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    Y'all. It's done. I've probably sunk about 40 hours into this, and it's been so much fun to learn some new skills. But I am so, SO glad it's done. ;) Enjoy! And let me know what you think! I'm seriously open to C&C. Thanks so much for looking!
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    I finished one of my favorite figures from the original Bones Kickstarter: Trista, the White Wolf. Patrick Keith is one of my favorite sculptors and he did a great job with her - especially with her realistic proportions and armor. I wasn't digging the original sword, so I swapped it out using the weapon sprue from Bones 3. I bunch of thanks to all of the forum members who gave great encouragement and suggestions in my WIP thread.
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    I painted a beholder from D&D's collector series a while back and said I would never paint another. 10 eyestalks later I have another. I could resist this scuplt and it was very difficult to find. My local games stores that I am very friendly with were never able to procure one for me. BUT when it rains it pours, got one snagged by a buddy of mine and then found several more just stocked at a new store near me. Yay more eyestalks to paint...
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    Hello Everybody, so partially inspired by a post Master Buglips did a year ago that I can't help but keep looking back to, and partially inspired by the fact that this is a figure I've always wanted to get around to painting since I first saw it in the latter seventies/early eighties, I've finally taken the plunge and splattered some paint on this excellent figure sculpted by Julie Guthrie. Unpainted, her face seems to be a little bit surreal, but once you actually get some paint on her, her face becomes both brutal and beautiful at the same time. As in everything, these pictures let me see tons of imperfections, but if you look at it with your bare eyeballs, or even close up with some magnification goggles, you don't really notice certain things. I really love this figure, and started with her skin as a base of Tanned Shadow, and then went down and up from there. Tried to keep her firmly tied into earth tones, but had to do something with the jewels, but tried to make them "nature related" by keeping them green. For a giant nowadays, she's pretty small, but if you put her up against any Partha piece of your time, she fits in quite nicely. I now have a painted giant collection that has reached the grand old amount of seven, three Meier Frost Giants, two Meier Hill Giants, a Meier Cloud Giant, and this Julie Guthrie gem, who is the smallest and squattest of them all (except if you hunt down the Tom Meier Fire Giant, who is probably just about the same size as a 21st century man-sized figure).
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    So I painted these for a friend. 7 PCs and 4 campfire miniatures. Nothing special... right? And now... the reveal! That is a standard bretonnia man at arms from GW. Holy crap these things are small! :)
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    I decided to go with a sapphire troll! He won't last long, I'm afraid, walking around in a world with our greedy loot-crazed bunch. This guy makes me want to do an entire Terry Pratchett troll series: Ruby, Detritus, Mister Shine, even Chrysoprase in his suit. Happy painting, Laura
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    Hello all girls and guys, the slowest painter in the world achieved to finish another mini! This time we have this little Barbarian, very nice sculpt, what a shame it lost so many details cause of the plastic (and cause of my clumsy attemp to cut the mold lines and damage the mini instead...). So I was thinking that was the case to try the infamous NMM technic for the first time, if it would come out broccolity i can trow the mini away (ahahahahah NEVA EVA!). Tutorial mode on! watch youtube, read the web, how to... wayyyy to many recipe, waaay to many techs... So I started doing it my way (as always -.-). And this is the outcome Now: I'm pretty happy of it, even if this doesn't look like real metal, it is pretty cool (for me anyway ).. but.. let say it: it is very time consuming... way too much for something that is not for a contest. Just the sword, axe, lion and bracer took me around 5 hours of work, I could just have it done in 1 hour using TMM (probably achieving a better result). Anyway I hope you like it, any critique and/or advice is warmly welcome, so feel free to comment to make fun of my NMM skillz Thank you for watching
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    Well, after quite a lot of chaos, construction and unmotivated explosions, Zetta is finally finished. Check WIP ->here<-. She is my first finished figure in over two years, and I am happy she turned out the way she did. I am not so happy with her face. I messed it up in the end pretty badly, and I am disappointed - but it can't be helped. Therefore, I finished her before I could do a lot more damage. Thanks again to @Xiwo Xeraseand @Cyradisfor the help. That's the kind of help I was looking for. (oh, yes - and thanks to @Silvervane, who was once again made into a group of houses for the purpose of having an epic name for some backyard village - lol. Sorry :-D) Anyways - I handed her in for the current painting contest called "Bounty Hunter", at a German forum, which requires the maker to create a story and the figure. We will see how it turns out. For a complete presentation, I tried to translate the text into English. I hope I did it mostly correctly, as this was my first unassisted translation of a longer text since 2016 or so. You are absolutely free to correct me if you wish to, but I guess - except for this forum - no one else will read the English version. Thanks again and enjoy.
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    Good evening everybody, just got finished with this little lady last night, a female cleric from the Hackmaster series, sculpted by Jim Johnson. Like usual, looking at everything so closely I can see so many glaring errors, but I give up, must enjoy what I've done and not complain. This little cleric lady looks kind of nun-like, but I didn't want to do her with blacks and whites so went for reds, oranges and yellows instead. Maybe she worships some kind of fire god, who knows? Anyway, fun figure to paint and has that characteristic Jim John face, angular and a good time to paint: My metals turned out I thought really blue, and upon reflection, the breastplate would have looks really cool were it to have been black, but maybe for my next female cleric, who knows? And just in case you're curious, she is wearing a shoe, but it ended up getting a little too hidden in the grass. So anyhoos, enjoy!
