owlbear from Wizkids (SKU 73349). I decided to go more bird than bear, hence the colorful interpretation.
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    Good day everyone, this was my entry in Reaper's Facebook Paint Your Giant contest. 77178, Fire Giant Warrior, Dark Heaven Bones model sculpted by Jason Wiebe. It is mounted on a 74027, Ruins Vignette Base, a resin base sculpted by Patrick Keith. This model is huge, 7cm high and 13cm wide with the sword. I did some minor conversion on it. A heavy thundering sound come crushing down the ruined hall. You see orange and red lights dancing between the pillar supporting the stone roof. In the glimpse of a moment, all hell break loose as a dark skin colossus burst from the rubbles wielding a towering incandescent blade. He lands next to you smashing the large tiles of the floor. You are paralyzed in fear as he turns gazing in your direction with fire in his eyes. Desperate, you wonder if you've gone too far exploring this ancient Undermountain realm.
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    I scratch built a Death Tyrant from a cheap Halloween plastic skull. This isn't an original idea (from another forum) but I really like the look of it. Sorry for the crappy phone pic. It was the first time I have had a chance to really craft and paint in the last year. I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving and that you have a Merry Christmas!
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    Seems appropriate given the slow freeze currently overtaking my state...
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    I did a quick paint job on a female wraith for my D&D games. I didn't do a lot of detail on her. I wanted her to look a little glowy and creepy. I think she turned out pretty well and will be adequately scary!
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    And: done. This beast was full of challenges. All the spikes, claws, scales, and a great big base that created a lot of negative space due to the sheer amount of real estate a 4" base provides. But, I was inspired by the classic image of a Great Red Wyrm on its treasure hoard that was frequently pictured in earlier editions of D&D. Fortunately, both Wizkids amd Reaper have treasure piles aplenty for mini terrain, and soon enough I was able to make the base much more interesting than a bunch of dirt, rocks, and grass tufts. Anyway, here he is! A great big dragon, pictured witha party after treasure that should have brought more friends, because things are about to get toasty for them. ;-)
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    I'm creating terrain for my Lost World Project. This whole piece is called Welcome to the Jungle WIP here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/81223-welcome-to-the-jungle-by-glitterwolf/&page=7&tab=comments#comment-1774286 It is all part of my Lost World. I added a Juvenile Brachiosaurus, it is a plastic Paint and Play toy from Wild Republic and not a great sculpt, but I liked it enough to include it. The Terrain is not done yet, but I would like to share the finished Brachiosaurus with you. Hope you like it!
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    Have painted up the last mini I got from the Privateer Press mini crate service. Think I will leave it for a while. This is "Lady Rose Riding Hood" according to the fluff. I will use her for Frostgrave (as a witch) or GA as a warden or herbalist. Tried to use a mainly brown and orange pallette and have pale skin without it looking boring. I must be a child of the 70s. One thing I found difficult was that because I used a brown undercoat (Vallejo air primer leather brown) I found it difficult to treat particular areas as 'done'. There is a trick of the eye I think when you use a primer colour that will be present on the finished piece. The leaves are real leaves cut out with a leaf cutter from Green Stuff World. A great little toy.
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    This is the miniatures from the Ghost of Midlam Manor Kickstarter. I decided I wanted to speed paint something and these ghosts fit the bill, so that is how this became the first Kickstarter completely painted at my house. The whole gang: The dark ghosties. The rusty parts was painted with an ancient paint, Adikolor Rust, from at least 25 years ago. I am kinda amazed its still viable. The sheet ghost. I think this one is hilariously funny. The gents. The Ladies.
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    Hello all, this is the last mini I've painted, Adrasteia the Vampiress. I'm pretty busy at work ATM so have very little time to paint minis, the progress on this one was pretty slow, I had hard time cause of the details on the face, maybe I'm getting too old and I need some glasses , or better a magnifier! Anyway I'm happy with the final result Hope you all will like it too! Thank you for reading :)
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    This is Grace Flynn from ShadowSea (AntiMatter Games), what a lovely figure to paint :-)
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    Here is DSM8112, Persian Cat dual wield Warrior. This Dark Sword Miniatures, Critter Kingdoms - Anthropomorphic Animals is a three-part 28mm pewter model that was sculpted by Dave Summers. I glued the left hand and right arm before painted it.
