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    Ooo, I love drop bears. I had at one time planned to sculpt one. I even made reference art (excuse my horrible 2D drawing skills). it never happened though. I have all of my packages sent to my work, as we have had theft issues in our neighborhood.
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    I'm so happy it's not common in Germany to just leave your post or packages in front of the door for everyone to steal. If you're not home when the delivery guy comes, he will try to give it to a neighbour (with signature) or else to a designated pick up place (traditionally post offices, now also small businesses of all kinds. In East Germany the post lock boxes used to be really popular, and they're making a comeback in all of Germany now as well). I sometimes have half my hallway full with packages for neighbours because I'm home in the mornings.
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    A speed paint to tabletop quality over yesterday and today (maybe 4 hours total...but probably much less as it was done in mostly 15-20 bursts of time): Here is the WIP thread.
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    Wait, shipping has begun? Wait, @ladystormretired? Ive been away too long
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    *Pours a fresh cup of coffee, opens the tracker tab* Okay, let's see some Canadian addresses by lunch time, eh?
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    Yaaay, taxes were less than expected on my vortex mixer! ($17.95 - I was expecting closer to $25) ...Booo, it only left BC a few hours ago, so I'll probably get it tomorrow, unless they somehow get it on one of the last afternoon trucks. Oh well, can't wait for my new mixer wheeeeeeeeeeee! Going to have properly mixed paints, and can hopefully recover my Warcolours technical gem paints! (something white has settled on the bottom of them, and shaking by hand doesn't seem to do much)
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    Here's a google sheet that updates some charts every a couple of minutes based on the tracker page at http://forum.reapermini.com/ks/, looking forward to seeing that progress line hit the top (looking forward even more to having a big box of 20 minis at my front door!) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lWJQQ3RFsot-KzitQpv4Q6I_oQG1jkkj26Id6T12Ppk/edit#gid=937193283
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    Still yet to figure out how to put Not -Tiamet back in the box......sorcery......
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    RE: Disney live action remakes---I have not seen any of them. I think they were just fine the first time around and don't see any need for them to be done.
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    Ups will leave packages at my front door. So will all of them. Oh well just have to have someone look out for it. Thought I heard in one of the last live updates that all domestic were going to be pulled at the same time. I could be wrong this is the first time I backed any kickstarter. Reaper is the best. Keep up the good work.
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    UPS doesn't leave packages on my doorstep. The USPS does UPS will leave a notice and I'll have to pick it up at a designated location.
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    Very cool -- makes me want to pick up this figure. Love the eyes and the greenish black cloak vs. the reds. This immediately made me think of Darkest Dungeon, where one of the character types is a plague doctor.
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    I'm pretty sure they fall into "things that want to kill you".
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    This took over a year - mostly because I procrastinate EVERYTHING - but he's finally done! Contest Thread Combined Show-Off Thread WIP Thread Colors rolled were Blush Pink (I fudged and went to Breast Cancer Pink so that I can donate him to a survivor that I know), Brilliant Green and Heather Blue. I have yet to get around to building or acquiring something better for photographing these than printer paper leaned up against the paint rack, but other than that, CnC is, as always welcome.
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    Hi everyone, here's the penultimate Cat Critter, Brave Sir Robin in its shinny golden armor. This three-piece model was sculpted by Dave Summers for Dark Sword Miniatures, Critter Kingdoms Anthropomorphic Animals line. I've fixed the tail to the body before painting it, but painted the shield before gluing it to the model.
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    Yes, I wouldn't mind some OSL tips from you. That paintjob is ace! :)
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    Nice - like the skin and the muted color of her armor contrasted to the sword.
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    I think he looks great! I pity the poor tinkergnome that finds him. All that polishing he will need to do...
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    I like the color on the cape however I decided to darken it again
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    Actually picked up a brush today, for a bit (my back has been unhappy, was testing to see how it would like painting, seemed ok). Just put some AP Soft Tone on these four. From left they are Nightshade, Archer, Starhawk VI and a Dingo (well, the body, the turret missed the photo shoot. I'm trying doing some shading with just the base colour, then doing the camo this time.
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    Yea, he definitely has issues. His back fin is asymmetrical as well, leaning more to one side rather than evenly in the middle. His head crests and nostrils dont' measure up properly either, and his bottom jaw is way too thick but it was my first try, i'll learn