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    I based their color scheme off the D&D metallic dragons. From left to right - copper, bronze, platinum, silver, gold, brass. Fairly quick paint jobs, some are a little better than others. I'm including their individual names and item numbers with each one. Copper - 03022 Half Dragon Brass - 03476: Kasham, Reptus Wizard Bronze - 03442 Gulark, Reptus Warlord Silver - 03436/77060 Dragonman Warrior Gold - 03403 Na'Kaat Female Half Dragon Paladin Platinum - 03316/77214 Kar'Darkir, Reptus Dragonman Warrior
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    I loved painting this. Tre Manor sculpts are some of my favorite minis. I'll probably add some slush to the base.
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    I haven't posted here much, as I lost painting last year to depression. But I have made great strides, both in battling the mind disease and in painting! It's not Reaper, but I wanted to show off these Malifaux Gremlins because I am so proud of them. I look forward to posting more here as I paint. I have a whole shelf of Reaper minis in my backlog! - Magic Brew
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    Hi everyone, here is DSM8113, Siamese Cat Wizard with Staff sculpted by David Summers for the Dark Sword Miniatures, Critter Kingdoms - Anthropomorphic Animals line. It's a two-piece model. I painted the arm holding the staff before gluing to the body. Again, this was a fun model to paint. The cabochon on its dress where large enough that I was able to paint them in like opals.
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    I had this in the WIP forum but thought I'd share it here. Only my 2nd mini ever so be gentle. :)
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    I was aiming for a level between 'tabletop' and 'display', kind of painting for time efficiency while also trying to get a pretty nice looking end result. In the end, she might lack particular details which one might write home about but overall I think she has a clean and pleasant look. Not sure how efficient 8 or so hours is....... hmmm.... I'm thinking to scrap a whole level of detailing, maybe just ONE highlight for each color, but to just vary my colors more, maybe that will cut down on time while also giving the impression of having more detail..... (missed a spot on her sword-arm elbow!)
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    ...I say 'sort of' because he's no longer. Now he's my PC in quite honestly the very first Pathfinder game I've had the chance to simply sit down and play in about a decade. I've been forever-GM for that long. His name has been changed, as has his vocation. Now he's Lauralin, Inquisitor of Nethys. Unfortunately, Nethys, with his half-black, half-white color scheme, lends itself to oddly harlequinned clerics. I tried to avoid the checkerboard here and just stick with solids. Which... can be a little simple. So I added some red dirt to the white, some blue fading to the black, and of course that giant canvas on the back. I may redo this all later once I have more of an idea but, hey, at least it's some freehanding... The question becomes, will I redo the cloak before or after the campaign ends?
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    I just can't look at tree creatures and think of them as evil or dangerous. Too many good memories of favorite trees. When I was given this mini the first thing I thought of was something along the lines of "that would be a fun place for a swing." I do want to throw this in a game though, and because no one wants to roleplay "let's all take turns on the mobile playground," I made it so the mousling comes off. This almost became a shelf of shame miniature. It's been on my workbench, pretty much finished, since early January. I just couldn't decide on a good way to attach its little friend. I don't care much for the pipe cleaner arrangement, but until I come up with something better, it works. He's going to make an appearance in a game this weekend where he'll try and eat someone. But then it's off to the Kingdom of Mousdom (my wife's desk at work) where I'm sure he'll get covered in other little mouse friends.
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    I got 2 elementals of each element as a secret santa gift this year. I finished half of them as of now.
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    A friend of mine asked me to paint up a dragon from wizkids for her boyfriend's birthday. He's a Warcraft and Hearthstone so she asked me to paint it up as Nozdormu. As it is a display piece I added a custom base. Got a wooden plinth from a craft store and built up the rocks with foam core I shaped with a bit of fire and textured with PVA and toilet paper. Very happy with the results, and this is my first dragon!
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    With Bones 4 only about a month away from delivery, I decided it was finally time I finished up the Goremaw Optional Add-On figure I got with Bones 3. I've been messing with the figure for at least a year I think, and this was it's lucky week. As always, I paint for game-table use, so it's not too fancy. For the painting article on my blog, see: Goremaw
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    Finally finished the pair for my gaming group, with the wolf being the last. At this rate I’m averaging 1 every 18 months.
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    The first of several cultists. Later I'll paint their minions, their masters, and their gods. I already have Father Dagon purchased yet unassembled. I couldn't get a good picture but in person the man in red looks uncannily like Captain Sulu. Not sure if it's the sculpt, the paint job, or both. Details of their backs:
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    These guys had been sitting on my desk of unfinished minis for a long time, so in February I finished them up for the "finished, not perfect" section of the Jan/Feb RP Challenge. Total models for January/February 2019 ended up being 5, but that already is more than I typically get done in that span, so I'll call it a win. Thanks for looking! C&C welcome.