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    Watch out adventurers, these fireballs take no prisoners, they'll steal your heart and soul then leave you empty, literally! Jokes aside, since I Role play with a wide age group I am always on the look out for PG-13 succubi. I stumbled upon these two while looking through clix minis. The red one is a good ol' fashion Mage Knight mini, the the other gal is from the Horror clix game. I had to modify her a bit as she was dressed in a thong. A GS butt flap and some sculpting later and we have 2 smoldering succubi ready to cast their spells on unwary travelers. The butt flap was really bad as it was the first time I used a GS Milliput mix. I didn't like it so I will most likely not do that again. I will stick with straight GS as I understand its properties enough to effectively sculpt.
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    Painted this up for Rat13 as part of the Summer Exchange. Wanted to do a limited summer/fall color scheme and I am happy with how he turned out. These are not the best pictures in the world as they were taken quickly before packing him up.
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    This was my entry for the Reaper Fan Facebook Page Paint Your Giants Contest. This is the biggest thing I ever painted not on a canvas. The last time I entered one of these, I felt like it would have done better if the base told more of a story, so that is what I tried to achieve with this one. I wanted it to portray REVENGE! The Jarl had his left eye gouged out by a young upstart white dragon. He healed, regrouped, and hunted down the dragon to enact his revenge. I hope you like it. The final results have now been posted. He placed 4th behind some mind-blowing work. I wanted some orange on the model to play against the blue skin, for color theory. Originally, it was going to be glowing runes on the rock and skulls, but I abandoned that for the sake of time/completion. I settled with orange tones in the leather. I wasn't really sure how to get the TMM of the crown to look like a gouge, or how to make his blue skin look like a scar. I'm not entirely sold on the result, but I'm sure I'll try again some day on a different model. The Monster Manual suggests blue skin with white/gray/dirty blonde hair is the usual coloration. I tried to go to full white for the highlights of the face to make it the focal point. I wanted him to look like he was wearing a polar bear pelt, and that all the fur trim was also polar bear. I tried to make it look a little muddy on the bottom, and on his shoes. This was how I wanted to weather the inside of the bear skin, to make it look like it had that dried cracked appearance. Not sure how well it shows up in the picture. These were some WIP shots. The black and white was to figure out how to highlight the sword. I wanted the sword and stone items to look like shiny flint. I hit the sword and most of the other stone items with high gloss varnish to help sell the effect. The front and back of the sword. Finally, some more details of the base and the white dragon victim. I wanted to base the dragon as a purple in the recesses, similar to the effect going on on the cover of Hoard of the Dragon Queen module. This was the BONES Temple Dragon I sacrificed. He is smaller, but his tongue sticks out perfectly to sell the dead dragon effect. And he's not as expensive to replace as Deathsleet! I pained his eyes half-rolled into his head to complete the idea. I tried to freehand some anatomy on there: vertebral body, muscle groups, esophagus, carotid arteries/jugular veins. I also tried to be accurate with the blood spray coming from both arteries, and didn't want to go too crazy with the gore. Finally, I wanted it to look like his hot blood had melted some of the snow. Overall, this was a wild ride. The early part of the contest saw him at #2. Then he gave up some ground and sat at #3 for a long time. Then another Frost Giant (Queen) made a great surge at the end to unseat me out of #3 into 4th place. To be honest, there were so many awesome paint jobs, I'm just humbled and honored to be in the top 20. Thanks for looking. C&C Welcome.
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    This is an old metal Cthonian aka Carnivorous Worm, from the Call of Cthulhu line made by RAFM co. It was painted in less than an hour, entirely by drybrushing up from a black undercoat. No washes or layering used. The base is bespoke 3D printed and measures 85x60mm. I believe this miniature still is available from RAFM.
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    again same story, so more November work. wanted to try something other than a green cloak on her.
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    Hi everyone, I was showing my daughter everyone’s minis and she really liked them, so she asked if I could post hers :) She was 7, and these were her first ones and they remind me of my early attempts too. We all start somewhere, so I hope you enjoy!
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    For your viewing pleasure is Vanja, the Fire Giant Queen - without that hot, itchy cloak. The spot for her cloak was filled in and sculpted with Green Stuff to match her muscular anatomy. Bones, Basil! Bones! I am continually impressed with the Bones medium. High detail, resilient, and inexpensive. She is going into my Orcs and Goblins Oldhammer Army. Enjoy.